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Unexpected Reality By Kaylee Ryan,

  • Title: Unexpected Reality
  • Author: Kaylee Ryan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 288
  • Format: None
  • Expect the unexpected That s what they say, but it s easier said than done.How do you expect a change so huge it rocks you to your core How do you prepare yourself for an event that will alter your life forever One breathOne secondOne minuteOne hourOne day at a time, you learn to live with your unexpected reality.
    Unexpected Reality Expect the unexpected That s what they say but it s easier said than done How do you expect a change so huge it rocks you to your core How do you prepare yourself for an event that will alter your li

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    1. Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Book Basics Genre Cont Romance Series Stand AloneLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No, but hero has detailed encounters with other women before meeting the heroine hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series No Rating 1 stars Review Warning this review WILL be spoilery, and I may get rantyI so got sucked in by the cover on this [...]

    2. DNF 92%I know, I knowwhy not just finish the last 8ish% I just couldn t I m going to put this in a spoiler tag to spare those that don t want this ruined WARNING Some cussing and ranting to follow view spoiler It was so freaking stupid I was worried that my grandma was really telling the truth when I was a kid and my eyes would stay rolled if I kept rolling them OK let me rewind a bit First I didn t feel the connection It was like it took them forever to actually do anything except bump into eac [...]

    3. 4.5 starsI loved it I loved the premise of the story and the journey Ms Ryan took me on.This book is really special because it captures Ridge and Kendall building a friendship to eventually falling head over heels for one another I loved the humor and I really felt the connection between not just Ridge and Kendall but also Ridge and Melissa NOT a love triangle The story is heartwarming, and heartbreaking in equal measures I was completely immersed in Ridge and Kendall s struggle to overcome the [...]

    4. From the moment I saw this cover I had to read this book Sometimes judging a book by the cover can completely backfire on you, as I am sure you know, but this one was a complete win I love a single dad story, they are my jam, but they can easily come with a lot of unnecessary drama I love how Kaylee executed this one Ridge has a one night stand and months later finds out the girl got pregnant It s unexpected and while he liked the girl, there isn t any baby momma drama It was actually handled in [...]

    5. Watch out for SPOILERS So this is one of the worst books I ve ever read Truly It was catastrophic.First off all, the blurb left much to the imagination I didn t really know what this book would be about The only hint was the baby on the cover So single dad with a newborn baby I thought this story would be great and really interesting It would seem, that I was wrong Again.It all started with the prologue It was written in the 1POV form Melissa You would think that this Melissa would be the heroin [...]

    6. This review will be chocked full of spoilers, continue at your own risk I have read and adored every Kaylee Ryan book that has been released I have read some spoilers that I will admit, made me doubt my preorder I have heard different things and wasn t sure what to expect when I started this today.In the prologue, Ridge has a one night stand with a young lady named Melissa She is emotionally beat down and passing through after experiencing a tremendous loss After spending the night with her, Rid [...]

    7. Self Note Another book with sex scene with OWis one is even worst because the OW is the sister of the heroine and got pregnant gag Then he has another woman from a bet that just says a lot about him.t a very nice person to read about review show

    8. 5 One breath, one minute at a time stars I have to say that I had my doubts about this book I heard some spoilers that made me think I wouldn t enjoy this story I trusted my friend Tonya and went for it and am I glad that I did In the beginning, we meet Ridge and honestly some of his actions had me questioning what kind of man he is At times you could see the hero that he was and others I really didn t know about him Then tragedy happens and Ridge has to grow up real quick because now he s a sin [...]

    9. The first 20% of this story had me hook, line and sinker The rest of the story kind of flatlined a bit for me I still enjoyed it okay but it didn t wow me and was kind of predictable That cover though fans self

    10. 1 1.25 STAR spoilers Book wasn t anything special, total cheese fest and I love cheesy books but this was just a lil too meh, would have rated this a 2 star if not for the fact that view spoiler hero s baby mamma is heroine s sister and I m not really intolerant against plotlines like this but the hero sounded like he had feelings for the heroine s sister and I felt like if she had not died another spoiler he would be in love with her and this thought just kept on smacking me in the head, almost [...]

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    12. image error I knew I was a goner when I first saw the cover and knew it was about a single dad And I was right The story was so sweet it almost gave me a toothache So this little guy, not only is he your gift, but he s mine too The beginning will start a bit different then you might expect and it ll make you feel a bit confused and why I m reading this in the first place, but let me tell you it s sure going to pick up So at the beginning of our story, I found that those couple of chapters are my [...]

    13. I have been with Kaylee from the beginning with this book and I can tell you that this is her best book yet I wish I could give it then 5 stars And that cover How could you not love it It s AMAZING

    14. Is there anything swoon worthy than a hot, alpha, tatted up single dad I think not, and my ovaries exploded numerous times throughout this story Not to mention all the feels This man tall, dark, handsome, looking like sex personified is holding his baby boy close to his chest Ovary explosion Ridge Beckett s life changed in a single instance A good, hardworking man, he stepped up to the plate when needed Life is funny like that it has a way of changing on you when you least expect it One look at [...]

    15. 4.0 WHITE ENVELOPE STARS I am a whore when it comes to book covers More often than not, it s the very first thing that caught my interest that and the blurb Unexpected Reality is one of those books that got me rooting for the very first time I laid my eyes on the cover Damn There s nothing hotter than to see a shirtless man with a hot bod and tattoos cradling a baby in a skin to skin contact So, I read the blurb, it piqued my interest and there s no way I was going to pass this book I then stalk [...]

    16. I love a good story with a sexy daddy involvedI mean lets be real there is nothing sexier than a daddy lovin on his kids and this book does not hold out on that Ridge was great alpha, sweet, possessive, loving, and a kick butt dad Kendall was sweet, witty, confident, and loyal I loved how these two played out their romance felt real and believable but view spoiler first offif you sleep with someone I m pretty sure unless your drunk off your butt your going to remember what they look liked since [...]

    17. Ridge is a chill guy, he s caring, protective and I loved his attitude after sex it was carefree and easy going with his woman, it s not nice to laugh at a man after sex, sweet girl, he mumbles into my neck Ridge tends to have caveman tendencies at times, I smack her on the Go shower and get ready We men don t take near as long I loved this book I loved Ridge and his boys I can t wait for the others to get their own books.

    18. 3.5 stars, I really enjoyed this book despite my initial reservations from the mixed reviews There were moments which were a 5 star read for me Moments which made me FEEL , but then there were a few things which decreased my rating This story is about Ridge and Kendall Essentially, he has a ONS and becomes a dad He meets Kendall, and bam, their romance begins What I loved I actually loved Ridge He changes A LOT when he gets a kid In the beginning, he s a bit of an asshole, but I swear it isn t n [...]

    19. If you give the cover of this book a good look then you ll know where you get yourself into Ridge is a tattooed single dad Knox, his son, came totally unexpected in his life but his is determined to do his best to raise him Now, if you want to know why he s single and if he stays single or if he finds true love to a perfect girl all you have to do is read it It was a sweet book.

    20. Kaylee Ryan.Her name popped up in my email box, and I figured, what the heck The name seemed somewhat familiar, and the very vague description she provided of Unexpected Reality peaked my interest There s a baby and a tattooed man on the cover Count me in Here s the thing I don t want to give much away.Obviously there s a baby and a daddy There must be a mom somewhere in there, and a few other characters The dad, Ridge, owns his own business he s in construction with four of his equally good loo [...]

    21. 4.25 starsI ended up really enjoying this book At the start I wasn t too sure I was going to enjoy it but once we meet the heroine which is at the 28% mark it turns into a beautiful love story Highly recommend if you are after a sweet low angst instant love read.HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Cheating OW OM view spoiler No cheating MAJOR PLOT SPOILER He was with OW 8 months before he was with the heroine who turned out to be her twin sister not identical that she had never meet who passed awa [...]

    22. 5 Serendipitous Stars How it s possible this was my first Kaylee Ryan book I m not sure, but it s a great way to start a relationship with a new author This book captured me from the moment I started reading it Ridge Beckett is a man that isn t looking for anything permanent and when he meets a beautiful young woman, Melissa, drinking alone in a small town bar that he and his friends are working a project in, he invites her to their table and things lead to them spending the night together My he [...]

    23. Antes de mais nada tenho que dizer que s de ver a capa eu j queria ler o livro A hist ria gira em torno de Ridge, que de uma noite para outra descobre que em breve ser pai A Melissa, uma mo a que ele conheceu e ficou uma nica noite meses atr s, ressurge em sua vida em uma circunstancia para l de tensa e inesperada.Ridge um pai solteiro e ao longo dos cap tulos vamos descobrindo junto dele todos os dramas e dons que surgem pelo caminho atrav s do presente que a vida lhe deu , o seu beb.Ridge afor [...]

    24. 4.5 Stars Kaylee Ryan is one of my favorite authors to go to when I want sweet romance with minimal angst and a whole lot of smiles And once again, she wowed me with her amazing writing This book was so unexpected yet so beautifully written And honestly, the blurb drew me in I loved the aloofness of this story going in with only hints of what I would get.Unexpected Reality is the kind of love story that speaks to you deep down to your bones I laughed I smiled I giggled I swooned I cried I fell h [...]

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