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Scorpius Rising By Rebecca Zanetti,

  • Title: Scorpius Rising
  • Author: Rebecca Zanetti
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With a deadly disease spreading like wildfire across the country, microbiologist Nora Medina needs to focus all her energy on stopping the pandemic Playing with dynamite in the form of her way too hot ex is the last thing she should be doing But forced to work with Deacan McDougall against unexpected enemies with the seconds ticking by, she knows the explosion is coming.With a deadly disease spreading like wildfire across the country, microbiologist Nora Medina needs to focus all her energy on stopping the pandemic Playing with dynamite in the form of her way too hot ex is the last thing she should be doing But forced to work with Deacan McDougall against unexpected enemies with the seconds ticking by, she knows the explosion is coming
    Scorpius Rising With a deadly disease spreading like wildfire across the country microbiologist Nora Medina needs to focus all her energy on stopping the pandemic Playing with dynamite in the form of her way too hot

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    1. This is the prequel to the first book which I read last year and gave 5 stars to I m surprised I loved it so much, but hey, it all depends on our reading moods at the time, right So, this is where we learn the start of the end of the world It s alien bacteria that s going to kill us all, not evil robot overlords as we all assume.I m a little disappointed I wanted to see where this was goingAnyway, we have Mr I Work for the President and Can Do Whatever the Fuck I Want talk about a long job title [...]

    2. Read in August 2016I ll make this short The world is facing a pandemic, bacteria from space have taken a piggyback ride on a meteor and infect humans These humans either die, go crazy and or have heightened intelligence Nora is a scientist and specialized in bacteria Her ex husband Deacan kidnaps her under the order of the government to research this looming pandemic I had a bit of a tough time connecting with the characters, Nora was a bit boring Deke was allright, I suppose but he changes his [...]

    3. I hate this author s works with passion, the same passion and strength her heroines totally lack I ve given her than one chance, closer to the dozen I think, and with just one exception I hated all her books Yes, that s on me I had hopes on Scorpius Rising as I had liked book 1, but it seems that was the outlier and I thought we were getting closer dumb me.Why did I hate this novella Mainly for the same reasons I hated all her other books a dumb as fuck heroine who should be intelligent but rea [...]

    4. 2.75 I ve been wanting to start this series for awhile now and since I always try to read in order it s a thing I picked up this prequel, even though it features one of my least favorite tropes second chance romance with the added epic love killer of having already been married and divorced Ugh, hate that AnywaySo Nora and Deacan were married young and it s been 8ish years since their subsequent divorce Nora is a scientist and Deacan works for the President A new strain of bacteria has been unle [...]

    5. This is one wild ride The beginning of the series and I ve just got to say Rebecca Zanetti has got one strange, wonderful imagination Nora and Deacan were married as teens, divorced in their twenties and are now reunited when a bacteria that causes chaos is discovered As they each perform their jobs in an effort to protect the country, they face the reasons for their failed marriage Nora is a strong and independent heroine, able to hold her own again Deacan s domineering ways He managed to win m [...]

    6. This had the feel of The Walking Dead to me Which is a compliment I love that tv series and to find a book series that is just as entertaining is a bonus It s not exactly like the show It has huge differences, but boils down to a bacteria not a virus spreading that either kills or changes the mental functions of the victims I really like seeing it start at the beginning and watch how it spirals out of control In the mist of all this chaos is the second chance love story of Deacon and Nora Nora i [...]

    7. Welcome to my speed round of reviews This one I am all in This series is a must read The hero in this book Hot Scottish man Bring em on Kill or be killed in the beginning of this strange new world He s got one goal and one only Ok, possibly two You know, stop the spread of this horrible disease plague that is spreading like wildfire AND keep his woman safe The heroine Tough As in brilliant, hard core, but not in an all out fighting form of hard core, maybe of a brilliant hmmmm I already said th [...]

    8. Scorpius Syndrome was discovered, and it is on its way across the country infecting anyone it touches Scorpius Rising tells the story of how the outbreak began including how Lynn Harmony came to be Of course, the main story is Deacan and Nora s HEA.Second chance at love in the most unfortunate time In the midst of an upcoming apocalypse, Deacan and Nora find their way to each other again They were married and divorced but their feelings for each other never changed This pandemic, as disastrous a [...]

    9. I ve always wanted the complete backstory of how the Scorpius pandemic began and Ms Zanetti came through She gives us not only a play by play of where the pandemic stemmed from, but how it spread so quickly and how Lynne ended up with a blue heart Since Ms Z is obviously an over achiever, she also gave us a nice, hot, romance while she was at it Deke is the founder and leader of the Brigade, Nora is Lynne s best friend and both are talked about by Lynne in the previously written books of the ser [...]

    10. This short story was fantastic What a wonderful introduction to this world, and I can t wait to read the rest of the series

    11. Review originally posted at RabidReads.So after reading the first book, I got a great tip from Sophia at Delighted Reader to go back and tackle the prequel So that is exactly what I did I m so glad for it too It was great to see how we got to where the world is now being infested with these people who are zombies, but not quite the same.So in this story, we have Lynne Harmony, who is the heroine of the first book But this is a story about her best friend and fellow microbiologist, Nora Medina No [...]

    12. Read as part of the On The Hunt anthologyI came back to pick up on this novella because I was about to start Mercury Striking, the first full length book in Zanetti s new Scorpius Syndrome series I wanted to know Lynne s background and function in the series before I started her story.This was about the very beginning of the pandemic, and told about where it came from and how it spread Nora Medina is a brilliant microbiologist, while her ex husband Deacan McDougall works for the shadowy governme [...]

    13. 4 starsThis was a very good story Nora and Deacan are both likable characters and the story had a good balance of action and romance Nora and Deacan met at 16 and fell in love They married young but his military career and her distrust of the government made things difficult and they divorced They couldn t forget each other though and when the Scorpius disease starts they re brought back together It s not an easy reunion but they do come back together in the end The story is a bit open ended bec [...]

    14. I read this story in the On The Hunt anthology Having already read the first book, Mercury Striking, I already knew some of the events which would take place in this story Even so, it was still interesting to read how this bacteria all began, the events which led to it being spread and the beginning of the end I really enjoyed reading Deacan and Nora s story A couple, who married young and fell apart, are reunited in order to cure this new disease This story kept the intensity up the entire read [...]

    15. I had great hopes for this book but it didn t live up to its expectations This felt like a filler story Nora seemed like a pushover and Deacon came out very domineering All in all it wasn t a necessary read everything in this was gleaned from the first book which was great btw I have read the next books in the series and am liking where its going.

    16. Read as part of the anthology On The Hunt Awesome first installment to RZ s new apocalyptic drama series So much action packed into this novella Do not miss this to enhance the nuances and back story to the Scorpious Syndrome 5 solid stars

    17. I have to admit I have a very complicated relationship with Rebecca Zannetti s writing One that is quite similar to my relationship with Kristen Ashley It is one of those were you KNOW that they are unhealthy and not quite right, but nevertheless you keep coming back Hoping they will change for you so you can walk into the sunset and forever eat lasagna together In this book is a whole lot stupidity Like, seriously Another one of her characters who should be extremely intelligent, turns out to b [...]

    18. 3.75 starsI love RZ, love her books But this one was by not one of my favorites I know it was meant to be an extra story, to fill in some gaps about the emerging plague of the Scorpius Bacteria, as well as give us some information about Zach, Bret, Nora and Deke, but it just fell flat There was so much implied with Nora and Deke I was left wanting to know about their past relationship, wanting to know about his rage, their whirlwind, romance and early marriage, and yet we weren t I also wish w [...]

    19. Full disclosure I don t take direction well This is why I have to take a deep breath sometimes when I read Ms Zanetti s books Her alpha males spend a fair amount of time telling the heroine what to do and are always protectors and possessive While I love her books, I m of a beta male kind of woman Scorpius Rising does a really good job of explaining how the pandemic started It explains how Lynne s heart became blue and sets up the Brigade We ve only heard about it so far, but I m sure it will b [...]

    20. TerrifyingDeacon is a soldier through and through The world will need his leadership and Nora will need him too I wonder though if he will choose the world over her just like before This is a great beginning to a terrifying story.

    21. Rated 4.5 Bizarre Event StarsAwesome prequel for the start of what looks to be a phenomenal series Short story but full of punch Romantic Suspense with a Second Chance Romance.Very Exciting Mystery that possibly leads to a Post Apocalyptic adventure.I m so on to the next one

    22. Where it all began Being a fan of this series it was great to finally read how the Scorpius virus first started and to meet Lynne heroine of the first book before she was infected and head of the CDC Deacon McDougall and Nora Medina are mentioned a lot in the first book so it was extra nice to get their story I hope we get to met them again in future books.

    23. 4.5 Stars An excellent look into how this whole Scorpius Syndrome began, how poor Lynne came by her blue heart, how the Brigade was formed and how normal Brett was before he lost his ever loving mind

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