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The Photograph By Grant Leishman,

  • Title: The Photograph
  • Author: Grant Leishman
  • ISBN: 9781533585837
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Tony Logan discovers an undeveloped roll of film from the 1970 s, he is excited to see what it contains One photograph, in particular, will send Tony and his siblings on a desperate search for what really happened to their parents From the 1300 s until the present day, Tony will discover their family has been cursed Was their mother truly dead Their search for ansWhen Tony Logan discovers an undeveloped roll of film from the 1970 s, he is excited to see what it contains One photograph, in particular, will send Tony and his siblings on a desperate search for what really happened to their parents From the 1300 s until the present day, Tony will discover their family has been cursed Was their mother truly dead Their search for answers will envelop them in magic, witchcraft, the underworld and supernatural happenings A page turner that will keep you rooted to the book till the bitter end
    The Photograph When Tony Logan discovers an undeveloped roll of film from the s he is excited to see what it contains One photograph in particular will send Tony and his siblings on a desperate search for wh

    One thought on “The Photograph”

    1. When a professional photographer finds an old roll of film remember those days he is thrown into the world of the supernatural and witchcraft What follows is a tight clever thriller that turns out to be a joyride of shocks and twists There was a snap change of POV about 2 thirds of the way into the book and, although it threw me for a second, it allowed us to get a wider view of what was going on A very enjoyable read that left me lusting for A spooky carnival ride.

    2. NOT MY USUAL GENREI don t often read paranormal books but I have to say I enjoyed this one I was intrigued by the idea of a picture showing a dead woman, and from then I was hooked The characters were very down to earth, despite their involvement talking to dead people and taking all of it in their stride I m not sure I would have been as accommodating Nothing too scary that i would have been too scared to read this book alone at night, some of the horror and paranormal was described tongue in c [...]

    3. I ve been impressed by the range of this author s writings He doesn t seem to get locked into one series like so many writers as is the fashion The genres shift from book to book, often, which also shows off his versatility This one is a paranormal thriller with a number of clever twists and turns I did photography when I was younger, so that was what initially drew me into the story and into the central character.The tale turned out not to be as scary or as horror filled as you might think, but [...]

    4. When photographer, Tony finds an old film of his from years ago and decides to develop it, the story begins Tony and his two sisters suddenly start to encounter the same disturbing dreams about their long dead mother A macabre tale begins to unfold and we are plunged into a story involving grave robbing and witchcraft.The action starts right from the beginning and continues until the final chapter And, as always, Grant Leishman had me in stitches at times with his unique sense of humour If you h [...]

    5. This is a book you won t want to put down once you start reading It starts out innocuous enough A man down on his luck business bankrupt, wife leaving him for another man From there, the story quickly turns to the uncanny after Tony develops a roll of film he took years earlier at his mother s funeral.I wasn t sure whether someone was playing a massive trick on Tony as some kind of con, or whether the strange things were really happening Everyone is suspect, but you ll have to read it to decide [...]

    6. An old photograph leads Tony Logan and his sisters down a path where they encounter ghosts, witches and murderous villains in a modern day setting The story is well written for the most part and entertaining with plenty of twists along the way It loses a star from me because of the slightly clunky dialogue and the over usage of the word Ha sprinkled randomly throughout.If you enjoy horror thriller mystery books with a supernatural theme, you will probably like this book.

    7. Epic tale of Good vs EvilI thoroughly enjoyed reading The Photograph I loved that the main character, Tony was an everyday bloke, thrown into a very scary situation and heritage He handled his lot in life from his divorce to his newly obtained family knowledge with decency, dignity and shock You ll love reading about them and the great ending too I recommend this good read.

    8. The Photograph by Grant Leishman is a mysterious and intriguing paranormal tale about an old photo taken by the protagonist at his mother s funeral This highly enjoyable, but chilling story is a well written page turner with many twists and turns along the way, and a surprise ending The characters are quite an interesting and believable mix of personalities The plot flows nicely, with never a dull moment.I truly enjoyed The Photograph and recommend it to all mature paranormal fans.

    9. Life cannot get any worse for Tony Logan His once successful photography business faces bankruptcy and to add to his woes his wife Melissa walks out on him for wealthier horizons Things take on an eerie turn when during the clear out he comes across an old film cartridge with photos of his mum s funeral Can people you have been buried come back from the dead Well, you don t know what is going to happen in Tony Logan s life as anything seems possible in his world.The story is fast paced with plen [...]

    10. Good Supernatural ThrillerFirst person POV has fallen out of favor in some circles and I m not sure why This author does an excellent job of it and the photograph is worth a read for that reason alone.Tony, the main character, discovers an old undeveloped film on the day of his mother s funeral He decides to develop the photos Tony expected an enjoyable trip down memory lane, but he sees something in the picture that turns it into something else If you enjoy supernatural thrillers, you should li [...]

    11. I just finished reading The Photograph a supernatural fantasy horror, by a very talented Indie Author, Grant Leishman.From the very beginning Grants writing style caught me and kept me intrigued, as I found I could not put the book down The gritty reality of a love gone stale had me wanting to see what was going to happen nextI was not disappointed The story told from a narrative view of the main character kept me page turning, like the thrill one may get when accidentally finding someones perso [...]

    12. Picture perfectThis an excellent book that doesn t take itself too seriously Now, this might sound like a backhanded compliment, but it is meant with the deepest respect In my opinion, the multifaceted a story, the better, and most tales benefit from an injection of humour In my opinion, nothing mixes better than frights and laughs, and THE PHOTOGRAPH has both in spades There is an eeriness about old photos, and the pic in question says than a thousand words The idea of our beloved family retu [...]

    13. A story of destinyThis one is a page turner Tony begins the story with adversity But things change quickly and soon he is on the road to discovering his destiny I enjoyed the supernatural parts the most Well written.

    14. When Tony Logan finds a roll of undeveloped film clearing out his house, a nagging feeling in the back of his head tells him not to develop it His sister Marie however urges him to print some photos when he tells her they were taken at their mother s funeral many years ago What they discover on the photos is something that shocks them to the core Tony and his sisters Marie and Cheryl embark on a quest to find out the truth about their mothers death and abandonment by their father It leads them i [...]

    15. Grant Leishman proved himself capable of writing good horror in Paranormal Alley , so I was intrigued to see what he could deliver with a full blown horror novel.Things start slowly, with the main character Tony s marriage and life unravelling, as he gradually lets himself go after his wife leaves him Rescued from his personal hell by his sister, he gradually begins to rebuild, reforging family relationships and planning a new career as a corporate photographer It is at this point that he decide [...]

    16. I m not a big fan of horror stories but I trusted Grant Leishman enough to bring some class to the supernatural horror mystery novel, and he did.The story begins with the rise and fall of photographer Tony Logan His business during the old days of photography and his failure to catch up with the technological advancements in the field His wife also leaves him as the business is going under.Just as he has hit rock bottom he finds a role of film from his mother s funeral in 1970 He hadn t dared to [...]

    17. I ve been reading another self published author s book So far I love it I have such a hard time waiting until I reach the end to tell everyone about a good book The book is The Photograph by Grant Leishman Tony has hit rock bottom He s lost everything, his wife, home, and business I really like Tony And this photograph thing has me intrigued I kept reading looking for this photograph I know it s there because the title of the book says so Okay people, I ve finally found the photograph It s 2 A.M [...]

    18. Reviewed by Rachel McGrath for Reader s FavouriteThe Photograph by Grant Leishman is a brilliantly twisted paranormal horror story, which will keep readers on the absolute edge of their seats The story starts very dramatically, with Tony the lead character drowning his sorrows following being jilted by his wife As he packs up his things, he reminisces on his life, what was and wasn t and what could have been Stumbling on an old, undeveloped film, he soon opens a Pandora s box to his families his [...]

    19. Tony Logan s life is falling apart, his job has become obsolete, his marriage has just dissolved, and he is struggling to find anything worth getting up for in the mornings While packing up the final few things left over from his marriage he comes across an old roll of film with a date he remembers well It was his mother s funeral Unsure what to do with it, he tucks it away to deal with later Tony gets a small break when his sister Mars offers up the granny flat on her property for him to live i [...]

    20. I ve been a longtime fan of Grant Leishman and I always look forward to reading of his works The Photograph has become one of my favorites after reading it, and here s why the protagonist s voice is very strong in this novel, told mostly from the first person perspective the narration switches to a third person perspective a few times, and I actually really liked it as it gives the reader a different angle of the events the plot which was so dynamic that it was hard for me to put the book aside [...]

    21. The photograph from hellThis supernatural mystery is well written in a natural and engaging first person point of view as if the author is sitting beside you telling the story With Halloween arriving in a few days, I was ready to read about witches and the occult, and this story didn t disappoint Professional photographer, Tony Logan, finds a roll of undeveloped film Photos, he recalls he d taken at his mother s funeral Tony is down on his luck but despite his numerous problems, he manages to re [...]

    22. I made the mistake of reading this book in the evening unless you want to stay up half the night and read it like I did then maybe you want to wait until you have a day to yourself because The Photograph is one heck of a read.Tony Logan, is a washed out photographer thanks to the digital age his business is in ruins and his wife has run off and left him for someone who can keep her in the prosperous life she has grown accustomed too While clearing out their house, they come across an undeveloped [...]

    23. I am a bit caught in the middle about rating this book I can t even decide whether I like it or not.It s a story about witches, demons, the occult, but it was light reading As I paged through, I was actually wondering why there s so much lightness in the overall telling of the story Most chapters were told in the voice of the protagonist, who, even at past middle age, is still pretty much a happy, young at heart chap The reason for such lightness didn t come out until I read the author s message [...]

    24. Awesome Story This book started out to be something completely different than it ended as I loved the quick change of pace and storyline The emotions in each scene were undeniable and gut wrenching This book runs the gambit from a marital breakup and money woes, to a paranormal mystery with some sexy friction thrown in Just enough to keep you guessing Loved this book The ending was fabulous I want Highly recommended

    25. When I picked The Photograph I had the impression that it would be something similar to what I wrote in my first book of my series and boy was I correct I was treated to a page turner that refused to put down, the story is very dark which matches my taste It also touches the paranormal in a very creepy, but exciting way Gives the reader a real perspective of the paranormal and the world of witchcraft I swear that this is something only a medium could write, but this author is no medium just a ma [...]

    26. True thriller horror readers will thoroughly enjoy this latest work by Grant Leishman.It carries a hint of mystery, suspense, but quickly turns paranormal as Tony a down on his luck photographer who is forced to live with his sister Mars post divorce discovers an old undeveloped film Suddenly secrets and something even scarier emerges for the family All the while, the author brings into the storyline interesting characters, a developing love interest for Tony and a brother in law who carries his [...]

    27. Well that was a surprise This is the kind of story that sort of lulls you into a bit of a comfort zone with a normal enough opening few chapters, then suddenly things get freaky I thoroughly enjoyed the setting of this scene getting to know Tony Logan so well as a regular guy going through some midlife shit that isn t hard to relate to And the off handed way the photograph was thought of and mentioned several times before we got a look at it Well, I liked that too It was a good build up to the n [...]

    28. This is a very intriguing story that slowly builds up the tension Tony Logan, a successful photographer during the pre digital period, sees his life build up and then unravel Through the well chosen title we know something will happen, such great is the subtle writing that we are waiting for it Spurned on by his ex, Tony develops an old role of film, taken during his mother s funeral He finds something rather unsettling in the background of the photo, something that defies believe and understand [...]

    29. I had previously read this author s romance story which I loved, and this book, as a completely different show of the author s talent in writing and his ability to switch genre.Its a gripping, horror story which is built up nicely from the very beginning, and will literally send chills down your spine Tony the lead who discovers an old undeveloped film from his box brownie on the day of his mother s funeral, decides to finally develop the photos, thinking it would be a solemn trip down memory la [...]

    30. An almost bankrupt, downed out Tony Logan,his girlfriend Susan and his sisters Cheryl and Marie get involved in this haunting tale when an undeveloped roll of film is printed What is revealed astonishes them all It leads them leads them into the world of the creepy and supernatural where weird and nasty things occur brings the story into focus with his talent for natural story that gets you hooked.The story is original and I suspect anyone of us would react similarly if faced with the dilemmas c [...]

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