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Fourth Down and Dirty By Kristen Flowers,

  • Title: Fourth Down and Dirty
  • Author: Kristen Flowers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s the rich, arrogant, super star, bad boy on campus and now I m stuck with him for twelve weeks Ivy Landon Bryce is basically everything I hate in a man I m just your typical nerdy bookworm I ve never even been to the football stadium before So you can imagine the terror I felt when the panty dropping, all star, running back of the football team struts into my tu He s the rich, arrogant, super star, bad boy on campus and now I m stuck with him for twelve weeks.Ivy Landon Bryce is basically everything I hate in a man I m just your typical nerdy bookworm I ve never even been to the football stadium before So you can imagine the terror I felt when the panty dropping, all star, running back of the football team struts into my tutoring center with his cocky grin Now I m the one in charge of getting his grades up I have real problems in my life, like taking care of my very ill mother That s something Landon would never understand The last thing I need is his brilliant green eyes raking up and down my body, his Greek God like muscles towering over me, and yet another dirty joke dripping with sexual tension Yes Landon Bryce is everything I hate in a man Men like him don t truly know how to love And that s why I always push men like him away Landon I m the best I know it My fans know it My coach knows it In one year I m outta here and on my way to the pros If my grades aren t that great, who cares Apparently this stupid college does I don t know why my family practically owns this school Tutoring sessions I d much rather have my nose stuck between the legs of a beautiful woman than a textbook But when I take one look at Ivy and her scolding good girl attitude, my plans of slacking off change She has to be mine She s an uptight, stick to the rulebook type of girl who tries to hide how badly she wants me behind those cute librarian glasses of hers Then I see Ivy with her mother and something inside of me changes I realize I ve been living my life all wrong Now I have to show her I m not just some dumb jock She won t be able to push me away forever I m a man who always gets what he wants It s Fourth Down and it s about to get Dirty Fourth Down and Dirty is a full length romance novel with a Happily Ever After and no cliffhanger For a limited time, it comes with a free bonus novel Hayden, I Hate You Because of the bonus novel, Fourth Down and Dirty will end at approximately the 50% mark on your kindle.
    Fourth Down and Dirty He s the rich arrogant super star bad boy on campus and now I m stuck with him for twelve weeks Ivy Landon Bryce is basically everything I hate in a man I m just your typical nerdy bookworm I ve ne

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    1. Landon is the star football player at college and everybody loves him He finds football important than his classes He needs higher points at the tests and papers or he will sit on the bench during the next important game Ivy is his tutor and she is the total opposite of Landon Ivy doesn t care about sport and she hasn t even seen the new stadium yet She studies very hard to score high points at the tests and takes care of her mother Landon doesn t go to his first tutor session and thinks he can [...]

    2. 3 Stars Kindle Unlimited Read It has many redeeming qualities The characters were likable at best neutral at worst The writing was much better than expected I developed an interest that withstood to the end The plot was nice, somewhat original or had its own unique flair The writing was good, and the pretense wasn t half bad, the romance was simmering with few exceptions The male female lead showed hints of abuse both verbal and or physical or signs of spot on or forced chemistry It was a tiny b [...]

    3. Landon was the cocky bad boy selfish prick who got everything he wanted because of his dad s money but there was one thing he couldn t get his grades to go up He s forced in tutoring because of his dad and coach and hates it until he meets ivy and realizes there is to life than being spoiled rotten You have to work hard for what u want

    4. Great sports romance storyI love the way he changed from a sports crazy person into a loving caring person for a nerd girl and her sick mother He was right there, when she need someone no matter what Great read

    5. Landon is a football player and not just any football player he is the star of the team and well known around school, yet when Ivy gets her schedule of people she will be Tutoring that day a name she has never seen before comes up, of course her friend knows of him and thinks she has been living under a rock Ivy is a straight A student who works her butt off to stay at the top and has her job with Tutoring on top of that she has a sick mom at home and she is the Primary Caregiver for her so she [...]

    6. This is my first book to read by Kristen Flowers I found it to be a very interesting read I am always skeptical of new authors until I read the book I have to say that Fourth Down and Dirty was a good sexy read The heroine, Ivy Crane is a tad upset when her tutoring session with Landon Bryce is a no show So when she is told who he is and who is father is she is even shocked that she never knew exactly who the two were Technically Landon is everything she loathes in men He is the bad boy on camp [...]

    7. This is a intriguing and interesting book to read and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it The story covers Ivy is a collage student and tutors students, plus she has a mother she is looking after as the mother has lupus disease She is assigned to tutor London Bryce who does not have a very good reputation London Bryce is a arrogant young man with what I want, I get attitude, his grades are declining and if he does not bring them up to standard he is going to be benched for the rest of the football s [...]

    8. I received this book free as an Exclusive ARC for my honest review.Ivy, a college student looking after her mother who has lupus and is a tutor and a good girl Landon, star football player, comes from a rich family, arrogant, bad boy and gets what he wants His grades are close to seeing him benched and Ivy is assigned as his tutor to bring his grades up Sparks fly from their first meeting, Ivy has pressures that a guy like Landon cannot understand, but he has feelings for her like he has never f [...]

    9. Basic formula College jock with bad grades but doesn t care because he s a star and a snobby goody goody tutor that wants no part in helping the jerk jock He improves and they fall in love Blah, blah, blah And in keeping with the cute college sports romance, there are always unrealistic situations with time, timelines, and situations.The writing itself and the characters were good at least I felt the title didn t really match the tone of the story This was just ok not bad, not good, just ok Excl [...]

    10. Football Star Meets His Match Landon is a college nightmare hot, ripped, rich, and talented with a ball But his entitlement has landed him in hot water with a low GPA Ivy, his tutor, is the opposite overly studious, responsible, and uptight and with no knowledge of football As they clash, their chemistry explodes, and the hot college romance changes them both Landon is clueless but redeemable Ivy opens up slower, and less The HEA remains in the college years, so some questions remain unanswered [...]

    11. I received the Exclusive ARC of FOURTH DOWN AND DIRTY for an honest reviewURTH DOWN AND DIRTY is my first book by Kristen Flowers and I enjoyed reading about Ivy and Landon.Landon is a football player who is in need is some tutoring due to him having some not so good grades Ivy is assigned to be his tutor so that his grades can get better At first, Landon doesn t make a good impression on Ivy and vice versa.Of course, there is an attraction and they get to know one another gotta read it [...]

    12. This was a good book Better than the normal stuff I have been reading in sports romance where usually the first chapters they are screwing with the groupies before we get to the story So this was a good change Even though we know he is a whore it s not written about that These two were good together I like everything about the book I would recommentd.

    13. 3.5 4 StarsFourth Down and Dirty was a quick easy NA read There wasn t much drama but had enough to keep the story flowing The book ends at 50% and does contain a second book that didn t really work for me.

    14. I received an exclusive arc in exchange for an honest review.This was a short, sweet easy read All about young love at college I liked it Definitely opposites attract and some heated scenes too I like her writing style, I plan on reading from Kristen Flowers soon.

    15. I received this ARC exclusive in exchange for an honest review Well written story about oppose attracting Good story with well.written characters.

    16. Setting to the like of college students the style, especially the conversations Very low angst And it s a very light reading, hea and seems like insta love plot.

    17. Good book but I wanted The author could have made this a longer book with maybe an epilogue or two Instead it ended kind of abruptly This being said, the book was good

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