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Faerie Magic By Emma L. Adams,

  • Title: Faerie Magic
  • Author: Emma L. Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With the sexy and arrogant Mage Lord pressuring me to join his team and a dark movement in the magical underworld threatening to ignite a war between the half faeries and other supernaturals, I have my work cut out.Especially when a serum that s deadly to half faeries finds its way onto the market, luring in its victims with the promise of immortality.To find the source ofWith the sexy and arrogant Mage Lord pressuring me to join his team and a dark movement in the magical underworld threatening to ignite a war between the half faeries and other supernaturals, I have my work cut out.Especially when a serum that s deadly to half faeries finds its way onto the market, luring in its victims with the promise of immortality.To find the source of the lies, I have to go undercover to a dangerous magical contest where half faeries compete for glory Problem is, to get in, I have to pretend to be one of them.Navigating my way between half faeries who want my head on a platter and the Mage Lord who wants, well, me, is tricky enough But then I learn something about my own magic that changes the playing field If I don t come out on top, a second faerie apocalypse is on the horizon.
    Faerie Magic With the sexy and arrogant Mage Lord pressuring me to join his team and a dark movement in the magical underworld threatening to ignite a war between the half faeries and other supernaturals I have m

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    1. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed the first book in this series and I couldn t wait to continue the series, luckily I didn t have to wait long Faerie Magic is a great sequel I love how in some ways it s a direct continuation of the first book when it comes to some plot lines and how it builds upon the basis created in the first book And in some ways it s also a new adventure So it has continuity and each book has it s own part of the story that sorta gets wrapped [...]

    2. I love this series I love urban fantasy that is spot on and stays true to the characters Ms Adams does all of that and Ivy handles so much in the present while dealing better than most would with her past The Lord Mage is still a bit of a mystery but he he likes Ivy and always has her back, so I m on his side for now There was just enough romance to keep you smiling and plenty of action to keep you entertained I loved this book and need soon P.s I d love a novella or an extra chapter from Vanc [...]

    3. This is not a light and fluffy urban fantasy series, which is why I liked it in the first place Unfortunately, the heroine is such a negative person and I can t stand her any She s just depressing and grumpy all the time, and not even in a funny way In the first novel, I liked how she stood up to the hero But in this one, she is just plain rude, bratty, and hypocritical around him I liked her backstory too at first, but insteasd of real pain, it always comes off as her throwing herself a pity pa [...]

    4. Reckless Ivy continues to be a tough heroine if a bit of a Lone Ranger complex She keeps choosing to not tell her best friend, and Vance as well, important information with the idea that she is protecting them Then she goes off by herself and gets hurt all the time, which is very reckless Hopefully that habit changes later on or this will be a very short series.

    5. The first couple chapters drove me insane Ivy pretty much lets the mage lord walk all over her.Yes, she s snarky to him a lot but it s of a weak, half assed kind of snarky that somehow makes her look like a child throwing a tantrum even though her reasons for being mad are valid Actually, a lot of her actions as well as those of other characters throughout the book made me want to scream, it was so frustratingEven though the ending is technically considered a cliffhanger, I don t feel particula [...]

    6. This was a great follow up sequel to the last book Ivy lives up to her kick butt reputation in the action filled book When you add in Lord Mage, or Vance well the steam rises a bit so far it is just kissing, since one problem after another keeps happening Someone has killed a high ranking Mage, and a drug is circulating that makes everyone turn on each other This all puts Ivy into great personal harm, and the line between complete fae takeover once again is in peril The action builds, and with h [...]

    7. The faerie fighting adventures continue for Ivy and Vance in this sequel to FAERIE BLOOD, and oh my GOD how good can this series get I, for one, can t wait to find out I thought this was a very well done sequel, balancing loose ties from Book One and adding plenty crumbs for not only this book but books to come This isn t an easy thing to do, but FAERIE MAGIC is a super solid sequel 5 stars 3

    8. And this is the last book i will read from this series.This series lacks a basic concept for my taste It jumps from one Supernatural case to the next without backbone.The heroine is getting and annoying She is the one to save the world blah blah blah.Her martyr complex grated on my nerves Her stubbornness and lying by omission became annoying, throwing tantrums like a child All she does is righteous and others are idiots and not doing their jobs She has the social skills of a 3 year old Browsi [...]

    9. This is the second book in the series and it is easily as good as the first Possibly even better Ivy is back to butt kicking and being awesome Herrt of boyfriend bosse mage lord is MIA and she still kicks major butt I love that she doesn t turn into a wuss just because a strong man shows interest Some books I have read do that and i always cry over a kick butt chick turning into a dependent pansy luckily Ivy has not done that The other characters are still awesome and getting to know them is fu [...]

    10. Great sequel I like Ivy, she s strong and determined to do what s right regardless of the cost I also like Isabel, everyone should have a friend like that And I love Vance and how the relationship is progressing I just wish we could get some insight into what he s thinking I also hope the third book doesn t have Ivy lying or keeping things from Vance I get why she was hesitant at the beginning of the book, but of the hot and cold attitude could get tiring Anyway, I m so glad the series is compl [...]

    11. Great second book in this series I enjoyed this book just as much as the first Ivy Lane is a kickass heroine that is afraid of relationships than her faire magic I loved that the blooming attraction between her and the Mage Lord Vance Colton seems to be growing on both sides To solve this case it takes almost everything Ivy has and then some I recommend you take a chance and read this series I am glad I did

    12. Great seriesGreat series with a great cast of characters and plenty of action You have a world that the ferry realms invaded and were then repealed Humans magical mages necromancers and a half fairies still live in our world and must coexist See what our characters can get into in this book as they try to save and fix the world again Weather is good there is always some evil trying to up and everything Check them out

    13. The amazing adventure continuesThis installment is much darker and has lot of fights, adventure, Ivy discovering a bit about her magic, a lit bit of romance , sweet friendship between Ivy and Isabel and lots and lots of nail biting near death experiences I really loved this book and already onto the next installment.

    14. I was hoping to see character development and world building in this book Ivy continues to slightly bug me with her stupidity I d like to see between her and Vance Maybe he can help her get her life together I ll give the next book a chance but I m not sure how much I ll be reading.

    15. Fantastic book This was an amazing book I stayed up all night reading it The plot was exciting and the world of faeries that the author created was so fun I loved the characters and how they evolve with each book I can t wait to read the next book in this series.

    16. EnjoyedI found this sequel to be as good as the first book in the series if not better You find yourself cheering on the heroine in her quest to right the world of evil as well in her own romantic pursuits Good read

    17. Ivy and Vance have to try to stop a rouge Sidhe from drugging the fae and all the other people can they close the the veil and stop the Sidhe.

    18. Better than the firstGetting better and better More action, romance and just enough sarcastic comments Love this books, one of the best faerie stories I ve read

    19. Crazy FairiesGood read plenty of action, a little awesome romance going on and lots of different supernatural things going on but poor Ivy just can t seem to catch a break

    20. I enjoyed this book but I got a little tired of Ivy always having to do everything She was always getting in fights and near death afterwards So I m not ready to start the next one in the series.

    21. Great readThis series has just got intense Ivy can t get a break Now she s going to her next adventure with a Faerie.

    22. WowThe vale almost opened again Ivy dies and comes back These are getting better and better Can t wait to read the next one.

    23. Like the character s the plot didn t capture me as much as the first book but happy to continue with the series

    24. Just okaySome things become clearer, but so many things are still murky I don t like stories where the characters are just blundering around, and no one knows anything.

    25. love this series Great series Love the characters, the budding romance, the plot lines it always keeps you on your toes Can t wait to read book three

    26. Rate the book I am really loving this series Ivy is so busy getting into trouble She is so cool She has such a smart mouth and I really like that.

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