[MOBI] ☆ Women Poets of the World | by ☆ Joanna Bankier Deirdre Lashgari

Women Poets of the World By Joanna Bankier Deirdre Lashgari,

  • Title: Women Poets of the World
  • Author: Joanna Bankier Deirdre Lashgari
  • ISBN: 9780023057205
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Women Poets of the World None

    One thought on “Women Poets of the World”

    1. I found this book while I was working on an assignment for one of my classes in the library It truly is an excellent showcase of poetry from women all around the world For each section of the world they gave an introduction about the history and the poems It was a beautiful way to experience these poems The only thing I could ask for is an updated book One with modern poems for all over the world as well Other than that this book was truly amazing

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