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Legend Has It By Elliott James,

  • Title: Legend Has It
  • Author: Elliott James
  • ISBN: 9780316302371
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • For John Charming, living the dream just became a nightmare.Someone, somewhere, is reading a magic book that is reading them right back Real life is becoming a fairytale high school students are turning, quite literally, into zombies, subway workers into dwarves, drug addicts into vampires.John Charming and his motley band of monster hunters are racing to find the villaiFor John Charming, living the dream just became a nightmare.Someone, somewhere, is reading a magic book that is reading them right back Real life is becoming a fairytale high school students are turning, quite literally, into zombies, subway workers into dwarves, drug addicts into vampires.John Charming and his motley band of monster hunters are racing to find the villain of this story, following the yellow brick road through a not so wonderful wonderland And if they can t find Reader Zero before the book is closed, there won t be a happily ever after again.
    Legend Has It For John Charming living the dream just became a nightmare Someone somewhere is reading a magic book that is reading them right back Real life is becoming a fairytale high school students are turni

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    1. 3.5 starsJohn and the gang are back, this time on the trail of someone who is making fictional monsters come to life As before, the interactions between characters and John s trademark wise assery make for an entertaining story.Typical John observations I ve never understood that saying about looking for a needle in a haystack , I grumbled If it s that big of a deal, just set the damn haystack on fire and pick the needle out of the ashes I could hear the urgent, quiet conversation that he had wi [...]

    2. Originally published at Reading RealityThe snark is strong with this one Very strong And John Charming needs all the help that he can get.At this point in the story of John Charming and his Scooby gang of Sig, Molly and Choo, they, and the world, are in pretty deep foo foo Which is where they do best And sometimes worst.The story follows almost directly from last year s In Shining Armor At the end of that book, John says that he and Sig are going back to pick up the rest of the gang, and that s [...]

    3. The School of Night is at it again They have a book that they can use to transform people into something other than human All in an effort to break the Pax Arcana Enter John Charming and Co They must all work together again to try to save New York and stop their enemies before this thing spreads I love, love, love this series So many characters to love or hate I can t wait for

    4. This series just gets better and better with each book and we re finally starting to get some answers it feels like this is starting to build to a big finale it will be sad to see it go when it s done

    5. I was really looking forward to reading this latest addition to the series, but as the book progressed, I found it was a bit of work It started off well enough, with a much neeeded but slightly cringe inducing recap The author continues to build continuity by bringing back characters from previous books Kevin book 3 and Sarah, the cunning woman, make a reappearance though they didn t add much to the plot for all their screen time , as well as Ben, leader of the werewolves Round Table unfortunate [...]

    6. I have rally liked the other books in this series This one was a mess It had no coherent story plot The few action moments were ok, but It me a long time to read this book, because it was actually a little boring.

    7. I love this series for many, many reasons.John s sense of humor is awesomeThe fight scenes are topnotch A lot of UF PNR writers don t put in as much detail James makes them believable and he makes them understandable to the masses He has a gift for explaining weapons, armor, and how they work and I ve only really seen that with two other authors Ilona Andrews who does superb fight scenes and Faith Hunter who does a great job explaining how a weapon will sit on a person and how armor really feels [...]

    8. My husband and I are big fans of this series I have read all the books aloud to my husband We love John Charming with his snarky, irreverent attitude, smart mouth, extensive knowledge of monsters and kick butt fighting skills Sadly this book was frustrating to read There were many chapters with various POVs from random characters These were usually depressing, always distracting and often irrelevant to the story I began to groan everytime I ran into another of these chapters They were frequently [...]

    9. Obligatory metaphorical fiction about reading books Fun though The main character is right, Reader X sounds cool.

    10. Story moves right a long, good solid plot and characters I like In fact I ve been resistant to Sig but I really warned to her for the first time in this book It came together very nicely.

    11. Once again this series did not disappoint The writing and the characters are the big sell and I m buying Action, adventure, mystery, love, friendship, enemies, wit, and humor all blend together and it works After a little break from the last adventure, our rag tag team is called in to assist the Knights and the werewolves for a mystery in New York This book had a feeling of an ending of the series If so, it would be a shame I ve grown to really love this series Though the narrative is told from [...]

    12. I love Elliott James, I love John Charming, I love Sig, and all the many side characters, human and supernatural I cannot get enough of their crazy adventures and the humor that makes them bearable Also I am still reading this series for the romance, even though there is hardly any time for it But what there is, I like And I want to know how all the new plans and developments work out This is all so INTERESTING And I want to especially mention how awesome Ben is He is always there, mostly in the [...]

    13. From the back cover Someone, somewhere, is reading a magic book that is reading them right back The line between fantasy and reality is breaking down, and real life is becoming a fairy tale bored office workers are turning, quite literally, into zombies, bullies into black knights, and squatters beneath bridges into trolls John Charming and his motley band of monster hunters are racing to find the real villain of this story, following the yellow brick road through a not so wonderful wonderland A [...]

    14. Yeah, no This installment was just flawed The writing was the problem, I ll be honest I don t think I am going to continue to read this series It s just not well written John has a team There are a whole host of characters in the books We don t really know, get to know, or want to know any of them very well Scene after scene blurs I am a person who reads most books in one sitting It took me days to finish this And I only did it so I could add it to my Good Reads book total.

    15. An enjoyable romp Our hero John Charming has some flaws, but always steps up, no matter the cost to him personally or his friends, and better still, he doesn t angst over that fact, he just gets on with it His loyalties are tested b w the Knights and the Wolves yet again with tension on all sides And the big bad is seriously convoluted and fun scary this go round, with lots and lots of different monsters stepping into the fray There is loads of LOL dialogue, mostly due to John s smart mouth, but [...]

    16. My review for the previous novel stated Believe it or not I m getting tired of urban fantasy you go to the Sci Fi Fantasy section of your local bookstore and it seems like 3 4 of the selection is taken up with urban fantasy novels Having said that, some of my favourite authors write in this genre Butcher, Aaronovitch, and Jacka to name my favourites have all taken the core conceit and done something interesting with it If I was to create a hierarchy, however, this series would definitely be on t [...]

    17. Elliott James continues the saga of John Charming, ex Templar knight and werewolf, with this new adventure Our reluctant hero Charming is sometimes not so charming, witty, snarky, and humorous In this installment we see of the would be romantic too which felt weird in a good way We also have our usual cast of characters with Valkyrie Sig, healer Molly, and other friends like Choo.In this installment we have the Templars and the Were s teaming up uh oh to work against the School of Night who hav [...]

    18. James has really hit his stride with this one.It was excellent from start to finish but I particularly enjoyed the interludes from the non main characters Just two or three pages that gave us a little vignette into different monster attacks, but each was narrated with such a strong voice that I felt like I wanted to read short stories about each of these people.Charming is very fun as always His quips remain extremely lively and funny His relationship with Sig has really deepened to the point th [...]

    19. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Pax Arcana novels of which this is the fifth I also enjoyed this one which leaves the series at a tidy stopping point While it can continue, it feels like it has reached a good stopping point.The whole gang is back and absolutely needed as they race to stop the end of the world as we know it Magic is manifesting in new and unpleasant ways, uniting the Round Table of werewolves with the Knights Templar in order to keep the magic from spreading Naturally John Charming [...]

    20. I love John CharmingJohn Charming is brave, loyal, intelligent and witty how can you not love him and this series The gang is back together fighting the bad guys I loved having interaction with Molly she is one tough cookie My two favorite things about this series is the witty dialogue and the development and growth of the characters Since this is not one of those stagnant series where the characters stay the same and only the bad guys change, I recommend that you start at the beginning of the [...]

    21. This is book 5 start with Charming if you need to Delighted with how this series is coming along Some good snark, some good world building, a lot of leveling up by our main characters Can t wait to see what happens next My only disappointment I thought the Book 4 intro the movie clips set to Eminem was so good it couldn t be beat, and I was right Didn t enjoy the Book 5 prologue nearly as much.

    22. As usual I love the characters and the sarcastic wit I wonder if the humor comes from the author or through this specific character The ending could suggest another book or even an offshoot series or it could be a nice wrap.

    23. Another very enjoyable series keeps trucking along This one seemed a little plot and action driven the others in the series, but coupled with my re read of book 4, that was just the sort of thing I needed.

    24. This may be the best one yet The last third was some of the tightest, fast forward action I ve read in a while.Pax Arcana is now firmly on my list of UF series rec s, along with Dresden Files and Iron Druid.

    25. Very good Much better than the previous books, some things I took notice of Apparently this is a book for adults Elliott James has done so much dancing around the lustier parts of the romance that i though this might be some very mature young adult book It took the statement should use her first name after having come inside her for me to realize that this is actually a book mean for adults Much funnier than the previous book The snark is real and funny Bravo on the improvement Downright interes [...]

    26. I picked up this book in the Nook store on my tablet because I wanted to see how everything was going with the characters My personal review of the book is as follows I personally was confused by how the magic works within the framework of this book specifically to the point where I didn t really understand what was going on which took me out of the story I personally feel like this part of the storyline would have been better added to the end of the last book, to me personally it would have mad [...]

    27. Not as good as the first four volumes It misses some of their leightness and seems to drift forward without an actual goal until it ends The weakest part in the series so far but still good written and enjoyable to read If you liked the other volumes you won t do anything wrong to read it.Most disruptive for me were those chapters describing paranormal incidents because they didn t contribute anything to the story they just disrupted it Don t know what to make of them.Second in line This Kasia c [...]

    28. 4 starsI enjoyed this book a lot It was all action There are some relationship developments but those were small and mostly set up for the next book In fact this book was all adventure and set up It was kind of transition book, but I didn t mind because the action and plot were excellent I did have a bit of trouble remembering who all the characters are Simon I could not remember who Simon was to save my life We are getting quite the cast and I almost want a glossary of who s who But it was a lo [...]

    29. The I read about John Charming and his group of friends supernatural warriors, I fall a little in love with the world Sig hasn t won me over entirely but Molly and Choo are in In this installment, a reminder of Sig s past mistakes appears and threatens to break up the fragile relationship Sig and John have managed to build But, personal issues take a back seat to the need to stop a rash of magical threats breaking through into the normal world, threatening the security of the Pax Arcana You ll [...]

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