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The Hammer and the Goat By PeterNewman,

  • Title: The Hammer and the Goat
  • Author: PeterNewman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This novelette is set parallel to events in THE VAGRANT and tells the story of what the Hammer that Walks and the goat get up to when left to their own devices
    The Hammer and the Goat This novelette is set parallel to events in THE VAGRANT and tells the story of what the Hammer that Walks and the goat get up to when left to their own devices

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    1. Poslednja sansa da vidimo jednog od interesantnijih likova iz prve knjige Cak sam zasuzio malo U svakom slucaju lepa pricica puna nade u ovom surovom svetu.

    2. I m so happy Peter wrote this We, all of us who ve read The Vagrant and The Malice love the Hammer and we love the goat You ve likely heard us yapping about one or t other Well this satisfies our needs of both of those characters in one wonderful short story.Action Tick.Humour Tick.Emotion Tick tick tick.Cinematic visuals in your mind always a tick with Newman.Have you read it Insert tick ASAP If you haven t read The Vagrant, then read that first, because this runs alongside that.Now I want

    3. I find The Hammer an intriguing character so I was very pleased to read about her background and character.Somehow I find Peter Newman his writing confusing, in a good way It keeps me interested and trying to figure out what he means The image that is created in my mind is disturbing and fascinating Very different from the worlds I ve read about until now.The only problem I have with this short story is that it s just too short I am looking forward to 2017 and reading The Seven

    4. Spinof Koze iz knjige Skitalica Da Svestan sam kako zvu i ta re enica Zvu i savr eno DZato to Koza i to sa vrlo izra enim smislom za humor, mhmm i zaslu uje svoju knjigu, eto Vrlo kratka knjiga dodu e svojstveno strpljenju glavnog lika u njoj , ali joj ne manjka niti akcije, niti uzbu enja, niti humora Tu i tamo ak i po koja pouka mo e se prona i.Kao i dragi lik iz prve knjige eki Koji Hoda

    5. I was sad when The Hammer That Walks left the Vagrant s story, so it was nice to find out what she did while recovering during The Vagrant The Hammer was one of my favourite characters in that story, and getting some backstory now was good And the goat is still ornery and hungry

    6. After reading the Vagrant I so wanted to see of The Hammer that walks, so this short story had me chomping at the bit It is, in my opinion, a beautiful piece of fiction It would have been so easy for Peter to write a smash and crash story where The Hammer hammers everything, and that would have been great But the emotion in this story is stunning, especially given the extremely limited dialogue one would expect from a mutated killing machine, and, well a goat It has been some time since I read [...]

    7. When I read Peter Newman s debut The Vagrant two years ago, I completely fell in love with the Goat The other characters were great, the story was wonderful, the writing style fabulous, but the goat was what won my heart Thus a story featuring Goat and the amazing the Hammer that Walks as well, was an immediate buy And though it took me a bit to actually read The Hammer and the Goat, it not only re affirmed my love for the Goat, but it also made me love the Hammer even than I already did In the [...]

    8. 3.5 starsThis is a fun short story read featuring the Hammer, the Goat and a young boy The story is primarily from the perspective of the Hammer The reader gets learn about how she The Hammer is a she came to be in her present physical state She and the Goat have this odd relationship The Goat is still independent and does its own thing The Hammer and the Goat are in a small village While most people try to ignore Hammer because she has a foul temper , a young boy likes the Hammer and wants to b [...]

    9. It was nice seeing another side to the Hammer She was a good solid character in The Vagrant and this was a good insight into her life before and during becoming Usurperkin

    10. What a delightful little story This takes place when The Vagrant and Harm go off on a rescue mission The Hammer that Walks and the goat are left behind for a bit and they manage to get up to a little trouble I admit that it made me cry a tiny bit The Hammer goes back to the garden Three times she adds to the load in her hands before the offering is accepted.It is not easy to fit the whole bundle into the goat s mouth but both are stubborn and in the end, the stalks are wedged into place, protrud [...]

    11. No kidding around, this definitely floats my goat A short companion story that runs concurrently with the similarly excellent The Vagrant, this tale lets us spend a little extra time with two superb characters from The Vagrant The Hammer that Walks and the constantly entertaining goat The goat provides many of the lighter moments, both here and in the parent novel, brightening a dark and nightmarish world that we re exploring It s difficult to explain how fascinating The Hammer is as a character [...]

    12. A great companion novella, The Hammer and the Goat picks up about halfway through The Vagrant and gives us some much needed backstory to the infamous character, The Hammer that Walks Of course, the goat is around to give some lighter tones but this is really about The Hammer and how she came to be There is also a present story that just adds to Newman s ability to create monsters unlike any you have seen before Being only about 41 pages in length, there isn t a ton to this piece, but it s a grea [...]

    13. This one fantastic story set in the world of Vagrant, it centres on two of the best characters from The Vagrant We get some backstory and of courseE GOAT

    14. A wonderful short story that fills in some gaps and reveals some backstory to a character from The Vagrant.The Hammer, there s a lot to her, and this story will reveal her past.Read this straight reading after The Vagrant for best enjoyment.

    15. Dois dos personagens mais legais do livro The Vagrant recebem uma hist ria solo Fiquei muito feliz quando o Newman soltou essa novella para ser vendida na J fui sabendo que iria me divertir E encontrei uma hist ria incr vel ainda por cima Estamos diante de uma narrativa bem sens vel e interessante contando um pouco da hist ria da Hammer That Walks, uma personagem que vai se transformando ao longo da narrativa do primeiro volume da s rie A narrativa constru da em terceira pessoa, mas muito pr xim [...]

    16. The Hammer and the Goat is a neat tale explaining the backstory of the Hammer and that events proceeding up to her meeting the Vagrant Harm and co which is full wit and cutting observation DThe Hammer and the Goat The Hammer and the Goat serves also as a very neat expansion to other events and provides clever fast paced action along the way DThe Hammer and the Goat is clever, witty, fun and action packed D Brilliant and highly recommended D

    17. The Goat She s the greatest animal hero since Dangermouse And The Hammer is, as we all know, like Jessica Jones with the conversational ability of a Yorkshireman Put them together in the healing time pods as the Vagrant and Harm wandered off and you get a story of backstory and friendship and love.

    18. Fun side story to add to reading the vagrant Really touching side story that takes place near the middle of The vagrant It does nothing in terms on adding to plot but in connecting and better understanding the growth of 1 of the major characters If you enjoyed the vagrant I would definitely say this 50 page side story is worth the 3 bucks.

    19. EnjoyableIt was enjoyable tail with in the series Well written as always Would recommend reading it for enjoyment even though for the price you do not get a lot of volume.

    20. I loved The Vagrant This is just a short side trip in that story, but it s well worth reading The Hammer was one of my favorite characters in The Vagrant, so getting to spend a bit time with her was a treat Also, it only took me like 30 minutes to read.

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