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White Out By A.A. Dark Alaska Angelini,

  • Title: White Out
  • Author: A.A. Dark Alaska Angelini
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 459
  • Format: None
  • For the briefest moment, revenge was sweet My husband was suffering before my very eyes, and Bram he was alive But happiness didn t last.The man who claimed he wasn t my savior held true to his word Bram didn t rush in and save me from the cruel fate of the White Room No one did Now I m tortured with red light massacres and a hell I could have never imagined SurvivFor the briefest moment, revenge was sweet My husband was suffering before my very eyes, and Bram he was alive But happiness didn t last.The man who claimed he wasn t my savior held true to his word Bram didn t rush in and save me from the cruel fate of the White Room No one did Now I m tortured with red light massacres and a hell I could have never imagined Surviving will take everything I have, but I m determined to get answers from the man who turned his back on me.When I think it can t get worse it does Slave 24690 is all but gone The evil woman reborn is what nightmares are made of Insanity beckons, but even my madness won t derail the plans I ve set in motion Masters will fall Conspiracies will reign But will I be strong enough to let go of the one thing that could ultimately destroy me
    White Out For the briefest moment revenge was sweet My husband was suffering before my very eyes and Bram he was alive But happiness didn t last The man who claimed he wasn t my savior held true to his word B

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    1. 4.5 WHITE WIPE OUT starsThe story in the White Out continues right where we left Bram, West and Everleigh in 24690.I was the forgotten The discarded The pawn in a game bigger than myself.The betrayal that ultimately pushed 24690 the slave to become Everleigh Harper, a product of a longlife mindfuck games between two men and a liftime of slaved intercourse before them, eventually put her to the brink of sane existence she snappedShe was beyond angry, loose cannon, a very slippery liability with o [...]

    2. Dear Author, please please get an editor or a Beta team There are missing words, misspellings, and other errors These detracted from this fab story, such a shame.Again, a dark dark story Suspenseful, with dash of crazy I honestly haven t had this much fun reading a series since I read The Risk

    3. 5 Monstrous Stars You couldn t tame monsters Not even with love Read the dang warning, my friends 24690 was is a top FAVORITE of mine this year I was apprehensive about reading this one Well, for one, how do you top that Second, I had no idea how this story would go Feeling scared to be honest I became invested in the characters so very much How was I to cope.AA DARK blew me the fuck away, again This duo is going on my top favorite shelves Let me tell you why The story is as original as they com [...]

    4. 5 HUGE DARK starsI thought 24690 was DARK, but this one was even I don t even know where to start and what to share I m glad I decided to read this second book in the series because it was much better than the first Well I didn t have much choice than to read because I was dying to find out how Everleigh s story will end I wasn t happy with the beginning and the first 15% didn t surprise me much After the ending in book 1, I knew Everleigh will be punished terribly The red lights massacres got [...]

    5. I was Everleigh Harper, married to the present Main Master that ruled them I d go down in a mass of blood and carnage if it meant they didn t get the satisfaction of winning They would see I was no one to mess with Wow This was hands down one of the bloodiest and most cringe worthy books I have ever had the pleasure of reading Bram is the ULTIMATE anti hero and Everleigh is so beyond fucked up that I couldn t help but to root for her despite her insanity Loved This Book If you like super dark an [...]

    6. Well I was hoping for a dark read and I certainly got it with White Out Gripping, gruesome, thrilling, bloody and sadistic.Bram Master Whitlock the first third of the book I was all is he or isn t he alive and then when you finally find out the pace really picks up and I absolutely loved it.Master West I hated him from the first book and sort of felt for him a bit in this one.Everleigh she turned out to be one strong feisty young blood thirsty woman mistress So many twists and turns couldn t see [...]

    7. EVERLEIGH IS A BADASS AND DERSERVES TO GET HER REVENGE AND HAVE THESE MEN SUFFER FOR WHAT THEY DID TO HER I m pretty sure she reached her breaking point in this book But she also pulled herself together and played these nasty horrible men at their own game I was rooting for her from the very first page and she didn t let me down I hate Bram I hate West Ugh I hate the men in this book Men are pigs I loved how strong Everleigh was despite everything she went through And she fucking persevered she [...]

    8. This story is the perfection of a true life horror story A A Dark held absolutely nothing back while creating this masterpiece.Everleigh is the strong heroine of the story She has to fight for herself and also with herself Her past torments her and at times has trouble focusing on the realality of life Torn between being Slave Mistress she is determined to do what is best for her no matter who she destroys in the process, as long as she gets what she craves the most, her freedom.The power strugg [...]

    9. When love abandoned you, negative emotions easily slipped through the cracks of one s broken soul to make us whole again They provided reasons to move forward and continue to breathe Death wasn t an option Not when you craved to be the one who caused it.24690 had such an intense ending that I couldn t wait to read what happens next The suspense and derailed joy ride continued full steam ahead in this installment of Whitlock s story If anything there was action and gore in this one I may have fe [...]

    10. Warning minor spoilers Major spoilers if you haven t read book one.I decided to sleep on it before I reviewed this book so I could allow myself to calm down and not feel as intensely but it s the next morning and I feel the exact same I m annoyed and disappointed with White Out especially with the ending So much so that I feel a rant coming on Where 24690 started a bit weak and ended good, White Out started good and ended weak The book does evoke strong feelings in me and that in itself is one s [...]

    11. Title White OutAuthor A.A DarkSeries 24690 2Genre splatter horrorThemes revenge, psychotic love triangleHeat 1 5Rating 4 5Reviewer s note this book follows on directly from the climax of 24690 You must read that first.I was the forgotten The discarded The pawn in a game bigger than myself.Christ, that was a ride and a half The climax of the 24690 duet, White Out takes of a delve into the psychological breakdown of Everleigh and West from the horrific ending of the first instalment If it is even [...]

    12. You couldn t befriend monsters and expect blood not to become involved at some point And that s all this place housed No one was to be trusted The reality of my new plan was sinking in even I couldn t live my life this way and expect to survive White Out is number 2 in the 24690 series and what a read it was This is not a standalone, 24690 is a must read first to understand what s going on at Whitlock This is not for the faint at heart This is a gruesome, conniving, and imaginative masterpiece [...]

    13. 10 WHITE, EXPLOSIVE STARS Be still my heart I can t even think of how to review this one My chin is still on the floor, my heart is breaking and beating out of my chest I seriously can not tell y all what I want without spoiling it so I ll tell you this Dark, twisted, deceiving trust no one and NOTHING is as it appears Save yourself the trouble and don t even attempt to figure this shit out You ll be so wrong Just give it time and continue to read FML, I m going to be hungover for weeks after th [...]

    14. Wow I m not even sure they could make these books into a horror flick, but even if they had to tame the grotesque parts it would still be a great movie Is there a book 3 Does he go after her Does she find and enjoy her freedom There are just to many unanswered questions for me to feel like this is over.

    15. AmazingI really hope this isn t finished I seriously need Bram If you like super dark this is it must have.

    16. White Out 24690 by A A Dark is book two in A A Dark s pitch black series about Everleigh, slave 24690 If you have not yet read book one, I highly recommend doing so before venturing forward White Out is a story of twisted love and revenge set to a horrifically dark and brutal psychological thriller backdrop Can love be gruesome Does freedom take many forms How many ways are there to take revenge Is anything absolute When 24690 finds out, so will you Thrilling Gruesome Gripping Full of twists Whe [...]

    17. I need some time to process this i feel as though my very soul has been ripped to shreds and carefully stitched back together One wrong move and it will completely shatter3 WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD This is the book i have been waiting for, 5 stars all round for White Out By far one of my all time Top 5 favorites A.A s writing style and no holds barred storytelling pull you in from the first line of the Prologue White Out isn t a book that leaps off the page, to be played out infront of your eyes R [...]

    18. This is by far the most twisted, vile and messed up story I ve ever read in my entire life It did manage to shock and horrify the hell out of me but I couldn t put the book down, and in all fairness, there s something to be said about a writer who can manage to captivate and engage the reader s attention to the core.A Brilliantly Horrific Mind F ck of a story, nonetheless The story basically comes down to one word REVENGEThe story it s written intricately and disturbingly well, as well as the ch [...]

    19. Simply RivetingI ve never hidden my love of Alaska Angelini s work The passion in her words, the heat that radiates from the page, and the incomparable imagination in each story made me a fan for life begging for each new story When I d heard she would be writing under the name A.A Dark, exploring the darkest recesses of her mind, I was hesitant to follow Was I ready, I had to ask myself, for that level of darkness Was I willing to immerse myself in the pitch black abyss that awaited, one with n [...]

    20. Oh Wow White Out is Magnificent from the start to the endd another thing is that i was not gonna put it down until the last pageIn this tale my insanity went to the roof I was on the edge,i could not sleep after i finished it,thinking and thinking What have i just read Wow This is book 2 that follow 29690,suggesting to read this one first to know see the to be continue on White Out.This book is good writing,good characters like you know them from book 1,development is good as well,all substance [...]

    21. Well FML Who knew Everleigh would be such a blood thirsty savage White Out is beautiful and brutal The style, the writing, scene and character development are incomparable This story read like a movie Story completely suck you in like a Hoover vacuum and doesn t release you until you re drained of everything you ever thought was real White Out is dark Make no mistake But it s one of the best stories of 2016 teamBram was THE MAN in 24690 and DAGNABBIT if he didn t become KING in White Out King Br [...]

    22. AA Dark manipulates my emotions as 24690 manipulates men This is truly a Dark Read and content warnings should be considered If you haven t read 24690, then read that first This sequel relies on knowledge of the world of Whitlock and the masters therein The last book left us on something of a cliffhanger and AA Dark does not disappoint A gripping storyline, characters that seem so real you can t help but feel for them even as your recoil from their actions, and, of course, Slave 24690 Buy it Lov [...]

    23. THIS BOOK WAS FREAKING AMAZING Speechless.I m absolutely speechless After finishing White Out I had one major book hangover I don t think I ve ever read a story that made my heart pound so much Made my knuckles white just by holding my Kindle so tight Hell, I don t think I breathed while reading this book A.A Dark has this outstanding talent which transports you into her books The writing is so exceptionally, so detailed, I could see the whole story play out in my head Her writing style is nothi [...]

    24. Great storyI had read 24690 and loved the story It was crazy, gruesome, and fantastic at the same time I don t want to give an spoilers but it picks up right at the time of everleigh and west being in the library I do wish there was a little explanation on what the white room was, I could only get a slight idea of it kinda being like gladiators or thunder dome type shiz I loved the book, I know that beam couldn t exactly be how he was, or she wouldn t have done what she did at the end but I thou [...]

    25. Well, I wish there was an epilogue Is that the end I wish there was a little bit But my gosh, this story Brutal, terrifying Kind of all over the place I mostly hated Bram and I felt sorry for West How fucked up is that Bram was so evil that I couldn t root for him most of the time I liked the last scene, but want to know Will there be another book or is this the end

    26. I can t wait for the next one of these The world she created is so creepy and horrible that I can t look away These books are non stop excitement and barely gave me chance to catch my breath If you love horror and have a strong constitution, you need to read this series.

    27. Room for a follow up bookWow It was a story of love That was a given but all the twisted things within that were mind blowing If you like a dark book, this was a great follow up to the first

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