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Impersonations By Walter Jon Williams,

  • Title: Impersonations
  • Author: Walter Jon Williams
  • ISBN: 9780765387806
  • Page: 156
  • Format: ebook
  • Nebula Award winning author Walter Jon Williams returns to the sweeping space opera adventure of his Praxis universe with Impersonations, an exciting new novel featuring the hero of Dread Empire s Fall Having offended her superiors by winning a battle without permission, Caroline Sula has been posted to the planet Earth, a dismal backwater where careers go to die But SulaNebula Award winning author Walter Jon Williams returns to the sweeping space opera adventure of his Praxis universe with Impersonations, an exciting new novel featuring the hero of Dread Empire s Fall Having offended her superiors by winning a battle without permission, Caroline Sula has been posted to the planet Earth, a dismal backwater where careers go to die But Sula has always been fascinated by Earth history, and she plans to reward herself with a long, happy vacation amid the ancient monuments of humanity s home world.Sula may be an Earth history buff, but there are aspects of her own history she doesn t want known Exposure is threatened when an old acquaintance turns up unexpectedly Someone seems to be forging evidence that would send her to prison And all that is before someone tries to kill her.If she s going to survive, Sula has no choice but to make some history of her own.At the Publisher s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied.
    Impersonations Nebula Award winning author Walter Jon Williams returns to the sweeping space opera adventure of his Praxis universe with Impersonations an exciting new novel featuring the hero of Dread Empire s Fal

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    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.First off, I have to just mention how amazing these Tor novellas are Obviously, some I have enjoyed than others, but every one of those I have had the pleasure to read have been excellent introductions to the authors, and I, for one, am so glad these novellas are available for those of us who have limited reading time Hopefully, the people at Tor will keep them coming.Okay, with that gushing out of the way, I have to admit never having experienced any of the D [...]

    2. Full review with quotes on the blog adragoninspace.wordpress I will begin by saying I ve never read the Dread Empire s Fall series yet nor any other book by Walter Jon Williams I got this novel as an eARC e galley and as I liked the cover and the description I decided to go ahead and simply not review it if I didn t like it, it wouldn t have been fair After a few pages, intrigued, I went and read the description of the first book to know if I was simply reading another story set in the same wor [...]

    3. A new Dread empire story was excellent news when announced since i loved that series and would like to see it continued the ending while closing the 3 novel arc left the overall arc in limbo and the follow up novella Investments was a nice side story taking place 3 years after the end of Conventions of warI actually reread all 3 novels now 1st 4th time, 2nd 3rd time and 3rd second time and they held up well and I really enjoyed then I started remembering many details as i went on so the above is [...]

    4. Some years back Walter Jon Williams gave us his engrossing Dread Empire s Fall trilogy It was about a despotic, hierarchical, multi species star empire that fell into a very nasty civil war One of the main characters in that trilogy was one Captain the Lady Caroline Sula a very tough minded hero with a dark past.Impersonations A Story of the Praxis follows Lady Sula s story after the end of the war She has been rewarded for achieving victory by being posted to a backwater planet called Earth Bes [...]

    5. Captain Lady Sula visits Earth, and the tired old planet is never quite the same again A smoothly written SF thriller set in WJW s Praxis universe Lady Sula s competence is exceeded only by her ruthless attention to detail I read it in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it I particularly liked the cover art, by Jaime Jones 3.7 stars

    6. The trilogy of the Dread Empire s Fall was a phenomenal space opera story set against a fascinating stratified society albeit one requiring a substantial suspension of disbelief It was one of the series of books that cemented Walter Jon Williams s reputation to a read or buy on sight author for me.This is set in the same universe, and featured one half of the star crossed pair in that trilogy The lady Caro Sula, ferocious hero of the Naxid wars in the wake of the aforementioned dread empire s fa [...]

    7. In the far future, Earth has been conquered by an alien race known as the Shaa and most buildings are in an alien style Some of Earth s ancient landmarks are still intact despite centuries of neglect and earthquakes, but Earth has largely become an amusement park version of itself Earth history isn t even interesting to most humans since they grew up on other planets We re shown a future in which humans have largely forgotten humanity.What little history there is is like propaganda It s a bit d [...]

    8. It s been a while since I ve read science fiction so this was refreshing, though it read as of a crime political thriller than typical sci fi novel, but that was OK The story revolves around Sula, a war hero in forced retirement on a remote, somewhat godforsaken planet of Earth While spending some time wondering what her life amounts to now that the intergalactic war that has made her a hero is over, Sula gets involved in some political, corporate intrigue, murder attempts, revenge plots and th [...]

    9. WJW s Dead Empire s Fall was one of the great trilogies of military science fiction incredibly tightly plotted, and with protagonists you couldn t resist cheering for.Impersonations is a strange little book, published many years after the initial trilogy, but one that continues the story as if it had never been left off It s an introspective book, it feels almost like Sula s taking a deep breath, processing the events of the previous trilogy and choosing how to live her life moving forward.Still [...]

    10. Caroline Sula is back She played a part in the Dread Empire s Fall winning an important battle, one that did not make her superiors happy so she has been sent to a dead end assignment on Earth Looking forward to seeing Earth history instead she finds herself in danger from both the past and the present This is tension filled with action and interesting characters Sula is not that nice a character but she really keeps the story going I enjoyed seeing her again and watching her outsmart the opposi [...]

    11. Well, it is Williams, and it takes place in the rich universe of the Dread Empire, and it is a space opera and great fun, but at the same time, it is rather slight and lightweight, reads like a Spacemaster adventure not that THAT is a terrible thing in itself , some of the plot twists are so untwisty that one can see them for miles ahead, and Sula, of course, is still almost impossibly competent and that is not really such a bad thing either So all my complaints are really cosmetic.

    12. I enjoyed this book, but figure my enjoyment of it was partially spoiled by my own expectations.You have a highly placed yet vulnerable impersonator, trying to uncover someone impersonating her I was expecting a taut thriller ala No Way Out with the protagonist attempting to unravel the plot while maintaining her own cover, heading off the type of investigation that will expose her What we got instead wasn t bad by any means, but seemed a waste of an incredible setup.

    13. I disagree with George RR Martin s assessment that interstellar adventure has a new king Not terrible, but very meh.

    14. Not enough plot, and far too much fluff, of interest to people invested in the characters but not to others.

    15. I m a huge fan of both the author and the Dread Empire s Fall series Like the novella, Investments, this story follows the events in the trilogy and only follows one of the two main characters this time Caroline Sula The biggest ding I can give this book is that it s too short I was just getting into the world of Sula again, and bang it was over Even so, this is definitely worth a read if you liked the first triology.

    16. I pre ordered this one months ago and was really looking forward to William s latest work in the Praxis series Even if you haven t read any of the other books, this would be a good place to test the waters It s been years since I read the first 3 books in the series and I have to admit some of the details are a little hazy at this point, but Williams fills in enough of the back story so that someone new to the series will have no trouble following the story.After helping the ruling Shaa win the [...]

    17. After a shower, Sula was back in the manager s operations room, standing before the great clear window and looking out at the black storm that fell indifferently on the living and on the dead She felt it was burying the Terra of her dreams, the magical place that had filled the fantasies of a young girl on Spannan That place, if it had existed at all, had died long before A few monuments remained, as tortured and twisted by time as the Sphendone in Constantinople, but the civilizations that prod [...]

    18. Engineered readabilityI m not sure that there is much to like in the character of Sula, but this is probably not what the author wants anyway The plot is taut enough but I felt the story s context was a little too thin and that sometimes, in order to maintain the novella s momentum and for it to remain a novella too much was explained rather than shown I find it hard, as well, to accept a future which is essentially feudal in its socio political aristocrats acting with impunity and a distinct hi [...]

    19. WJW is awesome at space opera, so I jumped at this book I loved the Praxis series, too This was an 18 paperback with only 247 pages I finished it in a single afternoon Nothing really happened for 120 of those It peaked in one scene Then he seemed to try too hard to make it dangerous, timing the foregone conclusion to the second with a natural disaster Only the main character had much depth Finally, the original plot thread is casually wrapped up in the last four pages In all, not recommended but [...]

    20. A Quick Yarn with EdgeImaginations starts out moderately slowly, picking up the career of one of the main characters of Dread Empires Fall, but it doesn t stay slow By the midpoint of the story it was racing by with all manner of odd characters and disastrous locations, ending with a volcanic eruption It is a good bit of space opera and a suitable companion piece to Investments, which follows up on the other protagonist from Dread Empires Fall.

    21. Very pleased with this story Williams has written a good continuation story to his Praxis trilogy of space operas It s a nice, fairly quickly plotted study of his character Caroline Sula As with the first Praxis novella, Investments, Williams writes large conspiracies set against a background larger environmental disaster Suitably dramatic.

    22. We are back in the Praxis universe.This is not the big saga from the previous trilogy It is full of action The plot is a bit on the thin side It reads independent of the previous book There is not a lot of backstory on the characters of other species, so you will miss something if you are new to this universe.Have a GoodReads.

    23. It meanders a bitIn the beginning Once things start moving it gets much better It simply takes a few chapters to move the players into position.It is not necessary to read the trilogy first in order to understand this novel.

    24. A decent space opera that in this case was like a police procedural The hero Caroline Sula certainly has an interesting past While part of a series, it can be read as a standalone though there are some spoilers Very short by modern standards, it s a fast read.

    25. Can t get enough of this.If you liked the other books set in this universe, you are going to like this But Hell, you already know that If you haven t read any of the other books, go read them already Go Shoo Hurry up Really hoping Williams does of this.

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