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Just Married By Jenna Bayley-Burke,

  • Title: Just Married
  • Author: Jenna Bayley-Burke
  • ISBN: 9781250120052
  • Page: 161
  • Format: ebook
  • Seattle attorney Miranda Rose arrives in Las Vegas determined to keep her best friend with benefits from making a costly mistake marrying some stranger just to save his family trust But once there, Miranda discovers she s the surprise bride One red hot honeymoon later, they re back to their over scheduled lives on opposite coasts But a marriage of convenience with regSeattle attorney Miranda Rose arrives in Las Vegas determined to keep her best friend with benefits from making a costly mistake marrying some stranger just to save his family trust But once there, Miranda discovers she s the surprise bride One red hot honeymoon later, they re back to their over scheduled lives on opposite coasts But a marriage of convenience with regularly scheduled sexytimes turns complicated when Miranda gets the shock of a lifetime she s pregnantwith twins.Miranda has always wanted a family of her own, but her infertility made it impossible Besides, Callum s difficult upbringing places him adamantly in the no kid zone Now she must decide between the man she s been in love with for years and the children she s longed for Or will Callum surprise her yet again and come through when it matters most
    Just Married Seattle attorney Miranda Rose arrives in Las Vegas determined to keep her best friend with benefits from making a costly mistake marrying some stranger just to save his family trust But once there Mi

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    1. Being Head Strong Doesn t Make Things RightIdeas come, they get written and sometimes they can be hit or miss This had the making of friends with benefits to real lovers It was supposed to have the realization they were meant to be real couple after all of these years It used a couple of manipulations to get the couple married and then threw in our gal getting pregnant with twins Now I will say, the reason she became pregnant was not totally both being irresponsible a bit of a pass was given grr [...]

    2. Hay sinopsis que llaman la atenci n y esta es una de ellas contiene algunos clich s que me gustan bodas arregladas y fuckfriends y as , empez con mucha fuerza muy divertido con ese asunto de la boda sorpresa en las vegas, el embarazo el amor no correspondido por parte de l, pero lleg un momento que la historia se desinfl y en lugar de estar leyendo un libro corto parec a que estaba leyendo un libro super largo se me hizo eterno terminarlo

    3. A thoroughly unlikeable hero never redeems himself unless he grovels This dude had me wondering if he had the balls to be enough.Series YesSexy times Yea Meh I skipped most of em Plan on reading by the author Don t know, read this for a summer reading clubWhy it did or didn t work for me We get a marriage of convenience A stubborn woman An equally stubborn, clueless, stuck up prig of a man And eventually a happy ending Why didn t it work 1 Took too long to get there for such a short book2 The s [...]

    4. 2.5 estrellasEs el primer libro que leo de esta autora Cuando le la sinopsis quise leerlo, porque tienes los t picos que me gustan, eso de amigos con beneficios que terminan enamor ndose etc, etc, etcPero de verdad estuvo muy flojito, no me pareci la gran cosa tambi n que es corto y no da para m s, no profundizaron en algunas cositas y ademas siento que a EL FINAL le falto mucho quer a m s en ese ep logo y eso de que fuera en 3era persona no fue de mi agrado creo que estoy muy acostumbrada a los [...]

    5. 4.5 stars I stayed up late to finish this one, COULD NOT put it down I truly enjoyed this book and this new to me author While it was sexy as all get it out, it was complex and didn t shy away from serious emotions between Callum and Miranda The reality of Callum not wanting kids hits them both square in the face and requires that they both examine their feelings for each other and about being parents I m barely scratching the surface on this one and I ll post a in depth review closer to releas [...]

    6. I wanted to like this one but it just fell flat The premise sounded good but overall it hard to picture this as maybe even being realistic Miranda and Callum were BFF and while she thinks he is going to marry someone it s really her that he will marry Then the couple who didn t want kids ends up with two and now Callum is either with her in raising the kids or she will do it alone Just not a story I was into.

    7. This book stole my heart from the first chapter I just knew I was going to fall hard for Callum I love the way Jenna Bayley Burke brought the characters together, the story was equal in the love, the plot, the twist and the intimacy As always I m a sucker of friends turn to lovers, or in this case friends turn to friends with benefit f ng buddy to lovers This book satisfied all my cravings I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

    8. Este libro es tan MEH que no s ni qu decir.Empez bien y para la mitad del libro quer a dejarlo porque me aburri a m s no poder el complejo de los protagonistas por no querer que el otro se comprometa con sus futuros hijos de una forma u otra En fin.

    9. La sinopsis de Just Married me llamo la atencion en cuanto lei que tenia dos de mis cliches favoritos las bodas en Las Vegas y fake relationship, no habia leido nada de la autora pero tenia tan pocas paginas que pense que valia la pena darle una oportunidad, ya que si no era de mi agrado no perderia demasiado tiempo.Esta es la clasica historia que empieza con mucha fuerza y que a lo largo de la novela va perdiendo potencia, tampoco me convencio del todo el desarrollo de la trama, senti que queda [...]

    10. 3.75 starsThis was my first Jenna Bayley Burke read, and it was a lovely, sweet, friends to story.Callum and Miranda have been friends with benefits for so long, I don t think they really know how to move forward without each other Cue a surprise wedding, an unexpected accident, and watching them fall hard made for an enjoyable, quick read.I did enjoy that through their dramas they seemed to forgo the awful bitterness that we get in so many books.There are great secondary character with witty a [...]

    11. Review by Lisa KaneCute read about a couple who have enjoyed a friends with benefits relationship for years He needs to marry in order to secure his inheritance He surprises her with a wedding, although he has other reasons for marrying her also She surprises him by being pregnant with twins He is adamant he doesn t want children But will he change his mind or lose his wife.Good read.

    12. This was an okay read I enjoyed the narrative as well as the characters but I felt that it was too short There were some parts in the plot that could ve been explored Or am I spoiled by other books where some plot twists get overly stretched But the friends to lovers arc will always be a win for me There was something Mills and Boon ish about the overall read Definitely not a poor choice for a quick one.

    13. Short and sweet, thank you Heroes Heartbreakers for the recommendation My only complaint is that it ended rather abruptly I loved the build up, their issues were realistic, emotions were well portrayed Again though, when they finally open up to each other it ends.

    14. Cal and Mira had been friends for years upon years and were really there for each other despite living on opposite coasts But they were than friends, they were friends with benefits for years They had lot of this hot and sexy times to it that they really lit the pages of fire This story started when Cal needed to get married in order to keep his inheritance intact and out of his cousin s had His solution was his buddy with benefits, thinking it would work wonders It was perfect for him, not kno [...]

    15. I really thought I was going to love this book but it turned out to be a bit of a letdown It wasn t horrible, but I found myself becoming bored and rolling my eyes Honestly, I wanted to smack both Miranda and Callum times than not They irritated me which is probably another reason why I couldn t love this novel First, Callum and Miranda have been sex buddies for several years and that s worked for them At least, it appears it does at the beginning of the story Callum has to get married so he tr [...]

    16. loved this novella, just one complaint too short would have loved to see H a little as a father given his original resistance This was a friends with benefits relationship, they were both in love with each other but didnt admit it, moc resulting in pregnancy, some angst but all worked out in the end, steamy scenes, great supporting group of friends and no cheating or ow om loved it just what I needed after a slew of angsty,dark, cheating or twisted books to clean the palette.

    17. Sometimes our internal struggles over our fears cause us to make decisions that are less than rational Or if we were to just face our fears head on As was the case of Callum Kerr He always seemed to feel he had to play an angle in order to get those he love or liked to do the same back Sad to say for the most part in his world he did You see he was from a world of great privileges but it could not buy you everything like time and love So as a child at a very you age, before he could tie his own [...]

    18. For reviews like this, see my blog Musings of MadjyThis was a book that kept my interest, but at times had me wanting to smack both of the main characters Which, honestly, is sort of fun so long as things end the way I want them to At the start, you have two best friends, Miranda and Cal, who live on opposite coasts and enjoy their sexual compatibility whenever they happen to be near one another I liked Mira a lot, and she felt very genuine with the way that she dealt with everything, including [...]

    19. 4.5 Stars New to me author Jenna Bayley Burke, has written a fun and exciting novel with Just Married, the first book from her brand new series, More than Friends It is a fast paced read, replete with an engaging storyline, well defined main characters, and a complicated, yet seductive romance This is a friends with benefits story that evolves into so much Although this book is part of a series, it can be totally enjoyed as a standalone.After her parents suddenly passed away, attorney Miranda R [...]

    20. I admit the cover of this book caught my eye enough to read the blurb which grabbed me so I gave it a shot and I m so glad I did This book was a fantastic read and the first of many I will be reading from this author Why have I not read her before Bad reader.There s no hiding that I m a sucker for the friends to trope and throw in an unexpected pregnancy and I m totally sold Add in a reluctant father to be and I m useless till I finish it Just Married combined all this in a story that I loved E [...]

    21. This book was a strange combination of a simple, fun story and a complex emotional ride What started off as a fun friends with benefits to story quickly turned into a great story about love, family, acceptance and growth.Miranda s strength was a welcome trait She made a well thought out decision at a very emotional time and stuck to it without letting her emotions, or Callum s bullying, get to her.It was interesting to watch Callum s growth The fact that Miranda didn t try to force him to chang [...]

    22. Posted on What I m Reading Just Married seemed like something I would like to read I normally don t go for friends to lovers kind of things, but this sounded to good to pass up I mean you have marriage of convenience and Vegas, what could go wrong Anyway, Miranda Rose and Callum Kerr have been best friends with benefits However, Callum drops that he s getting married to some woman right before his birthday, and Miranda freaks out So, goes in thinking she needs to stop a wedding, but comes to fin [...]

    23. JUST MARRIED by Jenna Bayley Burke was a fast, fun and quirky read, there were so many moments where I was laughing out loud and then moments where I had the shivers when Mira was telling Cal what she thought he should do in regards to their situation.I feel in love hard with Mira and Cal, they are the perfect couple but don t realize it till Cal needs to get married to save his inheritance and his mothers companies, and when Cal tells Mira, his best friend friend with benefits, that he is getti [...]

    24. Just Married by Jenna Bayley Burke is a best friends with benefits to marriage romance This is my first experience with the author and she does a wonderful job pulling the reader in from the very start In fact, that was one of the things I truly liked about this book It s not cluttered with a lot of unnecessary dialogue or action On the flip side of that, it also ended up hurting the story just a tab, in that, I wanted to see of the relationship development that we miss since the story pretty m [...]

    25. I love the story of the illicit relationship between best friends that turns to something This book took on a slightly different approach in that Miranda and Callum are already than friends and meet regular for sex.Callum needs to get married to save his heritage and of course he marries Miranda After a red hot honeymoon they return to their normal lives because nothing is going to change is it Its a marriage of convenience with regular hook ups for hot sex what could be complicated Pregnancy [...]

    26. This is one of my favorite types of books, long time friends who eventually realize they are in love One difference in this book, is that they have been friends with benefits the entire time When Callum realizes that the terms of his father s will basically dictate he will have to be married in a couple days, he only knows of one person he can call Miranda has been in love with Callum for years, but because of their busy lives in different cities, is happy with their friends with benefits relati [...]

    27. Can you image getting a call from your best friend, inviting you to his wedding, only to find out that you are the bride to be For Miranda this became a reality Agreeing to meet her best friend in Vegas to derail his wedding plans, which in turn is your own weddingwhat could possibly go wrong Just Married was everything I wanted in a book and so, so much Not only was there just the right amount of humor, there was also a perfect balance of steadiness to this story I loved knowing from the very [...]

    28. Very enjoyable read Callum and Miranda have been friends with benefits for years Callum needs to get married for an inheritance He tricks Miranda into marrying him in Las Vegas Miranda has always wanted a family and Callum is the total opposite not wanting children at all Miranda is excited when she finds out she is pregnant with twins, Callum not so much Miranda realizes her dreams are coming true but what is she going to do about Callum Will having these babies cost her the man she has been in [...]

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