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Legacy: Fractured Era Legacy, Book 1 By Autumn Kalquist,

  • Title: Legacy: Fractured Era Legacy, Book 1
  • Author: Autumn Kalquist
  • ISBN: 9780692677582
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • USA TODAY Bestseller Three hundred years ago, Earth suffered a mass extinction event The last humans fled to the stars in search of a new home In the darkness, they fought to survive Now the fleet decays, and their hope of finding a better world is fading Era Corinth works to preserve the archives, but viewing them herself would be treason When she s faced with the poUSA TODAY Bestseller Three hundred years ago, Earth suffered a mass extinction event The last humans fled to the stars in search of a new home In the darkness, they fought to survive Now the fleet decays, and their hope of finding a better world is fading Era Corinth works to preserve the archives, but viewing them herself would be treason When she s faced with the possibility that her unborn child may be aborted due to a genetic defect, her fascination with ancient secrets escalates to obsession Brutal conspiracies and devastating betrayals threaten to fracture the fleet And the colonists have forgotten the most important lesson their ancestors swore to remember It only took one wrong choice to destroy life on Earth Will their descendants make the same mistake Had me hooked from the first paragraph Reviewer
    Legacy Fractured Era Legacy Book USA TODAY Bestseller Three hundred years ago Earth suffered a mass extinction event The last humans fled to the stars in search of a new home In the darkness they fought to survive Now the fleet dec

    One thought on “Legacy: Fractured Era Legacy, Book 1”

    1. I love the concept of this book a world where Earth has been destroyed by humans, who must now live among the stars until they find Earth 2.0, something that may never actually happen Of course, there s also a lot of mystery and secrets, and although the book teases what some of these are, it seems I ll have to keep reading the series please let there be a new book soon to find out what s really going on I also loved the characters, although don t get too attached to any of them

    2. London, England Aboard the Vancouver textile ship Mauve 18, f nor George m liked Dritan m Mauve s parents 34 had both perished in a subship mishap Captain Kerrigan was addressing the colonists Jason Cassia s mate, Navigator , Kevan Sarkis 40, crew leader , Jacobs f, head enforcer , George Fenton m, enforcer , Mauve Deev Vasquez 18, f , Dritan Corinth lead tech , Hyun wife , Vinay husband , Cassia Jason mate, medic , Beatrice Bea Maxwell, Yoko Himura, Michael Fitz, Gilly The Paragon deka flagship [...]

    3. I was about half way through and about to give up just because it seemed to cliche and predictable then it got interesting doing something i didn t expect then it partially cancelled that out by bringing a character back from probable death At the end of the book, not much is resolved, and the plot sets up a sequel very strongly However, apparently the author wrote the next book as a prequel to fill in gaps in a pretty uninteresting backstory I wish authors would write books that give a little [...]

    4. Great potential, but needs the help of an editorLegacy has a strong premise, and some interesting characters to take you through the book And it s clear the author has tried hard to make them real and complex and, much of the time, succeeded However, the book feels long for most of the first half, and I very nearly gave up and deleted.I stuck it out to the end, and was rewarded for my efforts I may even give a sequel a try, but the author needs to work on the flow of the book to keep the reader [...]

    5. Thoughts for the futureFound this book a great read, thought provoking It is well paced and explores human natures responses to dictatorial rule The characters are an interesting set of individuals and it will be interesting to see if there is a future for them Look forward to reading the prequel and the sequel books This was a new author for me and will be on my posts for future reading

    6. Enthralling Where do I begin Great characters Check Great story Check Great setting, writing, dialogue Check, check, check I feel like a glutton, eagerly gobbling down every story I can find in the Fractured Era series and I want Trust me, you will love it

    7. Good characters, likable enough to care about I listened to the audible version and the narrator did a great job.

    8. Fantastic indulgenceFun indulgence into a fantasy world The characters were easy to get into and the story was well written I m starting the second book as soon as I type a period.

    9. I am ready for the next chapter in the story Like right now It would be interesting to read of the story of how humanity got to this part of the story but I am also eager to get the rest of the story going forward I really enjoyed the subject line It gets my own imagination working overtime I am Moe than ready for the next episode in the story It would be interesting to read of how humanity got to this stage but I am also eager to get the rest of the story going forward Please don t stop what [...]

    10. This is one of those books that I picked up because I didn t have anything lined up and because of recommendations and reviews I did get the bundle which included one short story as a prequel and two book out of what, I imagine, will be a trilogy It is billed as dystopian scifi, but dystopian really didn t cover it for me From the start of the prequel, which is an attempted suicide, these books were incredibly depressing These books deal with teenagers for the most part, and so some angst is to [...]

    11. Autumn KalquistYou started out great You grabbed my attention immediately, great opening paragraph You then proceeded to make the story flow at a good pace and introduced your world in an easy to understand way Then you tripped when you submitted to the politically correct nonsense You alluded to a gay love affair and blew the whole thing for me I stopped reading right there and closed the book and I have no intention of finishing it.Before anyone screams accusatory labels and rants at me about [...]

    12. Humanity ruined not only the world, but itself Fleeing to the stars in hopes of finding a better world, this story begins in our distant future when that fleet is in trouble Supplies are limited, the ships are in a constant state of disrepair, the people are angry but hope appears in the window in the form of a new planet They need this place to be one of two things a safe haven where they can begin to rebuild, or a world with a rare mineral that will allow them to build a jump gate to leap to a [...]

    13. The premise has echoes of the new Battlestar Gallactica humans struggling to survive on decaying spaceships as resources and hope runs out It s a great premise, but given that BSG pulled it off brilliantly, Era becomes a pale imitation However it s important to judge the series on its own merits rather than continually make comparisons Keeping it short and sweet Likes The social structure, the idea of jobs being inherited through families Unexpected character tragedies Fairly clean writingDislik [...]

    14. InterstingIt took me awhile to get into this book but when l did l wanted to see what happens The story has so many undercurrents that l want to stay a little longer with Tadeo and co and need to read the next instalment

    15. CaptivatingWhere most sci fi focus on the rare few people with the resources, brains, and spunk face long odds and succeed, these focus on the gritty, struggling workers just trying to get by Through their eyes we see the big picture revealing itself I honestly do not know the direction the story will take, but my curiosity pushes me, wanting the next book.The writing style flows steadily while the characters act like normal people, not Indiana Jones The plot snaps together as any intricate puzz [...]

    16. It s rare to find a good science fiction novel not already based on an existing franchise or a novel made popular because it was turned into a movie or television show The Fractured Era Legacy Code series is one such set of novels The writing was easy to understand and kept you wanting to get to the next page or chapter to find out what s happening Books 1 and 2 follow a single character through it and book 3 follows 3 characters throughout The books were interesting, heartbreaking, and had an a [...]

    17. A complex multi layered generational starship political thrillerThe author has created a story that is layered such that however you approach it there is satisfaction to be had I have read many novels series that featured multi generational starships before but this is the first one I can recall that believably describes what could be the events that would be encountered.Add to the physical environmental the description of the political intrigues and the facts of day to day life in such an envir [...]

    18. One of these things is not like the others and that would be Book 1 It has 1 carry over character to Books 2 and 3, but none of the events in the book are carried over Maybe the series is going to loop back in some future book, but for now it just seems like a random story thrown in to add pages That being said, Books 2 and 3 were fantastic The story was good, the characters were mostly interesting and colorful, and the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I want to know what h [...]

    19. Mankind has made earth unlivable, and the last ragged group of humans struggles from star to star, searching for a New Earth that may not even exist After wandering for hundreds of years hope is dwindling, and the few among them with any ambition waste their efforts in fighting over control of the ragtag fleet The human race appears destined to extinction among the stars, victim of their own short sighted pettiness.

    20. Earth s survivors looking for a new homeA small fleet of humans wander through space looking for a new earth After 300 years they are getting a little restless A distinct class structure has evolved and all of the control is on the Paragon, command ship of the fleet It s almost like a police state in space, but some are starting to fight back Good plot and believable characters make this series well worth a look.

    21. This is a different SciFiThis is about a human generation fleet The left earth and are looking for a new world The characters are complete even with the flaws and self loathing The story most fast in places but slow in others There are not any battle scenes other than a few fist fights The author does not go easy on her main character and I think at is what I like about this series I would recommend this to others.

    22. The Fractured Era series is really excellent Right now there are tons of indie authors writing YA science fiction it s trickier to find someone writing adult SF that has great characterization, diverse characters, and compelling moral dilemmas Fractured Era delivers on all three This book is pretty dark I am a little bummed that book 1 was kept a bit separate from 2 3, which flowed together very naturally.

    23. Gritty and powerful, this excellent sci fi story centers around a handful of characters mired in a depressing, decades long slog for humanity to find a new world to settle.The perspective was reminiscent of the ST NG episode Lower Decks , where higher command personnel are seen only in small glimpses, and their decisions and policies directly affect the lives of those underneath Eminently readable.

    24. Scifi fun that grabs you across charactersReally surprised how will this series grabbed me I was bummed when a character died, only to find that I liked the next one as well It is a unique story with an interesting way of being told The universe is harsh, but a better world awaits.

    25. DNF d after 30 or so pages Just not feeling the love for this one the protagonist is excessively whiny, there s an excess of distracting techo babble glasstex viewing pane for example just call it a window , and if the generation ships were really being run with such a callous disregard for human life as in the first three chapters, the whole expedition would have failed long ago.

    26. Read the first book up to page 71 I found it a fairly unexciting YA light sf story I didn t care for the protagonist she seemed younger than the 18 she was supposed to be I didn t get a real sense of the world of the generation ship except in the broadest overview of its decay and class divide I ve seen this sort of thing done better elsewhere.

    27. Man is the sameThe meat of the trilogy is in the third story Man has killed the earth and sent a fleet searching for a new home But are the leaders truthful Is there smuggling between the ships Is there revolution brewing Who knows the truth What power struggles are going on

    28. Absolutely captivating Could not put this down until I had emptied the bowl Had all 3 read in less than a week Hungry for but guess I ll have to wait Author has a gift She is apparently multi talented however, I would prefer she focused on her writing But that is only my non objective opinion

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