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Bandette, Volume 3: The House of the Green Mask By Paul Tobin Colleen Coover,

  • Title: Bandette, Volume 3: The House of the Green Mask
  • Author: Paul Tobin Colleen Coover
  • ISBN: 9781506702193
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bandette is a treasure Comic Book ResourcesBEHOLD, the greatest of all WISDOMS and TREASURES Bandette, greatest thief in all the lands, uncovers the greatest of all mysteries a clue to the location of the legendary House of the Green Mask But the sinister Voice has set his sights on the same treasure and sent a deadly assassin after the same secrets Worse, he s stole Bandette is a treasure Comic Book ResourcesBEHOLD, the greatest of all WISDOMS and TREASURES Bandette, greatest thief in all the lands, uncovers the greatest of all mysteries a clue to the location of the legendary House of the Green Mask But the sinister Voice has set his sights on the same treasure and sent a deadly assassin after the same secrets Worse, he s stolen the one thing dearest to Bandette s heart Now, she s after revenge And also chocolate Eisner Award winning Bandette returns to print I want to make something very clear you have absolutely no excuse not to buy this Darling Dork
    Bandette Volume The House of the Green Mask Bandette is a treasure Comic Book ResourcesBEHOLD the greatest of all WISDOMS and TREASURES Bandette greatest thief in all the lands uncovers the greatest of all mysteries a clue to the location of

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    1. 6 20 17 Bandette I commend you on your whimsical frivolities A proper life is weightless, no I am rereading this as part of my summer YA GN course with kickass girls, and this fits, but is the sixties Pink Panther Audrey Hepburn French version It is way too short, has urchin stories for young kids and an origin story, for fillers, but this time I thought This is less about story than it is about style and humor and American ideas of French noir dialogue It s just fun Bandette s chihuahua Pimento [...]

    2. Years ago a muse to the great 19th century Parisian artists was rumoured to have been given a number of invaluable artworks by them which she stored in a room in the fabled House of the Green Mask Now, a hidden enemy is kidnapping Bandette s friends and blackmailing her for the location sacre bleu I love Bandette but this third volume plain sucked The story is vague and uninteresting without any real sense of progression or direction, let alone urgency or tension, and the villain is barely writt [...]

    3. This is another cute volume of Bandette s mis adventures To be honest, there are times when this book almost gets a little too cutesy for my tastes but then I look at the gorgeous cartooning again and all is forgiven.If you like your comicbooks quirky, fun and French, you could do worse than to check out Bandette.

    4. I must not be the target audience for this series I keep thinking I m going to get the appeal of Bandette, the super thief, but I just don t I like the artwork with its clear reference to old films and to Paris Bandette the character doesn t do much for me, nor do her supporting characters.

    5. It is I, Bandette, the world s most talented thief Ahhh, how I love Bandette She is cute and kick ass and comes out with these razor sharp one liners I found myself laughing aloud quite a few times whilst reading this third instalment Tobin and Coover write some hilarious scenes with brilliant artwork you can t help but get swept up in all of the silly mayhem That said, I still prefer the second volume story wise, I think this story was a bit thin on the ground and there wasn t a proper ending i [...]

    6. There were still some funny moments and some sweet ones, but this volume didn t delight me like the first two did.

    7. Bandette is one of the most likeable characters out there You just can t help by adore her bright, cheerful, thieving ways In her series, Bandette is a master thief who uses her powers mostly for good, and she dances around the city solving crimes and thwarting bad criminals In this third volume, she has to prevent people from finding out about a mysterious cache of art and save her beau It s a tough job, but with enough candy bars, Bandette can do anything It s hard to explain what makes Bandet [...]

    8. This was my first introduction to Bandette and I absolutely loved it The book has this kitschy, retro Parisian vibe that really sucks you in The art is exquisite You can feel all the love put into this book by the married couple you made it.Received an advance copy from Dark Horse and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

    9. Bandette continues to delight entertain The world s best thief has come up against the enigmatic Voice, who has kidnapped several people, including Bandette s beloved Daniel, in an attempt to ascertain the location of the House of the Green Mask The Mysterious Madame Presto, a legendary fabulist, had supposedly amassed a huge number of treasures and hidden them away in the house Bandette her followers must track down release the kidnap victims as well as capture the elusive Voice The treasures o [...]

    10. This was great It was actually better than the previous two instalments It was also nice to see Bandette finally show how much Daniel means to her but it was done in a really fun and quirky way The plot is thickening though there s a scene where I m wondering who Bandette is or who she s related to Can t wait for the next one

    11. I am still here for Bandette because this is a rollocking all ages adventure book with plenty of quirk and interesting mysteries.However, I am getting a little tired of the candy bars I feel like Bandette s signature traits and behaviors overwhelmed the story a little here, like she s spending time giving the audience a nod and a wink instead of getting on with things.

    12. The foreword proposes that what makes this series successful is that it embodies love and style both in what the creators put into it and in how the combination of story and art manifests Couldn t agree Pure delight.

    13. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Bandette 3 House of the Golden Mask continues Tobin s and Coover s wonderful tale of chocolate and larceny What might have become a one trick pony is instead saved by smart story choices and character growth There are surprises twists at the end but at its heart, this is really all about hoping Bandette will show up in every panel.Story A legendary woman modeled for all the great artists in the impressionistic era and hid all her treas [...]

    14. If you loved the first two volumes as I did , then you should at least enjoy this one However, it is the weakest of the three volumes so far While the humor and the joy of Bandette are certainly present, this book seems to be coasting on that instead of adding anything to the series I found the story to be extremely lacking in this one, and I had hoped for the introduction of interesting and fun new villains, such as Matadori who is sadly missing from this tale.All in all, it was still an enjoya [...]

    15. Do I think Bandette is one of the most charming thieves ever Oui I do This latest volume has the same whimsy, charming, and derring do as the other volumes, with a new mystery I love the information included at the end of the book about a real life muse in the art world who had a life filled with scandal I m looking forward to the next volume in particular due to the very mysterious hint would I even call it a hint foreshadowing about Bandette Anyway, another solid offering.

    16. A marvelous mystery is afoot This book, amid the madcap heists and rescues, gives us the first inkling of how deep the rabbit hole goes larger plots and ever sinister organizations are slotting into place in the background A must read for Bandette fans All your favorites reappear, and the police chief s long suffering assistant gets a starring role in the ending story.

    17. Bandette engages her friends in a movie with a secret code We find out that Bandette is than we know when she interacts with the 3rd Daughter.I love her joie de vivre, her determination to rescue Daniel and the others, and the way she can rally disparate groups towards a common goal.

    18. Kidnaps her friend and she blackmails with stolen art to have everyone using their resources to find him.

    19. I almost didn t read this after being underwhelmed by Book 2, but I m glad I did because it reminded me why I loved the first one It s just fun, you guys.

    20. This series keeps getting better and better I loved the old mystery of hidden art intersecting with the present Bandette HAS to be the descendant right

    21. I can t even express how much joy this series brings to me It s simply a magical comic, fun and enjoyable.

    22. Note This is a review of digital issues 10 13 that comprise Vol 3 I do not own the hardcover which apparently has bonus material.Ah, Bandette The epitome of all thieves, champion chocolate eater, and great lover of the arts is back For many reasons, The House of the Green Mask has become one of my favourites as Bandette has to deal with the loss of her dearest treasure Daniel As you might imagine she is less than thrilled by his sudden kidnapping The opening pages of issue 11 are wonderful as th [...]

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