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The Flight: Charles Lindbergh's Daring and Immortal 1927 Transatlantic Crossing By Dan Hampton,

  • Title: The Flight: Charles Lindbergh's Daring and Immortal 1927 Transatlantic Crossing
  • Author: Dan Hampton
  • ISBN: 9780062464392
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping and unique in the cockpit account of Charles Lindbergh s extraordinary first transatlantic flight from New York to Paris, by acclaimed aviation historian Viper Pilot, Lords of the Sky and former fighter pilot Dan Hampton one of the most decorated pilots in Air Force history New York Post.America s finest aviation story in the hands of our finest aviationA gripping and unique in the cockpit account of Charles Lindbergh s extraordinary first transatlantic flight from New York to Paris, by acclaimed aviation historian Viper Pilot, Lords of the Sky and former fighter pilot Dan Hampton one of the most decorated pilots in Air Force history New York Post.America s finest aviation story in the hands of our finest aviation historian, The Flight is Dan Hampton s biggest, most dramatic book yet.On the morning of May 20, 1927, a little known pilot named Charles Lindbergh waited to take off from Roosevelt Field on Long Island He was determined to claim the 25,000 Orteig Prize promised to the first pilot to fly nonstop from New York to Paris a contest that had already claimed six men s lives Just twenty five years old, Lindbergh had never before flown over water Yet thirty three hours later, his single engine monoplane, The Spirit of St Louis, touched down in Paris Overnight, Charles Lindbergh became the most famous aviator of all time.The Flight is a long overdue, flyer s eye view look at Lindbergh s legendary journey Decorated fighter pilot and bestselling author Dan Hampton offers a unique appreciation for Lindbergh s accomplishment Hampton has flown the exact same route many times, knowledge that informs and shapes The Flight Relying upon a trove of primary sources, including Lindbergh s own personal diary and writings, Hampton crafts a dramatic narrative of a challenging, death defying feat that many had believed was impossible.Moving hour by hour, Hampton recounts Lindbergh s uncertainty over his equipment and his courage as he traverses the vast darkness of the Atlantic with no radar Moving between the sky and ground, Hampton intersperses the tale of the flight with Lindbergh s personal history as well as some of the stories of those waiting for him on the ground, praying he would make it safely across.
    The Flight Charles Lindbergh s Daring and Immortal Transatlantic Crossing A gripping and unique in the cockpit account of Charles Lindbergh s extraordinary first transatlantic flight from New York to Paris by acclaimed aviation historian Viper Pilot Lords of the Sky and f

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    1. If you are a fan of David McCullough you will enjoy this history of Charles Lindbergh s flight in the Spirit of St Louis Hampton is a pilot and his descriptions of the plane and the flight are fascinating and detailed The flight itself is, in turn, thrilling, frightening and filled with unexpected beauty the first landfall and the approach to Paris surprisingly emotional We also come to understand better the man and his times and the way this flight help inspire the future.

    2. Hampton brings Lindberg s historical flight to life This is the first story dedicated to the flight itself Using Lindberg s notes and quotes and extensive research, we feel the story is as close to what actually happened as we can get We are in the cockpit with Lindberg seeing what he sees and feeling what he feels Some early biography and contemporary aviation history is provided, but it helps clarify rather than detract As a pilot himself, Hampton understands and can explain the inner workings [...]

    3. As someone who has been an aviation fan since I was 10, THE FLIGHT Charles Lindbergh s Daring and Immortal 1927 Transatlantic Crossing was a book that commanded my immediate attention So I bought it and read it avidly The strengths of the book are in the way Hampton, himself a retired U.S Air Force combat pilot, conveys vividly to the reader, the joys and thrills of flight as well as the challenges Lindbergh faced in making his solo flight across the Atlantic from New York to Paris in May 1927 S [...]

    4. Just finished The Flight by Dan Hampton.Wow You know the outcome already but I found myself cheering Lindbergh on to the finish I was concerned for his every action and if it would impact the result.I found myself smiling and telling myself that he ll be fine.As a pilot or just an aviation enthusiast or even a history buff, you will be amazed at this journey through the eyes of another pilot Perspective and views of aviation not thought about before during this historic Flight come alive.Hampton [...]

    5. THE FLIGHT by Dan Hampton, 2017 317 pages that includes ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, a GLOSSARY, SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY, NOTES AND SOURCES, and an INDEX Robert HuddlestonAnother book about Lindbergh s 1927 solo flight from New York to Paris Overkill, was my initial reaction As an nonagenarian born before Lucky Lindy s historic flight Who read WE, his personal account of the experience, as soon as the craft of reading was managed And who came to worship aviation and aviators What could author Hampton possibly [...]

    6. Of magnetos, crankshafts, ailerons and fuselages Of lonely leaders who embrace challenge and see it not as a lark, but as a lifeforce THE FLIGHT chronicles Charles Augustus Lindbergh s epic 1927 transatlantic solo flight from New York to Paris This literal and figurative superhero made the 20th Century the American one Discoveries in fields like aviation, film and automobiles were first seen in Europe But America made them ways of life Consider D.W Griffith egregious yet enduring celluloid epics [...]

    7. Gripping Hampton puts you in the seat as Lindbergh, with details to keep you in the agony of not knowing what s coming Though I ve read several biographies of Lindbergh, none had details that Hampton covered.So it s a great biography, but importantly, it is a gripping first person account of an epic flight Exactly what I was hoping for, and counting on Dan Hampton s excellent writing skills that I previously enjoyed in his prior books.As an aside, my grandmother was born two years before Lindy [...]

    8. Lindbergh s 1927 Atlantic crossing was to the early 20th century what the Apollo 11 mission to the moon was to the late 20th century Both milestones bridged distant lands through piloted aviation The feat was all the remarkable because Lindbergh was an obscure air mail pilot in a race to accomplish the flight ahead of then notable aviators, who had corporate backing and who incidentally planned the crossing with two person, twin engine airplanes Lindbergh flew by HIMSELF in his SINGLE engine [...]

    9. I thoroughly enjoyed Dan Hampton s The Flight , which tells the incredible story of Charles Lindbergh s heroic 1927 flight from New York to Paris I didn t know much information about Lindbergh prior to reading this book and most of my knowledge was unrelated to his Transatlantic crossing , but I really gained a lot of insight from Hampton s well researched book.Hampton is very effective at putting us in the cockpit with Lindbergh while he attempts something no man has done before him I was on th [...]

    10. The Flight Charles Lindbergh s daring and immortal 1927 transatlantic crossing, by Dan Hampton William Morrow, 2017 Hampton is a decorated fighter pilot, and this telling of the familiar story is presented from the cockpit There are good, brief accounts of Lindbergh s family history, of his development as a young flier, a bit about other transatlantic attempts But the greatest value of this very clear recounting is Hampton s explanation of how the flight actually was accomplished the quality of [...]

    11. Dave Hampton weaves a fascinating tale in the novel The Flight Charles Lindbergh s 1927 Trans Atlantic Crossing Charles Lindbergh becomes the first pilot to cross the Atlantic in airplane nonstop from New York to Paris This is great read from the pilots perspective, although anyone who has sit in a cramped cockpit will shake their head in amazement at what he had to endure Imagine being cramped in a small cockpit for 33 hours fighting sleep deprivation, checking gauges, fighting elements of weat [...]

    12. Someone knowledgeable about the technical aspects of flying would most certainly give this book a five star rating As much as I was able, I tried to understand what Lindbergh must have gone through on that maiden trans Atlantic flight However, a lot of it was just too technical and I wanted to quickly get through that most important part of the book Thus, my three star rating However, I thoroughly enjoyed the other aspects of the book Lindbergh s personal history, the world s reaction to his fl [...]

    13. Accurate and well writtenDan Hampton has done a remarkable job with this book I read Scott Berg s authorized biography he was give access by Anne Morrow to much personal data and it is very comprehensive covering Lindbergh s entire life What Hampton does is just so much focused on the 33 1 3 hour flight in 1927 that changed his life and ours I really could put myself in the cockpit with Lindbergh and feel the cold, the turbulence, hear the noise of the Wright Whirlwind and experience the fatigu [...]

    14. Many books written by Lindbergh and others of the first non stop flight from New York to Paris What sets this book apart was what Charles Lindbergh did in the So Pacific during WW2 Often thought he was not allowed back into the military for his desire not to get into a war with Germany, it was a personal grudge by FDR When FDR took the airmail service away from commercial airlines and had Army Pilots fly it, 12 AAC pilots died from lack of experience in the harrowing flights to get the mail thru [...]

    15. This was a very well researched and written recap of the famous transAtlantic solo flight by Charles Lindbergh on May 20 21, 1927 I felt that the story was most interesting when author Hampton put the adventure in context to major events happening just prior and eventually after the flight that helped the reader understand just how important this was to the moral of the global audience living through it It helped you understand why this event made Lindbergh the most famous person in the world at [...]

    16. Disclaimer I received a copy of this book for review.Do not be put off by my rating of this book It is very much a niche read for those who like to know what makes a machine tick, who like to know who made the parts and to what specifications, who want to know what weather conditions existed during the time involved, and who like a smattering of history tossed in for good measure I enjoyed the history parts but the rest, not so much.

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed this story of Lindbergh s transatlantic flight Hampton s description of the events leading up to and following the flight is informative, and rounds out the flight The flight itself is well paced and gives you a good understanding of the perils involved, and there were many Hampton s explanation of the technicalities of flying is clear and helps you to feel as if you re there with Lindbergh.

    18. What is it really like to be at a key moment in history Whether you fly a small plane or only go commercial, Hampton s book will put you at Charles Lindbergh s side for every tick of the 33 hours, 30 minutes, and 29.8 seconds it took him to fly from NY to Paris that first time My favorite moment Looking for Le Bourget.

    19. For me this was a really interesting read, the author clearly did a lot research on a wide range of topics I loved the discussion on WWI and the 1920 s so interesting and I learned a few new things I liked the amount of time spent in the book on the flight itself and Lindbergh s experience flying the plane Glad I picked up this book.

    20. Math has never been my strong suit so the chapters with the calculations concerning fuel usage and mileage were slow going But my parents were born in 1928, so the overview of the state of the world at that time was informative In my view, the best parts were Lindbergh s commentary on the earth beneath him.I received this book from a giveaway.

    21. Outstanding read A fresh telling of the story Good to have a pilot as author Hampton brings to light and life details of the ship and the process of piloting her that rivet you to the page Well written, enough history of the times to frame the story, enough details about Lindbergh s life without overshadowing his supreme personal accomplishment Inspiring.

    22. Although Dan Hampton vividly describes Lindbergh s epic flight with his usual descriptive prowess, an occasional editorial bias surfaces now and then especially his broad brushed and patronizing portrayal of 1920 s Christians, as well as those overbearing, vitriolic groups who were opposed to the epidemic spread of alcohol in the U.S.

    23. Lucky Lindy First to Fly from NYC to ParisDan Hampton s riveting hour by hour account of how Lindbergh was successful when others died trying to be first The book is best when detailing the flight moment by moment, but not so successful when summarizing what the 1920s were like.

    24. Interesting book on the first non stop transatlantic flight On May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first person to successfully fly nonstop from New York to Paris, a feat that has been attempted but many died trying it This became one of the most remarkable events in aviation history.

    25. Dan Hampton has written a compelling account of Lindbergh s historic cross Atlantic flight in 1927 with The Flight His profound flaws as a totalitarian sympathesizer and serial adulterer notwithstanding, Lindbergh s achievement was courageous and heroic.

    26. Clear, fast moving and in many ways new re telling of history that never gets old for me My mom used to tell of the reaction to the flight, and my dad was always interested in the political aspects Thanks for a really good story.

    27. Reads Like a Fiction NovelGreat and very compelling book Lindbergh is a very complex man, and the author was able to weave information about his life very well with his thoughts and recollections of the famous flight.

    28. I enjoyed this book Written using Lindbergh s own notes and logs, it gives us an idea of what he was thinking and experience from the cockpit during the flight The author also mixes in events happening around the world during the same time period.

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