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The Careful Undressing of Love By Corey Ann Haydu,

  • Title: The Careful Undressing of Love
  • Author: Corey Ann Haydu
  • ISBN: 9780399186738
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Everyone who really knows Brooklyn knows Devonairre Street girls are different They re the ones you shouldn t fall in love with The ones with the curse The ones who can get you killed.Lorna Ryder is a Devonairre Street girl, and for years, paying lip service to the curse has been the small price of living in a neighborhood full of memories of her father, one of the thouEveryone who really knows Brooklyn knows Devonairre Street girls are different They re the ones you shouldn t fall in love with The ones with the curse The ones who can get you killed.Lorna Ryder is a Devonairre Street girl, and for years, paying lip service to the curse has been the small price of living in a neighborhood full of memories of her father, one of the thousands killed five years earlier in the 2001 Times Square Bombing Then her best friend s boyfriend is killed, and suddenly a city paralyzed by dread of another terrorist attack is obsessed with Devonairre Street and the price of falling in love.Set in an America where recent history has followed a different path.
    The Careful Undressing of Love Everyone who really knows Brooklyn knows Devonairre Street girls are different They re the ones you shouldn t fall in love with The ones with the curse The ones who can get you killed Lorna Ryder is a

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    1. I thought living in a small space meant we shared everything But so much can be hidden even in the most cramped apartment on one of the shortest streets in Brooklyn.Even love.This is why magical realism is one of my favourite genres As with books like The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, this too captures a unique modern day fairy tale feeling, set in a recognizable Brooklyn neighbourhood, yet full of magical mystery, curses, and whimsy.The Careful Undressing of Love paints a pictu [...]

    2. Love happens at night, Angelika says, whispering like it s a secret some of us might not know So we ll take away the night This was such a quick read, almost impossible to put down I wasn t sure at first if I would read this, but then without noticing I was twenty pages in and feeling invested, so then I had to keep going And now here we are.The Careful Undressing of Love follows the Devonairre Street Girls and their eccentric little community in Brooklyn that has experienced an unusual number o [...]

    3. I think 2 stars might be too many I struggled with this book I fell in love with the cover and the sort of odd synopsis and I was certain it was going to be my sort of book.Right off the bat, I was confused It felt like I had been dropped in the middle of a story I wasn t sure if it was supposed to be magical realism or a mild dystopia or just old world superstition And I think that s what lost meI didn t really care for any of the characters, so I couldn t connect to them I thought about DNFing [...]

    4. 3.5 stars The writing was good, and it kept my interest all the way through But I felt the ending was a little weak and rushed, and made me wonder what the point of it all was.

    5. I m done I m just soooo done This book drove me insane AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY I have never read a frustrating storyline with characters that I wanted to smack as hard as I want to smack these characters I don t know Maybe it s because I m too science practically minded that I couldn t deal with the concept of this curse I mean Just no No no, no no, no no NO And I didn t like the handling of the aftermath of this bombing that occurred This book was set in some sort of alternate timeline to our ow [...]

    6. Oh my heart I ve just finished The Careful Undressing of Love and yet again I m in awe of Corey and her beautiful writing Wow Delightfully strange magical.

    7. This was a bizarre book I really enjoyed it, especially the small hints we got about a somewhat dystopian version of future America, while that was merely an undercurrent of the book.I love books that play with the space between fantasy and not Was the curse real Was it not The only reason I docked the book a star was because I was hoping for a little bit out of the ending, or possibly a different one entirely But I think Lorna had to grapple with never having what she wanted, so leaving me as [...]

    8. THE CAREFUL UNDRESSING OF LOVE is a haunting, atmospheric, and romantic coming of age novel with an interesting twist Haydu s writing is particularly noteworthy, along with the unique backstory and reimagined version of Brooklyn If Delirium, Station Eleven, and Practical Magic had a book love child, The Careful Undressing of Love would be it.I want to start off talking about the plot I don t do this to spoil anything for you or bore you ad nauseum I think it s important to what I say later on in [...]

    9. Dreamy and eloquent, Corey Ann Haydu s latest novel is as gorgeously written as all her other work Tackling themes of love and grief, of community and change, it was lovely and it was odd and it was all too compelling to stop turning pages once I had started While I m still not certain how I feel about the way it ends, I still very much think this is another book from Haydu that is worth the read as all of her books are.

    10. I was lucky enough to read this book early, and it is spectacular It s such a gorgeous, incisive look at how beautiful and terrifying and dangerous it is to love another person and the ways in which we contort ourselves to make sense of tragedy, both on a national and personal level This book cut straight to the heart of a lot of questions I ve been pondering about how to move forward in a world that seems completely random and cruel and refuses to play by the rules, no matter how hard you try t [...]

    11. ARC Review Originally Posted on Lacy Literacy If you love someone and they vanish, you are left nodding like a zombie and throwing teacups at a wall I never want to be a person who throws teacups at the wall My low rating of The Careful Undressing of Love isn t just because I did not like it Mainly, it is because it left me feeling completely unsatisfied Everything from the plot, the characters, the worldbuilding, and the resolution just left me feeling empty and not in the good I m so emotional [...]

    12. I wanted so, so badly to like this, so it gets a star for the intriguing concept and the mostly lovely if sometimes excessively poetic writing But, some thoughts out of order about the rest of it please, please, PLEASE make your main characters interesting If your minor characters are going to be interesting than your protagonistPICK ONE OF THEM Please, please, PLEASE stop glorifying cheating If you re going to include it, HAVE CONSEQUENCES view spoiler I m so sick of this but we love each othe [...]

    13. Huge thank you to Miss Print s ARC adoption for this review copyThis book was fucking gorgeous I fell in love with this book at first sight because the cover it just so stunning I have bookstagrammed it a few times because it is just so beautiful I actually probably wouldn t have asked for this book if not for the cover and the fact that it s magical realism I wasn t a huge fan of this author s other books, but I wanted to give it a shot.The writing in this book is fantastic It sucks you in and [...]

    14. We are LornaCruzCharlotteDelilahIsla and we aren t afraid of love, even if we re supposed to betes ok so The Careful Undressing of Love was too odd for me i didn t get the traditions, the setting and the point of the story also no progression the plot was disappointing too and i didn t agree with the characters actions no character growth too , especially at the end my only positive thought i liked the writing it was very whimsical but you know, everything else is a thumbs down.

    15. 2.5 stars.So It s safe to say that I remember pretty much nothing about this book I don t even remember what I didn t like about it I think my overall thoughts were that The characters were annoying, the plot was annoying, the writing voice was weird, and the book was generally just meh Lorna, the main character, is so annoying Her thoughts were irritating too, and she kind of had a really flat personality Plus there were some things she did that were actually WRONG but she thought were justifie [...]

    16. Can t assign a star rating right after finishing, so I ll update that once I ve had time to digest what I ve read This book was whimsy and dreamy, but it also took a nosedive straight into wtf territory and I can t honestly say I loved the actual events that transpired The writing and overall feel Those worked beautifully But ultimately I m left feeling pretty exasperated If you liked We Were Liars which I decidedly did NOT , then you ll probably love this.

    17. I wanted to know the exact size and shape of love Its volume, its density, how much it weighed, how much space it inhabited, whether it was a solid or a liquid or something else entirely November 2017

    18. DNF pg 40 This is that metaphorical writing style that feels like it s trying too hard Reminded me a bit of AS King Definitely not for me.

    19. Breath takingly beautiful Writing, story, magic Not a huge fan of suicide endings, which is the only reason this knocked down from a five star for me But other than that, it s a heart wrenching, honest take on love.

    20. I ve been waiting for one thing, but love can be anything When there s nothing left to salvage, we have to save ourselves Everyone knows that Devonairre Street in Brooklyn is cursed Being loved by a Devonairre Street girl ends in tragedy Just look at the number of war widows on the street or the concentration of Affected families left without husbands and fathers after the Times Square Bombing in 2001.Lorna Ryder and her mother have never put much stock in the curse even though they pretend to p [...]

    21. So many mixed feelings about this book The prose is gorgeous and full of longing and pain I felt Lorna s aching heart and grief and resentment because it came through in the language And the book was extremely compelling I read it through in one sitting But.This is supposed to take place in some alternate USA where after a horrific bombing at Times Square, the country decides to take never forget literally to the point of fetishizing grief The Affected those who have lost a loved one in the bomb [...]

    22. Full review bookevin.wordpress 2017 03.5 starsInitial thoughts I don t know what to make of the ending The book is so mysterious and the writing is engaging as it is poetic, almost lyrical at some parts I loved the exploration of the theme of love and the characterisations were solid.However, I found the story to be quite trippy, which isn t necessarily a bad thing It did take me some time to get used to the setting of the book.

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