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Rogues By John Conroe,

  • Title: Rogues
  • Author: John Conroe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Demon Accords number 10 When a hunter is brutally mauled in northern Maine, it s presumed that a black bear is the killer But an astute local deputy suspects a supernatural element His call for assistance is answered by the supernatural community sending one of their very best If it takes a thief to catch a thief, who do you use to catch a werewolf But nothing isDemon Accords number 10 When a hunter is brutally mauled in northern Maine, it s presumed that a black bear is the killer But an astute local deputy suspects a supernatural element His call for assistance is answered by the supernatural community sending one of their very best If it takes a thief to catch a thief, who do you use to catch a werewolf But nothing is ever simple in the preternatural world There s here than meets the eye nose ear or fang.
    Rogues Demon Accords number When a hunter is brutally mauled in northern Maine it s presumed that a black bear is the killer But an astute local deputy suspects a supernatural element His call for assist

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    1. Once again Mr Conroe proves that a Demon Accords story doesn t need to be told from Chris perspective to be great This story is told from Stacia s viewpoint and it is every bit as good as anything that has come before Since her introduction in Demon Driven, Stacia has proven herself to be a kick ass supporting character and one of my favourites in the series In spite of remaining strong, independent and deadly, she has matured from the infatuated teenager she was before she started sharing in Ch [...]

    2. I just couldn t get into this book I really triedIt just feels like something s missing Probably ChrisI love Stacia I have always loved her but she seems such a different character, opening up to pretty much every person she meets and having a heart to heart about her emotions and relationship Like every single person she meets She just felt so different from the intelligent and jaded wolf she s proven and described to be It feels like she s just been packaged off to Declan.I m not a big Declan [...]

    3. YAY Reached my Challenge with this bookI could not read anything else by this author This book has 448 pages and he used the word said 1241 times, according to my iPad Really No exclaimed or murmured or shouted or yelled or muttered or told or voiced or articulated or blustered, nothing but said IMO that s just a really lazy way to write I like some kind of emotion when people talk, and said has no emotion whatsoever And since all his books are mostly, if not all, than 425 pages I can t see mys [...]

    4. I love this series but i was disappointed again that it was not a chris book I had to say it now it s out of the way.Rogues takes place in Northern Maine after word gets out about a possible Werewolf Killing captures the attention of the supernatural community The story focus s on Stacia and she takes point on her first ever solo mission The story started strong and was well written as usual Stacia was usual Stacia, confident in control and professional, she showed great character growth and did [...]

    5. An amazing book I loved this book just as much, if not than conroe s other works The first book I read in the series was forced accent I didn t know it was the seventh book of the series at the time, but afterwords I went back and read the first five I stopped when I realized Chris wouldn t narrate the sixth book After a few weeks, and several other books I ran out of books to read so I decided to pick up executable I loved Declan I didn t think I could like a protagonist than I liked chris, b [...]

    6. Love this whole seriesThis whole series is amazing One of my absolute favorites This book steps away from the original protagonist to introduce us to the point of view of one of the regular team members that have become the group of main characters heroes of the series I know some will not like that part John Conroe has an amazing ability to give each individual character their own, Individual personality and voice, truly letting us see this world through different perspectives Stacia is awesome [...]

    7. An interesting installment in the Demon Accords universe, as we finally see a story told from Stacia s point of view The overall content of the book I didn t feel was as impactful as God Hammer, and the second half of the book is essentially an extended combat scene Conroe writes those well though, and fans of the series get a lot to chew on as this book draws to a close Looking forward to seeing the story evolve in Snake Eyes.

    8. Even Chuck Norris is afraid of witchesThis is a great entry into the Demon Accords Plenty of action and sass without ignoring the human side of things Small stones are thrown in thus book that will have far reaching consequences I look forward to seeing how the events play out in the next book.

    9. I would have given it a four star rating in spite of the action tending to fall into gun porn a bit, but I am not a fan of endings that are the beginning of the next book It feels manipulative to me, even if it s not an outright cliff hanger.

    10. Demon accord for me equate to Chris gordon.These solo stories of stacy and Declan is good enough for novella but for main series these are let down for demon accords fan.Anyone who had read whole series can t relate easily to Declan s character,simply it is not good enough as of Chris.

    11. Another winner from John Conroe I really like this series It s not exceptionally deep, but it is well written, well paced, and well executed in its intentions I love the main characters too Though I do get a bit annoyed with Stacia s obliviousness and obtuseness Though this too is well balanced with Conroe knowing when to throw other characters at her who call her on her denseness It s not my favorite in the series, but it s still a very solid installment.

    12. I have read the entire series and I really love everything about these books The story is complex and subtle at the same time Things that happen early on come back in unexpected and delightful ways The characters continue to grow and expand as we learn about them, while their world gets darker and challenging Very fun series I highly recommend.

    13. This book was amazing, so far my favorite Stacia and Declan are awesome characters This was what I was waiting for in the series, to see their relationship grow into something These two characters compliment each other and make a great combat team as well as a couple Fantastic installment to the series

    14. Lightweight but ready to read and wish fulfillingThe stories are short, well written and fairly predictable The bad guys get slightly powerful, the good guys get massively powerful and crush them, the U.S Government continues to be really stupid Possibly the author predicted Donald trump, fits his behaviour a lot accurately than the last guy

    15. What s there to tell about Rogues, hm, personally I loved it The main storyline was well developed and balanced with action and enjoyable characters Ending was super cute, Stacia and Declan, finally hooked up and became a couple.

    16. Great Read Love this series I reread the whole series every time a new book comes out It definitely has a little bit for everyone.

    17. Great StoryThis another great and wonderful story in the Demon Accords world More interesting characters and a new girlfriend Please continue the wonderful writing Thanks

    18. Probably my least favourite of all the books so far, and the third person pov is quite disorienting after all the other books having a first person pov But I still love it

    19. An Excellent Addition and New ViewpointFirstly, thanks much to the editing and publishing team who took an already good story and made it a joy to read Respect.This story finally lets us know how Stacia thinks and works, and pun fully intended, it s kind of grim We find her to be far disciplined and restrained than we knew She is driven to succeed, isn t especially trusting of men for known reasons and it takes other team members to light her up for good or for bad and to sometimes change her f [...]

    20. John ConroeI really enjoyed the book I am a generally slow reader, but for some reason I can t help but binge on the Demon Accords series It was a very nice turn of pace to get into the shoes of Stacia and Declan After the events of God Hammer, I really wanted to know about the kindling relationship between the two characters This installment certainly matched my expectations, the same way as the previous entries to the series.One MASSIVELY, PAINFULLY annoying criticism of the work is the relen [...]

    21. This was the first Demon Accords book I read and it convinced me to go through the other nine over the course of the next three weeks The pacing and plot are good, as are the characters, with a big asterisk there are only about three real characters.Stacia, Declan, and Shorty are real characters, with motives and goals and personalities Every other character in the book seems to exist primarily to showcase how badass and good looking Our Heroes are Stacia never walks into a room but it falls sil [...]

    22. Series Back at its BestThis is one of John s best efforts, similar to earlier ones that the reader couldn t wait to find time to read Totally riveting with Stacia and Declan partnering up on a mysterious werewolf and witch murdering spree in the upper Maine woods Humor and fascination result working with the local law enforcement as they are afraid and grateful of Stacias and Declans abilities as they hunt these death magic murderers The Fed s show up and are the usual impediments while assistin [...]

    23. I previously read The Final Empire, and where that was a solid meal, this book was dessert Fun and fast paced, finished it in two sittings John Conroe s Demon Accords series follows the adventures of a power person, first Chris The godhammer with his vampire, and when they got to powerful for interesting stories where they were the main characters, then John introduced Deckland, a male witch and now powerful warlock Now he is also getting sidelined as he to is getting close to, to powerful for i [...]

    24. I rarely actually write reviews of books, but in this case I had to make an exception The main thing you need to know is that this book is very much focused upon Stacia and Declan the rest of the crew is almost nonexistent in this book That said, John Conroe does a truly wonderful job of being able to switch between perspectives of multiple, well fleshed out characters in a way that is done even better than in God Hammer which I enjoyed immensely.Stacia has played an important role in the story [...]

    25. Hoping to stay under the radar, Stacia goes undercover to Maine when a hunter is killed in a most brutal fashion As she works the scene her mind goes to Declan and DOAA is an agency Stacia would like to avoid, but when things heat up it seems that will be impossible This series is a series I wish I could read each week like a TV show I hate waiting for the next book to release The Demond Accords have a well developed story line, with relatable characters that you fall in love with I really hop [...]

    26. I would give this series 10 stars if that were an option I cannot say enough about the way this Author draws you into his stories He instills a deep desire to know about each of the characters and their individual story, I can only hope and pray that this series continues indefinitely because I would never tire of this Author s beautiful mind and his talent at storytelling I loved Stacia and Declan s deep involvement in this book, it was exciting to see them both out on their own and proving tha [...]

    27. This series keeps getting better The third person narrative is a nice change of pace, the plot exciting, and the development of Stacia s character and her relationship with Declan interesting A little hard to believe that these two relatively inexperienced characters would be so effective in battle, but a great story nevertheless I do think the battle scene dragged out too long I have a little trouble with the author s ideal woman in these stories beautiful, intelligent, intensely interested in [...]

    28. Simply amazing From start to finish I couldn t put the book downit gave a much deeper understanding to the dynamics between Stacia Declan.And also about how Stacia perceived the world asthrough her eyes and I m quite happy on how it showed both hers Declans growth as characters this book sets the tone for Snake Eyes perfectlya book you need to read to fully experience given that you ve read the rest of the Accords series before this one.

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