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Feel me Break By Tara R.,

  • Title: Feel me Break
  • Author: Tara R.
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chloe Reed and Nick Grayson couldn t have different lives Where Chloe had a bleak future and was trying to deal with a loss that had left a hole in her heart, Nick was a happy go lucky guy, leading a carefree life with a path set Until one fateful night, they met and everything changed The night that gave Chloe hope for the future, left Nick scarred for life Was tChloe Reed and Nick Grayson couldn t have different lives Where Chloe had a bleak future and was trying to deal with a loss that had left a hole in her heart, Nick was a happy go lucky guy, leading a carefree life with a path set Until one fateful night, they met and everything changed The night that gave Chloe hope for the future, left Nick scarred for life Was their meeting a one off tryst or was their story just beginning
    Feel me Break Chloe Reed and Nick Grayson couldn t have different lives Where Chloe had a bleak future and was trying to deal with a loss that had left a hole in her heart Nick was a happy go lucky guy leading a

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    1. There are some things in life you aren t supposed to move past They become a part of you, they define you, and you just have to learn how to live with it 4 Breaking Stars It s always great to read a book that evokes different emotions and introspection When I finished reading this novella, it kind of blew me away The story was very absorbing, from the sudden events in the beginning to the internal struggling both characters faced as they tried to make difficult decisions.Feel me Break falls into [...]

    2. 4 stars You saved me that night, Nick So let me save you In a serendipitous moment, two strangers from wholly different backgrounds meet and will change both their lives forever Chloe Reed has been carrying the burden of her family s issues and, in a moment of complete vulnerability, wanted to end her life Nick Grayson, a boy from an affluent family and a good life, drives by where she is and inevitably saves her life That moment changed Chloe s life for the better, but it also changed Nick s li [...]

    3. Feel me Break by Tara R was all about a girl and a boy who was once saw each other in unexpected way Chloe, after his brother died, their family relationship leaves broken and her father walked out of their lives, leaving Chloe and her mother all alone While Nick, has his own struggles facing that he really can t put it off after that incident Both of them have their own baggage and scars that will connect them to each other.This book by Ms Tara R was really a good one, which I actually enjoyed [...]

    4. This doesn t take very long to read its 70 pages Its a book I agreed to read for the author for a review.This story is about Chloe, her brother was found dead in a ditch and a year later Chloe not being able to come to terms with the death of her brother was found on a bridge.Nick comes along Things change for the better for her.Chloe is about to take her own life, Nick is on his way to a party and sees her.My view is that the story is good, the venue for it had potential, its written well, but [...]

    5. angelerin 2016 08Thank you to the author for providing an ebook copy of Feel Me Break in exchange for an honest review As you all may know by now I am not really a novella reader However the summary of Feel Me Break really stood out to me and so I decided to give it a try I m glad I did because I really enjoyed it There is a whole lot of emotions packed into this novella EMOTIONALThe author did let me know that this is a prequel novella with cliffhanger and that there will be a full length novel [...]

    6. I couldn t quite stop my chest from heaving during and after reading this book You know that feeling at the beginning when you also want to crease your forehead because you are worrying about your missing son while his sister complained because you are an overreacting worrywart Then boom, you feel all guilty and contrite when you learned the truth about your brother Ah,I couldn t explain my angst and pain and trepidation It s like one minute, I was behaving like a mother, then I became the daugh [...]

    7. 4.0 Anchor STARS Do you ever feel like stopping time Like the world around you stops for a few minutes, but you keep going it would be so much easier to breathe.What a Heart breaking story That s what came to my mind the moment I finished reading the novella For one, you can feel it the moment you started reading it First few pages and you were immediately thrown to a scene that will grip your heart and wrench it I was hooked literally, I keep on turning the pages with my heart so broken not kno [...]

    8. Read full review HEREThis small novella kind of blew me away by the impact it caused I think it was the perfect beginning to Nick and Chloe s story.I really liked the writing, and I think the author paints a very good image about depression and some self destructive behaviours.I m still not sure how I feel about the two main characters, because they both change a great deal over the course of this small novella given that several years pass But I do hurt for both of them, because I feel like the [...]

    9. I feel so betrayed and cliffhanged I thought these would end on a complete thought it ended completely but still and them boom it has a full novel I cannot with all of these huhuhu

    10. Original review The Daydreaming Bookworm I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Feel Me Break is the prequel novella to Tara R s upcoming full length novel, Watch Me Rise Since this is a novella, I will be keeping my review short, sweet and to the point Feel Me Break follows our two main characters, Chloe Reed and Nick Grayson After having experienced a tragic loss, Chloe loses herself and eventually starts contemplating her own will to live But she is given a second [...]

    11. This may have been a short read but it was certainly a sweet one.I loved the author s writing right from the start It was smooth and enjoyable and drew me into the story with ease Although this book is clearly setting the scene for what s to come, it was no less enjoyable I was forewarned about the cliffie but to me it was of a pause at the point where Chloe and Nick s friendship was about to begin in earnest I really enjoyed Chloe and Nick s connection, despite the setting, and especially thei [...]

    12. Chloe is left to pick up the broken pieces of her life after her brother died She meets Nick when she was in a very low point in her life In her mind, he saved her.In a blink of an eye, Nick s life is forever altered by one accident He s the one who needs saving now, and Chloe is determined to return the favor.In my opinion, Nick and Chloe both had shitty parents Chloe s parents deserted her when she needed them the most, and Nick s parents didn t handle the situation correctly at all They neede [...]

    13. This is the prequel book to the series or book, not sure It was quite short, but the premises sounds promising As a Master in Psychology I can say the main characters are pretty broken and they are gonna have to overcome all the shit that happened to them in the past There are some very heavy topics I am excited for the book though It s going to be so deep So keep an eye on this It s gonna be good

    14. What an interesting beginning Chloe and Nick have been felt some pretty bad hands in life and I am completely interested in how their story plays out Looking forward to book 2.

    15. Original review on Molly LollyThree and a half stars There is serious potential with these characters but it s just not there yet This story is a prequel of sorts to Watch me Rise From the story here you can t read this one without continuing to read Watch me Rise right after The ending isn t really a cliffhanger but you can t really call it a happy for now either It just ends with you wanting to know what happens next and if Chloe and Nick will get together for real at some point.I adored how C [...]

    16. I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.Nick and Chloe meet one fateful night Nick saves Chloe from ending her life and after he leaves her with a friend, his life changes in an instant Both Nick and Chloe are broken and think about each other all the time but they don t know how to contact one another Even though they hardly know each other, that night brought them together.When Nick and Chloe meet by chance two years [...]

    17. Feel Me BreakbyTara R IMPORTANT NOTE This is a prequel novella to an upcoming novel to be released on August 19th Cliffhanger warning Usually I don t rate prequels than 3 stars, but Feel Me Break has hooked me and has explained everything I needed to know about the characters, to wanting to know What has really worked for me I love both characters They feel real They are not perfect at all, but they may find in each other a form of salvation At least, I hope they will I find the author s idea [...]

    18. This is the first book novella that I ve read by this author I think I read that the author is Canadian not a damn thing wrong with that but they do use different words and phrases for some things No big deal just thought I should pass that along since I was a little confused at first but I quickly picked up on what I thought that the author meant Okay, I m not going to delve too deep into this one since it is only 70 pages If I m not careful, I ll let something slip and then I ll have the spoil [...]

    19. Chloe Reeds was just sixteen when everything in her life went wrong Suffocating alone and on the brink of simply just giving up, she was saved by Nick Grayson, a bright and handsome guy with a perfect life The night of their meeting gave Chloe the strength to go on but turned Nick into a guilt infested and scarred man One thing remained the same both of their hearts had been filled with only each other.Feel Me Break wasn t another sweet romance Although I would consider it a bittersweet romance [...]

    20. Immediately, from the first chapter this book is hard hitting I knew it was going to be emotional It opens with Chloe and her parents wondering where her older brother is Then, they get a call from a detective saying that they found a body that might be her brother That, I wasn t expected.Because of this, Chloe s life falls apart We don t actually get to see that happen but see the after effects a year later and then three years later I m not going to lie, Chloe is a complete mess a year later W [...]

    21. Feel me Break by Tara R65 pages4 star ratingTara R asked me to read and write a review on her novella Feel me Break After reading the first few pages on the look inside feature I decided this was a book I needed to read.It s a rainy gloomy Saturday afternoon so I decided to curl up with the book and I was hooked immediately The novella is about Chloe, a teenage girl who is succumb to grief after the death of her brother She needs to be the strong one and puts on a brave face for everyone so know [...]

    22. Oh, wow I loved every page of this novella Every single page has emotions that will touch your heart Even though most of the book presents the problems that each character has to face, they both represent hope for one another So I wouldn t say it s just a cry me a river book.So without disclosing too much, both Nick and Chloe have family issues some they have created, some they just have to bear When Chloe s life seems to have no purpose to anyone, she meets Nick who will become her life line, h [...]

    23. This is my first Tara R read and it was lovely She brings us the story of Chloe Reeds when she she was 16 her life stalled when her brother died, her father left, and her Mom became an alcoholic while she is spinning out of control, alone with no hope Nick Grayson drives by as she is about to jump off a bridge Nick is a bright, handsome and has the perfect life That chance meeting saved Chloe and her dreams of Nick gave her the strength to live However, in his rush to get to his family everythin [...]

    24. An incredible story of taking a chance on someone and saving them I could call this a story of fate It makes you feel like there is always a reason for certain things to happen and for certain paths to cross Chloe is facing a family loss, things spiral out of control and on one fateful night Nick finds her and brings her back to reality But then when she wants to find her knight in shining armor he is no where to be found Nick is facing an unexpected devestation and ends up going a different dir [...]

    25. I was asked to read and review this by the author and once I had read the short blurb I was than happy to do so.This is a short novella but certainly packs a punch I don t want to give any spoilers due to the length, so I recommend you read for yourself and find out why I identified with it and fell under the spell.Basically it s about Chloe and Nick two young people who should have the world at their feet as they embark into the world But tragedy is prominent in both their lives and leaves the [...]

    26. Rounding up to 3 starsSince this is a novella, I m going to keep this review short and sweet Feel Me Break follows the story of Chloe and Nick, and is told from dual points of view From the moment you pick up this novella, it starts off with a bang and is filled with heartache Now, since this is a novella, and it is super short, I can t really say much about the story Here s what I can tell you I think this series has a lot of potential The writing is good, but was definitely a little rough in [...]

    27. I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest reviewFull reviewThis is a very short 70 page novella that sees our main girl Chloe dealing with the aftermath of a tragic family situation Chloe meets Nick on a bridge in the middle of nowhere and after a few seconds of being in each other s presence, they form a deep connection that spans years As this is so short, it s hard to form a cohesive opinion because while there definitely was a part of me that couldn t [...]

    28. I would like to thank Tara R for the opportunity to review this Novella for her.Chloe 1 year early her bother was found dead in a ditch a year later Chloe is found on a bridge wanting to jump off and kill herself by Nick who is on his way to a surprise party for his brother Max his sister has arranged it and will not stop phoning him to find out were he is Nick is running late but he feels the need to stop and see if he could help her I don t want to let you know of the plot you need to read it [...]

    29. This book has some really good reviews, but I didn t really get along with it, so I ll make my review quick My main problem was the style of writing, it felt wooded and at times clumsy, instead of flowing like it should It was also very cliched in itself that s not necessarily a bad thing if done well, but I didn t really feel connected to the characters at all Perhaps the latter is because the story is so short, which is another thing I don t understand basically this novella is the first few c [...]

    30. I enjoyed this suspenseful short story It is easy to read and has a good flow to it The author introduces us from the start with angst and leads us to quickly understand the complexity of the characters and how the main characters have to learn to deal with problems of their past Nick saves Chloe at the beginning of the book from making a fatal mistake She has never forgotten his kindness She uses this kindness to survive against all odds In turn, Chloe wants to return the favour It is at this p [...]

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