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Night Sky with Exit Wounds By Ocean Vuong,

  • Title: Night Sky with Exit Wounds
  • Author: Ocean Vuong
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ocean Vuong s first full length collection aims straight for the perennial big and very human subjects of romance, family, memory, grief, war, and melancholia None of these he allows to overwhelm his spirit or his poems, which demonstrate, through breath and cadence and unrepentant enthrallment, that a gentle palm on a chest can calm the fiercest hungers.
    Night Sky with Exit Wounds Ocean Vuong s first full length collection aims straight for the perennial big and very human subjects of romance family memory grief war and melancholia None of these he allows to overwhelm his

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    1. The most beautiful part of your bodyis where it s headed, rememberloneliness is still time spentwith the world.To read Ocean Vuong s Night Sky with Exit Wounds is to be dazzled by gorgeous lyricism I picked this up as part of my exploration of contemporary poetry I have been experimenting with over the last several weeks It s amazing the breadth of talent that exists in this genre.I realized after reading the first few sentences of Vuong s first poem just how talented he is It certainly explains [...]

    2. This is a lovely lovely book of poems Nearly every poem ended in a way that left me saying mmmmm with pleasure or admiration or the quiet of feeling stunned by such beautiful words.

    3. There are seagulls above us There are hands fluttering between the constellations, trying to hold on Everyone can forget us as long as you remember Ocean Vuong, from Immigrant Haibun I admire Vuong s use of repetition, of theme and variation, in poems like Threshold and Trojan While I often gravitate toward traditionally structured, metrically restricted verse than Vuong s, I concede that it is exactly his preference for unmetered lines that allows him to use repetition to utmost effect unlike [...]

    4. Mesmerizing, unforgettable, and a heart open in your hand Vuong holds back nothing This is one to reread and keep on the desk To hold tight to the connection of why we write When our lips touched the day closedinto a coffin In the museum of the heartthere are two headless people building a burning house.There was always the shotgun above Depending on where you standyour name can sound like a full moonshredded in a dead doe s pelt.Your name changed when touchedby gravity Gravity breakingour kneec [...]

    5. Notwithstanding his youth, by the time Night Sky with Exit Wounds was published in early 2016, Ocean Vuong was already well known as a exciting new poet, with poems in American Poetry Review, Gulf Coast, The New Yorker, The Poetry Review and other prominent poetry journals So it was with much anticipation that I read this book I regrettably say I was disappointed, partly because I expected a lot in the way of a wunderkind s talent, with poetry that was as sophisticated as it was effusively expr [...]

    6. I don t know if you will enjoy the book Night Sky With Exit Wounds, by Ocean Vuong That depends on you how closely you read it, how often, and your individual taste I read it twice You might read it Or less Or never Or never again Or learn it by heart Always a nice thing to do with poetry.I should warn you though Buying it entails a small financial risk that you will have to undertake.Unless you receive it as a gift for your birthday, or on Halloween, or some other happy occasion.You might My c [...]

    7. A powerful collection of poems, about desire, longing, war, and loss Vuong writes of the shattering effects of the Vietnamese war for the people of Vietnam His poems are shot through with desire for others, for sex, for meaning, as well as loss of people, of love The world and he are the scars of love and longing, stars the exit wounds of the bullets of pain we survive or don t.I felt drunk reading these poems, drunk on the words Rich and as laden with beauty as a flower is with scent I read eac [...]

    8. Verse is memory turned aroundA warehouse of the rememberedAnd too the forgottenAnd the consciously left outDescription, diction, misuseThe author decides what to useThe poetry medium is deaderThan the poet ever could beExcept for me, always, always meSo now, is this obvious workDrop dead, so not dangerousTrod through scenariosn against sonGuess which one wonOr how in the endI ask the wayfarer toWake me up when originalityIs resurrected, I want to burn

    9. Probably I shouldn t write this review until I reread this book It s easy enough to do One book from 35 poems Probably I shouldn t write this because it came with such high expectations, which are, let s face it, a writer s worst enemies Me, I ll take low expectations any day If someone finds something good, I ll be happy And maybe they will, too.Ocean has a way with words Words that demand attention I still remember the Beloit Poetry Journal poem of his I read, Telemachus I loved that poem And [...]

    10. This is the first full length collection by Ocean Vuong, a rather thoughtless writer who is careless with words and who has never crossed a pathos he didn t immediately take Voung has a second rate imagination that never goes beyond his favorite subject, which is Vuong see his New Yorker poem, Someday I ll Love Ocean Vuong, which is literally addressed to himself, as an example Page after page exhibits poor writing in Prayer for the Newly Damned he writes what becomes of the shepherds when the s [...]

    11. Beautiful Mesmerizing Raw Hypnotizing Engrossing Amazing.I could probably keep going but it s starting to get annoying ANYWAY wow what poetry I, by no means, am a poetry fanatic or otherwise knowledgeable in the field BUT I know what is beautiful and what is good and they don t always mean the same thing This is both This is honestly perfect.

    12. I was ready to be disappointed, because I m not sure any poetry book can live up to the hype of waiting half a year for it to be published in the U.K but it was probably the best collection I ve read in the last year maybe longer.

    13. yes, i filled 3 pages full in my journal cramped handwriting and all, and yes, i am crying, and yes, i might do a blog post about this but isn t a good place for this but yes, i am in love and can finally declare myself an actual ocean vuong fan with reading an actual book instead of just samples online

    14. I really wanted to LOVEEEEE this book all five E s , as I briefly swooned over it a few months ago at a bookstore and my boyfriend is really into it But some part of me just couldn t totally fall for the collection, despite Ocean s clear vision and talent Maybe it was that the poems rely on only the barest of narratives or that some of the language got tripped up in a tangle of capital P poetry tropes Either way, I wanted or maybe less.

    15. I really loved several of the poems So beautiful So in awe and so proud that he s an Asian American It s so eye opening to learn about his perspective on the Vietnam War too But a few really flew over my head, not because they re bad or anything but I just couldn t get them Fuller review to come

    16. The only reason it took a few months for me to finish this collection of poetry is because I didn t want it to end Mesmerizing, enchanting, lyrical, and quite frankly, one of my favorite books of poems At times I found myself underlining entire passages the images were that startling Ocean Vuong breaks open my heart every single time If you read only one work of poetry this year, it should be this one And if you already own it, please move it to the top of your reading list.

    17. If I squeeze the pages between my hands, they will drip with a night sky of war and smoke and men sleeping with other men, highlighted with loss and grief, family members burning off like wind with sand I loved every single drop of this book.

    18. It is either the case of the wrong book at the wrong time, or I just didn t feel the poems I think there were two or three in total that I liked.

    19. Deep emotions stirred up by words coming sincerely from each poem made me wonder who is this amazingly gifted poet who imprinted pieces of his soul on each page of this book His name is Ocean Vuong He was born in Vietnam and his family emigrated to US when he was 2 years old This year, he received a Whiting Award, and in 2014 he has been awarded a Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry fellowship from the Poetry Foundation I came across few of his interview words which revealed to me a [...]

    20. Ah man, who doesn t love Ocean Vuong His poetry is rich with emotion and imagery, and there s a certain kind of intensity I m not sure how to describe behind his work One day I ll Love Ocean Vuong is probably my favourite, and has been my favourite since I read it a while ago online It s got a lyricness to it that I adore and it can be read and interpreted in so many different ways and somehow feels deeply personal to me, despite it being so grounded in Vuong s own experiences and relationships [...]

    21. Some good shit right there My heart hurts Faves poems are Homewrecker , Because It s Summer , Anaphora As Coping Mechanism , and Someday I ll Love Ocean Vuong

    22. This book brought the entire world into sharp pulsing focus This book had a visceral effect on me that I don t think I ve ever felt so strongly before This book It changed my life Please read it.

    23. I m just going to assume Vuong is a sopho in high school who just learned that poetry doesn t have to rhyme and that free verse is a thing.Oh wait, he s a highly regarded poet who has been published multiple times No wonder almost no one reads poetry any.

    24. Damn.Just damn.Night Sky with Exit Wounds is a collection of the most beautiful ugly utterly magnificent words I have ever read Vuong s use of language is absolutely stunning, his words so precise and lyrical This is a book full of pain and wonder and the heights and lows of emotions Stunning.

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