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The Devil's Lady By Deborah Simmons,

  • Title: The Devil's Lady
  • Author: Deborah Simmons
  • ISBN: 9780373288410
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Piers Montncy Twas whispered that the mysterious Red Knight was than mortal Perhaps he d even struck a devil s bargain to assure his warrior prowess Yet Aisley sensed that Pier s shadows veiled a deeper secret.Aisley de LaciLike a whirlwind, Aisley descended on Dunmurrow castle to claim the Red Knight as her husband And Piers knew his world was forever changed.Piers Montncy Twas whispered that the mysterious Red Knight was than mortal Perhaps he d even struck a devil s bargain to assure his warrior prowess Yet Aisley sensed that Pier s shadows veiled a deeper secret.Aisley de LaciLike a whirlwind, Aisley descended on Dunmurrow castle to claim the Red Knight as her husband And Piers knew his world was forever changed But could a creature so full of joy and sunlight ever accept a life of passions draped in darkness
    The Devil s Lady Piers Montncy Twas whispered that the mysterious Red Knight was than mortal Perhaps he d even struck a devil s bargain to assure his warrior prowess Yet Aisley sensed that Pier s shadows veiled a deep

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    1. I need to start a must re read book shelf The Devil s Lady would be the first book on it because I totally, completely, embarrassingly missed all the clues for the BIG REVEAL as to the secrets behind Baron Montncy I am kind of flabbergasted at myself, but when I went back to look at my notes for this review, there were a total of two This means I didn t even come up for air while reading this rich, absorbing tale of doom and epic love.Spoiled noblewoman Aisley de Laci seeks to avoid marriage to [...]

    2. Re read 6 26 17I still love this book Oddly, I didn t realize the first time around how young the heroine is she s 17 Piers is a battle hardened man who has spent years fighting so their age difference must be considerable Doesn t change my opinion of the book at all, but it did change my mental image of her a bit Honestly, it makes Aisely s personality that much extraordinary She has a hell of a backbone and she handles Piers like a pro Get it, girl This book holds up well and I look forward t [...]

    3. A Medieval romance using themes from Beauty and the Beast and Cupid and Psyche Aisley de Laci discovers that her unwanted husband is not at all like his evil reputation But why does he insist on hiding himself in darkness I got bored with a lot of action in the last quarter of the book, but the love story was very enjoyable.

    4. It hasn t been intentional, but lately I seem to stumbling upon a number of good historical romances that are set in the medieval time period My latest find is The Devil s Lady, a novel based on Beauty and the Beast but with some twists of its own The hero is a knight who has a fearsome reputation for being a sorcerer in league with the devil etc It is later hinted at that he hides a secret, which is the reason that he remains in the shadows within his home The heroine, meanwhile, is beautiful a [...]

    5. Pleasant and totally unbelievable It s not historical nor fantasy, but it has a touch of both As long as you don t care

    6. Bodas de Fogo um dos mais famosos romances de banca de todos os tempos, junto com os amiguinhos dele, os De Burgh Ele foi publicado pela primeira vez nos anos 90, pela falecida Nova Cultural e se tornou um dos livros mais raros para se achar no sebo, e chegou a ser vendido a pre os exorbitantes no Mercado Livre.Eu tinha o meu, comprado ainda nos anos 90 no sebo de Mar lia, mas num acesso de loucura que me deu, eu mandei ele e mais um monte de amiguinhos para o sebo Anos depois, totalmente arrepe [...]

    7. Li por indica o, mas j tinha visto uma categoria que ele se encaixava, ent o j li sabendo do segredo do mocinho, que ali s n o um mocinho Ele conhecido como Cavaleiro Vermelho, que dizem as m s l nguas, tem pacto com o demo, mexe com magia negra, faz feiti aria E n o ele que a Isadora escolhe como marido O Rei mandou a bonita escolher um marido, j que ela era sozinha no mundo e cuidava de uma propriedade Ela achando que o Rei ia liber la, por que nunca algu m poderia casar com o Cavaleiro Vermel [...]

    8. Lady Aisley de Laci cansada de ser pressionada a casar para que algu m cuide de suas possess es,e algo que nem deseja e nem quer fazer, pois em sua opini o n o acha que precisa casar para administrar suas terras.E assim, quando o rei obriga Laci a casar por algu m escolhido por ela, ela escolhe o cavalheiro conhecido Cavalheiro Vermelho um homem temido por todos, que segundo dizem fez pactos com o Diabo, isso porque se oculta na completa escurid o Ela o escolhe por achar que ser recusada, mas se [...]

    9. This was a wonderful read , with that mystery , amazing characters , steady romance and humor to keep the spark I love such stories , the ones which make you forget your worries and take you to a beautiful parallel world where you enjoy the romance The main characters were really beautifully carved, its impossible to imagine a romance where the heroine never sees the hero in the half of the story , yet the author has written such an amazing tales with all the scenes beautifully written.If you wa [...]

    10. Eu estava precisando de algo diferente, mesmo dentro dos clich s do g nero Esta foi a minha primeira experi ncia com a autora e gostei muito.O mist rio em volta de Piers funciona e intriga Eu odeio a forma patriarcal que boa parte dos mocinhos age, mas Piers foi diferente e o considero um bom personagem.Gostei de Aisley, mesmo com seus planos ruins, soube ser inteligente e persuasiva Sua recompensa foi justa.O pr ximo livro de Nicholas, o irm o frio de Aisley Espero gostar, tamb m.

    11. Aisley si que sabe c mo elegir, en serio que afortunada jajaja Aunque no tanto tiene que aprender a tratar a Piers, pero bueno al final vale la pena.

    12. A classic mixed with a new perspective.It s always nice to read a good love story This one revisits a well known classic and tells us about magic and miracles worked by love.

    13. A wonderful read From the start this book had me enthralled The Leading woman is forced to choose a knight of the realm to take as husband, and being uninspired by the knights at court she chooses the Red Knight Certain when she sets out to meet him that he will go against the King s will and send her away so she can be home, though as in life things did not go according to her plan Once married the story has some trace elements of Beauty and the Beast as well as The Polar Bear Prince or East of [...]

    14. Oh, as much as it pains me to admit a reread of a romance novel, that s what this is Part spurred by a comment on a review an part because it is a full out Beauty and the Beast story Yeah.Also, no matter how much I overlook all because it s a Beauty and the Beast story, the euphemism man part makes it all freakin worthwhile.Yo.Man part.Yeah.

    15. Beautiful Very pleasing It would be among my favourites if not for the sometimes repeated thoughts and explanations This novel is full of mystery, suspense, and emotion It combines elements of war, magic, and love so beautifully Definitely would recommend it

    16. AmazingI m not going to write a long review But a short one I loved the book I couldn t put the book down after I started reading it and finished it in one night Deborah Simmons is officially one my list of favorite authors.

    17. lazily writtenA lazily written book which spends most of it s time repeating itself Skipped many paragraphs at a time to find the story.

    18. I think this is my favorite Deborah Simmons book although I haven t read all of them I like the story, the characters and everything This is a great medieval romance.

    19. I remember reading this book in Spanish when I started reading At that time I didn t even realize it was an actual book until a couple months ago when I search it on I am a fool when it comes to historical romance novels, and this one was special Nevertheless, I thought that rereading it after having read so many books, I was going to end up disliking it as always happens to me when rereading But guess what I still loved it.This is an amazing read, full of wonderful character, romance, mystery, [...]

    20. I m a sucker for a Beauty and the Beast themed book and this one did not disappoint Aisley, our heroine, is ordered by King Edward to choose a husband After putting much thought into her choice, she chooses The Red Knight The King laughed and approved But wait, that wasn t Aisley s plan The King was supposed to deny her request Okay, once Aisley weaves a new plan She will get the Red Knight to not accept her But he ruins her plan as well by accepting her as his wife Who is this man who lives in [...]

    21. The h is young, strong and clever, forced by king into MOC She does at least get to choose her husband The H is a brave and honourable knight who supports the king But there is mystery, does he keep to a darkened room She finds out he is blind and if others find out, he will be killed The h is sweet, innocent and smarter than him but she loves him and he regains his sight, but she kills the bad guy It was OK.

    22. 4,5Que del ciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Apaixonada pela escrita da Deborah, pela for a da Aisley, pela escurid o do Cavaleiro Vermelho N o sabia o que esperar, n o posso dizer que fui surpreendida pelo mist rio do livro, mas foi uma gostosura descobrir tudo, conhecer, me apaixonar com a Aisley Os mist rios que envolviam o Piers foram em certos momentos, bem engra ados, as d vidas que ela as vezes tinha Gostei tamb m do elemento de magia, no meio do livro, que levou ao milagre Adorei

    23. J ai bien aim la relation entre les deux personnages principaux, m me si je trouve qu Isobel manque de piquant Tristan est un vrai h ros tragique, m me si l on devine son secret bien avant sa ch rie L ambiance m di vale reste un must pour cr er des histoires captivantes et Deborah Simmons le sait Moins bon que Le lien de velours, mais se laisse lire avec beaucoup de plaisir.

    24. Adoro questo libro, questa la vera Deborah Simmons che mi piace leggere L edizione anomala, ma chissene frega, basta che l abbiano tradotto bene e integralmente il resto poco importa Adoro Piers, me lo sposerei seduta stante

    25. Deborah Simmons is now on my list of favorite Authors Loved this story Loved every character There was suspense, mystery and a love story rolled up in one.Don t worry it s not a mushy love story From start to finish it s an excellent read, have fun

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