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The Fox Busters By Dick King-Smith,

  • Title: The Fox Busters
  • Author: Dick King-Smith
  • ISBN: 9780140372328
  • Page: 137
  • Format: None
  • The chickens living on the unprotected, unfenced Foxearth Farm have learned over the years to think, run and fly in order to survive the crafty efforts of nearby foxes But three chicks have hatched, designed by nature to become high speed, barnyard warriors the Fox Busters
    The Fox Busters The chickens living on the unprotected unfenced Foxearth Farm have learned over the years to think run and fly in order to survive the crafty efforts of nearby foxes But three chicks have hatched d

    One thought on “The Fox Busters”

    1. The long nose foxes are on the warpath, hungry for meat, and often than not they acquire their poultry needs But something has changed The fowls of Foxearth farm have rallied, and the ruthless foxes are beginning to realise that their prey is not as effortlessly slaughtered as once was.The Fox Busters is a tale of farm yard tragedy and triumph A coop of seemingly na ve and defenceless chickens come under attack from a skulk of foxes, but after three extraordinary sisters, Ransome, Sims, and Jef [...]

    2. Chapter one is called The Ambush and so from the outset Dick King Smith has our attention with The Fox Busters , the introduction is full of onomatopoeia, repetition and rhythm The language is almost musical and flows easily from the page It is most definitely a treasure for read aloud story time, for 6 8 year olds, as the vocabulary is descriptive and colourful throughout It is an animal adventure tale packed with action, curious questions and plenty of laughs The story of three extraordinary h [...]

    3. 42 WORD REVIEW Endemic to an era when it was de rigueur for children s authors themselves to be literate, this story remains a high spirited classic skills honed by natural selection, farmyard fowls fight to outwit then turn the tables on the foxes who hunt them.

    4. Not quite what I was expecting More Roald Dahlish than the feel good barnyard stories I usually associate with King Smith Farmer Farmer s chickens have been preyed upon by foxes for so long that they have evolved the ability to think, plan, and fly Now, with the birth of three extraordinary chicks, it s time to bring the battle to the foxes Filled with unexpected to me scenes of gore and violence and a questionable moral ending foxes have to eat too, right Not coming to a theater near you anytim [...]

    5. The author fought in WWII and this book is like a retelling of parts of the battles of that war Brilliantly done, too Just the right amount of detail, a cracking story and tons of adventure.Loved it.

    6. The first book by Dick King Smith, featuring the highly evolved and intelligent chickens who have learned to escape from local foxes Cleverly written wth animals taking on appropriate human traits, although rather violent in places Probably appeals most to boys of about 8 11.

    7. My kids love Dick King Smith, especially _Babe_, the _Lollipop_ books, and _Ace_ This one was equally fun to read.

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