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The 9:45 to Bletchley By Madalyn Morgan,

  • Title: The 9:45 to Bletchley
  • Author: Madalyn Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781533317483
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 4 star plot, 3 star writing, so 3.5 stars for this mystery thriller set in the 1940s.Ena Dudley makes regular trips to Bletchley Park on the 9.45 train taking vital equipment with her On one such trip she is robbed, and she and the people she works with fall under suspicion I have a passion for historical mysteries Unfortunately The 9.45 to Bletchley failed to engage me I thought the plot had promise, but the writing let it down There was far too much irrelevant detail, and the characters never [...]

    2. In a swirl of curiosity over the title, cover, and blurb, I was eager to try this British WWII era romantic suspense Following along as young, intrepid Ena Dudley does her part for the war effort through her top secret work at the factory and later as she seeks to find out who stole and sabotaged her work was a source of delight.I discovered after I finished and read the afterwards that I had actually snagged the fourth book in a series telling the story of each Dudley sister And with that in mi [...]

    3. It s November 1940 and Ena Dudley does secret work for Bletchley Over the next couple of years it is discovered that their is a spy in the factory where she works and is recruited to unearth that spy.The story was okay but a lot of the time I thought that the story was overwritten.A NetGalley book

    4. spies and danger Ena Dudley is strong, forthright and a little opinionated Mind she is very capable, although sometimes almost too reticent, and at others she rushes in Working on parts for machines that end up as part of the hush, hush work done at Bletchley during World War II, she discovers her factory s work is being sabotaged How she knows that is really very clever.Ena becomes part of an intelligence investigation looking at who s responsible A few candidates appear and yet nothing is clea [...]

    5. I have very much enjoyed reading about the Dudley Sisters over the past few years first Bess, then Margo and Claire And now it s Ena s turn Madalyn Morgan has once again woven a compelling narrative out of an interesting period in our history Her research into the minutiae of the era is as detailed as ever And the voices come across strongly the disapproval in Bess s voice when she dismisses Binkie s view of Henry as jealously made me laugh out loud It is also impressive that each of the four si [...]

    6. The 9 45 to Bletchley is book 4 of the Dudley Sisters family second world war sagas.This book is about Ena Dudley and her work in a factory making components for top secret Bletchley Park During WW2 workers in Bletchley were central to the code breaking which British intelligence relied upon.As with all the books in this series they concentrate on the characters and the romantic themes which run through the books rather than gritty depth and horrors that each of the situations the Dudley girls [...]

    7. Set in England during WWII, 9 45 to Bletchley is the 4th in a series, a series which I haven t read Apparently, I don t appear to be as in love with this book as others While the story had a great premise, I am not really sure that it called for hysterical laughter and eye rolling But that is exactly what happened to me The main protagonist constantly was crying and every male in this story is in love with her The love scenes had me rolling on the floor with laughter and reminded me of those old [...]

    8. A terrible book The plot is nonexistent, the story poorly told The events take place over 3 years of the war, and it seems like a week has passed in the lives of the characters The love interest is laughable and the villain too dull for words There was no suspense A total bore.

    9. So with the premise of wartime espionage and intrigue, this really was slow off the mark Considering the theme Bletchley Park during WWII I was looking forward to, I guess, a bit of a spy thriller This was Book 4 in a series of four sisters growing up during WWII Each book was the story of one sister this was the story of Ena, a factory girl who carried parts to Bletchley Park There was no real need to read the three stories before, as there is enough background in this volume that it can be re [...]

    10. I ve read the previous three Dudley Sisters novels and really enjoyed them, but I have to admit this one didn t grab me, which was especially surprising as I have an interest in the whole codebeaking project as my uncle was stationed on enemy lines, intercepting and sending back messages to Bletchley Park I d heard that the book was slow to start but for me it never really got going at all Characters didn t feel well developed and the relationships between Ena, Henry and the American seemed so s [...]

    11. BrilliantHave enjoyed all four but enjoyed the fourth They are great reads looking forward to reading book 5 Would recommend them.

    12. As my regular readers will know, The 9 45 to Bletchley isn t my usual read Although I ll read pretty much anything which is put in my hand I do have a tendency to lean towards reading crime thriller or fantasy YA So my reasons for requesting this ARC was a weird one Basically I did what no reader should do and judged a book by its cover My reason for this is because The 9 45 to Bletchley has a photograph on the front cover which also resides in a frame in my dining room It is a photo of a young [...]

    13. Ena works on secret wartime work in a local factory close to Coventry She doesn t know exactly what she is making, though she is the only one in the engineering factory that can complete the intricate work on X boxes required from the top secret place At the beginning of the book, she doesn t even know that the secret place is Bletchley Park Then comes the day when Ena has to deliver the work in person, and we see the beginning of events that put Ena, and many others into real danger This is an [...]

    14. It is November 1940, the night of the Luftwaffe s bombing raids on Coventry Not far away, Silcott s factory, where Ena Dudley is employed on secret work assembling machinery for the Government s secret centre at Bletchley Park, the raid also has an impact and fires break out, calling for hasty action Part of Ena s job involves transporting the sensitive machinery to Bletchley, either via car or train all part of her routine, until the day that Herbert Silcott, her boss, disappears from Rugby ra [...]

    15. Princess Fuzzypants here A spy novel that has you wringing your paws and biting your claws is a good spy novel This is a good spy novel Ena works on top secret projects early in WWII She doesn t know exactly what it is but knows it is important to the war effort So when she is drugged on a train on the way to Bletchley to deliver her work and the work is stolen and sabotaged, it sets off all sorts of alarms Faced initially with suspicion, she is enlisted in a game of cat and mouse to reveal the [...]

    16. Madalyn Morgan has given us the best sequel so far in her The Dudley Sisters Saga We have followed all of the Dudley Sisters Ena the youngest Dudley who grows up wanting to help the war effort works in a factory some distance away from her home She rides a bike to work and is trusted to lock up the important work daily Her friend Freda also works on another important project from the detail in this book , the author has put a lot of love into making Ena come alive On her ride home in the dark of [...]

    17. This is the fourth in the Dudley sisters series and Madalyn Morgan explores the story of Ena and her top secret work making components for Bletchley Park, the communications and tracking centre during WW2 This one is a mystery, as well as a romance, and it is that mystery which is particularly fascinating in this book The romance was a little confusing but I guess that time and place made relationships uncertain When I visited Bletchley not long ago I found it a very interesting place and so I w [...]

    18. I had never heard of this series before and looked forward to reading the arc provided by Netgalley The characters were interesting, the mystery OK but the romance I found to be a little heavy handed If your looking for an interesting take on spies in England during WWII and the recruitment of amateur spies from the point of view of a fairly naive girl this book might be for you DGordon

    19. Ena seems to have the most mundane job of all the sisters but, of course, things are never that simple Another good read with a few twists Have to wait for the author to finish number 5 and wind things up now.

    20. Really enjoyed Can be read as a standalone but because of the high enjoyment factor will be reading the 1st 3 books in the series and sure do want to read bk 5 when it releases.

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