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An Uncommon Courtship By Kristi Ann Hunter,

  • Title: An Uncommon Courtship
  • Author: Kristi Ann Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780764218262
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • When her mother s ill conceived marriage trap goes awry, Lady Adelaide Bell unwittingly finds herself bound to a stranger who ignores her Lord Trent Hawthorne, who had grand plans to marry for love, is even less pleased with the match Can they set aside their first impressions before any chance of love is lost
    An Uncommon Courtship When her mother s ill conceived marriage trap goes awry Lady Adelaide Bell unwittingly finds herself bound to a stranger who ignores her Lord Trent Hawthorne who had grand plans to marry for love i

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    1. I haven t known another author recently that has me raising my brow at a character, only to be completely and fully taken by them by the end of the story Adelaide is just such a character She s not your typical lady because her mother didn t focus much time and efforts on Adelaide, like she did her older sister Although it s not evident at first, I came to notice that she s a bit quirky Perhaps even a bit odd She wears spectacles She carries a book in her reticule, just in case She doesn t like [...]

    2. Originally part of a discussion post on Reveries Reviews.1.5 starsHaving worshipped the ground books 1 and 2 walked on, I was deeply disappointed to find this amount of sexual content in a Christian fiction book.When I first read that it was an arranged marriage book, my warning lights went off but I decided to read it Books 1 and 2 were amazing the author had written sweet, Christian romances with adorable characters, and I longed to see Trent s story I trusted Hunter I really did.Then disaster [...]

    3. This book in a word awkward.Such a pity, since I was really looking forward to Trent s story, and I have a soft spot for marriage of convenience stories done right The entire story begins with the marriage, and Trent s eager wish to get away He tries to include Adelaide to some extent, but the he messes up, the he withdraws He begins to be attracted to her, so then he runs faster in the opposite direction For the first hundred pages, it s frustrating but also humorous But Adelaide is totally a [...]

    4. Dinners Balls Gorgeous gowns and dapper gentlemen If you love a classic Regency, then you ll want to pick up a copy of An Uncommon Courtship This is the 3rd book in a series and I admit that I hadn t read the first two That being said, I don t feel like I missed out on any information and it all made sense to read The author did a good job of making sure everything flowed in a logical fashion and didn t leave any gaps or glitches in the plot.So, the big question is why did I give this 3 stars in [...]

    5. When I first read A Noble Masquerade book one of the series , I knew that Kristi Ann Hunter was unique Little did I know that her books would be able to twist and pull on my heart and emotions in such a strong way An Uncommon Courtship is a story filled with sweetness that will make you sigh, rogues that will make you shudder, scheming women that will make your blood boil, and passion that will make you swoon Trent and Adelaide make such an adorable pair They complement each other beautifully Wa [...]

    6. While I did enjoy this one, it wasn t my favorite of the series I liked the overall idea for the story, but didn t really connect well with the main characters Adelaide was a nice enough heroine, at times I really wish she would have spoken Same with Trent, lots of inner dialogue And I got a little tired of him comparing his marriage to everyone else and just not knowing what to do Lacks a lot of confidence It s a nice story and has some sweet moments I actually enjoyed the scenes where past ch [...]

    7. 2.75I ve been a fan of the Hawthorne House series since the beginning The stories have been fun quick reads that I like to add to my reading pile This latest release follows one of the brothers, Trent, and while it wasn t my favorite of the group, I think fans can still enjoy this one.I liked Adelaide s character I appreciated her development and how she dealt with her unexpected hand I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Hunter was willing to talk about issues newlyweds might have that ar [...]

    8. I m sure I m not the only person who has been really, really looking forward to reading Trent s story He s been one of my favorite characters almost since the moment I met him and I couldn t wait to see how things would turn out for him And I m happy with the way things turned out in the end I m just not quite so happy about the entire process of getting to that end I ll do my best to not include any real spoilers, but I also want to give my honest opinion so bear with me, will you This story st [...]

    9. Hmm I liked it and couldn t stop reading it, but in comparison to books 1 and 2 which set the bar REALLY high it was just okay.Adelaide and Trent marry to protect Adelaide s reputation, barely knowing each other and certainly not in love, but they try to work on their marriage They bumble their way through, often taking two steps backwards for every step forward There are a few bumps and bruises along the way literally and some rather awkward moments however, they don t give up and the results a [...]

    10. I enjoyed this marriage or ruination story I also enjoyed catching up with characters from the previous stories in this series This book is the third, but can be read as a stand alone.Trent makes the decision to marry Adelaide when they spend the evening together after an accident He is a man of honor and abandons his plans to marry for love This romance has some humorous moments Trent decides to court his wife Their marriage at the beginning is shaky They do not know how to communicate with the [...]

    11. 3.5 stars to The Uncommon Courtship I have pondered, as I ve read, how I feel about this book It s the 4th one in because I include the novella and I ve long anticipated Trent s story, since A Noble Masquerade which is still my favourite Trent was by far the best minor character, and I enjoyed his personality, and what he brought to the scene when he was present This, is his turn, and I felt like his character developed well, and he continued consistently as expected I also liked Adelaide I foun [...]

    12. I was so excited to see this book I d been looking forward to this book for a while I ll admit that I was a little sad not to see as much of either of Trent s sisters in this book, but I still enjoyed the story Trent was a character I wanted to know about He d been a minor character in the other two books, so getting to know him was delightful I positively adored his unusual group of servants They were fascinating, and I could tell that they wanted their master and mistress to find happiness I [...]

    13. After enjoying immensely books one and two Trent s story in An Uncommon Courtship was a disappointment There wasn t much of a plot and the plot that was there got incredibly repetitive The humor found in books one and two was missing I hope book four is better.

    14. I love stories with a premise like this, where the couple gets to know each other and falls in love after they marry There are so many obstacles to overcome in this situation, it was mostly the lack of communication between Adelaide and Trent and their naivet I loved seeing Adelaide come into her own and learn to embrace her new independence Being free of her family allowed her to blossom and true colors shine Trent was a bit of an idiot of course as he worked through his feelings of feeling tra [...]

    15. The latest book in The Hawthorne House series is here woot woot We ve had a chance to read both of his sister s stories and now it is Trent s turn Squeee Ok, thoughts Loved it, of course I know that it s the publisher that makes the covers, but HOLY MOLY her covers are beautiful That is, honestly, half of the battle right there I could go on about how her characters are always entertaining, well rounded and lovable, but I especially love how they are deep They really love God and these books are [...]

    16. Trent s musings over breakfast was a charming way to start An Uncommon Courtship He declares it one of God s greatest gifts to humanity and I couldn t have been delighted with his enjoyment of the start of the day.Quickly thereafter, readers find out Trent has just married Adelaide, and we follow their journey together Will they learn to love one another, or will they become strangers who merely live in the same house Trent s household is run a little differently than the average household, whi [...]

    17. Kristi Ann Hunter has once again written a fabulous regency romance novel This book is about Lord Trent Hawthorne, another of the Hawthorne brothers The story is an absolute delight, focusing on the courtship and romance of Lady Adelaide and Lord Hawthorne their romance is both sweet and swoon worthy Readers will become enchantment with this fun and romantic novel It is a story that readers will love from page one and will not soon forget I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy histor [...]

    18. Loved this book for so many reasons I really like Hunters writing and how she goes deep with these fun stories I love book series about each family member getting there own story and then seeing them in each novel help each other with there own love story I loved how real she got You could feel the awkwardness seeping out of this novel She doesn t do the same old boy has to marry girl and there are so many misunderstandings but they lust for each other and everything works out when they say I lo [...]

    19. What a surprise wedding night Lady Adelaide is about to experience, yes she married under different circumstances, but no bride expects to be abandoned, her new husband is in the house, but no where near her.Trent Hawthorne is the second son of a duke, so he does not inherit the title, and he sure could care less about it, he does what is right according to society, and thus he and Adelaide are married He wants what the rest of his family has, and that is a love match, and now that has really be [...]

    20. An Uncommon Courtship is a delightful Regency novel with a twist Lord Trent is the second son, who is quite contenting letting the rest of the world think he will never grow up and that he will not be responsible Lady Adelaide has lived in her sister s shadow until she finds herself engaged and married to the second son It s not the match either of them had hoped for, but Trent decides to court her anyway The story tells how that courtship flows, after all what could go wrong when he decides to [...]

    21. After reading and loving the first two books in this series, I was really looking forward to this story Unfortunately, it just wasn t my cup of tea I still loved the characters and writing, but the storyline was justodd I didn t get some of Trent s actions and I didn t like how I was confused in the beginning of the book you are just kind of thrown into the story without much detail it does come later, but I would have liked to have known right away in detail what had happened to lead to the mar [...]

    22. In general I love this type of storyline A man and woman forced into a marriage through means outside their own control, who then learn how to love each other Yes, I did say how to love not just to love each other Is their a difference I think so, and I think this book did a great job of portraying it Learning to love involves of the feelings whereas I think learning how to love involves a choice And that is exactly what this book focuses on It focuses on what love really means, and how a coupl [...]

    23. I was looking forward to reading this book because I enjoyed SO much the previous one An Elegant Fa ade But, no matter how much I tried to like this story, it just didn t work for me.Writing is good, dialogues are fine those were not the problem The thing was that I didn t like the plot, the big idea of the book, the whole courtship thing I couldn t connect with it.Even though the main characters were facing what we can call a very hard and awkward situation, I believe they should have taken ano [...]

    24. I can t say this one was my favorite in the series, but I did still find it an enjoyable installment I especially appreciated the honesty of Trent and Adelaide s journey towards love and their happily ever after In addition, Hunter s wit and humor, which I adore, are definitely present in this one, so I give it a thumbs up PS There is a topic in this book that may be a little heavy for the younger crowd Though this is definitely a clean read nothing explicit at all , there is some discussion on [...]

    25. Full review on Faithfully Bookish wp p7ngfE wCDespite his charm, wealth, and good looks, Trent is a top notch gentleman above reproach Trent s most endearing qualities are his chivalry, humor, innocence, faith, and purity of heart.Quiet Lady Adelaide Bell is a little on the quirky side but she s the last woman anyone would expect to need a marriage of convenience to preserve her reputation Fortunately, marriage should give Adelaide some much needed distance from her mother s constant schemes.The [...]

    26. Book 3 of the Hawthorne House series focuses on Trent, the youngest brother but also includes all of the wonderful characters from the previous books Trent only had minor roles in books 1 and 2, so it was nice to find out about him Trent, to this point, has been somewhat of a playboy enjoying life, especially athletics, and not taking much of life seriously When he falls down a shaft trying to rescue his neighbor, Lady Adelaide, who had been picking mushrooms in it, and they are forced to spend [...]

    27. A compromised position forces Adelaide Bell and Trent Hawthorne into a marriage neither one of them asked for When Trent recalls his older brother s words that God doesn t make mistakes He has something planned for his life, can he begin to see that in this situation And if so, how will God turn it around for good 3.5 starsSince I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the Hawthorne series, it was with gleeful anticipation that I approached this one It s set in a time period where marriage ma [...]

    28. Wow, that was awkward Amusing, frustrating, moving, surprisingly honest, and yep, definitely awkward But what can one expect out of an essentially shotgun wedding when the bride and groom don t know each other In some respects, this is one of the most realistic marriage of convenience books I ve read Even people who know each other well prior to marriage experience their fair share of awkwardness after speaking the vows, so going into a marriage blind like this, I can see how it could be so supr [...]

    29. Bravado can only carry a woman so far before reality intrudes with crushing abruptness Lady Adelaide Bell is certainly not known for bravado, her quiet, unassuming beauty has kept her nearly invisible from society, primarily as a result of her mother s determination to display Adelaide s older and accomplished sister, desperate to improve her own standing by marrying her daughters to rich, titled husbands Her mother s scheming seems to pay off when Adelaide s uncommon affection for gathering mu [...]

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