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Murder on the Moor By Julianna Deering DeAnna Julie Dodson,

  • Title: Murder on the Moor
  • Author: Julianna Deering DeAnna Julie Dodson
  • ISBN: 9780764218286
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mystery Awaits on the Mysterious Yorkshire Moors At the urgent request of an old school friend, Drew and Madeline Farthering come to Bloodworth Park Lodge in the midst of the Yorkshire moors, a place as moody and mysterious as a BrontE hero There have been several worrisome incidents out on the moor property destroyed, fires started, sheep and cattle scattered and worstMystery Awaits on the Mysterious Yorkshire Moors At the urgent request of an old school friend, Drew and Madeline Farthering come to Bloodworth Park Lodge in the midst of the Yorkshire moors, a place as moody and mysterious as a BrontE hero There have been several worrisome incidents out on the moor property destroyed, fires started, sheep and cattle scattered and worst of all, the vicar has been found dead on the steps of the church.Drew s friend is obviously smitten with his bride of eight months, though it s hard to imagine what she sees in the awkward man Drew can t help wondering if her affections lie with the man s money and estate, while her romantic interests focus on their fiery Welsh gamekeeper As the danger grows ever closer, it s up to Drew to look past his own prejudices, determine what is really going on, and find the killer before it s too late.
    Murder on the Moor Mystery Awaits on the Mysterious Yorkshire Moors At the urgent request of an old school friend Drew and Madeline Farthering come to Bloodworth Park Lodge in the midst of the Yorkshire moors a place

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    1. I keep saying this about the Drew Farthering Mysteries, but this one is my favorite In Murder on the Moor, Julianna Deering explores some fascinating characters and tips expectations on their ears As in the best mysteries, I suspected everyone and no one I was thrilled that the actual culprit was high on my list although I didn t know why Come for the clues and the mystery, but stay for the characters and a beautiful tale of sacrificial love that will touch your heart.

    2. I have finally met Drew Farthering, and the pleasure is all mine Suave but not arrogant Handsome and besotted with his wife, Madeline Kindhearted Strong but not so much that he doesn t realize he needs God A book lover be still my heart and an amateur sleuth Yep Drew, my friend, I apologize for not making your acquaintance much sooner.In this installment of his eponymous series, Drew and Madeline head off to the moors to help out a friend of Drew s The moors are everything you d except them to b [...]

    3. This is my favorite of the Drew Farthering books so far An intriguing setting, complex characters, and a style that reminds me of Dorothy Sayers all combined to make it an excellent mystery.

    4. I adore Julianna Deering s Drew Farthering novels and this was one a perfect addition to the series Drew and Madeline are on their way to the moor to help an old schoolmate of Drew s There are odd happenings around Beaky s estate, and now there s been a murder They go up to help sleuth about, but goings are slow and another murder occurs Drew has a lot to learn in this novela lot about judging people and seeing them for who they are The mystery is pitch perfect, and the love between Drew and Mad [...]

    5. I m a big fan of classic mystery authors like R Austin Freeman, S.S Van Dine, and other writers similar to the Detection Club There s really no genre with so much character as mysteries from the 20 s and 30 s Murder on the Moor is in that tradition, and it holds its own.What I immediately noticed was that it didn t instantly hold my attention, and when I thought carefully about that, it occurred to me that when I read a book like this, it should be an old musty hardcover with thick creamy pages [...]

    6. 3.5Julianna Deering keeps us on our toes with stories of Drew and Nick and Madeline getting into mischief, solving crimes and winning fans along the way In her latest installment, readers are taken outside of Drew s home and into the moors, where anything can happen.While this one took me a bit longer to get into, once it started moving forward, I enjoyed seeing how the mystery unfolded I thought I had a pretty good idea of suspects and motives, but as with previous novels, Deering was able to [...]

    7. I m really glad that these books don t necessarily have to be read in order I think I ve read books 1, 3, and 5 Of the ones I ve read, I think that this one may be my favorite one First of all Drew and Madeline are delightful I ve forgotten how much I ve enjoyed them I also really enjoyed the fact that there are TONS of suspects, but as a reader, I didn t really know which one was the killer I ve read some mysteries where the killer s identity is known in the first few chapters That wasn t the c [...]

    8. I have enjoyed every one of Julianna Deering s Drew Farthering Mysteries, but I think Murder on the Moor is the best yet It s the fifth book in the series, and although there is a minor subplot arching over the series, this can be read as a standalone, or as part of the series And best of all, reading them out of order won t hurt In Murder on the Moor, Drew and Madeline Fathering are called to an old house in a tiny village on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors after the local vicar is found murder [...]

    9. I grew up reading mysteries from Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers Reading this mystery series by Deering is like coming home again The dialog, the setting, the mystery, and the characters are crafted with precision What a treat.Drew Farthering who reminds me of Lord Peter Wimsey has been asked by an old classmate to help solve a mystery Mysterious activities have been happening on his estate, culminating in the murder of the village vicar Drew and his wife travel to the Yorkshire moors Fatheri [...]

    10. Julianna Deering is my new hero She s a queen among women wielding her pen with the efficiency of Aragorn and his sword Anduril.Where do I even start with my praises of Murder on the Moor Okay, first of all, great character development in this 5th book in her Drew Farthering series Drew and Madeline have been married for almost 2 years now, still happy little newlyweds, but Drew undergoes a maturing of character that involves not letting past prejudices interfere with his perception of new peopl [...]

    11. The problem with reviewing a mystery is that it can be so hard to gush about the things one likes without spoiling the plot, hence the following somewhat vague praise I was pleased to have figured out or, in the case of the murderer, simply guessed right without anything to back it up other than intuition from reading too many mystery novels a couple of the mysteries in the story before Drew did It s so satisfying to beat him, even if logic was only involved in one particular case, and not the o [...]

    12. What a fun atmospheric read this one was A murder mystery set in the moors along with all the creepiness that goes along with that ghost stories, legends, pagan rituals, a mansion falling to pieces, you get the picture Old friends, shifty characters, suspicious encounters and in the midst we have Drew and his lovely wife Madeline looking into the situation for Drew s old buddy, Beaky I really liked the relationship between Drew and Madeline their banter and obvious love and respect they have for [...]

    13. Although over a year has passed since his last case, amateur sleuth Drew Farthering hasn t lost his passion for solving crimes, and therefore when his old school chum comes calling with a plea for assistance, he is unable to resist the lure of a fresh case Hubert Beaky Bloodworth recently inherited Bloodworth Park Lodge, the family seat located in the Yorkshire moors In the months since taking possession of his inheritance, he and his new wife Sabrina have been plagued by a rash of mysterious in [...]

    14. When it comes to mysteries, it s hard to go past the Yorkshire moors for atmosphere, and that s exactly where Drew and Madeline head for this fifth mystery in the Drew Farthering series Mind you, I love the atmosphere in each of the Drew Farthering novels, regardless of where they re set because Drew is the quintessential 1930s English gentleman, and there s just something about him, as well as the era and setting he inhabits, that s irresistible If you re forming the impression that I m already [...]

    15. Reviewed at The Power of Words bit 2lU4hoyMurder on the Moor is my first Drew Farthering mystery and I m kicking myself for not having discovered this series before now Although 5 in the series, it can stand alone and I will be reading the previous stories very soon From police procedurals to cozies, I m a huge fan of British mysteries, having read many series in the general market and it s rare to find something similar in the CBA Julianna Deering s Drew Farthering series is quality all the way [...]

    16. Drew Farthering lay on the sofa before the library fireplace, his head on his wife s lap, listening as she read from Jane Eyre 7 Now, how could one not love that opening scene I have no idea where I ve been, but Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering is my first Drew Farthering Mystery, and certainly will not be my last I love classic settings, and the witty dialogue was just icing on the cake It kind of reminds me of the classic Sherlock Holmes, though without the smartiness that s nicely putt [...]

    17. Murder on the Moor is a historical mystery set in 1934 in England It s the fifth book in a series You don t need to read the previous novels to understand this one, and this novel didn t spoil the previous mysteries.The characters had depth and reacted realistically to events Since Drew was betrayed by a beautiful woman in the past, he struggled to be objective about some of the suspects and misinterpreted some of what was going on.The mystery was a clue based puzzle Some of the clues seemed obv [...]

    18. Title Murder on the Moor Drew Farthering Mystery 5 Author Julianna DeeringPages 321Year 2017Publisher Bethany HouseMy rating is 4 stars.An old school chum of Drew s, Beaky Bloodworth, arrives on Drew s doorstep asking for his detective skills in his home village on the moors Drew hasn t had a mystery for quite a while so he and Madeline are up for the case They travel to Beaky s neck of the woods to try and discover who has been causing some odd happenings around the village and on the moors as [...]

    19. Murder on the MOOR by Julianna Deering is the fifth book in the A Drew Farthering Mystery Book series Even though this book is the fifth in the series, it is a book that can be read out of order and still be enjoyed but yes I did read the other 4th first, admit it if you have read my other reviews you knew I was going to say that, right I think Murder on the MOOR was the saddest of the five because of the theme, yes I know they all deal with murder and betrayal but the why the murders were being [...]

    20. Fans of BBC crime shows like Father Brown and Miss Marple will absolutely adore Julianna Deering s Drew Farthering Mysteries It s a mesh of Downtown Abbey meets Agatha Christie with a healthy dose of droll humour rolled in Each book reads well as a standalone so feel free to dive right in with this book even if you haven t read any of the others.Wealthy aristocrat, Drew Farthering is an amateur sleuth in 1930s England Madeline, his plain speaking, Yankee born wife, makes a great Watson to his Sh [...]

    21. Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering, DeAnna Julie DodsonYear 1934Location Bloodworth Park Lodge, Yorkshire Moors, EnglandMain Characters Beaky Bloodworth Drew Farthering s friend from Eton nicknamed Beaky because of his rather large nose Sabrina Bloodworth Beaky s wifeDrew Farthering Not a detective, but is apparently known for solving mysteriesMadeline Farthering American wife and helper with mysteriesRhys Delwyn Beaky s gamekeeper.Mr Blackstock MailmanJack Midgley Poacher and all around not [...]

    22. Another murder, another mystery, and Drew and Madeline are back to solve it As Drew and Madeline Fathering get ready for another typical night, the phone suddenly rings with a request to speak with Drew One of Drew s old schoolmates, Beaky Bloodworth, is calling with a request for his help He has read about Drew s amateur sleuthing in the newspapers and wants his help to investigate some matters going on up in Yorkshire at his newly inherited lodge As it turns out, the local vicar has been recen [...]

    23. Murder on the Moor, book five of the Drew Farthering Mystery Series, set in1930s England, takes Drew and his wife Madeleine to the Yorkshire moors More specifically they go to Bloodworth Park Lodge in Bunting s Nest at the urgent request of an old school friend, the awkward, unattractive but very wealthy, Beaky Bloodworth There have been several unexplained crimes in the village, the worst being the murder of the vicar Drew believes Beaky s beautiful and possibly money hungry bride, Sabrina and [...]

    24. When Drew Farthering and his wife Madeleine receive an earnest request from one of Drew s former classmates, Hubert Beaky Bloodworth, to travel to Bloodworth Park Lodge, they are instantly on the scent of another murder in the normally placid community of Buntings Nest This time the unfortunate chap was the local vicar, found by the milk man, face down on the front steps of his church.As Drew and Madeleine begin to search for clues, their enigmatic hostess, Mrs Hubert Bloodworth, raises many qu [...]

    25. This is your classic Who done it mystery novel with a twisting ending that you may not see coming until it hits you like a ton of books Drew and his wife Madeline are not professional detectives, but that doesn t really matter There is a crime, it needs solving, and they are the ones to do it The book is well paced, and the plot is easy to follow, but unexpected That s always a refreshing combination when it comes to a mystery story The characters are full of life and personality, and really imp [...]

    26. I am a fan of Drew Farthering and his wife, Madeline This is the fifth book in Julianna Deering s cozy mystery series.This time they are going to the aid of Drew s childhood friend Beaky Bloodworth Seems someone mudererd the local vicar Drew s sidekick Nick goes undercover this time, so that adds to the cloak and dagger mystique Add in a blind young maid, a gamekeeper, Beaky s seemingly cool wife and neighbors who used to be feuding in generations past and there is the recipe for intrigue I alwa [...]

    27. An old Eton friend asks Drew Farthering and his American wife Madeline to investigate when the local vicar is brutally murdered, following a series of unexplained occurrences around Bloodsworth Park Lodge in Yorkshire Drew is suspicious of Beaky s beautiful wife after all, Beaky is a good chap but would never win any beauty contests A second murder adds puzzlement, and it s not until Drew himself is arrested following a third death that he realizes what is really going on and who is responsible [...]

    28. Enjoyable old fashioned mystery in the style of Agatha Christieough not quite as intricate Husband and wife team, Drew and Madeline, visit the moors at the request of an old school mate to solve the murder of the local vicar We have a great hound, lots of fog, mysterious ruins and a touch of romance and a couple murders along the way A nice break from psychological thrillers and unending suspense.

    29. MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKWhen Drew and Madeline Farthering comes to Bloodworth Park Lodge in the midst of the Yorkshire moors to solve a mystery, they sure wasn t expecting to suspect the wife of their friend who called them there But everything seemed to point to her But the case wasn t that easy There were a lot of weird things happening that just didn t make sense It seems that Drew and Madeline have their work cut out for them.Each book in the Drew Farthering Mystery series gets better and be [...]

    30. This is the fifth book in Julianna Deering Drew Farthering Mystery series however, if you haven t read the first four no worries You probably would be invested in the main characters if you have but, it was easy enough to jump into without having read the others This story is set in England in the 1930 s Odd things have been happening in a quiet village in the north and Drew is called in to solve the mystery and the murders I liked the book but, not enough for it to get me interested in the res [...]

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