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Fame And Secrets By Cora Kenborn,

  • Title: Fame And Secrets
  • Author: Cora Kenborn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • OBSESSION HAS A NEW FACE An empty house in Hollywood isn t what Phoebe Ryan envisioned when she said yes to a rock star s proposal Phoebe is pregnant and alone in Tinseltown She had hoped for a fresh start, but instead gets flashing cameras and tabloid gossip while her famous fianc is on tour Then the body of a young woman surfaces, bearing the same scars Phoebe OBSESSION HAS A NEW FACE An empty house in Hollywood isn t what Phoebe Ryan envisioned when she said yes to a rock star s proposal Phoebe is pregnant and alone in Tinseltown She had hoped for a fresh start, but instead gets flashing cameras and tabloid gossip while her famous fianc is on tour Then the body of a young woman surfaces, bearing the same scars Phoebe has kept hidden for years Phoebe fears the nightmare she can t forget has come to collect an overdue debt.Julian Bale struggles to balance his life as a touring rock star and his new role as a family man Everyone wants something from him, but he just wants to go home to the woman he s fought so hard to keep When inside information comes to light, threatening his fianc e and unborn child, he ll do whatever it takes to protect what s his, even if it costs him everything he s worked for.Phoebe and Julian thought they left the drama and danger behind, but they thought wrong When the monster from Phoebe s past claims the most innocent of victims, accusations and grief shred what they ve fought to build Some say tragedy can make or break a family, but can Phoebe and Julian unite to fight for what was taken from them, or will fame and secrets ruin everyone
    Fame And Secrets OBSESSION HAS A NEW FACE An empty house in Hollywood isn t what Phoebe Ryan envisioned when she said yes to a rock star s proposal Phoebe is pregnant and alone in Tinseltown She had hoped for a fresh

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    1. INCREDIBLE I m not sure if that s the word to use to describe Fame Secrets To say 5 doesn t do justice to just how fantastic this book is Fame Secrets left me feeling emotionally exhausted from the crazy laugh out loud moments to the times that it felt like my heart was being ripped out with tears in my eyes Ms Kenborn is a magnificent author that when writing a story can pull you in and not let you go until you read the very last word in the book.This is the continuation of Julian and Phoebe s [...]

    2. Could barely put it down, so much keeping me on the edge of my seat as I read Also glad that book 3 will be Zane Love having this much of an epilogue to Julian and Phoebe s story.I was lucky enough to receive the first book in the series, Fame and Obsession, through a giveaway from the author on Facebook If you read my review HERE, you d know that I just loved it I posted this second book in the series as my Can t Wait Wednesday post last week, and tagged the author in my post Lucky me, I got an [...]

    3. Five Heart stopping Stars Book 2 of the Lords of Lyre Series revisits Phoebe, Julian and the band After the traumatic events that occurred in Fame and Obsession If you haven t read Book 1 drop whatever you are doing and start reading have them moving to Los Angeles, CA from NYC where they are supposed to begin their lives awaiting the birth of their child While Julian is away on never ending press tours, Phoebe learns of a gruesome murder that hits too close to home and is oh so familiar This st [...]

    4. OMG.uldn t put it down Can t wait for 3 Wow this book takes you on a ride It hooks you in and won t let go I couldn t put it down because I was anticipating what was going to happen next The love that is shared between them is the special unconditional love that is so rare Loved how this book shows you that kind of love but also lets you see that mistakes are still made and that keeping that love strong isn t an easy task Definitely a great conclusion to their love story

    5. Cora Kenborn Fame and Secrets Lord of Lyre Book 2 What a book Brilliant, fascinating, captivating Cora Kenborn delivered it all along with some additional extras.I loved this novel, Phoebe and Julian journey continues from Fame and Obsession Lord of Lyre Bk1 , it kept me on the edge of my seat, it was filled with mystery, suspense, intrigue, murders and with Ryker from Lord of Lyre offering a helping hand literally This is an outstanding book actually an outstanding Series Cora Kenborn has done [...]

    6. Abso freaking lutely Amazing I loved this second book in this series I spent the first half of the book ticked off at Phoebe and then the second half being ticked off at Julian but dangit by the end I just freaking loved it.Seriously readers need to check out this brilliantly written book This series has sexy alpha rock stars, humor, intrigue, lots of angst, I cried dangit, and just an awesome storyline.Can t wait for book 3 Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis

    7. Wow This book definitely takes you for an emotional ride Cora definitely upped the ante on this one as I found myself having gone from laughing, bawling my eyes out, and FTFO all before I knew what hit me I won t spoil it for you but if you loved Julian and Phoebe s story in Fame and Obsession, you definitely need to read this book

    8. Fame And Obsession was the fuse, Fame and Secrets is the bomb The second installment in The Lords Of Lyre is the total package Everything I want in a book It has humor, love Ryker , suspense, heartbreak, and terror It will make you laugh, make you angry, make you melt, and make you hold your breath as you go through tragedy with these characters The writing is great, the story has great flow, and its a book that immerses you in their world I highly recommend this book, this series Can t wait for [...]

    9. Title Fame and Secrets Lords Of Lyre 2 Author Cora Kenborn Genre Contemporary Romance, Suspense Rating 5 5OMG y all gotta check this book out I can guarantee you it doesn t disappoint I mean c mon 1 It s Cora Kenborn 2 It s Lords Of Lyre and last but not least 3 It s Julian need I say No didn t think so.This book picks up where Fame and Obsession left off, at the start we re thrown right into the deep end where we hear from the POV of the stalker and we get a glimpse into the mind of Phoebe s f [...]

    10. I received an ARC copy of this book to write an honest review You have no idea how happy I was when I asked to read this book before the release date I was THRILLED I may have a new favorite author If you ve read my review of the first book of this series, you may have figured out that I enjoyed the story a lot and that it got me invested so much I was up until late at night to keep reading because I couldn t read during the day due to college Well, if you want to know my opinion, this book is e [...]

    11. Sometimes, you need a touch of toxicity in your relationship to keep it alive, excitingVER A DULL MOMENT EVER But every now and then you JUST want a little normalcy to lay back and relax and just be, enjoy the quiet life has to offer and bathe in the happiness that is your family Both of these statements are OH SO TRUE for Phoebe and Julian, but secrets and past demons threaten at every turn They need to allow themselves to trust one another with the good AND the bad so they can conquer together [...]

    12. Fame Secrets begins a few months after Fame Obsession ended Phoebe and Julian have moved to California from New York While Julian is away on tour Phoebe is dealing with the monster from her past, her father Daniel Dalton There are shocking twists and turns that keep you guessing and turning the pages wondering how the book will end What an emotional roller coaster I had to read this book twice before I could put it down it was that good Cora Kenborn is a master at combining romance and suspense [...]

    13. Love this book Oh my gosh, it was an emotional thrill ride Cora Kenborn knows how to pull those feels from her readers I know this book invoked all kinds of feelings from good to bad At times I was yelling at Julian I want to choke his neck at times Phoebe and Julian have one of those loves that can withstand anything When Phoebes father Daniel Dalton comes after her and does so with a vengeance He is a psycho on a mission but Julian has is own mission and that s to protect what s his.There are [...]

    14. Holy shit My head is still spinning this was a rollercoaster of emotions like never before As Julian and Phoebe fight like they ve never fought before, Cora really makes you feel everything they do along the way this book is flippin amazing

    15. EXTREME ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS Fame and Secrets is the continuation of Julian Bale and Phoebe Ryan s story from Fame and Obsession If you haven t read Fame and Obsession, YOU MUST READ IT NOW Phoebe and Julian got past the crazy stalker that he had in Obsession, now they are trying to start over in California However, Julian is busy traveling for his band The Lords of Lyre and Phoebe now pregnant is trying to get them settled in and adjust to this new lifestyle Now, someone from Phoebe s pas [...]

    16. Everything you re looking for in one book I read a lot and one of the things I have found is that a lot of books are way too formulaic What sets this book apart is the depth and complexity of the story that keeps the reader hooked, wanting , and reading all night long because you just can t put it down This is fast paced fun, suspenseful, romantic chaos and mayhem that grabs you so hard, you feel like you are living the story It s realism with a twist The sarcastic, witty banter between all of t [...]

    17. Darkly addictive read Cora has done it again This amazing author really knows how to give you a hot, pulse tripping romance suspense, with characters you can t stop thinking about Things got decidedly darker for Julian and Phoebe in book 2 of this series, what they went through together, the evil that almost cost them everything, was too twisted for words This book punched me repeatedly in the feels, and again I had that sense I was in a movie which I absolutely loved This book has the wow facto [...]

    18. We pick up after Julian and Pheobe move to LA having survived his stalker But a new hell has found them and followed them Can they all survive I just could not put this book down I laughed, I got really angry, I cried tugged at every emotion that I had Cora Kenborn made these characters so real, that I was right in the story.All of my favorite things wrapped up into one book, misunderstood sexy rocker guy with a heart of gold, the girl who has enough love for the both of them, crime, suspense, s [...]

    19. If you think Fame and Obsession was a rollercoaster ride then you really need to read Fame and Secrets We all thought Julian and Phoebe had the perfect fairytale ending until the monster from her past co as back with a vengeance This book doesn t let you settle in when you start reading it It keeps on the edge of your from beginning to end Cora Kenborn is a genius author and I m ready for

    20. I was giving a arc of this book to read and leave my review OMG Cora Wow.i just finished it and all I will say is so many emotion.happy , sad , mad , cry was beyond amazing read.i love Julian and phoebe and the rest of the band.once I started this book I couldn t put it down till I was finished reading it sucks u in from the beginning and keeps u going to the end of the book.if I could rate it higher then a 5 I would rate it 10 for sure I can t wait to read zane s book and the rest of the guys i [...]

    21. First of all if there was a 10 this would would be it.I would highly recommend this book.I could not put it down.This is seriously the best book I read in along time.I was lucky enough to get this arc before release.I love Julian and Phoebe.I laugh and cried.The whole book I was on the edge of seat.Cannot wait till your next book.Ty Cora.

    22. Wow What an emotional ride I loved this book Cora Kenborn you did an amazing job bringing out all those emotional feels I was laughing, swooning, crying, frustrated and over the moon happy while reading this book I really felt at certain parts of the book that my heart was being to be ripped out of me Wow What a rush I was hooked early on and I didn t want to put it down Fame and Secrets is the second book in the series You will need to read Fame and Obsession first so you can get to know Julian [...]

    23. I had the privilege of receiving an ARC of this amazing book To say I was completely blown away with Fame and Secrets is an understatement This book is just phenomenal and author Cora Kenborn truly outdid herself This book was so emotionally charged and the depth of the characters blew me away The storyline was so intense with emotions hot and steamy, to out right hilarious moments, to heart wrenching, frustrating, guilt ridden to overwhelming love First if you haven t read Fame and Obsession, n [...]

    24. I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review This book gave me all the feels I feel in love with Phoebe and Julian in the first book, but in this book my heart broke for them and wasn t put back together until damn near the end I can t even describe what this book did to me I highly recommend this book, it is a beautiful story about a couple going through the worst time and coming out stronger.

    25. 1.5 starsAgain, suspense and action but most, IMHO, wasn t believable I am such a stickler for believability, so tell me to shove it if you aren t I will give some leeway, but my limits were reached in this installment I felt the author took too many liberties a few were 1 heroes legal security teamWOW were they overpaid to not do a job Sign me up 2 the drop in because they are mentioned but never show up of the alleged outlaws watching Faith and Iris Sons of Anarchy much and they, much like the [...]

    26. Wow This is one of the best emotional roller coasters I ve ridden in a long time From the very first sentence all the way to the end I was completely hooked on every word Cora Kenborn did a phenomenal job making these characters come to life and those plot lines are unforgettable I will warn you though, you will need chill pills throughout this book With that said, I loved every word in this book I love great plot twists and this one is full of them, you never know when it s coming or what will [...]

    27. I was honored to have received an ARC of this HOLY CRAP, I couldn t put it down If I could give Cora than a 5 Star rating I would This book continues the epic story of Phoebe and Julian and the Lords of Lyre It is still hot and steamy the way we all love to see this amazing couple be but it also brings you to your knees, grabbing for kleenex as you try not to sob and still read on This is a gut wrenching, heart breaking, story that you love to the end Thank you to Cora for bring yet another ama [...]

    28. I did read the first one but since I read 600 books a year I had forgotten the characters and why I rated that one so high compared to this one Granted second books in a series can go either waybut I forgot why I liked Zane or why Phoebe and Jagger were even together because they fought so often that I did not see a connection, at all So I had to go low on how unromantic this book turned out Over the top with all regards on the dad too Geez.So I m done with this series.

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