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Decadent Dreams By Nicole Garcia,

  • Title: Decadent Dreams
  • Author: Nicole Garcia
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: None
  • NicoMy dreams haunt me I feel as if I am falling into a pit of impending doom, but even that has not prepared me for the rollercoaster of emotions that flood over me when I m near Phoenix I have to keep my distance from her I need to It s the only thing I can do to keep from getting hurt again Staying away from her proves to be a much harder task than I could have eveNicoMy dreams haunt me I feel as if I am falling into a pit of impending doom, but even that has not prepared me for the rollercoaster of emotions that flood over me when I m near Phoenix I have to keep my distance from her I need to It s the only thing I can do to keep from getting hurt again Staying away from her proves to be a much harder task than I could have ever imagined She s not only my assistant, but she s half my age She gets under my skin and irritates the shit out of me, yet, one smile, one laugh, and I m melting into a puddle at her feet Falling in love with her is a bad idea, a very bad idea, because she just may be the one person who breaks my heart for good this time PhoenixNico is my boss He s demanding, bitter, brooding, and a downright bully at times But, all that doesn t deter me from him at all because I can see kindness and compassion in his eyes I know the secret he s keeping from everyone and why he s so guarded with his heart I don t care about his secret, nor do I care that he s twice my age What matters is the undeniable attraction we feel for each other If only he can just let go of the past and see what s right in front of him.
    Decadent Dreams NicoMy dreams haunt me I feel as if I am falling into a pit of impending doom but even that has not prepared me for the rollercoaster of emotions that flood over me when I m near Phoenix I have to ke

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    1. Decadent Dreams by Nicole Garcia is the story of Phoenix Phe and Nico Nico lost his wife about three years ago and to most people they think he had a good marriage but in actually fact his wife cheated on him But Nico is still taking the lost of her and her cheating on him very hard It has changed him to a very short tempered man who can t sleep His business partner and friend has surprised him with a assistant This assistant is Phe who may be short and small but she packs a lot of attitude into [...]

    2. My review for Decadent Dreams.I received this beta copy for an honest review.Let me start off by saying I absolutely loved this book.I read it in one sitting because I just could not put it down.Nicole is such an amazing writer I fell in love with these characters I feel like they were part of my family I laughed, cried and let me just say holy hotness the intimate scenes were off the charts HOT HOT HOT There were times when I wanted to beat the hell out of Nico, then give him a big ole bear hug [...]

    3. First let me say I m a huge Nicole Garcia fan She is one of a few authors that I wait for new books and can read than once This one definitely did not disappoint and is one of my favorites As each of her novels is released I can see her challenging herself to keep them fresh and putting a little piece of herself into them.In this wonderful bit of loveliness we meet Nico and Phe Nico is a workaholic with a past that haunts him Phe is a breath of sunshine, looks for the good in everyone She is hi [...]

    4. Exceptional book by Nicole GarciaI m reviewing this as a Beta Reader having been supplied a copy by the author without having been asked for a review, I m thrilled at the opportunity to give my honest unbiased review with no spoilers This book is by far the best written by this author to date It s written in first person, which is new to me I completely enjoyed reading this book, every little detail, every little movement described in the book greatly adds to the impact of reading this, making i [...]

    5. Ms Garcia has opened up a whole new world with this story She did an excellent job of drawing me into the story, and she made me feel like the characters were old friends This story also brought out the entire gamut of emotionsdness, anger, happiness, fear, and tons of passion I recommend having a fan and ice water handy for the love scenes I highly recommend this book, and I can hardly wait to read the next one I was a beta reader for this book.

    6. I am filled with so many emotions right now after finishing this story We re introduced to the tough and hot headed Nico and a very strong willed Phoenix, a woman that won t take no crap from anyone The way these two go head to head constantly just shows you the intensity they both have Gio, Nico s best friend and practically brother from another mother as well as his business partner is such a beautiful and caring soul Phe and him become very close friends right away My heart breaks for each on [...]

    7. If I had to put this book into any sort of weather analogy, it would be described as a raging inferno It is so unbelievably HOT I loved it

    8. I absolutely am in love with Nico, so now than before.This story had me drooling, laughing, crying, and sitting on the edge of my seat Nichole, I love this book.Nico has only been in love once, or so he thought Turns out, he was never in love at all, even with his deceased wife.Phoenix is a spunky, lively, wonderful addition to his life, but he feels as if he can do nothing about since he is so much older than she is Turns out age is just a number as these two fight with all they have to stay a [...]

    9. I have read all of Nicole Garcia s books and I am in love with this new Decadent Dreams series It is full of surprises, danger and oh so sweet sexy scenes Nico, a workaholic who is dealing with his past and is having fitful nightmares every night, needs something or someone in his life His goodfriend and partner, Gio, decides Nico needs help, even though he won t admit it So he hire s Pheonix, or Phe as she is called by her friends to be Nico s assistant Phe is a lovely little thing, who see s t [...]

    10. Decadent Dreams was a marvelous read, filled with a perfect amount of romance, comedy, and heartfelt moments that were quite enjoyable to read Both the characters and the plot made for a well written story and I would highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys the erotica genre.

    11. I was totally captivated with the entire story The characters are well developed and true to life I loved that Nico was not afraid to show his true feelings without worrying about his manhood being challenged And Phoenix Phe is everything you hear about a redhead, and then some Watching these two go at each other either at work or at home can be hysterical and or decadent but wait something from the not so distant past is about to rear its ugly head with the power to destroy everything

    12. I was given an ARC for an honest review of course I always give honest reviews WOW seriously wow For me this was the best Nicole Garcia book to date Nico has been suffering from a recurring nightmare since the death of his wife, he feels like his life is wasting away while he s waiting for some impending doom He goes to work early and leaves late and it s all he does He feels responsible for everyone and yet still feels like he s failing When his best friend Gio, of 30yrs and partner of Decadent [...]

    13. This is one of those books that I wanted to love but for whatever reason just didn t click with me I found the heroine to be annoying, he childish behavior drove me batty Sure she s in her 20 s but sometimes O felt she still acted like a high schooler The Hero, well one would have thought after the first time he flew off the handle and made assumptions he would have learned his lesson, but no occurred two times Also, I don t know if some of my struggle came from the fact that I listened to it a [...]

    14. This story was fantastic I had the audible for this book I had to get used to the male voice Once I did I was addicted I love when the audio book sounds like a play.Nico and Phe had a great push and pull relationship I wish there was another story within this world of Decadent Gio pretty please.

    15. Oh my let me start out saying I ve read most everything that Nicole Garcia writes I most love her paranormal romances Well, that was until this one came along It was a bit slow starting for me, but the build up led in to one heck of a book Once it got oh about maybe third or a touch way in I was sucked in and could not put it down Had to take it with me everywhere because I had to find out what happened next I m going to keep this spoiler free The characters were well developed and very realist [...]

    16. I love the combination of Nico and Phe The two have vastly different personalities which which makes for some very entertaining moments But one thing they have in common is both are incredibly stubborn Both are bad at jumping to conclusions, Nico especially Enough that a time or two or five or six I wanted to reach in the book and slap them upside the head But fantastic story despite occasional frustration with these two on my part Now we just need books for Gio and Josh separately of course But [...]

    17. Yet another great romance by Nicole Garcia that will sweep you off your feet Nico is hot and sexy, and seems so real he could walk off the pages This will be your new book boyfriend

    18. I fell in love with so many Characters in this book So many to love besides Nico and Phe Decadent Dreams was a super hot and sexy book You thought you knew the answers but you didn t A great story of overcoming a bad past relationship and trying to trust and love again

    19. All I can say is WOW , this was an amazing storyline The characters were intense, interesting, annoying, loud and crazy making this an extremely fun read Phe definitely lives up to her name of Phenoix, her red hair matches her quick wit and fierce temper Nico is the strong brooding type, emotional scars keep him putting up the big bad grizzly attitude but he is no match for the little dragon This is a roller coaster storyline, it keeps moving, keeps you on your toes, has you laughing, crying, an [...]

    20. What s not to love about this book You ve got a strong confident lead female, successful and funny men surrounding her and a male lead who is smoking hot.This book hits the ground running with an instant connection between Nico and Phe but it still takes a while for the relationship to start There s plenty of time for character development which gives you time to get attached to these wonderful characters.Then when things get going, you are the lucky recipient of beautifully written and hot sex [...]

    21. I have to say I wasn t sure if I wanted to read this book in one night I didn t want to put it down, I didn t want it to the end So we ll written you forget that you are reading a book Can t wait you read of this series If you haven t read Nicole Garcia s books you are missing so much I was asked to read this book, I am leaving my review because I enjoyed it so much.

    22. SexyIf you want a great book to read This is the book for you, hot, sexy, romantic, funny What an awesome story Keep you wanting and Can t wait for her next book

    23. This novel is hot and passionate all in one Older men are always alluring and intriguing to us women, but you must not fall for your boss, no matter how fine and sexy he is Excellent read

    24. An amazing read This is my favorite book so far by Nicole Garcia Amazing characters that complement each other perfectly Good well written storyline that drew me in until the end I voluntarily reviewed this book and wasn t compensated in any way.

    25. And she did it again What a great read for Valentine s Day Nico is haunted by nightmares and hasn t been with anyone since his wife s death When his best friend and partner hires Phe as his assistant his life changes This little woman full of life makes him want things that he hasn t thought of in a long time Phe doesn t know what to think of her new boss though she wishes he d let her do her job and give her work Together the sparks fly in every way The characters in this story you can t help b [...]

    26. I received a beta copy for an honest review, and as for honest I loved it Nicole Garcia keeps your interest and on the edge of your seat from the moment you start reading till the end Nico is a stubborn man who doesn t want to listen to anything, even his heart And Phoenix, like her name rises up to break down Nico s walls.From locking of horns, to locking of hearts this book has it all and like me I m sure you will fall in love with all the characters

    27. Book Decadent DreamsAuthor Nicole GarciaPublication Date 2 14 2017Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook NutsMy Rating 5 Stars REVIEWThis by far in my opinion is the best book this author has ever written It has so much depth, feeling, strength of characters I found myself busting out laughing one minute, wanting to cry they next Phoenix is no ordinary female she is strong, sassy, and will put even the biggest of men in their place She isn t quite prepared for her new boss Nico and lord knows he isn [...]

    28. I absolutely adore Phe Short sassy women who aren t afraid to stand up to tall domineering men are the best and Phe shows Nico she won t take crap in the best possible way Nico is such a sweet big softie and so wonderful even though he tries so hard to seem like a hard ass It s so hard to not love him Then there is Phe and Gio together and it s just the most awesome look into best friends who do crazy shit together ever This story is just too perfect to not read

    29. Buy It Now This is the best book to date by this lovely author, and I have read most of her books The characters feel like your friends and family like people you know The steamy scenes in this book are off the charts the kind that have you blushing and fanning yourself when reading It s a not stop roller coaster ride of emotions from happy and laughing along with them, to sad and crying, and everything in between Occasionally I wanted to smack Nico, then alternately hug him What can I say about [...]

    30. In Decadent Dreams we meet Nico, a man consumed with work and haunted by the death of his wife Phe is young, bubbly, and a breath of fresh air When she s hired by Nico s partner to be his new assistant At first much to Nico s reluctance But soon sparks fly and it s game on Written with heart, filled with heat, and infused with humor, Decadent Dreams is a must read Bravo, Nicole Garcia.

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