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Like Fresh Fallen Snow By Tara Wyatt,

  • Title: Like Fresh Fallen Snow
  • Author: Tara Wyatt
  • ISBN: 9781250118073
  • Page: 387
  • Format: ebook
  • Everyone needs a New Years kiss.Ellie Richards New Year s Resolution this will be her year, no men necessary Who needs them when she has a successful website, a great apartment, and plans to ring in the New Year at a ski lodge with her best friend That s until Ellie gets stuck in a snowbank and a gorgeous, blue eyed cop throws a wrench in her plans.Matt Grayson intendEveryone needs a New Years kiss.Ellie Richards New Year s Resolution this will be her year, no men necessary Who needs them when she has a successful website, a great apartment, and plans to ring in the New Year at a ski lodge with her best friend That s until Ellie gets stuck in a snowbank and a gorgeous, blue eyed cop throws a wrench in her plans.Matt Grayson intended to spend his last day of the year getting everything ready for his move across the country But when he helps dig Ellie s car out from the side of the road, something about this cute blonde who spews out pop culture references makes Matt wish he didn t have to leave the next day.When fate brings Ellie and Matt together that same night at a party, the sizzling tension between them bubbles like a bottle of champagne As midnight looms closer, their time together grows shorter Is their budding romance doomed to be nothing but a night of memories, or can it survive the changes the new year will bring
    Like Fresh Fallen Snow Everyone needs a New Years kiss Ellie Richards New Year s Resolution this will be her year no men necessary Who needs them when she has a successful website a great apartment and plans to ring in t

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    1. Ellie Richards is on her way to spend New Year s Eve with her best friend when her car slides on a patch of black ice Firmly stuck in a snowbank and searching for her phone, she is surprised when she hears a knock on her car window Matt Grayson is finishing up his last day on the job when he runs across a stranded motorist He stops and helps to dig Ellie s car out from the side of the road There is just something about this cute blonde in librarian glasses that has Matt feeling things he hasn t [...]

    2. 4 It can t be over yet Stars I wasn t expecting to be as entertained as I was with When Snowflakes Fall, in fact I enjoyed it so much, I went straight onto read the second novella in the duology Like Fresh Fallen Snow, and I enjoyed them so much, I read them both in the same afternoon This is a dual review for both novellas These are the first books I have read by Tara Wyatt, and I was mightily impressed, especially if you take into account that these are both very short novellas Because I got a [...]

    3. As Ellie Richards is heading to a New Years Eve party she runs into a bit of black ice and finds herself stuck on the side of the road Coming to Ellie s rescue is the sexy policemen Matt Grayson who is immediately infatuated with Ellie and her off the wall humor but being Matt s last night on the job before moving across country he doesn t think asking her out would be a good idea However, as Ellie drives off to her party with her friends and an unplanned blind date Matt finds himself home alone [...]

    4. 4 starsLike Fresh Fallen Snow was a fun, sexy and heartwarming read.The storyline was entertaining and held my interest from the first page until the last The characters Matt and Ellie were fun, likable and very relatable I enjoyed watching the relationship between them unfold They had a strong attraction connection from the first moment they meet and watching them give into this attraction for one unforgettable night left full of happy feels.Like Fresh Fallen Snow was a sweet, passionate and he [...]

    5. Very sweet holiday novella I really enjoyed this quick story about Matt, a man who is moving and starting over and Ellie, the woman he meets right before he is set to leave I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading by this author.

    6. When Ellie is stranded on the side of the road because of heavy snow and a patch of black ice Matt helps her out He s just doing his job, but he s friendly and generous with his time He s a cop and is about to leave Wyoming to start over in Seattle Ellie s never met the right guy and is tired of being left behind That s why she has decided that the new year will be her year She runs a successful website and is doing what she loves She doesn t need a man to be happy Ellie and Matt couldn t have m [...]

    7. In this tale, we meet Blogger and nerd extraordinaire Ellie Richards She s ringing in the new year, and declaring, That this year will be the year of Ellie So far she has landed her dream job, one that will let her work from her home and even will speak at ComCon She just needs someone to share it with, and sadly she is determined to play it safe in the romance department She thinks setting the bar low will protect her heart In route to a snow lodge, she hits a patch of ice and meets Officer Gra [...]

    8. You meet Matt in Luke s story, When Snowflakes Fall and learn they are twins You also learn that Luke is moving away soon Which makes you wonder who Wyatt has planned for him I have to say I liked what she did Poor Luke finds the girl of his dreams days before moving to Seattle Just his luck You quickly see what she s the girl of his dreams These to are like one whole person They get each other Where as how Luke s story is at Christmas time, Matt s is on and around New Year s eve How romantic I [...]

    9. LOVED this sweet and ridiculously sexy holiday read I didn t think I could enjoy this one MORE than the one before it but I truly did I cannot wait for from the Grayson series More to come after release.

    10. Oh how I hope this book would have been longer and thus allowed for character development I really think both Ellie and Matt are much interesting as characters than Luke and Christie from the first book, but unfortunately, their tale just seems like too much too fast.Ellie is a writer for a website that focuses on all things nerdy She is funny, a little bit awkward, and definitely a character I would have liked to read a lot about Matt is a hot tattooed police officer detective to be He is pr [...]

    11. The second Grayson brother is just as yummy as the first After his marriage imploded, Matt Grayson has been restless and lacking direction The one thing he has going for him is his law enforcement career Wanting a fresh start he s taken a detective s job in Seattle Leaving Wyoming and his family is hard but he needs to do this Now it s New Year s Eve and 3 days before he leaves so he s out celebrating with his brother and his girlfriend That s when he first sees her The woman he saved from a sno [...]

    12. Like Fresh Fallen Snow is the second book in The Graysons by Tara Wyatt and can easily be read as a stand alone I did I really enjoyed this very sweet and happy novella Both the characters were wonderful and likable Ellie was a really sweet, geeky and adorable character and Matt was sexy, sweet, just a little alpha and yes not now former or ever will be manwhore I thought Matt and Ellie had great chemistry and while this book was definitely a case of instant lust love it was both endearing and s [...]

    13. I m not sure which of the Graysons novellas I liked , but since I know I really loved both of them, I m rating them the same Just like with When Snowflakes Fall, there s pretty much instalove here, but this story takes place on New Year s Eve I loved the characters and the romance here A great holiday read for sure

    14. Like Fresh Fallen Snow is the second novella in The Graysons series,it was an all right read.Nice and straight to the point you will certainly enjoy the festive atmosphere.I would have liked background of the main characters especially our heroine,Ellie that we only meet in this book.

    15. Just like fresh fallen snow blankets the ground giving the appearance of a winter wonderland offering peace and serenity, Matt Grayson is all to ready to embrace his own version of that by initiating his own change of scenery by moving away from his hometown and starting a new life Though leaving behind his identical twin brother and caring friends and family, he hopes a new career surroundings will put to rest unwanted memories of a painful divorce This entire very short novella only 82 pages t [...]

    16. Like Fresh Fallen Snow is a great companion story to When Snowflakes Fall, for good reason as it is Luke Grayson s twin brother Matt s turn in the spotlight This time around we re at New Year s Eve and Matt, whose impending move to Seattle is just days away, assisted Ellie Richards after her car gets stuck in the snow Acknowledging his attraction for the woman is all he can do as he knows he s leaving in just a few days He figures he ll never see her again anyway He s so wrong When he runs into [...]

    17. What a great novella I was pulled in from the first with Ellie single nag about Big Butts then getting stuck in a snowdrift, reaching for her phone so her butt was in the drivers side window Perfect timing for Matt to knock on the window I loved both characters found them very endearing Matt is trying to do the right thing since he s leaving town Ellie is a sweet clutzy girl that tugs at your heart The supporting characters are well developed add to the story I know this is Book 2 but I haven t [...]

    18. like fresh fallen snow is the companion short story to when snowflakes fall, it s new year s eve a chance for new beginnings, and that is all that matt grayson needs he s planning to move to seattle and start over since his divorce and since being shot on the job nothing has felt right in cheyenne, and even though he has never been far from his identical twin brother, a new start is just what he needs.on his last day on the job as a cop he stops to assist a driver who hit a patch of black ice on [...]

    19. Blame it on the champagne, the night or the kiss What ever it is, Ellie and Matt fell in love in less than 24 hours Like Fresh Fallen Snow is a quick, hot and steamy romance book.

    20. Like Fresh Fallen Snow is book 2 in The Graysons series by Tara Wyatt In book 1, we met Luke and Christie Book 2 focuses on Luke s twin brother, Matt, and Ellie.Ellie Richards has a New Year s resolution the upcoming year will be the Year of Ellie After finding herself unlucky in love over the past several years, she is determined to get a grip on her love life.Ellie runs a website, Crossing the Streams, where she blogs about various types of pop culture and entertainment video games, movies, bo [...]

    21. I have a confession I don t hate insta love I know, I know, everyone has bad things to say about it, and I do understand it But sometimes I think insta love works in novel, and I think it works here Like Fresh Fall Snow by Tara Wyatt was a sweet winter themed read, and although it has some insta love, I still really enjoyed this novella.Like Fresh Fall Snow starts off with blogger Ellie Richards getting into a minor car accident on her way up to a New Year s Eve celebration in Wyoming It s a ver [...]

    22. I have a soft spot for novellas, especially holiday ones They are these little mini escapes in the midst of chaos something I can start and finish while juggling shopping, baking, and obligations They are a little reminder that sweets are not just cookies from the neighborhood exchange Both of these holiday offerings are wonderfully sweet and fat free.When Snowflakes Fall is the first of two stories about the twin Grayson brothers, Luke and Matt I preferred Luke s story over Matt s, Like Fresh F [...]

    23. This is a cute, easy New Year s romance, with two people on the brink of new beginnings which happen to take them in opposite directions Ellie s new start is all about her, looking after herself and keeping away from men, while Matt is heading to a whole other city Neither have plans for love or relationships, but chemistry and chance have other ideas.Because this is only a novella, it s a quick read and there is a large amount of insta love to the whole thing However, it still worked for me I t [...]

    24. Like Fresh Fallen Snow, Grayson novella two by Tara Wyatt speaks to the warm fuzzy holiday spirit waiting to bust out in all of us this time of year When quirky Ellie Richards sets out to meet friends for a New Years Eve getaway a chance meeting with a handsome cop turns into a whirlwind romance Matt Grayson was all geared up to start a new life but when the cute blonde in need of roadside assistance ends up being his unexpected dinner date the uncomplicated plans for his future blew up the chim [...]

    25. A sweet holiday romance that is perfect to read on a cold winters day I liked how it gave me the warm and fuzzies but I do wish it was a bit sexy Other than that, the book itself was very charming and written well The characters were well put together and I really enjoyed how well they came together.

    26. This story flew by for me It was a whirlwind romance in ways than one and had a bit of everything you could want charming, sweet, dorky characters, New Years Eve winter magic, and some wonderful chemistry.Ellie is looking forward to the self proclaimed Year of Ellie where she won t get wrapped up in a guy who is lacking in some way She is an adorkable character and I was endeared to her from the first nerdy reference Mark is a divorced cop who is on his way to a promotion that will get him away [...]

    27. Ellie has reached a point in her life where she realizes that she doesn t need a man in her life When this epiphany happens she s decided this will be her new years resolution I have a feeling it isn t going to work out as she planned after she gets stuck in a snowbank and her rescuer and his gorgeous blue eyes happens Matt is getting ready to move across country when he comes upon a gorgeous blonde stuck in the snow Little did he know that him and Ellie would meet again later that night How wil [...]

    28. I received a free copy from net gallery for an honest review This was a short but sweet Christmas story and I really enjoyed it Cupids arrow hits the target when Ellie and Matt meet Sparks are flying and Ellie s finds herself blabbering because the mere sight of gorgeous Matt makes her nervous as hell It doesn t help that he was talking to her arse which was on full display through the car window lol I loved how the met you could feel the electric buzz between them Matt s leaving but can he walk [...]

    29. This may be a short read but it reads like a full length novel Instantly, Ellie had me cheering for her Matt had her tongue tied The comments that Ellie would randomly start saying had me laughing Not only because they were funny but because I could picture myself in her shoes and saying comments like her At least when Matt and Ellie look back on their first meeting they can agree that it is not boring I mean the first thing Ellie says when Matt introduces himself is Like Dick While, Ellie and M [...]

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