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Breaking the Rules (Roaming Devils MC Book 1) By Lexie Davis,

  • Title: Breaking the Rules (Roaming Devils MC Book 1)
  • Author: Lexie Davis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All Ryker Dennison wanted was to become President of the Roaming Devil s Motorcycle Club It would be his legacy His grandfather and father had both held the title and he was the next in line Enter Ella Hawkins He had known her since they were fifteen and had tried to push her memory away Their troublesome past included her father arresting him, which was not somethingAll Ryker Dennison wanted was to become President of the Roaming Devil s Motorcycle Club It would be his legacy His grandfather and father had both held the title and he was the next in line Enter Ella Hawkins He had known her since they were fifteen and had tried to push her memory away Their troublesome past included her father arresting him, which was not something he could easily forget But when she came to him, pleading for his help to save the one man he despised from a rival motorcycle gang, he found himself agreeing to help her, thus breaking the number one rule of the MC Ryker soon finds himself with a major dilemma Women weren t part of the club life and bringing Ella into his world would only mean putting her in danger With his father trying to push Ella away from him for his own benefit, her father constantly trying to arrest him, and his own desire for her getting in the way of his club life, he finds himself going against everything to be with the woman he loved Will breaking the rules land him in the ultimate position to have everything he ever wanted Or will his risky move cost him everything, including the woman of his dreams
    Breaking the Rules Roaming Devils MC Book All Ryker Dennison wanted was to become President of the Roaming Devil s Motorcycle Club It would be his legacy His grandfather and father had both held the title and he was the next in line Enter Ell

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    1. I ve read quite a few MC Club romance novels, but this one was a little bit different for me I think it s because the emphasis was placed equally on both the Club and on the romance, not one than the other Ryker and Ella knew each other since they were 15, going to the same high school They were crushing pretty hard but didn t do anything about it Several years later they reconnect, but before they could complete their transaction , her father arrests Ryker and he s sent to prison Fast forward [...]

    2. 4.5 She s his KryptonitearsI blame my MC Romance addiction for my introduction to Lexie Davis Sometimes I get lucky and find a new author to stalk, which is what happened this time I really enjoyed her writing style and she was able to catch my attention early on and keep it throughout While I was sometimes frustrated by the actions of the characters, that is understandable as they are flawed and it s their imperfections that make for my reading enjoyment If they didn t do stupid stuff, I wouldn [...]

    3. I think 3 maybe 2 1 2I don t know.This book bothered the crap out of me I swear the main characters couldn t find their way out of a wet paper bag with both hands Here is the summary for you I love you, I hate you, you aren t good enough for me, let s have sex, I love you, I hate you, My dad hates you, you aren t good enough, let s have sex, I love you.I know it is harsh but I really don t know what to say It started off really good and I was wrapped up in it and then it was like wash, rinse, an [...]

    4. This is a gritty biker read about the one percenters and it pulled me in and kept me captivated the whole time The Roaming Devils position of club president had been in Ryker s family since his grandfather and now his father, Razor, was acting president with Ryker being groomed to take over eventually Unlike Razor who was a ruthless SOB, Ryker did have a heart under that cut he wore When he was in high school there was a girl that he had been infatuated with and wanted nothing than to treat her [...]

    5. 3.5 starscopy received through Netgalley for honest reviewthis is not a soft MC romance Ryker and Ella met each other when they were 15 years old but never really communicated other than a few words they both had a major crush on the other but Ellie was a good girl and daughter of a policeman Ryker was the bad boy son of MC member There was a couple of times through the years when the interacted One time landed Ryker in jail Ella went off to college and medical school Now they meet again when El [...]

    6. If you re looking for a quick, fun, easy read then this is the book for you.This book had a great build up between the H h, something I sometimes feel there s a lack of in some books However as it reaches its crescendo, it just seemed to fizzle out.Ryker is a great character He s got than the average MC member to deal with but he s still loyalbut is his loyalty returned I found Ella slightly irritating but that s not uncommon I did, however, feel that some of the things she did were either a li [...]

    7. Awesome bookI loved this MC book I would recommend this book to my friends to read There are 2 books after this one.

    8. Ryker is in a MC and Ella is his kryptonite she s a doctor a good girl totally opposite of him One day Ella shows up at his club trying to get drugs to help her dad but Ryker ends up helping her But Ella has to stay away from Ryker that s the deal What happened when they just can t stay away from each other It s I hate you no I love you and the whole her parents hate him thing There adults but I never felt that , I felt like they were still in high school getting approved my mommy and daddy what [...]

    9. I give this book 4 heartsI thoroughly enjoyed this MC tale this is the first in the series so although it doesn t quite end with a cliffhanger it s left pretty open for the next book Ryker is a badass he s than just a part of the roaming Devils MC he was born into them His father is the president and before that his grandfather, he s been a patched member since 18 and doesnt know any other way of life, drugs sex whores.until Ella walks into his life pleading for help.He s know Ella since highsc [...]

    10. This is the first in a new series by Lexie Davis and this first book is the battle between father and son on many issues, the most important one to Ryker is Ella.Ella and Ryker met in school when they were 15 and while the next several years the only conversation they had was a sentence a day, they both were falling hard back then, they just didn t realize it This has been a problem with Ryker s dad and his father before him not to mention Ella s father as well The first real night they actually [...]

    11. This one was raw, gritty, dirty, sexy, and I LOVED it Ryker has never known life with the Roaming Devils MC His father is president and he s been grooming Ryker since the day he was born to take over The only thing holding him back his own personal kryptonite Ella Hawkins The drugs, booze, and women couldn t break him but one look from her just might Lusting after a cop s daughter probably isn t the wisest thing for a guy living on the wrong side of the law should do but when she comes to him fo [...]

    12. This review is based on an ARC received from the author and or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.This was actually a very good book Sweet angsty love with a HEA Though the HEA had a big ole question mark cloud hanging over it s head.

    13. Breaking the Rules is the first book in Lexie Davis Roaming Devils series about bad boy biker Ryker Dennison who is the president of the one percenter MC club, and the doctor he falls in love with, Ella Hawkins Their story is told in than one book, In fact, three so far Ryker and Ella have known each other since they were school age, but have gone off in very different paths Ryker is in the MC, thanks to his father Razor, and evil SOB And Ella becomes a doctor, and she also has a father who is [...]

    14. Unfortunately this story is just Meh meaning nothing memorable, special, or entertaining about it.I found Ella a little naive and flat I just couldn t connect with her so the relationship with Ryker didn t feel real.The one thing that is unique to this MC story is that there really isn t any camaraderie and sense of family with the club guys, it through me off that no one really had any emotional connection to each other.I m not planning to jump into book 2, but I do enjoy MC reads so I may pick [...]

    15. My first book by Lexie Davis and it was good I liked the fast pace of the novel with a little biker angst thrown in for good measure Written in dual POV gives the reader a chance to see what is going on in each person head Ryker is the bad biker who has wanted Dr Ella every since they were 15 When Ella comes back into his life, she is an addiction he can t kick I love how Ryker is a biker yet is not afraid to show his emotions and feeling to Ella when he is stand off to everyone else.

    16. Title Breaking the RulesSeries Roaming Devils MC 1Author Lexie DavisGenre Contemporary RomancePages 212Heat Level 4 out 4 flamesOverall Rating 4 out of 5 starsReviewed by Kay Book SnitchI always enjoy finding a new author to read It s a rare thing for me nowadays Tried and true when I have to spend my money I also enjoy finding a new MC romance series Bonus is, new series and new author.Ryker is slated to take the gavel and be the President of the Roaming Devils MC after his father steps down or [...]

    17. I m a big fan of MC based romance books and was excited to read this one I ve read books like this before, but this one was a bit darker than most that I ve read If you re okay with reading books containing extreme violence, a MC on the wrong side of the law, lots of sex, drugs, a hero who is loyal and a sweet but feisty heroine, then you ll enjoy this book If you re against any of that, then you should probably just skip reading this book I found myself hating some parts of the book that were a [...]

    18. breaking the rules by lexie davis an intruiging mix of sensuality and crudity the story line goes like this there are be many biker clubs but only the top one percent are true biker clubs.The male lead ryker dennison belongs to such a club and his father razor is the head of the club The female lead ella is a doctor and ther daughter of a police officer.Ryker was meant to someday take his fathers place,and alot is expected from him.Once a clubmember always a club member there is no getting away [...]

    19. Breaking the Rules was a perfect title for book one of the Roaming Devil s MC series by Lexie Davis I was truly captivated by dark, gritty sexy story line What s a MC book without lots of darkness, drugs, violence lots of sex This story is about Ryker who is legacy to the Roaming Devil s MC Club whose father, Razor, is the current president He was born into the club lifestyle And at 15 he falls in love with Ella, a sweet young girl who he knows in his heart to heart she s deserves better and he [...]

    20. Breaking the Rules by Lexie Davis is book 1 in the Roaming Devils MC series This is a hardcore gritty MC novel The author is very clear that these aren t your typical lovable alpha male bikers Obviously I m paraphrasing, but it s important to note the Roaming Devils MC is a 1 percenter MC I appreciated that disclaimer since this isn t my typically read If you re like me, this book will likely be outside your comfort zone.With that said, the book wasn t bad It was actually a pretty good read I ju [...]

    21. I received a copy of Breaking the Rules by Lexie Davis from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review If the rest of the series was as good as this book was then the author will have another hit series I really loved the book with Ryker and Ella as the main characters Unfortunately, his dad Razor was his worst nightmare but he gets to pay him back in the conclusion of the book.Ryker Dennison knows only one thing that the Roaming Devils MC is his legacy and the club that is run by his father Ra [...]

    22. this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review 3 3.5 stars The first book in the Roaming Devils MC series, introduces us to the club members, what their known for, and the battle between who s going to run the club Ryker Dennison has been in the club since day one his grandfather, then his father, were all in the club Both men ruled with an iron fist, and his dad, Razor, lives up to his name with his brutality Ryker wants something different for the clubhe wants something other than [...]

    23. I received Breaking the Rules in exchange for an honest review The book revolves around the lives of Ryker Dennison and Ella Hawkins Ryker is the son of Razor, the head of the Roaming Devils All of his life he was bought up that the club was the beginning and the end Nothing else matters Women were to be used and shared Drugs and guns Violence Ella is the daughter of a police officer who works the gang unit Ever since she met Ryker in high school she was attracted to him She went to medical scho [...]

    24. I absolutely loved this dark and gritty MC romance It was such an exciting and romantic read about two lovers who came from very different worlds but they would have to break every rule to be together Lexie Davis did a fantastic job on this story She didn t pull any punches in showing the gritty underbelly of the MC lifestyle Our hero, Ryker, wasn t exactly a nice guy, he had some vices that he struggled with for the entire story Ella was his weakness and he would do anything to keep her safe an [...]

    25. As the first book in the series it makes it hard to wait for the next one Ryker Dennison has only known the bike club his whole life except for the few interactions he has had with Ella in high school but he has kept his eye on her when she came back home after college Now Ella is walking into his clubhouse looking for him and he really doesn t want his father anywhere near her but she needs something and even though he tells her he won t help her his father does Ella needs to trade cocaine for [...]

    26. I received this book from net gallery for an honest review Ryker is a member of the Roaming Devil s MC He s been drawn to Ella since he was fifteen but he s not a good man and she deserves a lot than he can give her When Ella comes into the club house asking for help to save her dad she makes a deal with Razor president of MC and Ryker s dad but what price will she pay for breaking the deal Razor warns Ryker to stay away from Ella and Ella receives a similar warning from a parents Will they bre [...]

    27. I love MC romance books and Breaking the Rules was a good one The difference between this one and other MC books I have read is that it was really dark There is nothing romanticized about The Roaming Devils club, with Ryker and Ella fighting both their fathers while trying to be together Ryker s father, Razor was pres of the club, but he was the worst kind of SOB I think I have ever read in a book It really was heartbreaking to see what Razor did to his son to try to get him away from Ella.The v [...]

    28. Digital ARC in exchange for an honest review The very first thing that caught my eye about this book was the cover, which I happen to really like Then I read the review and thought, yup this sounds like a book that I would enjoy and it was This book is short so it won t consume too much time but at the same time you also won t want to put it down making it a fast read Overall I liked that the characters in this book weren t all white and black but rather that they were shades of grey as real peo [...]

    29. This is smoking hot MC romance story that blew me away and I loved this Ryker is moving up in the ranks of the Roaming Devils motorcycle club and his father is the current President He s next in line and needs to dedicate all of his focus on getting there There s a bit of a problem with this however in the form of a woman in his life named Ella and for some reason he just can t get her out of his head Ella is a doctor and her father is a police officer so as you can imagine this causes all kinds [...]

    30. An enjoyable book Ryker is torn between his love his MC and and a young woman Ella.His father is Razor, the president of the Roaming Devil s MC and is Rykers worst enemy, he hates him, he also has to follow all his orders He s been drawn to Ella since he was fifteen and Ryker had decided she deserved a better man than him and than he could ever give her.But when Ella shows up at the club house asking for help, she makes a deal with Razor, and he really is a bad guy to deal with What price does [...]

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