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THE BATTLES: 6 Special Ops Romance Bundle By Kristina Weaver,

  • Title: THE BATTLES: 6 Special Ops Romance Bundle
  • Author: Kristina Weaver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A KINDLE UNLIMITED FREE BUNDLEEnjoy 6 Standalone, full length books in this bundle More than 350,000 words Approximately 1,000 pages NO CLIFFHANGERS Titles in this series SHANE Rory is my soul mate, my one, the woman who has the power to bring me to my knees As Shane Heart I know I have a good chance at getting my woman and making her mine, but as Vasili Alexandrov,A KINDLE UNLIMITED FREE BUNDLEEnjoy 6 Standalone, full length books in this bundle More than 350,000 words Approximately 1,000 pages NO CLIFFHANGERS Titles in this series SHANE Rory is my soul mate, my one, the woman who has the power to bring me to my knees As Shane Heart I know I have a good chance at getting my woman and making her mine, but as Vasili Alexandrov, the cover I ve had to hold for months on an op we re running for my boss, I am nothing than a slick Russian mobster who bought her as a slave BANNER I m a mercenary, an ex soldier who s spent the last years searching for Natalie Masters, the sister of my boss, my friend, my fellow Battle Dane That s been my whole life for these last years, so colour me surprised when I meet the woman of my dreams on this op only to have her betray me in the worst way BRANDON I ve waited years and planned the last four of them down to the nth degree to finally get the revenge I ve been dreaming of Unfortunately the only way for me to do that is to use Natalie Masters as bait to draw out the men who killed my little brother DANE How do you hate the mother of your child and the one woman with the power to bring you to your knees The answer is you can t, I can t I need to win her back and keep her by my side no matter what because after years of pain and grief I want the happiness I had with Jazz and I want the family she was supposed to give me I just have to protect her and keep her with me If she ll let me NOAH She s angry and hurt and bitter, not that I can blame Jay after she got shot in the back trying to feed my team and I information that was dangerous to know in the first place.But she s still all mine and I want her like I have never wanted another I just hope I can slay her dragons and be the prince she so desperately needs If not, I don t think Jay and I stand a chance at working through the obstacles facing the love we once had MORGAN I love Lola Edmunds I think I always have no matter how far or long I ran from the memory of the girl who saved me every night for years I ve spent years being a bad ass, a soldier, a man who has no ties, no love for anyone but my ragtag family known to all as the Battles But now she back and I have to have her So yeah, I ll play dirty and use every trick in the book to get my Lola back It s hard though because the woman is stubborn and has no care for her life Not suitable for readers below 17 These books feature bad boy, military alphas, and lots of steamy scenes.
    THE BATTLES Special Ops Romance Bundle A KINDLE UNLIMITED FREE BUNDLEEnjoy Standalone full length books in this bundle More than words Approximately pages NO CLIFFHANGERS Titles in this series SHANE Rory is my soul mate m

    One thought on “THE BATTLES: 6 Special Ops Romance Bundle”

    1. 5 star contentFor content, I give this 5 stars My overall rating was 4 stars because of so many typos and grammar issues Sometimes the wrong person s name would be used, sometimes possessive was used for a plural, sometimes the word would be wrong like from autocorrect on a phone, and sometimes the beginning or end of a word would be missing It was definitely frequent, but not enough to make me stop reading Occasionally, I read a book where the grammar is so bad that it pulls me out of the story [...]

    2. Might have been a good read, buttoo many writing errors Don t you have editors or proofreaders I enjoyed the characters but so many mistakes distracted from the series.

    3. This is a bundle with six books about a group of mercenaries working for a rich guy At first they are looking for Dane s sister, and then they are just focusing on other rescue missions and surviving their enemies The books are good, but not great, entertaining, but not something especial They go between doing amazing work and making silly mistakes, both sides And of course, they all fall in love or recover lost loves view spoiler Book 1, Shane The book starts with Rory and her friend Mac being [...]

    4. Good seriesI always worry that one book out of the set will be worth it All of the stories here are intense You will enjoy the romances as they are varied, so there is one perfect romance for every reader Even the so so stories are interesting as the men continue their mission.

    5. Love itI am seriously in love with this authors books now I think this is my third or fourth book bundle from her and they never disappoint The men are kick ass always have to be in charge men but the women are strong I love that they all have had to go through stuff but they are fierce and will likely kick butt before the men I highly recommend this author and this book.

    6. Never disappointedI always look forward to be reading Kristina Weaver books She hasn t let me down every series either have me laughing out loud , wiping my tears away or just making me feel good.

    7. Chandra s ReviewAll 6 books was wonderful, romantic, sexy, intriguing, and full of love I enjoyed reading each one from the beginning to the end I would definitely recommend this series to read

    8. Can t Get Enough.Of Kristina Weaver books The emotions I experienced while reading The Battles was amazing I read a lot but rarely find an author that includes laughter, tears and suspense in ALL her books Well done

    9. Great setI really liked Rory in book one She was smart and sassy Mac deserved to die a horrible death alone.Book 2 Mac and Banner are back I still hate Mac The author was close to changing my mind but never got me there I just wanted to slap the hell out of her.

    10. Justwow Have read one of her box sets before and couldn t put it down, it was so addictive This one was the same All the stories tie in together in some way and I found myself reading till 4am Not good when you have to work A brilliant author

    11. BattlesI am so glad I waited until all of the books were out to read them at once Such a pleasant experience Really enjoyed the series.

    12. Much better than The Lane Brothers It concerns sex trafficing by the Russians and the efforts of six men to stop it.

    13. these books isn t my kind of read, but i gave it a go i m glad i did, if your an ex soldier or ex marine or still serving or married to one I would say read these books, men might not be into them as well as women tho these books are about soldiers marines on ops their unit known as the Battles, after they come home for good, that they stay together to help other people, to save people worse off than they are with their special skills, each one of them different they all want the same thing in t [...]

    14. The BattlesLoved this series great story lines and loved the characters I would recommend this book to all my friends I cant wait to start another of your books.

    15. 5 StarsI loved THE BATTLES This is a book filled with 6 sexy alpha beasts, 6 stories about love, family and second chances My favorite couples are Mac and Banner, Morgan and Lola, Dane and Jazz But Shane and Rory, Noah and Jay, Nat and Brandon are just as good All six stories flow together I hope Weaver does a story on St John men because they hold a cloud of mystery and maybe the Battles to make a special appearance Well if you want to read about 6 hot couples dealing with danger then pick up T [...]

    16. Super hot guysI love everything about these hero s and their women A billionaire looking for his sister while saving innocent women and children

    17. Love each and everyone of these books They are filled with mystery, intrigue, sex, love, laughter and family Each one of these had parts that I truly laughed out loud at If you want some hot guys and wonderful women grab this box set

    18. Just okayConcept good Each man s story is developed The way the author pieces story together is at times confusing When I read a book I think would I re read again.t this one

    19. I fell hard for the Battles.I didn t think I was going to enjoy this set But I m glad I was wrong These men are macho and sexy with huge hearts The dialogue between these friends were downright hilarious This book set is definitely a keeper.

    20. Can t stop reading when you start Loved the strong characters and how their stories are skilfully interwoven Real, gritty stuff here, and the HEAs are hard won, which makes it all so satisfying

    21. BrilliantOh my God I loved this series fantastic characters throughout the books I love the fact they are call in the stories even though the are individual books definitely recommend this to you xxx

    22. Good readEven tho this was six different books they are like one.Because they are linked together and the people are family I really liked the family aspect of this book Very good read.

    23. Terrific series What a fabulous series I loved the series of books that tell a continuing story of a group of family and or friends Each couple had their own quirks, hot guys and strong, mouthy women Best combination I d love to read by this author

    24. CaptivatingThis was a good series By the final book I knew that there would be a girl that needed saving and that there would be a lot of sex but it was a good read I enjoyed the characters and very rarely put this series down A few typos.

    25. Wanting Sorry to reach the end of this series Some of the parts are a bit explicit but I just skimmed over this part The love of family and extended family with all the craziness made it worth reading.

    26. AwesomeShe spun each story from one to the next seamlessly and you have to love each of them equally I can t wait to read .

    27. Wonderful bookI loved this book, it was humorous, sexy, thrilling and sometimes it had me fussing back at the book, one point my husband threatened to take away

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