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The Silver Box By Margi Preus,

  • Title: The Silver Box
  • Author: Margi Preus
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 364
  • Format: None
  • About high school senior Francie who sets out to help free her older brother Theo from implication in a murder Publication is slated for fall 2017.
    The Silver Box About high school senior Francie who sets out to help free her older brother Theo from implication in a murder Publication is slated for fall

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    1. 3.5 5 Stars Review Originally Posted On Taylor Fenner s Bookish WorldThe Clue in the Trees takes place in a small town in northern Minnesota, though which side of the state it doesn t specify probably not the Wisconsin side in my opinion If you re looking for a book that s a short, easy read that perfectly describes the atmosphere of the northern Midwest, this is definitely your series But as for mystery I m not so sure.We meet our heroine or re meet if you ve read the first book when she wakes [...]

    2. Francie Frye returns to the backwoods sleuthing when a famous archaeologist is found dead in his tent With the sudden reappearance of her brother Theo, who tends to pop in and out of her life, his mysterious actions, and secrets, she starts thinking of him as potential suspect This is the second book in a Northwoods Mysteries Series by Margi Preus Her first book in the series is Enchantment Lake I love it that Margi Preus sets these mysteries in the Northwoods of Minnesota There are plenty of pl [...]

    3. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was a cute story The targeted audience is mainly children and young teens, but I really enjoyed it I think there were a lot of opportunities to make this a thorough story, but in general, I think it suits its intended audience well I have not read the first book in this series, but little references are made It s a pretty good standalone book, but it sets up nicely at the end for a sequel Francie seemed a little young compared to t [...]

    4. Very strong 3.5 stars.This was a fun read, an excellent cozy mystery for teens While the writing does seem a bit simplistic at times for it to be considered YA, the themes and age of the characters make it a bit too old to be considered middle grade although I m sure some middle schoolers would enjoy this too, I know I would have.The plot combines so many interesting topics dinosaur and mastodon bones, maple syrup heists, pipeline protests shrouded in the typical small rural town mystery air, an [...]

    5. Received access to an e ARC ofthe clue in the trees byMargi Preus courtesy of University of Minnesota Press and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The book featured a Native Indigenous secondary character named Raven, which was very cool The story, however unintentionally, exoticized Raven which was not very cool References to her coffee and cream skin and exotic eyes were not welcome References to the racism Raven faces living in Enchantment Lake was appreciated, even if I didn t get th [...]

    6. A Middle Grade Cozy Action MysteryThis book would work perfectly well as an adult cozy fun setting, quirky characters, engaging heroine, tidy murder, some sleuthing, and a fine ending with a few coincidences to smooth over the bumps For adults you d add some heroine backstory and maybe a love interest, a broken heart or career, and maybe a few adult twists, but with that you d have a fine cocoa and quilt fun read.The appeal, here, is that the plot has been tweaked to add middle grade appeal Ou [...]

    7. The Clue in the Trees by Margi Preus is the second in the Enchantment Lake series Francie Frye from the first novel, Enchantment Lake, has decided to remain with her aunts in Minnesota for her senior year at the local high school On the night before her first day of school, France is awakened by the noise of her long lost brother Theo sneaking into the house While she is happy to see him, Francie can t help but be suspicious of his sudden reappearance First, he immediately involves her in a thre [...]

    8. Previously posted on The Young Girl Who Loved BooksThis was a sweet and adorable story This was something that I read in a fairly quick manner over the course of a week off and on while waiting for class While this is a book that is really for middle grade to young teens, but I enjoyed it quite a bit It doesn t seem to have a groundbreaking moral to it or taking away, but still, it is a great modern mystery The Clue in the Trees is the second book in the Northwoods Series, but it can it can be r [...]

    9. I ve found a new favourite tween young adult series The Clue in the Trees, the second book in the Enchantment Lake Mystery Series, is a fun, light murder mystery reminding me of a modern Nancy Drew Set near Enchantment Lake, Northern Minnesota it follows Francie as she starts a new school, dances around the mysterious death of her mother and struggles to keep out of a murder case in which her brother is the main suspect The characters in the book are charming Once upon a time, Theo, Francie s se [...]

    10. Preus, Margi Clue in the Trees Enchantment Lake 2 , 200 pages University of Minnesota Press, 2017 17 Language G 1 swear Mature Content G Violence PG murder, other mild violence.Francie, 17, has already made a name for herself by solving a murder mystery for her aunts Now she is back at school and during a trip to a local archaeological dig, she finds herself face to face with another murder Everyone seems to think the Francia is the one to solve it but what if it leads straight to her brother Th [...]

    11. The Clue in the TreesAn Enchantment Lake Mysteryby Margi PreusUniversity of Minnesota PressUniv Of Minnesota PressMiddle GradePub Date 19 Sep 2017 I am reviewing The Clue in the Trees throwing University of Minnesota Press and Netgalley Francine s brother Theo is hiding secrets, secrets she thinks she wants to know, but what if they are secrets she really doesn t want to know Instead of considering the possibility of her brother being a murderer so she jumps into her Senior Year at a small town [...]

    12. This is book two in the Northwoods series I was not aware of that when I started reading and to be honest, I was just fine without reading the first I am sure I missed details from not reading the first, but the author gave plenty of character information that I was just fine starting with book two Francie meets what I have to assume are her new friends and partners in investigation for future books in this book so they were new to even those who read book one The mystery was solved in this book [...]

    13. This book follows Francie, an aspiring teen actress and reluctant detective, as she tries, unsuccessfully to avoid solving a murder that takes place at an archaeological dig site Her brother has just come back into the picture, and his weird behavior makes her think he might have had something to do with it It is a fun mystery story, with plenty of details about the picturesque setting of the Minnesota northwoods I don t think it was written quite as well as Margi Preus other titles, but I do th [...]

    14. If you haven t already be sure to check out my review for the first book here criticuncriticalbookwormblog.Right from the first page this book jumps into the action and we get to meet a charcter I reeeally was looking forward to meeting Francie s brother Theo Then there is soon another mystery or two for Francie to solve, or so everyone assumes it s up to her to solve Francie, caught off guard,stared back,thinking,Nancy Drew Are you kidding me Francie now lives in town and goes to school there a [...]

    15. Great little mystery aimed at young adults but can be read by any age Reading this book it very much reminded me of Nancy Drew but with a twist The story is about Francie who lives in a small town called Enchantment Lake and attends the local high school Francie is not your average school girl and is a bit of a sleuth When a murder occurs on her doorstep she finds herself embroiled in the mystery and rushes to solve it before the possibility of someone she loves is blamed.

    16. Mehis may have been better if I had read book 1 However, the characters didn t feel real to me, nor did they feel of this century Their language and lack of technology made the teens seem as if they were from the 1950s I just wasn t sure of the target audience YA, middle grade, or elementary.

    17. This book is the second book in the enchantment lake mystery series Even though this book is the second, it can be read as a standalone This was a fast paced, cozy mystery book I enjoyed this book it was fun and quick and with interesting characters and murder What could you want

    18. Definitely of a middle grade than YA book I also felt that I missed on any real character development not having read the first book An okay read, but I think it needs to be read in order Full disclosure I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

    19. Received this from a Giveaway A light, entertaining mystery now I want to go to Minnesota An enjoyable read.

    20. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own This was a fun mystery book with a cozy feel It is actually the second book in a series, but I found it enjoyable without having read the first It kept me on the edge of my seat without being scary, and although the main character is in her senior year at high school I thought it had a middle grade feel.

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