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Water in May By Ismée Amiel Williams,

  • Title: Water in May
  • Author: Ismée Amiel Williams
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  • Page: 309
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  • Fifteen year old Mari Pujols believes that the baby she s carrying will finally mean she ll have a family member who will love her deeply and won t ever leave her not like her mama, who took off when she was eight or her papi, who s in jail or her abuela, who wants as little to do with her as possible But when doctors discover a potentially fatal heart defect in the fetFifteen year old Mari Pujols believes that the baby she s carrying will finally mean she ll have a family member who will love her deeply and won t ever leave her not like her mama, who took off when she was eight or her papi, who s in jail or her abuela, who wants as little to do with her as possible But when doctors discover a potentially fatal heart defect in the fetus, Mari faces choices she never could have imagined.Surrounded by her loyal girl crew, her off and on boyfriend, and a dedicated doctor, Mari navigates a decision that could emotionally cripple the bravest of women But both Mari and the broken hearted baby inside her are fighters and it doesn t take long to discover that this sick baby has the strength to heal an entire family.Inspired by true events, this gorgeous debut has been called heartfelt, heartbreaking and yes even a little heart healing, too by bestselling YA novelist Carolyn Mackler.
    Water in May Fifteen year old Mari Pujols believes that the baby she s carrying will finally mean she ll have a family member who will love her deeply and won t ever leave her not like her mama who took off when

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    1. Fifteen years is too young to get arrested for dealing But it s not too young to become a father Or a mother It s not too young to make something that s gonna love you forever What a disappointing book everyone Let me start off this review by saying that I rarely give a one star rating You really have to irritate the shit out of me and or bored me to hell With this book, I can say that it deserved my rating There were so many problematic things about this book that I ll discuss later on what mad [...]

    2. Mari is a half dominican girl who finds herself pregnant and it s not the pregnancy that s the issue She s quite glad to be pregnant, as she s eager to have someone to call her own, someone who is a solid and stable part of her family But when a scan of the baby reveals a hold in his heart, everything changes Does she keep the baby And if so, how does she find the support to raise a special needs child This is a moving and powerful story, and it s clear that this is based on real experiences tha [...]

    3. I swear, I finished this nearly two months ago Sorry, guys 3.5This is definitely one of the best books I ve read on teen pregnancy, and it s a debut, at that As soon as I was Maribel Mari Pujols finds herself pregnant with her boyfriend, Bertie s child, at the young age of fifteen At that, her abuela wants little to do with her or the pregnancy itself However, her girl gang and Dr Love, her OB GYN, are supportive and wonderfully understanding of her complicated situation, up until she receives n [...]

    4. 2.5 starsI received a free copy of this book from Amulet Books AbramsChronicle in exchange for an honest review.Mari Pujols is fifteen and pregnant but she can t wait to meet her child until she finds out he only has half a heart Now Mari is facing the toughest choice she can make as a mother continue with her pregnancy and risk losing her baby at the end of it, or have a termination.This should have been a very emotional, impactful story and while parts of it definitely were, I think other part [...]

    5. Check out my book blog for book reviews and other bookish posts I received an ARC of Water in May from Netgalley I was in a contemporary mood, and felt like reading a sad story, so this was just what I was looking for.__I enjoyed the writing in this book, and the flawless combination of Spanish and English in both the dialogue and the descriptions English words that Mari didn t know were italicised, as were the Spanish phrases This book is very fast paced, which I thought was great as it allowe [...]

    6. AS SEEN ON A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKSI received an ARC from Abrams and Chronicle Books in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own I m sitting here, looking at the blinking cursor, trying to describe exactly how a book as stunning as Water In May made me feel.I read it within the span of a day and I found it so hard to put down because Ismee Williams managed to capture EVERYTHING about being a pregnant fifteen year old whose baby has a very serious heart [...]

    7. .3,5 5Water in May es una novedad que se publica este mes en Inglaterra y ha sido una total sorpresa, porque me he encontrado con una historia tierna, emotiva, dura y muy realista, en la que he ido conociendo poco a poco a su protagonista, Mari, hasta el punto de llegar a encari arme de ella y sufrir con y por ella He acabado el libro con ganas de abrazarla muy fuertemente Pues s , no lo voy a negar.Mari Pujols tiene 15 a os y est embarazada Pero mientras que para muchas adolescentes ser a un gr [...]

    8. Maribel Pujols is 15 yrs old and pregnant She is looking forward to having a baby who will love her unconditionally, unlike her Mama, Papi, Abuela and everyone else in her life Mari doesn t trust very many people, but she does trust Doc Hottie aka Dr Joshua Love the pediatric cardiologist that diagnosed her unborn baby with HLHS, a severe heart defect, because he always treats her respectfully and tells her the truth with kindness.Water in May can be painful to read at times, but it s real As a [...]

    9. Water in May is an astonishing debut, and author Ism e Williams has done the impossible by writing a book that is both readable and important while also managing to be beautiful and profound In Water in May, Williams gives us Mari Pujols, who is happy to be pregnant at fifteen but also facing an uphill battle with her pregnancy and her home life Mari pulls us in with her fighting spirit and her unyielding hope We root for her from the first page to the last And in the process, laugh and cry righ [...]

    10. Disclaimer I received an e copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Mari is fifteen and when she found out that she was pregnant, she soon grows to love her baby In him, she sees a chance for a family member who will always love her and never leave her But when she finds out that her son has a heart condition, it all gets even complicated.I quickly grew to sympathize with Mari Her mother took off when she was seven, her dad is in prison and her grandmother always makes he [...]

    11. This story surprised me and drew me in As a parent, reading about this kid who has to make a difficult choice that no one of any age could prepare for broke my heart Mari s story is a refreshing change from the typical YA fare, with well drawn characters, an unlikely heroine, and a moral medical dilemma that you just don t run into in many teen books My library has purchased it, I look forward to discussing it with my adult book club later this month, and I look forward to reading work by Willi [...]

    12. 4.5 Stars Truthfully, I often avoid contemporaries like this They can tend to be saddening, so I usually stick to the fluffier ones But the synopsis of this book got me curious, so I knew that I had to read it to see what happens.Water in May ended up being fabulous It both broke and touched my heart in all the best ways, and I felt like I could really feel a raw emotional connection to this story For a brief synopsis, this book follows the perspective of a girl named Mari She is only fifteen, b [...]

    13. Williams s debut YA novel follows Mari, a pregnant Dominican teenager from Washington Heights, who finds out that the baby she is carrying has a very serious congential heart defect Mari is a complicated character who you will not always like, but you will be cheering her on as she fights for her baby and herself despite the odds.

    14. 3.75 5 starsI am SO EXCITED that this book exists This book is very important to me Here are some thoughts Some context about my life you gotta know before you read this review My youngest brother, Andrew, was born with a congenital heart defect when I was 6 Andrew had Transposition of The Great Arteries read his story here But while Andrew is now alive and well, not all babies with congenital heart defects are as lucky My mother befriended a woman whose child, Colin, had Hypoplastic Left Heart [...]

    15. Our MC, Mari, may only be 15 years old, but she has been through a lot in her short life and she is a fighter Since her Mama ran off when she was young and her Papi is sitting in Sing Sing Mari is left living with her Abuela and Abuela s boyfriend Toto who want as little to do with her as possible That s all okay though, because she has her faithful girl Tribe Yaz, Teri and Heavenly and her on again, off again boyfriend Bertie.This book starts right off with Mari making an appointment with a doc [...]

    16. This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Mari is a 15 year old Dominican American who is pregnant Mari is ecstatic because her personal life hasn t been the best Her mother left her with her grandmother when she was 8 years old, her father has been in jail for dealing drugs since she was 3, and recently her grandmother doesn t seem to want anything to do with her She feels that having this baby is exactly what she needs to have someone who will finally love her un [...]

    17. Fifteen year old Mari Pujols is thrilled to be pregnant Although she knows things won t be easy for her and her unborn child, she is convinced that the baby will give her a reason to live and be someone who won t leave her Mari has good reason to have that particular goal and her abandonment issues After all, her mother left her with her grandmother when she was eight and her father is incarcerated And her grandmother has her own issues Still, Mari has her three best friends, Heavenly, Teri, and [...]

    18. I guess this is another book that is just not for me Maybe I have outgrown YA literature I had hard time with the broken English, the subject teen pregnancy, and by the way, 15 years old is really young to be pregnant, if you ask me I felt like the book actually encourages teenagers to get pregnant And it shows how proud 15 years old is to be pregnant I think this is the wrong message to send to young people.Thrown Spanish slang in between English, wasn t helpful at all I only realized there is [...]

    19. When Mari finds herself pregnant, with Bertie s baby, she is supported by her friends as they navigate teenage life and school still.Her friends, Yaz, Teri and Heavenly accompany her to her twenty one week scan, excited together and find themselves meeting Dr Love, a young good looking doctor.Then they get told that the healthy baby boy is actually going to need surgery as he will be born with only half a heart.Bertie and Mari argue and he leaves, Mari gets support from her friends and grandma o [...]

    20. This book has two very important aspects in its favor originality, and tremendously well crafted characters Yes, Mari is flawed and a bit of a puta , but that is what gives her such charm I do not buy for a second that she s some sort of gangsta ass thug, and I am not supposed to buy it instead, I am supposed to see her for what she is, a troubled child living in a world indifferent to her struggling Is the world authentic Given that the author is Cuban American writing about Dominican Americans [...]

    21. I received this e arc for an honest review, thank you Amulet Books Wow, this book was unique, I mean one is to read about being young and pregnant and trust me, I have read several books which, each of them was so vivid and moving, however, Water in May stands out because the baby to be has complications I think in the genre, of YA books it s good to see these early pregnancy novels coming back, closing paranormal craze of writing and being down to earth, although I like those too Mari Pajols i [...]

    22. I really loved this book It s got a great story that keeps you turning the pages But it also has so much emotion packed into it You really get inside the head of Mari the main character Her journey is so difficult and incredible, and in the end inspirational I didn t always like what Mari did or agree with it, but I understood it And she is so tough that she demands your respect, but she s also very vulnerable and you wind up loving her just as much for that The other characters in the book were [...]

    23. Everything is very real in this story This book has strong female characters that you can cheer for but they are not infallible The MC, Mari s emotions are deep and raw The author s extensive knowledge of cardiology, as well as what really happens in a NICU, makes the story even realistic It is heartbreaking and heartwarming and will rope you in from the beginning Let s face it, any girl or woman who has been pregnant falls in love with their baby, and starts worrying about him her, from the mo [...]

    24. A MUST READ for anyone who has ever longed for love Ismee Williams is a masterful storyteller, delving into the unexpected complications of a teenage pregnancy with a uniquely authentic and compassionate voice As we ride the roller coaster of a journey with fifteen year old Mari, we find ourselves as conflicted as she is We cheer her on, yet wish she were on a different ride We become enveloped in her life, feeling her pain, her hope and her heartbreak All the characters in Water in May, from Ma [...]

    25. This book is written by a pediatric cardiologist and is based on a true story It is raw, realistic and very sad The characters are not likable and their situations are lamentable It is, however, for the most part, an excellent story Fifteen year old Mari Pujols is pregnant and she learns that her baby has a serious heart defect Her family and the baby s father want her to have an abortion At her school, girls being pregnant is not unusual, girls having abortions isn t unusual, girls having babie [...]

    26. Loved this As foreign as young Mari s tumultous journey may sound to some, sadly, it is not far from the reality of many teenaged or young adult mothers in this neighborhood Dr Williams first novel has captured the spunky spirit of this community through humor and compassion, with raw and unfiltered emotion channeled through 15 year old Mari, using the colloquial tongue of the streets of Dominic Harlem It may be a work of fiction but is an authentic portrayal of the harsh realities facing many y [...]

    27. PowerfulIt s not often in books where teenage pregnancy is the plot that you follow from the first doctors appointment and throughout focusing on the pregnancy itself The main character Mari is a strong girl who has been dealt a difficult life as far as family is concentrated It s easy to see why her being pregnant means everything to her and why she wants to make different choices than her parents did I found the story very compelling and wanted Mari to have love surrounding her no matter what [...]

    28. I generally enjoyed this book It was very emotional and I could not even imagine having to deal with such heavy decisions as the main character, Mari, had to deal with Unfortunately, the book contained a lot of Spanish Dominican language, including slang, and did not include translations until the end, which made it mildly difficult to read and fully get into I know that this is written from the p.o.v of a fifteen year old girl, but the language and grammar, in general, was difficult to get past [...]

    29. I loved this book Before I started reading it, I couldn t have imagined being able to relate to the main character, Mari But right away, she pulled me in and I found myself rooting for her the whole way This unique novel s authentic details, from the medicine to the New York City Dominican culture, made this read all the compelling Overall, I found this to be an excellent book about some very serious issues, written with sensitivity and compassion.

    30. The author, Ism e Williams, through her artful, lively depiction, presents a strong Latina protagonist, fifteen year old Mari Pujols We are captured by the teen s fate as she finds out she is carrying a baby with a heart defect Drawing from her years of experience as a pediatric cardiologist, the author tells a powerful and inspiration story that tackles the medical world, the human emotions, love and life It s a great book

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