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Mother Nile By Warren Adler,

  • Title: Mother Nile
  • Author: Warren Adler
  • ISBN: 9780795349638
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mother Nile is the story of Si, the American born son of an Irish father and Egyptian mother, who goes on a journey through the winding streets of the City of the Dead to resolve a half century old mystery When his mother makes an urgent plea on her deathbed, Si knows that he must make the journey to Egypt to find out the truth about his long lost half sister, conceived dMother Nile is the story of Si, the American born son of an Irish father and Egyptian mother, who goes on a journey through the winding streets of the City of the Dead to resolve a half century old mystery When his mother makes an urgent plea on her deathbed, Si knows that he must make the journey to Egypt to find out the truth about his long lost half sister, conceived during his mother s affair with King Farouk Hunted by those who would do anything to keep the past in the past, Si finds help from a young woman who captures his heart He leaves the City of the Dead a changed man This work of historical fiction takes readers on an adventure brimming with suspense, intrigue, and romance.
    Mother Nile Mother Nile is the story of Si the American born son of an Irish father and Egyptian mother who goes on a journey through the winding streets of the City of the Dead to resolve a half century old my

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    1. More and often lately, I have been offered a free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review I don t accept every offer, sometimes because a book doesn t interest me, sometimes because I don t have time, and sometimes because I don t feel that an honest review will be welcomed.Still, I love these opportunities, especially when it introduces me to an author that I haven t discovered yet or a world where I have yet to journey, even in my mindTHER NILE by Warren Adler, offered me a journey in [...]

    2. If you are unfamiliar with the author, Warren Adler, as I was, don t hesitate to pick up Mother Nile Mr Adler is an incredible writer and Mother Nile is an utterly engrossing story How engrossing In my eagerness to see how the book ended, oblivious to the mosquitos feasting on me after sunset, I turned the pages of that last chapter holding my breath It was completely dark outside when I finished What a read Like most of Warren Adler s novelsere are over 50 of themis one deals with intimate huma [...]

    3. This is my first novel by Warren Adler, and I must say I am very impressed I had no idea what I was getting into with Mother Nile, but I have seen many people praise and enjoy his other novels, so I felt fairly confident going into this one.Within the first two chapters, I could tell that this was going to be a very honest, blunt book, and I appreciated that I could tell that the author was not going to shy away from any topics that may be awkward or uncomfortable for some people, and I like it [...]

    4. Warren Adler, the author of The War of the Roses later a hit movie starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner , is the best descriptive writer that I ve read in a long time I could feel the heat of Cairo I could smell the stench of Cairo s slums I could visualize the populated cemetery known as The City of the Dead He moved through disparate groups of people Goats, sheep, and dogs crouched near the walls, husbanding thin slivers of shade Occasionally, he would glance inside a mausoleum where h [...]

    5. Review of Audio Format Egyptian Family Heritage RevealedWhen a poor Egyptian girl is taught to dance to earn money for her father s hashish habit, little does she suspect it will take her on a journey of lifelong sorrow and heartbreak From being the king s mistress to the mother of his unwanted child to an American immigrant and mother to a son that is all she has left in the world Si is told on his mother s deathbed that he has a sister He then becomes obsessed with finding his sister and under [...]

    6. A page turner butThe storytelling kept you reading The descriptions made you feel you were there even in their grotesqueness However the ending was not what I expected and I was disappointed

    7. The writing was promising.The characters were 2 dimensional, for the most part.Things fell into place too easily.A man goes to Cairo to find out what happened to his sister that his mother had before he was born.He runs into trouble right off.People die and no one seems to stop and care.A few rather disturbing bits dealing with children, but realistic.I really don t know what to give this book.The narrator,Colin Fluxman is really good.I was provided this book free by the author, narrator or publ [...]

    8. An beautiful tour de force Audiobook version was riveting This is one of Mr Adler s top stories of his entire collection Rich, evocative, and thrilling Couldn t stop listening

    9. More like 4 1 2 stars, but I ll err on the side of generosity due to the high quality of this tale.I should preface this review by pointing out that while the dates for reading this book encompass almost two weeks, it wasn t the book that was responsible for that length of time I ve been far too engrossed in watching the Chicago Cubs through the playoffs and now the World Series to have much free time for reading My laggardly pace of getting through this book casts no reflection on the author s [...]

    10. Through the years I ve read many novels by Warren Adler, getting to know him as a very reliable author Here s a man who always delivers I read everything from Boris Pasternak to Lee Child and in between, and Warren Adler takes up his own unique spot Take his recent success, the novel Target Churchill about the proposed assassination of Winston Churchill an engaging mix of history, crime, adventure, psychology and even some romance.I thought I knew him by now, but with Mother Nile he took me by s [...]

    11. e affinity of greed and lust Mr.Adler is a masterful storyteller of many genres, from spies to laugh out loud humour But all of his books have three things in common immaculate writing, excellently observed character and an urgency which makes the reader unable to stop turning the pages until the last word Mother Nile is a thriller with all of this combined with the heady, exotic scenes, sounds and scents of Egypt The book is easy to read but not always comfortable, encompassing obsession, cruel [...]

    12. This is an enticing tale of Egypt s politics during the reign of King Farouk With historical facts as background Mr Adler as created an amazing story not only how the King was involved in criminal activities but how his lust for power and his desire for sex has affected those he picked and choose for his evening prowess.The story is told through the eyes of Farrah, the King favorite dancer, her son Si who is consumed by the need to find out what happened to his sister he didn t know he had after [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review My head is still spinning as I contemplate the ideas and emotions with which I am left after finishing this book What a tremendous experience this was as I traveled Egypt with Si and Abdul Samya, watching over their shoulders as they sought another No, I won tell you any about the plot I don t write spoilers What I will tell you, is this book is worth your time reading, even despite the great story, because of the utterly del [...]

    14. Having lived in the middle east and travelled to Egypt, I found this look at recent Egyptian history fascinating Many of the scenes described in the book were places I have actually visited, without understanding their historical significance and recent impact We have all been exposed to ancient Egypt, but not so much to how modern day Egypt evolved Of course, I really liked the story, which was full of suspense, but I was thoughtful and thorough description of Egyptian society and politics fro [...]

    15. With a back catalogue of over forty novels and short story collections, I hold Warren Adler as the modern master of chronicling the often complex fragilities and machinations of human relationships and values In his latest novel, Mother Nile, Adler gives us Osaris known as Si , the son of an Irish American father and Egyptian mother, who travels halfway around the world to Cairo in search of the half sister he never knew he had, completely un prepared for the world he is about to enter Mother Ni [...]

    16. Interesting tale In a search of his Mothers past life, he finds both love, loss, and heartache in his sister s final reunion.

    17. There were a number of good things about this book the general standard of the writing the background and the clear evidence of the research that had gone into establishing it but for me the book failed in, to me, the key job of any novel, the storytelling In my view there were two key, interconnected flaws, firstly the very long exposition sections, which deter acted from the main story, albeit interesting enough in themselves, and secondly, and crucially, the lack of pace in what is intended t [...]

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