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Gusty Lovers and Cadavers By Anne R. Tan,

  • Title: Gusty Lovers and Cadavers
  • Author: Anne R. Tan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gusty Lovers and Cadavers Book 2 of the Raina Sun Mystery series Graduate student Raina Sun thought she knew what she was getting herself into when she volunteered to take the new foreign exchange student shopping on the last weekend before Christmas But between a riot for the last hot toy of the season and an abandoned baby, the holiday is a season for mayhem, and sometGusty Lovers and Cadavers Book 2 of the Raina Sun Mystery series Graduate student Raina Sun thought she knew what she was getting herself into when she volunteered to take the new foreign exchange student shopping on the last weekend before Christmas But between a riot for the last hot toy of the season and an abandoned baby, the holiday is a season for mayhem, and sometimes it doesn t pay to be a Good Samaritan Raina wants to re unite the infant with his family, but calling the mysterious phone number in the diaper bag leads to questions than answers A strange man claims to be the child s father, and his alleged mother turns up dead The local police are interested in keeping the town s good name out of international news than to consider if there s foul play And to make matters worse, she has less than a week to find his real parents before the FBI takes over the case Raina summons her sleuthing skills to protect this baby and soon discovers everyone has a few skeletons in their closets With her pimp cane toting grandma, she faces an ex boyfriend bringing sexy back, and a murderer determined to hide the truth For readers who like fun cozy mysteries, quirky characters, and a dash of humor.
    Gusty Lovers and Cadavers Gusty Lovers and Cadavers Book of the Raina Sun Mystery series Graduate student Raina Sun thought she knew what she was getting herself into when she volunteered to take the new foreign exchange stu

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    1. I picked up the first because the heroine is a grad student as I once was , but I picked up the second this one because of terrific characters and the way the author brought me into a world that is vaguely familiar but mostly foreign to me Raina Sun, grad student and amateur sleuth, is Chinese American and has a complex relationship with the meanings of these terms Not only do I get the joy of reading about identity a pet theme of mine but I get to learn about Chinese culture This outing, I lea [...]

    2. Another homerun with Raina Sun Anne Tan does it again with Raina s sleuthing ways and a crazy cast of characters We find her a few months after the first book, now at the holidays A random woman in the mall thrusts a baby on her and tells her she will be right back, only to never return Raina quickly finds that the baby and mom are in danger and soon so is she Mom ends up dead and it all leads back to where Raina is working for the holidays to fill in for a friend Wanting to reunite the child wi [...]

    3. I enjoyed the first book in series so much that I wanted to see what would happen in this one.This is an Amateur Sleuth Murder Mystery.Raina Sun is at the mall waiting on a foreign exchange student to go holiday shopping Another woman claims to need to use the restroom and saddles Raina with a baby Moments later, Raina s search for the woman has her on a path toward danger and revealed secrets.I really enjoy how Ms Tan brings the characters to life Yes they are quirky at times but they also shar [...]

    4. This is one of those mystery solving woman with a feisty grandmother stories Light on lovers and cadavers An easy read.

    5. Poor Rainy still hasn t resolved the issue of her Grandfather s multi million inheritance and his second family in China Subbing in as a housekeeper for her friend Sonja while Sonja is on her honeymoon, Rainy discovers that the resort has a tourist section, and a second section that has wealthier pregnant foreign nationals trying to give their babies a leg up by being born in th US and getting citizenship She accidentally stumbles into a baby theft and subsequent murder while shopping at Target [...]

    6. ARC I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest Raina was just minded her own business, when someone asked to look after her baby while she goes on the bathroom.What is Raina to do When the woman takes too long in the bathroom, Raina goes look for her.She disappeared.Raina founds out that she is a chinese national coming to US to have her baby.She was staying at the birth wellness center were Raina was working during the holiday.Isn t that just a coin [...]

    7. A good story with humor thru out the book A Chinese lady named Raina was waiting for her foreign student to meet her In the meantime a lady comes up to her and hands her a baby and said she ll be right back she needed to go to the bathroom ASAP The lady never came back And this is how it starts out Raina was working temporary at a birthing center She had a X boyfriend Matthew who she still cared about who was a cop.The story gets involved due to the baby , whose was it , why didn t the lady com [...]

    8. Gusty Lovers and Cadavers continues the formula of a successful read from book 1, Raining Men and Corpses The team, Raina, the protagonist and her grandmother, PoPo are still the fun loving characters that made you laugh Since it was the Holidays the team was down one member, Eden, who was on vacation Raina matured and her circle of interaction was widened by the author While at the same time creating a deeper, richer narrative that once again washed over the reader as if they were in the book T [...]

    9. This is the 2nd in the series and I loved it Raina is going to meet Fanny, an exchange student to do some shopping and while waiting a woman runs up and asks her to hold her baby so she can potty Then she disappears leaving Raina with the baby Within minutes od that someone tries to kidnap the baby and from there it really gets strange In the end, Raina does figure it all out I can t wait to read of her adventures.

    10. This was my introduction to Raina Sun and Anne R Tan This was a fun, fast read How do you deal with family who think you convinced your dying millionaire grandfather that you were the only one who loved and cared for him And in addition, what happens one a stranger asks you to hold her baby for a minute and then she disappears, with you quite literally holding the baby Read the book to find out.

    11. Hungry for another story an hour later Great cross cultural whodunnit with rich characters, complex storyline and surprising twists Raina is an engaging protagonist, and I am not quite ready to let o of er failed relationship with Matthew and her grandmother, Po Po, is definitely the star attraction of the whole shebang

    12. Raina once again finds herself in the middle of a mystery and this time it includes a baby This is a light fast read mystery Funny characters and light drama This is book two of the Raina series and it doesn t disappoint.

    13. I love it Raina is funny, and just as messed up as I am Very well done mystery and hijinks.I want Po Po for myself

    14. Another enjoyable read from this author Family emotions run high but can a specific gift cure all the tension and animosity A book that can be read when your mood needs to be lifted.

    15. Raina Sun is your everyday young lady doing last minute Christmas shopping with Po Po, her maternal grandmother A young Chinese woman asks Raina to hold her infant son while she uses the restroom, but when the mother does not return Raina and Po Po s adventure begins.Raina has her hands full, trying to work and searching for the baby s mother Meanwhile, Po Po is trying to help Raina and both are working to ensure their traditional Christmas dinner goes smoothly Raina also has a secret she has to [...]

    16. I really get a kick out of these books Raina gets right solving the mystery than not What do you do when you are in a store someone hands you their baby to watch while they go to the bathroom They never come back Well Raina has to find out why On top of this she still has to deal with her family and their anger They still blame her about the inheritance.Raina is filling in for her friend as a maid at the Wellness Center It is the perfect cover for her to investigate what happened to the baby s [...]

    17. I received a free copy from the author via insta freebie The mystery itself was good but my problem was I didn t particularly like any of the characters or their relationships Po po and Raina s relationship could have been good except that Po po lets the entire family villify Raina about the inheritance and doesn t defend her even knowing the whole story I mean I get she feels ashamed and betrayed by what her husband did but her supposedly beloved granddaughter is being attacked by the entire fa [...]

    18. Loved loved loved the book I love Raina and her Po Po I learn a little bit about Asian culture every time I read the book Raina is still having to deal with the problems of the secret family that her grandfather had And Po Po is making things difficult for her within the family by not acknowledging what her husband did And Mathew is still being controlling However, because of the similarities between the murder victim and her family situation Raina draws strength She realizes Mathew is controlli [...]

    19. If you re looking for gory stuff and erotica look elsewhere If you re looking for a solid mystery with fun characters and lots of situational humor grab your coffee, sit down, and enjoy Raina gets put through the wringer by her family while she works to fix things for a tiny baby s future The mystery is foremost in the story, but since her best sleuthing partner is her Chinese grandmother, the rest just gets folded in There are lots of suspects and people who turn out not to be what they seem We [...]

    20. Murder with a SmileThere are so many laughs in this book you can almost forget there is a murder mystery to solve Raina and her Po Po grandmom are hot on the trail of a murderer Helped or hindered by Matthew a detective and Rainas on and off boyfriend a private investigator, and Po Pos posse, they get their murder I didn t have a clue who it was until the reveal I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    21. Great cozy mystery This book is Gusty Lovers and Cadavers written by Anne R Tan This series is really good so far Our main characters are Raina and her Grandma Po Po And don t forget the others seniors from the senior center They seem to have a lot of fun Almost makes get older seem fun Lol I enjoyed every minute of this story and look forward to reading of Ms Tan s work.

    22. This is the second book of the series and I wish I had read the first book first Raina is an interesting character that is caught in the middle of than one problem She does seem to deal with it quite well despite the circumstances I can t wait to see where her character goes with regards to the two men in her life in the next book She really should consider becoming a detective as mentioned.

    23. I give this book 3.5 stars I had a difficult time getting into it at first It is a very entertaining book with Rain and her Chinese grandmother Po Po up to all sorts of antics I felt sometimes it went a little over the top but became interested in the story half way through the book I would check out one of her other books in the future.

    24. Trying to help someone figure out who a child belongs too.Seems there is a place called Gold Springs Birth Resort where at the moment Raina is working at for her friend Sonia for a family Christmas vacationThings don t seem to be how Rainia and Po Po think they should be and now a baby has been put in dangerRead and enjoy.

    25. This is Raina Sun Book 2 and I loved it I got a kick out of her relationship with her Chinese grandmother Po Po These books are light, breezy reading set in and around the Central Valley of California where I am from originally Give them a read

    26. A fun cozy mystery with a Chinese twist A delightful mix of comedy and drama with engaging characters swept up in a quirky plot that kept me turning pages Great for a weekend read after stressful workweek.

    27. Chinese afroNot sure who this character is, just seems to be reacting to circumstances Ancestral angst and a technically rich poor little girl combined with a longed for sexuality with a proper person leaves one wondering how she will stumble through the next life event.

    28. Gusty Lovers and Cadavers is the second book by Amy R Tan that I have read I loved reading both of them Raina Sun and her lively grandmother take on another case to solve and time is of the essence Fast paced, witty and fun to read Highly recommended.

    29. Gusty Lovers and Cadavers is the second book in a series Raina Sun and PoPo Her Grand Mother get involved in another murder mystery they need to solve, Fast Paced with a twist a delightful mix of drama and comedy with a quirky plot.

    30. Good bookVery funny and very endearing Loved the characters and the author has a way of making something mysterious and hilarious at the same time.

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