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Murder in White Lace By Karen Sue Walker,

  • Title: Murder in White Lace
  • Author: Karen Sue Walker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Max Walters is a busy bridal consultant with dreams of being a designer When her boss goes on vacation, things quickly unravel when one of her brides to be collapses in the shop during a fitting and dies at the hospital soon after, apparently poisoned When her childhood friend is accused of the murder, Max decides to investigate and clear his name With help from her newMax Walters is a busy bridal consultant with dreams of being a designer When her boss goes on vacation, things quickly unravel when one of her brides to be collapses in the shop during a fitting and dies at the hospital soon after, apparently poisoned When her childhood friend is accused of the murder, Max decides to investigate and clear his name With help from her new assistant, Keiko, and the other colorful residents of Crystal Shores, Max begins to weave together a list of suspects, much to the concern of the handsome Detective Cruz Will she be able to tie up the loose threads and catch the murderer or will the murderer get to her first
    Murder in White Lace Max Walters is a busy bridal consultant with dreams of being a designer When her boss goes on vacation things quickly unravel when one of her brides to be collapses in the shop during a fitting and d

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    1. A lovely cozy mystery Personable characters, interesting relationships and a cute plot The characters grow through their experiences and the mystery is interesting Lots of potential for future books in this series.

    2. Karen Walker s debut cozy mystery, Murder in White Lace, is about homicide in a bridal salon Max Walters is working as a bridal consultant while trying to decide what direction her life should go when a client passes out and dies while trying on her bridal gown Quickly, her death becomes murder and Walters finds herself embroiled in trying to solve it Though she s never been even an amateur sleuth, with the help of delightful co worker Keiko and handsome Detective Cruz, she finds she has a talen [...]

    3. A light, shorter cozy mystery that takes place in a lazy beach town in California A young, aspiring clothes designer who works in a wedding dress and accessories salon finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation when a client drops dead during a gown fitting It s a quick read and the protagonist, Max, is assisted by a cute associate, Keiko, whose dry wit and sharp mind are appealing A handsome detective provides support to Max, also.

    4. Quick, easy to read and funny This is a book that you will enjoy reading It is fresh and for sure worth buying.

    5. I really enjoyed this cozy mystery from a first time novelist Walker creates charming characters we want to get to know and root for, while providing a mystery filled with twists, turns and a nice surprise ending Max and her friends come alive as they search for the murderer, and Walker keeps us guessing to the end.This was a quick read, witty and perfect for a Sunday afternoon at the beach or by the pool I m looking forward to the next in the series Can t wait to see what our beachfront town, f [...]

    6. Really nice story It s a mystery and it is cozy With loads of interesting and mostly friendly characters Thanks, Karen Sue Walker, for giving me a chance to read this I really enjoyed it storycartel

    7. Murder in White Lace by Karen Sue Walker is a great book.Max Walters is a designer, she loves the feel of lace and silk, and when her thoughts connect to her hands, the bridal creations she dreams of turn into reality.Working as a bridal consultant may not be a dream job, but the ability to create beautiful pieces for brides and their attendants makes it worth it.When the bridal store owner goes away, she leaves the store in max s hands, something Max is than capable of Things get complicated w [...]

    8. This book was immensely entertaining, I love it, especially the characters Keiko and Max They made a wonderful fashionable detective duo being fashion designers The mixture of romance was the right dosage which kept the balance of the storyline interesting and intriguing Andy was the one who was hurt the most in this story to love so true and yet be hit with such a shocking revelation about his wife it s so sad what he had to deal with This murder mystery was indeed a cosy one, I truly enjoyed i [...]

    9. Very enjoyable read 3 1 2 stars Looking forward to book 2 Characters are interesting and quirky The short back story was nice looking forward to see development in book 2 The mystery was good, not too obvious.

    10. Title Murder In White Lace Bridal Shop Cozy Mystery Book 1Author Karen Sue WalkerPublisher Karen Sue WalkerPublished 9 3 2016Pages 192Genre Mystery, Thrillers SuspenseSub Genre Women Slueths Cozy Mystery Amateur Sleuths Animals Crafts HobbiesISBN 9781537603728ASIN B01LIY95U2Reviewed For NetGalley and Karen Sue WalkerReviewer DelAnneRating 4.5 StarsThe only thing worse than a Bridezilla for a client is a dead one.Max Walters is a talented bridal consultant with dreams of moving to New York and be [...]

    11. My rating leans towards 2 1 2 stars.I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Max Walters dreams of becoming a designer and moving back to the hustle and bustle of New York She s currently a bridal consultant in Crystal Shores, a small town in California, where she lives so she can help her dad after the death of her mother When she s given the task of running the shop while her boss in on vacation, she hopes there are no bridal emergencies that she can t hand [...]

    12. Max moved back to her hometown when her mom became ill She stayed after her mom passed away to help her dad deal with everything Max lives in a one bedroom apartment over her dad s garage.Her job at the bridal boutique isn t her dream job She gets a job offer that would take her back to New York After careful consideration she decides to accept the job and hopes it will bring her closer to becoming a designer.It was an ordinary work day with a late appointment with Jennifer, a difficult client, [...]

    13. This story was a refreshing look at a small town of friendly people with close ties to each other It is heartwarming to see the closeness between Max and her father and all their friends Max is an easygoing person who likes the challenge of solving mysteries especially when a friend is accused of murder Her close friends rally around her while she tries to figure out who the murderer is Threats don t stop her when a friend is in trouble Can she solve the murder before the murderer targets her Th [...]

    14. Max, our very down to earth and hands on heroine, returned from New York to her small home town of Crystal Shores a year ago to help nurse her mother through her last months of fighting cancer That was a year ago, and Max is still here, working in Darlene s Wedding Belles Bridal Salon However, she s just been offered a job as assistant designer at Bissette s, where she used to be a pattern maker Her father and friends are delighted that she s delighted about this, but none of them want to see he [...]

    15. Murder in White Lace, by Karen Sue Walker, is the first of a series entitled, Bridal Shop Mysteries Max Walters creates gorgeous custom made bridal gowns in a coastal California town Her name is Max, not Maxine Most of her customers are the typical excited and or nervous brides Some, however are bridezillas Such is the case with Jennifer Burns, a rude, snobby, condescending, real estate agent who made her way by stepping on and over her co workers.When Jennifer came for a final fitting, collapse [...]

    16. I put this book down because I got busy and forgot about it I noticed later that it was still on my currently reading list and I thought huh, thought I finished this Found it in a bag sometime later, had not finished it obviously not very memorable I finished the book simply to do the review.In my opinion, the plot was a bit lame and the main character not very likable, too bland and wishy washy Actually, the only character that seemed fully developed was Keiko, she at least was interesting.The [...]

    17. A Delightful Cosy MysteryI ve read lots of cosy mysteries Coffee stores, yarn stores, bakers None of the settings have given me nearly so much joy as the bridal boutique managed by Max Brides come in looking for a dress and then Max makes their dreams come true Even for Tiffany, the Goth who is in love with an accountant.Every bride to be, except Jennifer She is rude, demanding, and constantly changing her mind At last, she s happy with her wedding gown then falls down dead in the fitting room S [...]

    18. Very enjoyable I ll start with some minor negatives and then go on with the major positives The conversations are a little stilted, just a bit but still The descriptions are a bit dry, not all the time but especially when it gets suspenseful and that s why I m mentioning it It feels a bit distant somehow, as if it s not coming from Max I don t know how else to explain it And there is a thing about age Max is almost 26 Her friend Eric is 6 years older, which means he is 31 or 32 Jennifer was 38 S [...]

    19. Murdering the BrideThere s a mean girl in every town And in Crystal Springs, someone murders her Jennifer is not well liked and hasn t got that many friends But someone did love her enough to propose Only thing is, she s killed before she reaches the aisle Max, who works at the bridal shop as one of the designers, decides to investigate since Jennifer collapsed in her shop A decent read.

    20. Designer turns into an investigator I really enjoyed the community that this story took place in All the characters seemed so unique and quirky I certainly struggled to figure out who killed the person everyone had reason to hate It is well written and a great way to spend a few hours.

    21. A nice clean and interesting mysteryHow refreshing to have a heroine that is a regular woman with normal skills and character traits She can t leap buildings in a single bound, nor does she look like a super model, but she gets the job done There were enough mysteries to keep my interest and keep me guessing I will definitely add this and Thor to my favorites list.

    22. Pleasantly surprisedI was pleasantly surprised there is lots to like about this cozy mystery A light, quick, fun read.Less likeable are the typos and other errors, but luckily there weren t too many.

    23. A fantastic adventureI fell in love with all of these characters from the start And the story kept me guessing until the very end I can t wait to read the next book in the series.

    24. This is fun romp with a designer who loves a good mystery So when bridezilla drops dead in the shop she works in and her first love is accused of murder, she starts working on her suspect list and tries to hide her investigation from the handsome detective.

    25. Cute murder thrillerI needed a break from heavier reading and this book provided it Nice, pleasant characters and a plot that was fairly believable I m glad to know there are sequels I can tum to when I need a cozy read.

    26. I won Murder In White Lace on giveaway A very fun read I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn t for several mistakes in sentence structure and general mistakes that a proofreader really should have caught at first glance.

    27. This was a very good book , I could not put it down I love the women that stuck by her side as she search for the killer.

    28. Thoroughly enjoyable bookI enjoyed read this book and ready to go to the next I had no idea who did it until almost the end Cindy

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