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Unreliable By Lee Irby,

  • Title: Unreliable
  • Author: Lee Irby
  • ISBN: 9780385542050
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Riotous and riveting, this is the story of a charming college professor who most definitely did not but maybe did kill his ex wife Or someone else Or no one Irby plays with the thriller trope in unimaginably clever ways Edwin Stith, a failed novelist and college writing instructor in upstate New York, is returning home for the weekend to Richmond, Virginia, to celebraRiotous and riveting, this is the story of a charming college professor who most definitely did not but maybe did kill his ex wife Or someone else Or no one Irby plays with the thriller trope in unimaginably clever ways Edwin Stith, a failed novelist and college writing instructor in upstate New York, is returning home for the weekend to Richmond, Virginia, to celebrate his mother s wedding to a much younger man Edwin has a peculiar relationship with the truth He is a liar who is brutally honest He may or may not be sleeping with his students, he may or may not be getting fired, and he may or may not have killed his ex wife, a lover, and his brand new stepsister Stith s dysfunctional homecoming leads him deep into a morass of long gestating secrets and dangers, of old flames still burning strong and new passions ready to consume everything he holds dear But family dysfunction is only eclipsed by Edwin s own, leading to profound suspense and utter hilarity Lee Irby has crafted a sizzling modern classic of dark urges, lies, and secrets that harks back to the unsettling obsessions of Edgar Allan Poe with a masterful ending that will have you thinking for days.
    Unreliable Riotous and riveting this is the story of a charming college professor who most definitely did not but maybe did kill his ex wife Or someone else Or no one Irby plays with the thriller trope in unima

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    1. This is a wild and crazy story, told by an unreliable narrator, as the title warns the reader Edwin Stith is a professor at a college in Ithaca, NY, who drives down to Richmond, VA, for his mother s second wedding The reader is privy to his dark thoughts, which are often about women he may or may not have murdered, including his ex wife though we are advised not to believe anything he says Edwin claims he may lose his position at the college because he has been carrying on an affair with a colle [...]

    2. 3.5 stars Thank you to Turning Pages and Doubleday for providing this book for a truthful review If a person was ever unsure of what an unreliable author was, in this book you have just met the Master The ability to say one thing and make you believe another, or lead you in one direction, that is completely wrong, and you in all gullibility follow right along Usually an unreliable author is protective of his waywardness or deceit, often not revealing the real truth until the end, Irby tells you [...]

    3. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally The central premise at the heart of Lee Irby s Unreliable is a fascinating one, and led me to believe that this would be one of the few crime thrillers I would actually like, a genre I usually find intolerably formulaic namely, a failed mystery author and current college professor announces to us on page one that he [...]

    4. Irby s latest swan song will resonate for quite some time His no holds barred prose is a kamikazee shot one part vitriol, one part comedy, and garnished with mystique.This book to literary pundits should be in the same vane as Kanye West s Dark Twisted Fantasy to hip hop junkies Unreliable takes the self published Van, douses it in descriptive gasoline and violently throws a dramatic Molotov cocktail of reality just to watch it all explode into something beautiful dripping in fear and loathing.T [...]

    5. So fun I couldn t put it down On the surface, Eddie is a college English professor inspiring writer who travels back home to Richmond, Virginia for his mom s wedding He hints that a crime will be revealed either it s happened or he s planning it to happen or both than one crime There is some mystery surrounding a student with whom he had an amorous relationship, and maybe some drama from an ex wife Although the description says this plays with the thriller trope, this doesn t feel like a thrill [...]

    6. This is an awesome mystery novel packed with likable, well developed characters and a premise that is sometimes eery, and at other times, totally normal That s the best thing about this book as a reader, it s hard to put your finger on really anything The main character, Edwin, is wildly intriguing and complex It could be that Edwin is a normal guy who ends up in bad situations As the story pans out, the reader gets the sense that Edwin probably isn t a bad guy and we might feel bad for him Or i [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this It was such a great mystery novel I immediately started asking questions and trying to figure out what went on, but I couldn t always guess it because, Edwin, the main character is really complex, yet interesting The whole book seems to mirror pretty close to human emotions and good and bad qualities, which keeps a reader s interest from the beginning to end.

    8. Oh, Eddie You ARE unreliabled unpredictable, aren t you Still, I quickly fell for your charming personality Maybe it was the trucker hat I m fond of hats, too Loved the Edgar Allen Poe comparisons I was a major fan of Poe in high school, sitting at attention in English class, both fascinated and horrified Edward Stith could be a modern day Poe, mixed in with Nabokov s Humbert Humbert He could also be a kinder version of Ted Bundy Orybe Eddie has a vivid imagination and is researching the novel h [...]

    9. I read Unreliable after seeing it advertised lauded on From the beginning, I did not much like it and almost gave up on it at least 3 times in the first 100 pages The plethora of glowing reviews and back cover blurbs convinced me to hang in, though I wish I hadn t.There is not a single likable or sympathetic character in the book None of the red herrings or plot twists are satisfactorily resolved And the shocking surprise ending just isn t I can offer one compliment Irby boldly proclaims that th [...]

    10. I received an advance copy of this book and I didn t think I had time to read it I read the first few chapters and I was intrigued did the narrator do it or not His backstory was fascinating I found myself thinking about the book during the day and when I was on a flight for work where I was supposed to be doing other things I found myself reaching for the book Of course I did not put the book down and I will not spoil the ending, but I will say that it was worth not getting any work done The en [...]

    11. I was fortunate enough to read an advanced copy of Unreliable and was pleasantly riveted and kept in suspense from the beginning The way the main character s trains of thought are written is almost too realistic, you can completely understand how his brain would work that way.At first it reminded me of a James Patterson book but not long after getting through the first chapter did I realize that this goes beyond his style of stories It focuses on the characters emotional states and has a less o [...]

    12. Clever and unique, Unreliable isn t your typical who done it thriller, but rather a did what Yes, definitely a great, big mystery of did what I highly recommend this unusual read I wasn t trying to guess throughout the story as the author veers the reader away from the big reveal with a storyline that unfolds as we get to know our protagonist and narrator The endingdidn t see that coming Bravo I won this book in a giveaway from Penguin Random House LLC prior to its lay down date All ratings and [...]

    13. Well written, good plot, which is slowly and well developed Characters are believable, as is the storyline which slowly builds and comes to a reasonable conclusion I loved everything about this book from the beginning to the end If you like mystery and suspense, this book is for you I can t wait to read books from this author Highly recommended I want to thank the publisher and the author for allowing me the opportunity to read a free advance copy of this fine book.

    14. I read the draft, during a busy time, and the book drew me right in Witty and lyrical wrting Wonderful characters Some of whom I wanted to meet in person.

    15. A claustrophobic story that puts you entirely in the head of an early middle aged college professor as he arrives from Ithaca to Richmond, Virginia for his mother s re marriage to a much younger man with dubious connections and two insufferable college age children Eddie Stith is the very model of the inappropriate college professor who may or may not have been having an affair with one of his students He may or may not have murdered someone, perhaps his ex wife, or perhaps her new lover Eddie i [...]

    16. Thank you to Double Day Turning Pages group for an advanced copy of this novel One of my fellow GR friends described this book as a wild ride and I would have to agree This is not my usual go to genre, but it was a page turner The first part was really good and it did fall toward end I would give 3.5 stars.

    17. I throughly enjoyed this book but must confess, I was confused when it ended No need for a spoiler alert as I won t reveal why, but I suspect it was the author s intention that readers have questions left unanswered This is a demanding readers gem with many passages drawing a wry smile or little chuckle at the writer s turn of phrase One never knows where the story will lead to next as there are twists and turns than at a Cirque de Soliel performance Hope Mr Irby continues to do novels like th [...]

    18. This book did not cut it for me Curiosity is the only thing that kept me reading I did not like any of the characters.

    19. Wanted this book to be than what it was when it seemed it was getting good, it failed over and over Too much weirdness happening in a 24 hour period and the last 20 pages seemed to be written in haste intentional hard to say.

    20. Lee Irby might be the Carl Hiaasen of Virginia in that this novel has the same goofy, quirky characters that usually show up in Hiaasen s take on Florida A college professor on his way home to Richmond to attend his mother s wedding is dealing with some issues He may or may not have committed a murder, is definitely a serial liar and is in deep with a young student who seems to have issues of her own Once he gets home his few days become a blur of dealing with his new family to be from the screw [...]

    21. Note I reviewed this for Creative Loafing Tampa, but I paid for the book Lee Irby s latest book deserves a lot attention than it s getting Irby s Unreliable tells the story of a murder from a murderer s point of view or does it It s hard to tell The author s writing produces a cagey, charming narrator but readers don t know whether or not they can trust him.In fiction writing, the purity of the relationship between reader and narrator is sacrosanct Writers should never break the reader s trust [...]

    22. A wonderfully creepy and suspenseful book It kept me turning the pages, because I had to know what came next It s also hilarious Lovely combination Edwin is a wonderful, fully developed, and complex character, and you can never really figure out what is true about him, and if anything he says is truee book is playful, in a delightful way It s a book that s not afraid to play with narrative, with ideas, with it all it s a book that takes chances, and turns things around, and that makes it engagin [...]

    23. This book is great Twisted Plot crazy storyline Kept me guessing until the end I won my copy of Unreliable from First Reads.

    24. This book lives up to its title Listen to our interview with Lee on The NOT Boring Book Show here bit LeeIrby

    25. I thought this book was fantastic I had finished reading unreliable in one day , it was so good I m so glad that I won it because now I can tell everyone how good it is.

    26. This exuberantly written part mystery, part roller coaster ride through the hell of a return home one weekend, is narrated by a self described unreliable narrator hence the title , who begins his tale by hinting that he might have murdered his ex wife, an Ihop waitress, and or his mother The first few chapters rely heavily on this literary trope, presenting to us a man who may or may not be insane, a serial killer, both, or none There s an initial cuteness factor here, which quickly wears off, b [...]

    27. I received this book through a Giveaway Oh, man My head is still spinning.I ve got to hand it to Irby I never had my finger on the ending until it was spelled out in front of me As hater of predictability, I absolutely loved the spinning, shifting plot of this novel, and I read the last half of it in a single afternoon Edwin is a suitably unreliable narrator At first, his constant rambling about his possible crimes was irritating, but after a while, this thinned out onto actual plot He s both no [...]

    28. Edwin Stith lives in Ithica, New York, where he is a college professor He has returned home to Richmond, Virginia, for his mother s wedding to a man who s slightly older than Edwin himself Edwin is an enigma He has an ex wife and he may or may not have killed her He may or may not be sleeping with one of his students He s about to have a stepsister and he may or may not have killed her I found this hard to get into and I think it s because Edwin actually talks to us, the readers, throughout the [...]

    29. 2 5 I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via the giveaway Unreliable describes the narrator of this book, a thirty eight year old college professor named Edwin Stith who is returning home to Richmond for his mother s second wedding During his time in Richmond, Edwin meets his soon to be step siblings and step father, reconnects with an old girlfriend and becomes entangled in her own problems, and tries to determine if the student with whom he has been having an affair is actual [...]

    30. I disliked everything about this book I wanted to put it down as soon as I started, but I unfortunately powered through I think that this is an author writing about an author who may or may not have killed someone, and may or not be lying or telling the truth at any point in the novel hence the title, Unreliable The narrator is a cocky, sure of himself professor who may or may not be sleeping with a student the same he may or may not have killed , recently divorced and attending his mother s wed [...]

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