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Tangled Up In You By Lara Ward Cosio,

  • Title: Tangled Up In You
  • Author: Lara Ward Cosio
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ASIN B01F9XUH82 ALTERNATE COVER VERSIONGavin McManus always knew he d be a famous singer songwriter His disheveled good looks, confidence, and undeniable magnetism were the perfect combination to propel his band Rogue into the spotlight But it s his wounded rock star mystique, born out of childhood trauma, that seals the deal.Sophie Kavanaugh was drawn to Gavin long b ASIN B01F9XUH82 ALTERNATE COVER VERSIONGavin McManus always knew he d be a famous singer songwriter His disheveled good looks, confidence, and undeniable magnetism were the perfect combination to propel his band Rogue into the spotlight But it s his wounded rock star mystique, born out of childhood trauma, that seals the deal.Sophie Kavanaugh was drawn to Gavin long before he found fame Her own desire to be what he needed, to somehow be the one to fix him, lasted beyond what should have simply been a memorable school days romance.Their reunion several years later happens just as Rogue has made a splash in the college music scene, and there s no turning back.Over the course of three albums and the next decade, Rogue earns their place as the biggest band in the world, while Sophie finds her own career as a model Gavin and Sophie exude the outward appearance of the perfect rock star supermodel couple, but that fa ade is about to crack At the same time, Conor, Gavin s best friend and the band s guitarist, struggles to contain his feelings for Sophie When Gavin s secret is revealed, the ensuing media storm and backlash sends him into a downward spiral that threatens to destroy everything he s worked for, including his marriage, his friendships, and his band.Set against the globetrotting, glamorous worlds of rock music and high fashion, TANGLED UP IN YOU explores Gavin, Sophie, and Conor s tangled struggle to answer the questions that haunt them What would you do for the love of your life How much would you endure before protecting your own heart Order of the Rogue Series Tangled Up In YouPlaying At LoveHitting That Sweet Spot
    Tangled Up In You ASIN B F XUH ALTERNATE COVER VERSIONGavin McManus always knew he d be a famous singer songwriter His disheveled good looks confidence and undeniable magnetism were the perfect combination to prop

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    1. There is raw and realistic writing going on between the covers of this dark romance Lara Ward Cosio has brought a gut wrenching read to the table and trust me, you won t want to miss it Tangled Up In You is the story of the grit, the loyalty and the love that may or may not withstand the heartbreaking trials and human frailties of two people desperately trying to make a life together in the fishbowl of fame.Gavin is determined to make a name for his band, made up of life long best friends in the [...]

    2. 5 This is an exceptionally written book in which the author has you feeling a bit voyeuristic She takes you in and has you actually feeling so many of the emotions of her characters and has you believing in love, success, heartbreak, and betrayal, which turn has you believing that you are a part of this book It is a rock romance which stands above a lot of them because it doesn t sugar coat the rock star life The author gives you a look at not only the glamorous side of rock but also the real li [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book The characters are complex, emotionally charged, and likable The author weaved a story that was multi layered and character driven I look forward to reading of this series I received a copy of this book from the author, my review has been voluntarily submitted.

    4. A Realistic ReadTangled Up In You is the Sequel that is actual a Prequel to Playing At Love The story follows Irish best friends since childhood Gavin McManus Conor Quinn and the impact that American Sophie Kavanaugh has on their lives Even though Playing At Love was released first and focuses mainly on Conor, this is Gavin Sophie s story Both stories are intertwined and can be read in any order Both guys meet Sophie, who is sent to Hight School in Dublin and has the beautiful blonde blue eyed n [...]

    5. Tangled Up In You Rogue Series, Book 1 By Lara Ward Cosio5 5 StarsThis is my first time reading a book from Lara And let me tell you it will not be my last, I m hooked It was such a great and intense book I had a difficult time putting it down.This is a book about success, love, friendship and even betrayal It s beautifully written in a way, that is shows the not so wonderful side of leading a rock star life.With amazingly flawed characters,Rock star life styles and deep and intense friendships [...]

    6. Amazing bookAs a rock author, I find it daunting to find other rocker books that aren t the cookie cutter, boy meets girl and live happily ever after I need something with substance and depth I ve had this book on my kindle for a while, and finally started reading a few days ago I couldn t stop This book has so much depth and the characters are written so well that you feel like you know them in real life The author knows the industry well and it was great to read a book that captures the insecu [...]

    7. This is a great book Plenty of drama, but it s all plausible and the characters are completely believable, as are their reactions to situations Lots of twists and turns The book certainly keeps you interested and wanting to find out what happens next A romantic relationship is at the core of the book, but it s so much than a romance.

    8. 5 Electrified Guitars for Tangled Up In YouFantastic debut from Lara Ward Cosio, which added to a latge handful of other talented authors brings true literary credit to the rockstar romance subgenre A very emotional tale that I can t wait to read where she will take Sophie, Gavin and Conor next Not for the weak at heart, this is a talk of sex, drugs and rock and roll, where no one is free from guilt, but told in such a way that it was impossible for this avid reader to not get fully caught up on [...]

    9. As the second book by author Lara Ward Cosio, it is actually the prequel to her first published book Playing At Love and provides many defining details behind two of her main characters, Sophie the nurturing woman and the self destructive Gavin Her story leads the reader down a path of how childhood can define adulthood, whether it s to become a caretaker wanting to be needed or the wounded soul struggling to feel they are worthy of love It s the evolution of the band, Rogue and their quick rise [...]

    10. I m not even going to give any type of description of what I just read, as all of my crazy emotions are out to create havoc Plus, all I want to do is call the very talented Lara Ward Cosio names consisting of colorful metaphors So trying to write this review is going to be challenging enough to keep the f bombs out of, and trust me there are many, as the twists had me all knotted up The emotional angst levels nearly brought me to my knees, and my eyes didn t merely leak, they flooded This is the [...]

    11. An EPIC REALISTIC read that will break your heartTANGLED UP IN YOU is an epic read that will break your heart Surprisingly this book was written second in the ROGUE series, after PLAYING AT LOVE, but was written as a prequel I began reading this story, as I was asked to give an honest review on it, however, I loved it so much I purchased it Ms Cosio s superb writing is what sold me on ths story The depth, intensity, emotions and characters all combine to make this rock romance different from oth [...]

    12. 5 STARSThis is the first book I have read from this author and I am a huge fan.First off her writing is exceptional, it has been awhile since I have read something with the quality this author has done These characters are complex, intense and emotionally charged This is a draker romance, but one that has to be read, it is truly a Rockstar romance we get to see the good and the very ugly side of fame I was gutted many times throughout this book and I was emotionally involved from the very start [...]

    13. 4.5 star review.Tangled Up in You is an intense romance novel that is part of the A Rogue Series by Lara Ward Cosio This story will take you on an emotional roller coaster as you follow Gavin McManus and Sophie Kavanaugh s love story from high school right up to adulthood This story is writing in its rawest form, it grabs your attention, your mind and your heart Once you are in this book it will not let you back out until it s over Gavin and Sophie meet in high school when Sophie moves to Dublin [...]

    14. 4.5 starsThis is a bit a a slow burn for me It didn t grab me right away thus the.5 but once it did I held on tight and was totally absorbed in the story The story tells the beginning of Sophie and Gavin How they meet when 16 year old American Sophie goes to Dublin for a year of schooling, their parting a year later and when they reconnect 3 years later Gavin is the emotionally tortured rock star and Sophie is his place to fall, the love of his life and the one he will hurt the mostbut how long [...]

    15. This is number two in a series of three I found it to be even better than the first We meet the main characters in the first book, Playing at Love, but Tangled Up in You really gets deeper into their lives, their stories and their backgrounds The dialogue is great and engaging It s an easy read but has real depth to the relationships This book takes us through the early days when Gavin and Sophie fall in love But also shows how there can be challenges and that relationships are hard work Really [...]

    16. In just starting to read this book I can say it has captured my interest I am already invested in Gavin and Sophie plus the band mates Conor, Martin and Shay Reading about the history between the boys and then when Sophie comes over to Ireland Then she leaves Ireland with Gavin s heart Two years later the band is doing very well and they come to California to play a few places Sophie ends up going to a show and goes backstage she tries to talk to Gavin but he is mean to her so she leaves They ra [...]

    17. Ugh this book gutted me Gavin and Sophie are raw characters Yes this is a rock star love story , however it s not your normal book This author shows you sides of these characters that rip you apart and then slowly puts you back together , all to gut you again Colin, Gavin, and Sophie along with all the other characters are real and have suffered I loved this book it gave me feels than almost any other book I ve read.

    18. Tangled up in you by Lara ward CosioTangled up in you by Lara Ward Cosio is one of the longest reads I ve picked up recently, not only in page length but in total time lapse as well I found myself re reading and revisiting previous pages because I had a bit of a hard time keeping up with the transitioning between past and present at first, but I m not sure if it was the fault of the writer or fault of my own for not giving this read the full undivided attention it deserved from the start Once I [...]

    19. Tangled Up In You A Rogue Series Novel is written by Lara Ward Cosio This is a rock star romance with a kick I cried at a few spots while reading this The storyline flows fairly well my only issue was it tended to get blurred when going from past to the present The characters were strongly written and had interesting moments during the book but I loved them First there is Gavin, he s great and Conner is his best friend and Sophie is the love of his life Gavin knows He lover Sophie, so much so th [...]

    20. Good read about first loves who go through a hell of a lot The storyline was touching You felt the emotions, wanting to scream at them to open their eyes Gavin with his habit Sophie and Conor, which i was actually rooting for But now the end has left me confused I am yet again rooting for Gavin You can not help but feel a connection to all the characters and i love that If you love rock stars and supermodels, but also love a twisted love story This is great for you.

    21. This is a new author for me and the writing was very good This is book one of a series and focus s on Gavin the lead singer of the band Rogue and his love for Sophie Its a tiny bit of a triangle with the guitarist Conor his best friend who is featured in book 2 This book is available through Kindle Unlimited.Sophie moves to Ireland for one year during high school and meets Gavin They fall in love but have to part after that year He goes on to form the band Rogue with his friends as the songwrite [...]

    22. OkVery emotional, dramatic story I hate that author skipped years of their lives Think if that some of details of those times would made for a better story

    23. I was very pleasantly surprised with this book Sophie and Gavin s story is so well told and I love that it starts when they were 16 and you travel through their lives The time jumps were well written, and for me, much appreciated There were several times I wanted to grab Sophie by the shoulders and shake some sense into her But then you stop to think that she has loved him since she was 16 and her actions kind of make sense The end of the book will leave you hanging, but it makes perfect sense w [...]

    24. The past always comes back to haunt you at the worst time This is the story of Sophie and Gavin They met when younger and had to stop when she had to go back to America She was 16 and unable to stay with Gavin even though he asked her to marry him Time has passed and they meet up again, a very interesting second chance This book will grab on to you as you go through the story Interesting and emotional ride.

    25. Marvelous Wonderfully written I couldn t stop reading from beginning to end A must read I cannot wait for from this author

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