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Marlena By Julie Buntin,

  • Title: Marlena
  • Author: Julie Buntin
  • ISBN: 9781627797641
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An electric debut novel about love, addiction, and loss the story of two girls and the feral year that will cost one her life, and define the other s for decadesEverything about fifteen year old Cat s new town in rural Michigan is lonely and off kilter, until she meets her neighbor, the manic, beautiful, pill popping Marlena Cat, inexperienced and desperate for connectioAn electric debut novel about love, addiction, and loss the story of two girls and the feral year that will cost one her life, and define the other s for decadesEverything about fifteen year old Cat s new town in rural Michigan is lonely and off kilter, until she meets her neighbor, the manic, beautiful, pill popping Marlena Cat, inexperienced and desperate for connection, is quickly lured into Marlena s orbit by little than an arched eyebrow and a shake of white blond hair As the two girls turn the untamed landscape of their desolate small town into a kind of playground, Cat catalogues a litany of firsts first drink, first cigarette, first kiss while Marlena s habits harden and calcify Within the year, Marlena is dead, drowned in six inches of icy water in the woods nearby Now, decades later, when a ghost from that pivotal year surfaces unexpectedly, Cat must try to forgive herself and move on, even as the memory of Marlena keeps her tangled in the past Alive with an urgent, unshakable tenderness, Julie Buntin s Marlena is an unforgettable look at the people who shape us beyond reason and the ways it might be possible to pull oneself back from the brink.
    Marlena An electric debut novel about love addiction and loss the story of two girls and the feral year that will cost one her life and define the other s for decadesEverything about fifteen year old Cat s

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    1. Normally I start my reviews with a quote a nice little taster of what to expect But with Marlena it was impossible to isolate just a sentence or two I copied down whole paragraphs that became extracts until it felt like I would be quoting the entire book I kept thinking I was done and then realizing the next sentence was equally poignant If you want something, I ll give you this I ve never believed in the innocent bystander The act of watching changes what happens Just because you don t touch an [...]

    2. Ok so I kept seeing everyone talking about netgalley and I am such an unrestrained glutton for books that I was obviously had to sign up to get to read books for free early, and so this was the first book I requested, so yay free books.Anyway I personally thought that though the idea and general story was interesting and had potential, but that the storyline itself was sort of sloppy The transitioning between different points in time wasn t always clear and memories would just flow from one into [...]

    3. Extraordinarily well written book that tells the story of a doomed friendship between teenage girls Shades of WHO WILL RUN THE FROG HOSPITAL less funny but significantly wrenching and therefore better , the Neapolitan Novels, and, in its examination of the opoid crisis and resolutely mid western focus, a contemporary Marilyn Robinson.The frame narrative here is smart we get the story in flashback, as Cat, the lead, struggles with alcoholism very believable and smartly depicted as she thinks of [...]

    4. If you re a fan of The Wallflowers music, maybe you ll find yourself singing this song while reading Julie Buntin s Marlena youtu RloXtzcCAf8 Not because of any particular plot point or because the lyrics are symbolic, just because there is a Marlena in the book and one, two, three Marlenas in the song I m deep like that Sometimes I feel like she is my invention Like the I say, the further from the truth of her I get I m trying to hold palmfuls of sand but I squeeze harder, I tighten my fist, a [...]

    5. Cat and her brother Jimmy relocate with their mother to a rural town in Northern Michigan With her parents recent divorce she is no longer able to attend her private boarding school She feels very isolated living away from the support of her father and friends After the move, a friendship develops between Cat and her new neighbor Marlena Cat is fifteen, impressionable and has lived a sheltered life Marlena is streetwise and was raised by her drug dealing father and brother Marlena s environment [...]

    6. 3.5 Cat is in her thirties, has a drinking problem and is trying to save a valued relationship, when she receives a phone call from someone she hasn t seen since he was a child This takes her back to when she was fifteen, her parents divorced, moved to a new town in rural Michigan with her mom and older brother, worried about fitting in this new life One night she meets her next door neighbor, Marlena, seventeen and she is so different, seemingly full of life, exciting and against all odds they [...]

    7. I certainly love a story about an intoxicating female friendship, those that venture into coming of age territory Books where a friendship maybe causes a young girl to go completely off the tracks I enjoy the psychology of it This one does the thing I enjoyed most aboutThe Girls by Emma Cline, which is include the use of a retrospective narrator The thing isat one did this so much better.What is fascinating is how you know the narrator is deeply affected by this time of their youth She is lookin [...]

    8. During our formative teen years, it s highly possible that one year out of all others will remain with us and shape our lives for better or worse Cat s year is her fifteenth, having just moved to Northern Michigan with her brother and divorced mom, when she meets the very intriguing, older 17 yo neighbor Marlena From the outset we know that Marlena s homelife is not typical her mother has left, her father is one you wish would go away too, and drug dealers are everywhere We also know from early [...]

    9. I don t think I would have picked this book up if it weren t for the Tournament of Books Summer Reading The cover is not super striking, for one thing But it starts strong and keeps going You know in the first few pages that Marlena died and that the narrator, Cat, is still deeply effected as an adult Chapters move between the 1990s in rural Michigan, where Cat moves in next to Marlena at age 15, and present day New York, where she has been contacted by Marlena s kid brother The narrator having [...]

    10. The book describes the friendship between teenagers Cat and Marlena Cat has just moved into town after her parents divorce and Marlena befriends her soon after Cat s arrival It has elements of coming of age story and obsessive friendships with toxic people.The book alternates between present time of 34 year old Cat and the period she spent with the troubled Marlena during their adolescent years and it is told from the point of view of Cat.At the beginning I thought the book was similar to The Ro [...]

    11. I look at the picture of Julie Buntin, a very pretty and young author, and I m amazed at the depth of her writing and her understanding and ability to describe the minute details of the psychology of adolescent friendships Others have said there is some similarity to Ferrante s work, My Brilliant Friend and I have to agree In some ways, this book takes that whole highly personal experience, the coming of age story of two girls, to an even higher level with the background of drugs and alcohol and [...]

    12. I won this book as a GR Give Away The narrator of this novel is a functioning alcoholic in her mid 30s who is recalling a pivotal period 20 years earlier that set her on a downward spiral During her sopho year of high school, her parents divorce yanked her out of a private prep school where she was flourishing and dumped her in a semi rural town of modular homes and dilapidated trailers, where people struggled to survive on minimum wage jobs and dreams of the future rarely looked beyond the week [...]

    13. Marlena is a beautiful and tragic story of friendship, addiction, loneliness, family, and poverty Julie Buntin was able to put words to sentiments I ve felt and have never been able to articulate A riveting novel, a twisted coming of age story, a heartbreaker.

    14. This was a hard book to rate There are parts I was completely into the book and other parts I just didn t feel it It s a beautifully written novel and the realistic feel of it is incredible so give it a reading for sure Overall, devastatingly beautiful but my attention was not completely absorbed in it.

    15. GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUNBy Judge Steph OpitzThere is something compelling about certain teenage female friendships The intensity that can rival a great romance The desperate loyalty, the inexplicable need to pour your every secret into your friend vessel The mutual adoration that s near sexual Perhaps because, beyond boyfriend or girlfriend, the nebulous shape of a best friendship requires guarding and defending and is therefore sacred I don t know But I ve had relationships like this, and so [...]

    16. What happens when the shadows cast by your past shroud your present in a darkness so impenetrable that you can no longer see what s in front of you With acute perception and a haunting grace, Julie Buntin s Marlena looks at the ways in which a person s past can influence their every moment, waking or asleep This is the story of a woman haunted by who she was as a fifteen year old, and specifically what she did and did not do before the death of her best friend As she reveals who she is now, thro [...]

    17. I ve read some mixed reviews about this novel, and would guess the negative ones may stem from readers expecting one book and getting another Some of the marketing for this novel seemed to make it sound flashier and mysterious than it s meant to be At its core this novel is about a woman Cat trying to reconcile her feelings with her past friendship with her wild friend It s a consuming friendship and Cat is defined by the events of what transpired between them and what happened to Marlena The s [...]

    18. So very quickly, in no than a matter of weeks, she was my best friend I was the first person, she told me, whose brain moved as quickly as hers, who got the weird things she said, her jokes, her vile, made up swears, and could sharpen them with my own A best friend is a magic thing, like finding a stump full of water that will make you live forever, or wandering into a field overrun by unicorns, or standing in a wardrobe one minute and a snowy forest the next I wasn t about to take it for grant [...]

    19. This book, with its vivid and piercing prose, brought me back to my own experiences in high school to the insecurity and recklessness, the urgency that bonds teenage girls together, the regrets that still plague me to this day.After being uprooted to a dismal Michigan town in the middle of nowhere, Cat is immediately drawn to her next door neighbor, Marlena, who is everything she s not beautiful, mysterious, daring, experienced The two girls quickly become inseparable, and Cat s days and nights [...]

    20. I m lucky to work for the company that published this book so I could read it early Julie s writing is the best kind sensitive, nuanced, energized I was so compelled by these girls and their friendship I loved every minute reading MARLENA.

    21. Release Date 04.04.17I am a wreck I have been cut into pieces, and I don t know how to put myself together again This book sucker punched me and knifed me and stole my wallet Okay, I am being dramatic of course but how else can I get my point across Damn, I was not expecting something this powerful when I requested an ARC of this debut novel from Netgalley This is the story of fifteen year old Cat and her new, older friend, Marlena, whom she meets after she, her brother and mother move to a smal [...]

    22. Hard to believe this novel is a debut Buntin knocks this one out of the park I don t want to give away too much but this is a powerful novel about memory and friendship and how we sometimes lose ourselves while trying to find ourselves in those friendships Many of us have had Marlenas in our lives those dangerously irresistible friends and Buntin most certainly did because she absolutely nails the range of emotions they trigger So many of the relationships in this book, not just Cat and Marlena [...]

    23. This is the novel I wanted The Girls to be What Buntin s novel lacks in flair and fanaticism it makes up for in its shrewd and sympathetic examination of the arrogance and exaggerated angst that makes adolescence such an electrifying study.

    24. DNF From the blurb, MARLENA should have been a novel that I devoured A dysfunctional friendship that ends in a tragic death, still haunting the one left behind Julie Buntin s writing never pulled me in I couldn t connect with the characters and didn t feel anythingRLENA was on my radar from the prerelease buzz, but something always pulled me back I m glad I waited until Kindle had it for 2.99.Plenty of reviews enjoyed MARLENA than me, so hopefully if you choose to read, you ll like the story an [...]

    25. The writing 4 5The story originality 2 5The language is just really good descriptions, emotions, psychology is all quite flawless.But I just couldn t escape my d ja vu feelings no real spoilers here an innocent adolscent girl from a disfunctional familymeets a far experienced and wild girlgets introduced in a darker and feral worldsmokes her first jointkisses her first boyetc If I would have read this before the magnificent novels An Invisible circle Egan and The girls Cline I would have appre [...]

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