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Sci-Fi Junior High By John Martin Scott Seegert,

  • Title: Sci-Fi Junior High
  • Author: John Martin Scott Seegert
  • ISBN: 9780316315166
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Presented by James Patterson s new children s imprint, this gleefully illustrated space adventure is a laugh on every page That s a lot of laughs Kelvin Klosmo isn t just the new kid at school he s the new kid in the galaxy Welcome to Sci Fi Junior High an inter galactic space station with students of all shapes, sizes, smells, and slime content As the son of EartPresented by James Patterson s new children s imprint, this gleefully illustrated space adventure is a laugh on every page That s a lot of laughs Kelvin Klosmo isn t just the new kid at school he s the new kid in the galaxy Welcome to Sci Fi Junior High an inter galactic space station with students of all shapes, sizes, smells, and slime content As the son of Earth s two most famous geniuses, Kelvin isn t just the smartest kid in the world.he s the smartest kid in the UNIVERSE At least, that s what everybody at Sci Fi Junior High thinks So, maybe Kelvin lied a little about being a genius to fit in And maybe a mad scientist is about to take over the universe unless Kelvin can stop him Maybe everyone is doomed Well, at least Kelvin won t have to worry about math homework any.Sci Fi Junior High is an out of this world story about friendship, accepting our differences, and the fight against evil bunnies Yes, evil bunnies don t ask.
    Sci Fi Junior High Presented by James Patterson s new children s imprint this gleefully illustrated space adventure is a laugh on every page That s a lot of laughs Kelvin Klosmo isn t just the new kid at school he s th

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    1. Fun, fun, fun Kelvin is the new kid at his school, 56,000 light years from Earth His parents are supergeniuses His father works in robotics and his mother s a neuroscientist With two supergeniuses as parents, then Kelvin must be a Mighty Mega Supergenius, right Kelvin s new friends at Sci Fi Junior High are Spotch, the first friend Kelvin makes Rand El, the only person on his planet who needs to wear glasses on his six eyes Gil Lagoonie, who attends school in a portable fish bowl Zot Totzie, who [...]

    2. Copy provided by publisher for Young Adult Books CentralKelvin is the son of two supergenius scientists, so he must be a supergenius himself, right Well, maybe it just hasn t kicked in yet When his parents are transferred to new jobs on the Galactic Science Hub, Kelvin has to start all over again at Sciriustrati Fibroculareus Junior High school Some things are the same as they are on Earth making new friends, dealing with new teachers, and working on school projects Some are NOT the same food fi [...]

    3. My Son Loved This Book.I was given an ARC thru the Giveaway and gave it to my son who thoroughly enjoys Sci Fi books He read it within a week He would carry it around with him wherever we went To this day he still picks it up and re reads many parts I am so glad he enjoyed it and thank you again for the book

    4. What I expected Lots of Junior High, Kelvin trying to fit in, being honest Oh and maybe a bit of evil scientist.What you get is 50% ish school life and 50% annoying, stupid, frustrating, please throw him into space or burn him evil scientist who was just butt hurt because he didn t get a spot at the station I am 1 starring for those parts They were not only boring, but also annoying and I just wanted to kick that dude into space He was an allround terrible character and he shouldn t have gotten [...]

    5. Kelvin Klosmo and his family have moved to a research station because his parents are genius scientists that have been assigned to work on some secret secret research project He and his little sister have settled in quite nicely other than Kelvin having to deal with the fact that everyone also think he is a genius That hasn t stopped him from making a number of friends all alien and with punny names , and he has also attracted the attention of the school bully.Erik Failenheimer, another scientis [...]

    6. I read this out loud to my three boys, ages 7, 7, and 10 They all enjoyed the book and often begged me to read another chapter The illustrations are cute and humorous The story did an excellent job of keeping their attention and was creative If the author wrote a sequel we would definitely read it I received an advance reader copy of this in a giveaway.

    7. Kelvin Klosmo s family has moved to a new intergalactic community so that his genius parents can continue their important scientific work Starting a new school is always hard, but for Kelvin it s going to be especially difficult since his classmates and teachers will all be different species plus he s expected to be an uber genius since he s the product of two of the smartest people in the galaxy Throw in a disrespected and jealous scientist who has decided that being evil is his path to fame, a [...]

    8. I decided to pick up a copy of this book for two purposes, first, I like James Patterson and he was presenting this book and second, I wanted to read a pseudo sci fi book.The book was not exactly what one would consider sci fi but it was based around a kid who was to live out in space, so, I guess it did qualify This kid is a brainiac or so, his reputation proceeds him He has brilliant parents, so, why wouldn t he be The problem is, he isn t quite yet and that can get him in all sorts of trouble [...]

    9. Sci Fi Junior High by John Martin and Scott Seegert is part of a series for Young Readers.The illustrations are fun and engaging to the story of Kelvin Klosmo who undergoes many adventures Despite having super intelligent parents, Kelvin is fairly normal He has to deal with the usual problems of going to a new school, trying to make friends and dealing with the teachers On top of all these pressures, he has to deal with an evil villain from taking over the universe.Young readers will no doubt lo [...]

    10. I won this book in a giveaway.My 9 year old son loved this book and is somewhat upset the next one won t be out for six months We ve already pre ordered it He enjoys reading, but he read this one straight through in two days Given that he has three other books going right now, that s saying something Sci Fi Junior High was amusing he liked it so much because It was funny Thanks for sharing a great book.

    11. Excellent illustrations and multiple formats combined with a mix of wacky space adventure and funny observations on the middle grade experience Definitely a lot of fun My rating is probably a bit low due to high expectations from my love of the author illustrator pair s previous Vordak series this doesn t quite measure up to that in my mind.

    12. My 7 yr old son and I really enjoyed reading this book together and can t wait for the next one I asked him what he d rate the book from 1 to 5 and he said, 10.

    13. I recieved and ARC copy of this book through Good Reads Giveaways Fianlly, I was able to finish this book My 11 yr old, who hates to read, took the book and has actually finished it He loved to story It has humor, adventure, and can really relate to kids going to a new school.I found the story very entertaining Kelvin is the son of two super geniuses He is just an adverage kid, who feels like he has to be super smart because his parents are and everyone expects him to be Kelven finds himself in [...]

    14. A great text for recultant readers in 6th grade, but definitely a great text for 4th, 5th, I think love the illustrations and the made up language is great A fantastic book to teach dialogue with

    15. Entertaining enough and it proved a hit with my son Good for the emerging reader who wants to try different text formats.

    16. Middle School kids loved this book as a read aloud We did project the pages because the art added so much to the story Thank goodness it s a series I need to know about the evil plushie

    17. This book is a lot of fun I found myself laughing out loud, and I m sure my 5th graders will too Can t wait for future installments.

    18. A boy and his scientist parents move to a new planet and he must adjust to a new school and also inadvertently defeat an evil scientist.Meh S okay but not fabulous.

    19. This is a cute book Besides being a print book there are illustrations too Kelvin s parents are scientists and have been transferred to the space hub Since Kelvin s parents are geniuses everyone thinks Kelvin is a genius too So now he starts Sci Fi Junior High with everyone thinking he is a genius He is not Kelvin s father has invented a robot to send to a planet to get Zorp The theory is to transfer a human brain into the robot to control it A jealous scientist tries to transfer his own brain i [...]

    20. 3.5 starsI received an ARC for this book yesterday at NYCC, and I have to say, it was fun to read a kid s book after so much YA.I can definitely see young readers enjoying this as much as I enjoyed Franny K Stein when I was in elementary school.But I do feel like, since the main character is about 12 7th grade , the projected age of the audience would be 12 year olds, and I feel like this material and writing style is too simplistic for that age group When I was 11 12, me and the kids my age wer [...]

    21. I ve been just recently bemoaning the dearth of sci fi in middle grade fiction, and this arc showing up seemed rather timely While I meant something like WondLa or Wrinkle in Time, this was not a terrible disappointment The mix of formatting, illustrations, and text seems to gear it towards younger grades, or maybe some reluctant older kids, and the plot reaffirms this It s probably going to be a reasonable bridge book, though the size of it might intimidate some of the kids who would benefit f [...]

    22. Couldn t wait to read this and then allow some of the 5th grade students to have access They are working very hard this week to get the opportunity to read the book Sharing the fact that I received an ARC was such a bonus to getting kids to want to read They are thrilled to read a book that doesn t hit the shelves until February.The story was fun Characters were well described and the illustrations matched the descriptions so well It was prescriptive with the bad guy getting what was coming to h [...]

    23. Such a fun book I enjoyed the illustrations It made the book come to life Kelvin has a super genius mom and dad Everyone at his new school in space thinks that he is brilliant while in reality he is average His new school has creatures from all over space He and his family are the only ones from Earth It was great to have an evil villain trying to conquer a world The plot for the book was thought out very well It is funny and interesting All readers of all ages will love it.

    24. Free copy from nycc.The book is filled with both text and illustrations so it makes for a quick read I had a tough time feeling a connection with any of the characters I was hoping for detail on the setting the concepts were very cool and I want world building My takeaway let the real you shine through because you may just surprise yourself with all that you can achieve

    25. I received an ARC of this one and gifted it to my 11 year old who loved this book He said it was excellent and finished it quickly, and then went back to reread it He said it was funny and clever and had a great story I will definitely save it for my other kids to read someday soon.

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