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  • Title: Wolves
  • Author: D.J. Molles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Rage on a PageWolves sat on my TBR pile for weeks before I finally read it I kept putting it off because it looked too heavy both literally and figuratively This door stopper of a book clocks in at well over 500 pages and it looked very dark.I finally started reading it At 100 pages, I stopped Not because I was bored or overwhelmed No, I stopped to call a couple of people I know to tell them that I had found their next must read book This book is it I ll tell you exactly what I told them This is [...]

    2. Dark and disturbing, intense and gripping, violent and soul destroying Huxley was a teacher, a husband and a father when the skyfire changed his world He created a second life in what was known as the wastelands and was content growing barley with his wife Charity and daughter Nadine on a commune Then, the slavers came through, killed his wife and took Nadine to be a slave A man s life can change in a moment and his did As he works his way east to where the slavers go he nearly dies a few times, [...]

    3. What is the price of vengeance After reading Wolves, I would have to say that it is your soul.Every once in a while, I find a book that I connect with on multiple levels a book that speaks to me, pulls me into the lives of the characters and leaves me craving Wolves is one such book Many times as I was reading, my wife would ask me, How is your book All I could say in response was, Dark There is no bubble gum, princesses or sparkly unicorns in Wolves not that I expected there to be It is about [...]

    4. 3 1 2 starsThe first I d say 2 3 of the book was just one horrible event after another with the good guys as active participants Then finally the main character remembers who he used to be and begins to not only agree to be punished for his crimes but to believe he deserves the punishment The ending was wonderful.

    5. Some books just deserve than 5 stars and this is one.Forget glamour, action hero post apocalypse This is a gritty, and brutal as you could imagine I enjoyed the western feel to it DJ Molles pulls no punches and offers no apologies Probably the best audiobook i have ever listened to It was that good.This is jaw droppingly brilliant DJ Molles is one of the finest post apocalyptic authors following his outstanding The Remaining series, and this continues in Wolves.This is the story of Huxley, a ma [...]

    6. Do not be deterred by the mediocre title and merely average cover This book exhibits raw writing, a story with big, unwieldy balls A proper revenge story with no high minded, lily white, rose colored morality Just passionate revenge doled out along with hard lessons about true suffering in a postapocalyptic landscape that is realistic than Cormac McCarthy s The Road There is no flowery language here There is no need for flowery language for characters who have come to the end of civilization.

    7. DNF at 53%At a first impression this should be every thing I look for in a book Dark, violent, gritty But, I m sorry I just can t continue with this The wring is just not grabbing me at all A shame as I was really hoping to enjoy it I received an e copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    8. Received via Blackstone Publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an completely unbiased review.Also posted on Silk SerifIf you are a lover of dark, tormented novels and are not at all squeamish when it comes to rape, death and gore then Wolves is most definitely for you Huxley, a man who once was a history teacher, husband and father has lost everything that once created his sense of self When an apocalyptic event alluded to as the skyfire destroyed civilization, Huxley and his young family fled [...]

    9. I came into this book a fan of D.J Molles The Remaining, zombie post apocalyptic thriller I admit that I prefer zombies in my post apoc fiction, or at least some kind of monster The trope of humans are the real monsters is good to a point, but if too often gets tired I don t really care as much about the post apoc stories where people are all bad because what else are they going to do to survive There s quite a bit of that in this book, with our main character crossing some lines that even for h [...]

    10. Desperate men with nothing left to live for, they re the most dangerous animal alive Huxley and his wife Charity and daughter Nadine wandered as nomads for two years after skyfire destroyed the old world and way of life They then came upon a small farming commune in the western part of what used to be the United States and lived their lives happily there for nine years with Huxley growing barley.Then the slavers attacked, raping and killing Charity and enslaving Nadine Before Charity dies, she s [...]

    11. Takes place in the future a pretty backwards and bleak place The theme of the book is revenge but at what price And then what if your revenge is based on a false premise You are taken on a grueling and gory journey of the main character and his quest for revenge and redemption You will become pulled into this bleak world and have to live there for awhile this is not a short novel but it s worth the journey.

    12. A dark, intense and brutal story Excellent character development I really enjoyed this one and even shed a few tears.

    13. Amazing Read It Addressing my criticism first, I am not a fan of repetitive internal monologues Wolves is over 500 pages It is action packed and gruesome But, between each action scene, there is a great deal of time for the main character, Huxley, to do a tremendous amount of soul searching Huxley knows that his conduct and actions are dehumanizing him, peeling away his goodness until he is left with a blistered soul that hardens and forms thick callouses He ponders the impact his change brings [...]

    14. This is another one that was compelling enough that I almost gave it five stars, but in the end I held back because it didn t really have any deeper meaning than just a really, really good story about a man who ll stop at nothing to avenge the memory of his wife and daughter.Huxley, his wife, and their daughter survived the sky fire and built a new life for themselves in a commune on the western edge of the wastelands , and area that seems to correlate to the American southwest Then the slavers [...]

    15. Having read D.J Molles series, The Remaining, I was kind of expecting something along the same line But was I surprised to read such a raw, cruel, horrifying post apocalyptic book Wolves is an extremely violent book and very graphic and not for the squeamish Don t get me wrong, the book is excellent but the topic of revenge is at the highest and worst level of humanity can stand Mr Molles takes the human out of humanity with a flourish that I have never read before The characters are very well d [...]

    16. D.J Molles creates a frightening future where slavery,murder and torture are just a part of daily life.The author sets a tone of despair right from the first chapter and kept up the pace.Although i disliked most of the characters because of their selfishness and cruelty,I nevertheless found them interesting and well developed.The book finishes nicely without any big cliffhangers,yet leaves room for books in the series.I received a copy of this book from the author via NetGalley in exchange for [...]

    17. I won this novel in a drawing.In a postapocalyptic world, slavers take a guy s daughter, and kill his wife The guy ceaselessly tracks them to get his revenge.I ve read better examples of these, but it isn t bad The guy s kind of a whiner.

    18. Desperation writ largeTo me D.J accomplished what Cormac McCarthy misses and that is humanity and compassion This wasn t an easy read, but I couldn t have put it down if I wanted to Maybe a modern classic.

    19. Wolves is a brutal, brutal novel Reading the praise for this book it was described as being like the Revenant, The Road, and the Gunslinger It definitely has all of these elements within the span of this novel I would also say it s much like Cormac McCarthy s Blood Meridian in how dark and graphic it is D.J Molles hides nothing once the action starts.The story follows Huxley as he travels on the trail to find a slaver who took everything from him Along the way he teams up with a man named Jay wh [...]

    20. The final chapters make this very nearly three stars, but still I think in the end for me it was just okay The author takes us through a pretty not pretty bleak landscape of revenge I expected this going on because I d glanced at reviews, but it was still somehow disappointing to me most of the way through Our main man Huxley finds himself fighting to survive from the beginning, but he s taking people with him if he s going down He misses his daughter and will find her killer or kidnapper He let [...]

    21. Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Wolves I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.In the 18 months since slavers killed his wife and took his daughter, Huxley has been wandering the country alone in a desperate search to save Nadine Getting some unexpected help, just when he is on the brink, gives Huxley the push he needs to soldier on Will Huxley find his daughter and get his revenge on those who destroyed his life Wol [...]

    22. LOVED IT I feel like an azz hat for taking so long to read it, since it s been on my pending list for years Huxley s a man a sad man, who s on a mission.His mission Bring back his missing teenage daughter who was kidnapped and avenge his wife that he found dying after he came back from an outing.He knows who s responsible, and anyone that gets in his way is going to pay.The concept of this story has been done before, what makes this rendition good is how the writer sells it The main protagonist [...]

    23. Very Dark TwistedI ve read over three hundred SHTF ZomPoc books including D.J s other books Most of them are pretty sick and twisted, full of gore, murder and desperate people doing desperate things to surviveever, this book tops them all I don t think I ve read a book the goes so far down into a persons psyche as this one I ve often wondered who I d be if the world as we knew it came to an enda good person, a maurader and pillager, a saviour, a leader, etc I ve also looked at people in my daily [...]

    24. Published in 2016 Molles is established for his Remaining series of post apocalyptic books This is the first of his works I have read and it is not of that series though post apocalyptic in nature too The book never gets into the cause of the world s downfall sky fire or something and that leaves quite a few questions as to why only ramshackle small towns or settlements are left which have essentially reverted to the old west as to level of technology, etc even though characters can remember pre [...]

    25. A bit of a slow burn turned into an inferno.I have to be honest and say I was reluctant to buy this or even read it based on what I feel was a sell out to the big publishers that DJ Molles did in the middle of the Homeland series While I m still disappointed in the direction he took and the ultimate higher book prices most of which going to the big machine I am glad I bought and read this book.The story was a bit of a slow build for me, but once it got going I found it everything I wanted and i [...]

    26. Not what I had expected I have read quite a bit of material written by this AuthorThis was hard to put down, as my not so clean floors and not so tidy house will verify Unlike many of the post apocalypse action books, this one was thought provoking How easy or hard would it be for any of us to become that which we hate the most I do not want to spoil the ending for anyone who has not read the book However Even though the ending was good, one almost wants to ask for book 2, to read about the ch [...]

    27. I came in to this book with high expectations after reading The Remaining series and enjoying it Although it wasn t quite what I expected it definitely captured my attention I liked the dark, gritty feel of it and in a way it almost had a Dark Tower series vibe I liked a lot of the characters especially Huxley the protagonist but in some regards I felt some characters could ve been developed better, also I felt some of their stories were left incomplete Overall I would definitely recommend this [...]

    28. Great read The themes in the book are pretty heavy, as you are carried along in a journey that exposes some of the darkest depths of human emotion when people are pushed to the edge of survival However, it is that very heaviness that gives the story sincerity and authenticity throughout, which is something you come to expect from DJ Molles if you have read any of his other work This book kept me captivated to the end and I would highly recommend it

    29. I am a huge fan of Molles after eagerly anticipating each new Remaining release and after that his new work Wolves Unfortunately I think Molles went in a direction he wasn t quite prepared to go yet with this new novel The Remaining was a very straight forward action series with likable but ultimately straight forward characters Molles tried to get a bit creative in Wolves but to me it ended up reading like a parable than a novel.

    30. Lots to like about this one and lots to not like about it It has a Stephen King vibe to it I wish there was development on the secondary characters Also, though I liked the ending, there is so much leading up to it that just gets dropped and left behind I wanted so much from Jay, Bree and Cartwright to have those plotlines just vanish is disappointing.

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