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Another Day in the Death of America By Gary Younge,

  • Title: Another Day in the Death of America
  • Author: Gary Younge
  • ISBN: 9781783351015
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On an average day in America, seven children and teens will be shot dead In Another Day in the Death of America, award winning journalist Gary Younge tells the stories of the lives lost during one such day It could have been any day, but he chose November 23, 2013 Black, white, and Latino, aged nine to nineteen, they fell at sleepovers, on street corners, in stairwells,On an average day in America, seven children and teens will be shot dead In Another Day in the Death of America, award winning journalist Gary Younge tells the stories of the lives lost during one such day It could have been any day, but he chose November 23, 2013 Black, white, and Latino, aged nine to nineteen, they fell at sleepovers, on street corners, in stairwells, and on their own doorsteps From the rural Midwest to the barrios of Texas, the narrative crisscrosses the country over a period of twenty four hours to reveal the full human stories behind the gun violence statistics and the brief mentions in local papers of lives lost.This powerful and moving work puts a human face a child s face on the collateral damage of gun deaths across the country This is not a book about gun control, but about what happens in a country where it does not exist What emerges in these pages is a searing and urgent portrait of youth, family, and firearms in America today.
    Another Day in the Death of America On an average day in America seven children and teens will be shot dead In Another Day in the Death of America award winning journalist Gary Younge tells the stories of the lives lost during one suc

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    1. Having finished this book I am left with the overwhelming impression that it was a book that needed to be written Author Gary Younge is a journalist who spent many years living in the States Although living in America, he is British and as a black man he was very aware of both the differences and similarities between cultures One of the most obvious differences is the number of guns that are readily available in the States I don t think most Americans understand how shocked us Brits are to visit [...]

    2. The idea of this book is simple take a random day Saturday, 23 November 2013 and write an account of all the kids who were shot and killed in that 24 hour period in the USA There were ten Note suicides are omitted because they are never reported So the figure is probably higher than ten The author Gary Younge a black British journalist quickly makes clear this is not a book about the need for gun control, although to a British reader, it may appear that it is Gary Younge is writing about the who [...]

    3. Another Day in the Death of America is an interesting and stark look at the effects of gun violence in the United States Gary Young is a UK born journalist who has been living in the United States for a number of years He decided to take a random day in 2013 and look at all of the deaths of children caused by guns that day His definition of children is fairly expansive, but he looks in some detail at the deaths of 10 children, ranging in age from 7 years old to 19 years which is close to the dai [...]

    4. 5 Read and reviewed February 18, 2017 I considered a lower rating, but Younge makes the subject so compelling and the people so familiar, I don t know how he could have done it any better WARNING if you have lost someone through sudden violence, especially a child, this book, and possibly my review, is going to be even disturbing than it is for someone like me, who has lived a pretty sheltered life And he lets us into these families lives so well, that I m still afraid for them all Author Gary [...]

    5. Brilliantly reported, quietly indignant, and utterly gripping A book to be read through tears NAOMI KLEINI don t know who Naomi Klein is, but she is spot on with that quote Gary Younge, an accomplished journalist, a Briton, and a black man, searches for understanding of these daily senseless killings and their anonymous victims Like Evicted Poverty and Profit in the American City, this book haunts me with it s powerful message about a heartbreaking trend in the America that I don t see or even h [...]

    6. It isn t about gun control Well, it is and isn t.Gary Younge takes a look at ten children teens who died by gunshot in the course of one day in America Rather than the mind numbing data of total number of people killed, he examines each life in its own context of socioeconomics, family, education, gang connections or not , race, etc The author himself is transplanted from the UK, living in an area of Chicago where suddenly he has to worry about his own children living inside these data points I [...]

    7. I write this review on July of 2017 We are halfway into 2017 and United States of America is already on it s way to making 2017 one of the deadliest years for people killed by cops.Does that shock you It shouldn t This has been coming for a long time And keep watching, under our newly elected nationalists, 2018 will be the next deadliest year.In Another Day in the Death of America, Gary Younge captures the stories of 10 people who were killed on just another average day in the US He tackle cases [...]

    8. November 23, 2013 There s nothing remarkable about the 24 hours that made up that day, no reason the date sticks out in our collective memory Five years later, there won t be a nationwide memorial scheduled, and we won t glance down at the calendar and gasp has it really been that long since No, November 23, 2013 was just a typical, average day in America And that means 10 children died from gun violence.Author Gary Younge tells the story of these ten lives tragically cut short, and, in doing so [...]

    9. BOTWbbc programmes b07w99djDescription On Saturday 23rd November 2013, ten children were shot dead in the US The youngest was nine, the oldest was nineteen They fell in suburbs, hamlets and ghettos None made the national news It was just another day in the death of America, where on average seven children and teens are killed by guns daily Gary Younge picked 23rd November at random, and set out to tell the stories of the lives lost during that single day First is Jaiden Dixon, age nine The day b [...]

    10. By coincidence, I finished this book on the same day I finished A Mother s Reckoning, Sue Klebold s book about the Columbine shootings A depressing pair of books I defy you to find I felt that Klebold could have gone further in calling for gun control, but that s not really a fight anyone can win in America, so most people don t even try Keep in mind the terrible irony that the NRA carried on with their 1999 convention the very month of Columbine, even though it took place in nearby Denver By c [...]

    11. Gary Younge picked a random day November 23rd, 2013 to research child deaths by gun I was all riled up about the concept of this book Let s give a name to those that lost their lives and have nothing to show for it, opening up a patch of America that has been fighting to stay silent I thought that this was a brilliant idea especially given the current environment and all the unnecessary shootings.10 children under the age of 19 were shot within the 24 hours of November 23rd Some were accidents, [...]

    12. This was a very important but also difficult book to read Gary Younge, a British journalist living and working in the US, sets out to tell the stories of the ten children and teenagers that were killed on a day he picked or less at random Thus he manages to give faces to the statistics and effectively shows how much of a problem the abundance of guns is To be fair, he didn t really need to convince me of the fact that there is something seriously wrong when on average seven children die of guns [...]

    13. One random day 10 children died From gunshot wounds.I introduced this book to my students last year Just want to let this year s students know this is in your classroom library, if copies are needed, please let me know Mr Younge boldly bears witness to each of these tragedies He clearly and concisely conveys each of these stories that so desperately needed to be told.This book is NOT about gun control Not once, in any of the interviews conducted with victims families and friends, does anyone me [...]

    14. I was sent this for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This book was exactly what I thought it would be It s a book about gun control and gun death in America The author is a reporter who decided to embark on a project, documenting all the deaths of young people in America within a single 24 hour period, as a result of guns This book ONLY focuses on the deaths as a result of guns, nothing else There are still 10 deaths What I think this book is good for, is making people wh [...]

    15. Another Day in the Death of America Life is cheap Gary Younge latest book is just about one day in America at random, which happened to be Saturday 23rd November 2013, on which like any other day ten children and teens were killed by gunfire The youngest being nine and the oldest was nineteen a sad indictment on the state of America as all these deaths rarely raised any news interest, other than Younge s.What Younge s investigation reveals is a portrait of the vulnerability of the young in Ameri [...]

    16. Recent Reads Let Them Eat Chaos, Secret Path, and Another Day in the Death of AmericaThe first thing I heard when researching this book was that it was a gun legislation book, it is not that at all This is a work about a country with almost non existent gun control, and ten of the victims and their families stories, in the events of one single day We follow kids who were shot by their mother s ex boyfriends, by people who mistook their identity, by other gang members, and through the small snipp [...]

    17. First a disclaimer Because I was there and witnessed the Southwest side of Chicago, I read the beginning chapters and then that Chicago section on Tyshon Anderson And both told me enough to know that I wouldn t want to spend my time reading the rest That s all I read.First the methodology is false to causes of death, IMHO Tyshon didn t die because of guns he died because of criminal gangs Second he has the progression and actual history of South side neighbors, both in formations and in context [...]

    18. I was lucky enough to snag a galley of this Editor s Buzz pick when I attended Book Expo America in May Younge, an author and columnist for the Guardian and Nation, uses the lens of a single day to explore the uniquely American phenomenon of children killed by gun violence The stories of the 10 children killed on Nov 23, 2013 are each harrowing in their own ways, but Younge takes the book even further, looking at the wide range of social, economic, and political factors that contribute to Americ [...]

    19. Another Day in the Death of America A Chronicle of Ten Short Lives is the harrowing story of 10 children murdered on just one day by men and women wielding guns Younge randomly picked November 23rd, 2013, and he chronicled the deaths and short lives of the young people who were murdered within those 24 hours His decision to use random selection aptly reflects the daily horror that afflicts American communities most ravaged by gun violence If Younge had chosen any other day, an entirely different [...]

    20. This is a hard book to read But it is so well written and researched that it is quite compelling to read I don t live in America, but I am a mother and I have to confess that each of these stories impacted on me It wasn t an easy book to read But I am glad that I did read it, in fact I think it should be read by everyone It should be required reading in schools this book Very hard hitting, very sobering read, but a very important one.

    21. Me vs NRA after reading this book This review is taking me embarrassingly long to finish Another Day in the Death of America is such an important and emotional book, I keep sitting here, typing sentences and immediately deleting them I feel like I cannot do it justice This book is so very good.Gary Younge has a real talent for writing persuasive essays, but he manages to keep a steady and convincing flow throughout a full length book too Not even for an instant does it feel dragged out or padded [...]

    22. 3.5 The first story in this book set a tone that I wish was present throughout the entire book Younge s strength was gaining access to narratives from the families and people involved for example, Jaiden s mother, Camilla in Edwin s case, Tyler s family Many families understandably did not want to be interviewed for this book, so when Younge couldn t get access to families or friends, he pondered semi related issues such as teen social media use, teen psychology and brain development, or what te [...]

    23. This author confuses me He states the book is not about gun control but then goes on to elaborate instances where the NRA has opposed and stymied any past efforts to introduce, nay, even discuss, gun safety measures He also states it s not about race but seems, at least to me, to imply and as the book continues, that racial discrimination and segregation are the main reasons for the poverty, hopelessness and wretched environments which give rise, inevitably, to gun violence.Yes, the stories ar [...]

    24. I thought this book was amazing If you don t think you need to read it, see how many of these dead children s names you ve heard on the news in the past 72 hours gunviolencearchive lasAs of today, 3rd January 2017 there have been 25 child and teen deaths this year and it s barely Tuesday lunchtime in America gunviolencearchiveThis book isn t as depressing as you might think, but it s not exactly lighthearted reading material Nor is it preaching that all GUNS ARE BAD Although they are It takes a [...]

    25. I cannot recommend this enough It s heartbreaking but something everyone needs to hear, whether you live in America or not Younge s voice is perfect A must read.

    26. With the US election making headlines daily, even here in Finland, I have found myself increasingly gravitating towards content focused on the US society Ever since living in the US, and even before that really, I have found the demographics of the country extremely interesting it really is a melting pot of different religions, cultures, customs, races, etc a place much bigger and much varied that my home country After reading the description of Gary Younge s Another Day in the Death of America [...]

    27. This is a powerful piece of humane journalism from Gary Younge, the Guardian s US correspondent In concise, balanced chapters he tells the stories of the brief lives and ugly deaths of the 10 young people who were shot and killed on one day in America in 2013 Saturday 23rd November was apparently a pretty average sample 10 deaths, 7 of the victims were black, one was white, and one was Latino, all were male, aged between 9 and 19 Two were accidental shootings, one a vengeful rampage, at least tw [...]

    28. I m so pumped to read this I got accepted to read an ARC yesterday so this is going to be my next non fiction read

    29. Gary Younge is geboren in 1969 Hij is een Britse journalist en auteur Hij schrijft maandelijks een column voor The Nation Zijn eerste boek No Place Like Home werd in 1999 gepubliceerd en stond op de shortlist voor de Guardian First Book Award Het boek gaat over zomaar een dag E n willekeurige 23 november De dag waarop tien jongeren zwart, blank en latino, tussen de negen en negentien jaar oud worden neergeschoten Op een slaapfeestje, op een straathoek, in de deuropening van zijn eigen huis En di [...]

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