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Blood Bound By Lindsay J. Pryor,

  • Title: Blood Bound
  • Author: Lindsay J. Pryor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love can be heaven Or it can hurt like hell For exiled angel Jessie, falling for Eden Reece has been her salvation When she discovers that her angel tears, used to heal Eden, are actually poisoning him the burden of guilt is crushing Jessie is determined to make things right and, with Eden by her side, they are a formidable team But with Blackthorn surrounded by an imLove can be heaven Or it can hurt like hell For exiled angel Jessie, falling for Eden Reece has been her salvation When she discovers that her angel tears, used to heal Eden, are actually poisoning him the burden of guilt is crushing Jessie is determined to make things right and, with Eden by her side, they are a formidable team But with Blackthorn surrounded by an impenetrable barrier and the army of Sirius Throme closing in, their mission is a desperate one When Jessie discovers they are up against her own kind too, it looks impossible Eden and Jessie don t just need a cure, they need a way out and have less than 48 hours to find both Eden will fight to the last to protect Jessie, but when they are captured and separated, demons from his past return to haunt him Suddenly, Jessie is forced to question everything she knows about the man she loves Yet the most shattering twist is still to come Because what you care about most can be your biggest weakness For Blackthorn to survive, either Jessie or Eden will have to make the greatest sacrifice of all The thrilling penultimate story in the Blackthorn series will leave you breathless What readers are saying about Lindsay J Pryor I don t think I have read such a finely executed dark PNR world before This series truly surprised me I didn t think I would love it that much or be intrigued by it I couldn t stop thinking about these books once I was done with them The world building is spectacular The characters are enthralling and addicting Plain fabulousness Gaga Over Books I am completely enthralled with this paranormal series You get so wrapped up in the story and characters that you lose track of time This is one of my favorite series so far this year Paranormal Book Club This is a paranormal universe like none you have encountered before There are stories that are so powerful, so intense that I do not believe anyone should warn you about what is to come I truly do feel that if you love the Paranormal genre and have not yet discovered Lindsay J Pryor or these novels then you need to read them, experience them firsthand Keeper Bookshelf I am officially addicted to this series Why, you ask Because Lindsay Pryor is my kind of fearless author She isn t afraid to go there , to create characters and situations that challenge me as a reader The Demon Librarian Not only are Pryor s characters and fathomlessly dark love stories fabulous, but her continual world building of Blackthorn blows me away Gravetells If you re looking for a new PNR series that has a dark world and complicated characters, then you ll want to grab a copy of this I can t wait to read the next book FictionVixen She writes paranormal romance mixed with urban fantasy the way I like it clever world building, intense characters and no easy options for them to take Nocturnal Book Reviews The Blackthorn series reading order 1 BLOOD SHADOWS 2 BLOOD ROSES 3 BLOOD TORN 4 BLOOD DEEP 5.
    Blood Bound Love can be heaven Or it can hurt like hell For exiled angel Jessie falling for Eden Reece has been her salvation When she discovers that her angel tears used to heal Eden are actually poisoning hi

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    1. 5 Stars This is one of my favorite PNR book series I can t get enough of it Witches, vampires, wolf shifters, Angels and It s full of action, love and plenty of suspense It will have you on the edge of your seat one minute and fanning yourself the next It s rare I read a series and love every damn book This is one of them I can t wait until the final book comes out next and I m here to tell you that it s probably going to be the best one yet I hope I don t have to wait a year

    2. I cannot believe what I ve just read This book is the best yet in this series and absolutely jaw dropping and so intense This world the author has created has grown into something that has clearly taken on a life of its own The depth of emotions this story called forth is totally unbelievable I d enjoyed previous books with characters that excited but the utter depravity and evil in play here has left my head spinning Complex does not begin to describe it, dark is far too light a word to use and [...]

    3. I was kindly gifted an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Heartbreaking and jaw dropping I m going to start at the beginning for me, there s been some tension building on social media, a lot of anxious folks nervously awaiting the fate of Eden and Jessie I m going to admit, I wasn t one of them I love drama and I love getting emotional Anyone that knows me, knows that is why I read books Eden for me has been like the love I didn t know I was missing and I had every faith he d come [...]

    4. Sequels are tough to write, there s no doubt about that Writing a sequel to a successful, well received, debut novel is even tougher, but when you are seven books into a series Even some of the most famous writers of the past forty years I m naming no names can struggle with that kind of pressure, so for Lindsay J Pryor to still maintain the adrenalin filled, fast paced buzz of her four year old debut Blood Shadows is seriously no mean feat There s always something rather wonderful about discove [...]

    5. Thanks go to Bookouture and Lindsay J Pryor for gifting me an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewThere will be no spoilers in this review, but what I will say is that I read it in one sitting this is an extremely rare occurrence for me because I do tend to get restless, even with books that I m thoroughly enjoying, and I have a habit of putting them to one side for half an hour to do something else before I get back to it.Lindsay J Pryor has triumphed with this latest instalment of her wonderfu [...]

    6. When it comes to love, time is nothing than a socially induced marker of validity When you simply know, time becomes irrelevant Blood Bound is gripping, intense, deep, suspenseful storytelling at its very best and Lindsay J Pryor is not afraid to push the boundaries of both her characters and her readers She brings out the absolute best and worst from all of them and manages to create the full range of emotions from fear to hope to absolute horror, then reminds you how strong love can be I abso [...]

    7. I received an ARC for an honest review Thank you Lindsay J Pryor and Bookouture A gripping, intense roller coaster ride Did you feel that That wave of emotion I am still riding after reading Blood Bound It was so intense I read it in one day I was anxiously awaiting the return to Blackthorn in this 7th installment I love love love this series the way the characters are built, how the plots are contrived Lindsay s overall writing style You get sucked into Blackthorn and it s hard to get out much [...]

    8. Oh my goodness what have I just read I only downloaded this book earlier today and have just lain awake finishing it Once again I was totally absorbed in the story and wasn t willing to put it down until I finished This is part of a series which MUST be read in order It is my all time favourite series ever and will no doubt remain in that top spot even when it is finished This being the penultimate book that obviously means I need to brace myself for how I will feel when the next book comes out [...]

    9. I received this ARC from the publisher for a honest review.WOW what can is say but Lindsay has excelled herself with this 7th book in the Blackthorn series.It is Eden and Jessie continuing story,it had me on the edge of my seat with lots and lots of OH moments and You r kidding me moments as well,i could not put this book down.It goes into alot about the angle tears which we know about for Eden, and what the outcome is.No Spoilers for any readers here.There were lots of emotions along the way th [...]

    10. I received an ARC for an honest review, thanks to Lindsay and Bookouture This review doesn t contain any spoilers because you simply need to read this book without having a clue about what s going to happenSo this is the 7th in the Blackthorn series which you have to read in order This is probably the darkest most delicious PNR series you will ever read and I recommend you settle down on the sofa, have your local take away on speed dial and start at the beginning You ll be there a while.This boo [...]

    11. I made a prediction before I read Blood Bound and now I ve finally read it, I can happily confirm I was right There is no doubt in my mind that Blood Bound, book 7 in the Blackthorn series, is indeed my bookoftheyearI have been a nervous wreck in the build up to this story After the way Blood Instinct finished, I was excited yet terrified to read .Jessie and Eden have always held a special place in my heart and my heart truly bled for them in this book Lindsay J.Pryor really put them through the [...]

    12. Deep, dark and intense exhilarating Whilst reading Blood Bound I had to pause and step away as in leave the planet step away a lot, such was the dark intensity of this love story Forget the romance, it s a love story Raw, primitive, dark, dark, dark, Ms Pryor eviscerates her primary characters Jessie and Eden and the reader This is contemporary Gothic as I understand it at its very, very best.But in all that dark there is light loyalty, courage, humanity Love Love of an unbreakable kind, and, by [...]

    13. This penultimate book in the Blackthorne series was the most intense and gripping to date One third of the way through the book and my heart was broken by the horrors inflicted on Jesse and Eden In my heart I knew they would come through, but Lindsay Pryor has woven her story in such a way that even to the end she kept me on the edge of my seat wondering whether I would get the resolution for which I hoped The intensity of this story about the triumph of a love that could not be extinguished by [...]

    14. Oh, where to start If you ve read any of the previous books in the series you will know how intense and compelling the Blackthorn series is So I knew without a doubt that Blood Bound was going to be as edge of the seat, what just happened, am I going to survive this book, as the other books have been Except this is the penultimate book and my Blackthorn senses told me Blood Bound was about to go off the charts And how right I was.Blood Bound revisits Eden Reece, former CEO and Jessie, an envoi, [...]

    15. This is the seventh book in an eight book series, where each book develops from events in the earlier novels so I really recommend reading them in sequence The battle between the different factions continues throughout this novel with intriguing discoveries and long held secrets helping explain and add depth to prior events and attitudes I am trying not to reveal any spoilers here, so please forgive my vagueness The exiled Angel, Jesca or as she is better known at this stage, Jessie is still det [...]

    16. Blood bound, book 7 and the penultimate book in the blackthorn series by Lindsay j Pryor.If your thinking of buying this book then you ve probably already read the previous six books and know the storyline I don t like spoilers so will try not give any This book focuses on Jessie and Eden It s a test of love, loyalty, courage and strength How we feel and sense each other on a deeper level They face challenges that had me racing through emotions like a hurricane That s what drew me to this series [...]

    17. This is book 7 and a continued story, so you will want to read books 1 6 first to understand what s going on This series is crazy Youve got Lycans, Vampires, witches, Angels and so much Unlikely pairs are working together to prevent Sirius from wiping out what they call 3rd species This book series follows several couples, each getting a book focused on them and what they are doing to help prevent the prophecy from happening This book is focused on Eden, a human and Jesse, an Angel There is so [...]

    18. Exceptional Bravo, Bravo, Bravo I can t express enough how much I love this series and Blood Bound did not disappoint I was in so much turmoil as I awaited the fate of my heroes Once again Lindsay J Pryor kept me entertained and engrossed with her characters and creative imagination I hated to end the story as I wanted it to keep going and stay in the world of Blackthorn but the anticipation kept my eyes glued to the last word I can t wait for the next chapter into the world of Blackthorn

    19. This series is without a doubt my all time favorite Everything a book reader would love is included again with Blood Bound I am not the type who gives away information about the story but I have to say that everything we have come to love and dread in this continuing saga comes forward to give us depth into the world of Blackthorn Ms Pryor has this way of drawing in her readers from the first paragraph and holds u captive until the end And then you are left holding your breathe because it never [...]

    20. WOW what an emotional roller coaster ride.This is the penultimate book in the Blackthorn series and if you haven t read the previous 6 books, STOP go back and read from book 1 This is actually one big story line split into multiple books and if you have not read them in sequence, you won t understand the significance of the events or the characters, and chances are you will be to confused to appreciate the story.The first 4 books in this series introduced the 4 couples involved in the series and [...]

    21. I could tell you all about the dark and gritty world of Blackthorn, and the plot outline of this book, but there are already plenty of reviews out there doing this, so I wanted to do something different.I read a LOT of books One of the hardest things for me is to find a series that I really like I am happy to tell you that the Blackthorn books whole heartedly step up to this plate.Books rarely make me feel any kind of emotion I never cry when I read, I just don t but Blood Bound certainly woke u [...]

    22. ok first off I love this series I like the authors writing I like the depth she goes when telling the story Its vivid and detailed and thank goodness not cheesy like some paranormals I have read in the past I love Kane, I love Jask, Caleb is on the fence right now, but Eden I never really liked I hate the way Edens character is portrayed The con, sex crazed, vibe I get when I read about him When I read a book I can not stand reading about a MC having sex with other people, especially after meeti [...]

    23. Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review War is imminent between Throme and the 3rd species Throme is trying to capture Kane because he can soul transfer Leading the group that is trying to get them to safety, Eden and Jessie leave to retrieve papers that might help them with the angel tears Captured by Torren, Eden has the last 10 years of his memory wiped in a bid for their freedom Torren instead hands them over to Homer, who Eden had left for dead when he burned down Pommels row Wi [...]

    24. A big thanks to Lyndsay J Pryor and Bookouture for gifting me this Arc for an honest review No spoilers here Blood Bound is the 7th book in the spellbinding Blackthorn series and MUST be read in order Warning Blackthorn isn t the average PNR series, every couple doesn t have a HEA In the world of Blackthorn lives, livelihoods, and loves are lost You hit it out of the ball park with Blood Bound Lyndsay This is definitely the darkest and grittiest book in the series to date It evoked a lot of inte [...]

    25. Dropped right into the hornet s nest That is the only way to describe the beginning of Blood Bound The action intensifies with fervor You know it must be especially dire if Master Vampire Kane is losing his trademark cool in the first chapter.This is truly a love story wrapped up in an action packed extravaganza.Eden s love for Jessie is tested in a way I could never imagine Way to go Lindsay J Pryor Eden has always been the reluctant hero, for which he truly shines But the real hero is Jessie S [...]

    26. Lindsay did it again Blood bound is the 7th book in a 8 book series that will blow your mind So many twists and turns, so much suspense and countless revelations that just keep the reader glued to their seat.And the plot thickens with various branches of the story intricately intertwined, each with their own thorns that hit the reader right where it hurts the most The perfect epitome of Blackthorn Blood bound begins at a high pace with the stakes clearly raised our hero s are on the run as an ar [...]

    27. This book This series Simply Amazing I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep This book broke my heart Just what New revelations about the prophecy that is ever changing New revelations about each of the main characters Jessie and Eden Oh I love them As much as this one broke my heart it also made me feel their love They can overcome anything together Still hate Sirus Now I have to wait for the last book I need the next book ASAP

    28. I have been eagerly awaiting this book, having read and loved every single book in this series And wow This was absolutely worth the wait What an amazing series It just gets better and better with every book better than the previous one What a truly brilliant writer Lindsay is It takes a very accomplished author to create such a complex world with such incredible characters Hats off to Lindsay for creating a masterpiece with this stunning, complicated, addictive and unputdownable series

    29. Wow Wow Wow Why can I only give this book 5 stars, it deserves so much Book 7 brings us back to Eden Jessie, OMG things do not go smoothly for these characters.I absolutely love this series, it is definitely in my top 5 best ever would never hesitate to recommend Massive thank you to Bookouture Lindsay J Pryor for allowing me an ARC

    30. Bloody hell This series simply can t get any better When I recover I will return and write a proper review.Thanks to the publisher for approving me for an ARC

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