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Filth By Dakota Gray,

  • Title: Filth
  • Author: Dakota Gray
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is Nate s side of the story and then there s mine Some things he s gotten right Others he has no clue about What s the truth It s not going to take you long to hate him His very existence Because he s a charming bastard, you re going to fall for him, too He s honest even when it hurts He deserved every bit of my revenge Sex with him unmakes your world That There is Nate s side of the story and then there s mine Some things he s gotten right Others he has no clue about What s the truth It s not going to take you long to hate him His very existence Because he s a charming bastard, you re going to fall for him, too He s honest even when it hurts He deserved every bit of my revenge Sex with him unmakes your world That s just the truth of the matter Don t ever let him put his mouth on you He ll own you Every part of you I didn t heed that advice So, no, I m not sorry for destroying his world This is the real story between me and Nate Scenes from PERV are included as this is a retelling from the heroine s POV.
    Filth There is Nate s side of the story and then there s mine Some things he s gotten right Others he has no clue about What s the truth It s not going to take you long to hate him His very existence Becaus

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    1. Perv and Filth are two novellas that tell Nate and Robyn s sexy, dirty romance Perv is told from Nate s point of view, and Filth is told from Robyn s point of view with a few chapters from Nate in the mix While they essentially tell the same story from two viewpoints, there are enough differences in the details that you don t feel like you are reading the same story twice, as the motivations for the characters are different and equally interesting While they can be read as standalones, you re be [...]

    2. We ll shoot I ve already read this book Meaning this is a re telling of book one, just in a different POV Not really my thing I am sure it s a great read for those who enjoy That kind of thing.

    3. OH EM GEE so here s the thing about Filth it s a story I already read, but not really Let me explain You see, I read Perv and all it s deliciousness back when it came out so one would think the only thing to keep me glued to the same story told from someone else s POV would just be the same delicious and dirty S.E.X one would think Well, one would be sooooooooooo wrong.This was a brand new journey of Nate and Robyn Well done, Dakota Gray, well fucking done When I did my review of Perv, I told ya [...]

    4. I was skeptical I mean how could you provide an alternative point of view to a story I already loved and enjoyed I felt like we got to hear enough about Robyn in Perv, did I really need another book The answer Yes, I did, and not just a little, but a whole freaking lot Perv had a fuckboy gaze all over it Even the ending, and I enjoyed that Filth All lady gaze and there s an extra spectrum that I didn t realize I was missing When it s added, there s than just all the dirty sexy fun times There s [...]

    5. I knew FILTH was coming heh before I started reading PERV and I knew it was going to be Robyn s side of the story told in PERV So you would think you already have the gist of the storyYou would but believe me, you don t Though a retelling from the heroine s POV it still took me by surprise but didn t blow me away as much as I expected it to do.One minor issue I had was that I thought there were too many Nate POV chapters Having read PERV I wanted to be in Robyn s head as much as possible and a f [...]

    6. I was really looking forward to reading Filth after having read Perv, which is the same story as Filth, but told from Nate s perspective Filth is from Robyn s perspective, and it s just as good as Perv, but, gives us all the inner workings of Robyn s mind that we were missing in Perv.I empathized much with Robyn this time, much than I did with her in Perv Knowing exactly what she was thinking and feeling went a long way to making her a much realistic, well rounded character I can t say that I [...]

    7. OK I lied in my PERV review I said I wasn t gonna read this but then I read the first chapter from Gray s website and like SIGN ME UPBeing in Robyn s head isn t quite as fun as being in Nate s, but at least we get a little bit on Broken Virgin, plus a few bonus scenes including Duke s WHY DOES HIS BOOK HAVE TO BE OUT IN 2017 and the postface is really cute ahdbsvbjsvnjf I m gonna die alone

    8. Filth is the retelling but not quite of the story of Perv, but this time we get it from Robyn s POV Now for those blinking at the idea of a new book, retelling a prior book just go with it Because although you are replaying the same story, you get so much from the overall story when you re able to see into the mind of both of these characters Whereas Perv showcased the sexy as fuck times, we really get to see all that panty soaking goodness in a light that was wrapped in a much emotional story [...]

    9. Filth is the first book in the series Perv retold from Robin s perspective One would think that it would be difficult to hold interest in what is essentially a retelling of the same story, but Dakota Gray does a great job of engaging the reader with focus on Robin s thoughts, motives and emotions Despite knowing what was going to happen, I still found myself glued to the book until the end I m looking forward to reading from this author.

    10. Just a n almost duplicate of book 1 yawn so again I m confused about all the 4 and 5 star ratings and gleeful reviews Also, I couldn t pick out many differences between this and the first one, as they re both dual POV s so how this is her story and the first one is his is beyond my understanding.

    11. I am really torn when I write this review I fell in love with this set of characters, I loved Perv, read it in August 2016, it became my top read for this year, I immediately pre ordered Filth was super excited to see that I could get Robyn s side of the story so soon after I had read Perv and would not have to wait forever to clear up her side Dakota can write, why I did pre order this book to beginning with, have you read my review of Perv I just re read my review, I praised Dakota Gray over o [...]

    12. When I reviewed Perv Book 1 in the Filth series , I made it very clear that if foul language and graphic scenes upset youen don t read the book because it was dirty all the way through Perv tested the limits of what is acceptable and we owed it to ourselves to explore these limits.As if our limits weren t stretched enough, Dakota Gray spins the tale of Nate and Robyn from Robyn s point of view in Filth Book 2 This book will rip your heart out, shred your emotions, and make you wonder if you ll b [...]

    13. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.This is the Perv story, told mostly told from Robyn s POV with a little of Nate s thrown in here and there I think Perv was groundbreaking in it s own way so it s hard to follow that up Filth is a really good book and good story and you definitely glean a bit from seeing her perspective Their kinks line up nicely and they genuinely like each other once she can start working past her guilt Their relationship is super hot Once she gives him a chance and [...]

    14. Full review is at Miss Boxy Brown As a rule, I am not a fan of tell it from the other person s POV stories While Perv is Nate s story, Filth is Robyn s I one clicked it without reading the synopsis, and I m glad I did Nate s world is vastly different than Robyn s, and their story was big enough that they deserved separate treatments.

    15. In Perv, we read Nate s side of the story and in Filth we read Robyn s part of view You don t have to read Perv to read Filth but either one is AWESOME This is a story of revenge sadbut it s also of off the charts, steamy sex scenes that will BLOW YOUR MIND Nate is a womanizer He knows it and the women he sees know it too He actually is careful who he sees and he dates them for a while but it s till he get bored or they do Everyone is clear up front But Robyn wants revenge for what he did to her [...]

    16. First, I would have liked a different cover model for this one, because, although this one is hot, he is NOT an accurate depiction of THE Nathan Ellis.Second, although readers are warned that there may be some repetition, it was not overly done There were a couple of scenes that I felt should have been given in the alternate POV instead of just being pulled from Book 1 verbatim Nevertheless, I enjoyed being in Robyn s head too much to make this one lose a star.Can t wait to read Duke s story nex [...]

    17. I read Perv back in August When I started Filth, I felt like I had read it before I discovered this was Robyn s viewpoint of the same situation as in Perv, which was Nate s viewpoint.The question I have, was it any different I honestly don t know I believe I have Perv four stars in my review This honestly felt like I was reading the same book There may be a difference, but I am not going to re read Perv to find out I am conflicted It s like I took the time to read what I had already read I volun [...]

    18. I liked Perv I just did.I think Filth added SOME but I don t know that it was NECESSARY I felt that everything that needed to be said to be conveyed was sufficiently done in Perv.The end stuff with Nate s mom was cute though For Robyn I thought it was pretty clear in Perv she s broken, mourning, and upset.Filth just has a LOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT of it.I really want Robyn s friend to have her own story I was actually kinda hoping it d be with the lawyer Nate s friend but doesn t se [...]

    19. I received an ARC copy for a honest review.I was a little dubious about this book if I m honest purely as I d enjoyed Filth so much I think that s why it took me awhile to be hooked.I was expecting the same story and obviously there are crossover parts.In this book you get to know and understand Robyn a lot better Her need for revenge and state of mind.You can read this set of books as standalone and need to be read as such Don t go with set ideas of the second one as it ll spoil your enjoyment. [...]

    20. Filth by Dakota GrayOMG, I thought how can you rewrite an hot amazing story Perv, but when I read Filth and I totally see a different story from another POV I enjoyed Perv, Nates story, but Filth, Robyn s story, oh my.a new prospective, makes you think differently This is a must read, you will love it I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.

    21. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book Filth is written in Robyn s point of view with a couple of scenes that are in Nate s Revenge can be Bittersweet but what happens when you actually start to have feelings Get ready to have your emotions on a rollercoaster Filth can be read as a stand alone but why miss out on Perv Kinky, Revenge, Smart mouth, Hot

    22. I really enjoyed Perv so I was pretty excited to read Filth, told from Robyn s POV I didn t always understand her motives in Perv because it s told from Nate s POV There aren t any surprises here you know how the story ends But I really loved the insight into Robyn s mind as their relationship progresses and she reconciles her feelings for Nate with her grief.

    23. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book Beautiful point of view from Robyn Still crazy, sexy love scenes Would love a follow up to these characters or a spin off.

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