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Once and For All By Cheryl Etchison,

  • Title: Once and For All
  • Author: Cheryl Etchison
  • ISBN: 9780062471048
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Rangers of the 1st 75th fight hard, train hard and play hard They are physically strong and mentally tough, disciplined and courageous But all their military training hasn t prepared them for falling in love.Rule 1 Military and matrimony don t mix.But if there s one person Staff Sergeant Danny MacGregor would break all his rules for, it s Bree his first friend, firThe Rangers of the 1st 75th fight hard, train hard and play hard They are physically strong and mentally tough, disciplined and courageous But all their military training hasn t prepared them for falling in love.Rule 1 Military and matrimony don t mix.But if there s one person Staff Sergeant Danny MacGregor would break all his rules for, it s Bree his first friend, first love, first everything Maybe he likes playing the hero Maybe he s trying to ease ten years of guilt Either way, he ll do whatever he can to help her.Wish 1 A little bit of normal.Bree Dunbar has battled cancer, twice What she wants most is a fresh start in a place where she can find a new job, and where people aren t constantly treating her like she s sick By some miracle her wish is granted, but it comes with one major string attached the man who broke her heart ten years before.The rules for this marriage of convenience are simple when she s ready to stand on her own two feet, she ll walk away and he ll let her go Only, as they both know all too well, things don t always go according to plan
    Once and For All The Rangers of the st th fight hard train hard and play hard They are physically strong and mentally tough disciplined and courageous But all their military training hasn t prepared them for fall

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    1. Oh, this is when I wish I could rate a book all the way up to 10, because Cheryl Etchison definitely deserves a perfect 10 for Danny and Bree s love story Once and For All is an awesome, emotional romance It s full of high and lows, taking readers on a hold on to your heart rollercoaster ride Danny and Bree s romance begins as a friendship Friends to lovers, and then lovers to enemies Which then in turn becomes a marriage of convenience, with a forever, happily ever after in their future Danny a [...]

    2. Reviewed by Hooked On Books and CherryOBlossom Promotions I gave this book 4.5 stars Wow for a debut novel, Cheryl knocked it out of the park I was hooked from the first meeting in the story to the last at the beach I absolutely fell in love with Bree character, even though at times I wanted to strangle her Danny, Danny, Danny.Your Hot as sin, Alpha Male and a Army Ranger Your definitely a triple threat Bree and Danny were high school sweet hearts Their freshman year both of their world s came c [...]

    3. A good book, but I wanted a little from this story Their jump from marriage of convenience to back in love with each other was quick There so much that happened during the 10 years they weren t together that is made it hard to believe that in a few weeks everything came back.

    4. This book had me immediately hooked A romantic, emotional story about Bree and Danny meeting up again after ten years apart Danny had left Bree without a word back in college to join the Army and now finds out she has been battling with cancer These were well developed characters I truly cared about and the story flowed with great conversation 4.5 STARS I liked how life as an Army Ranger and the wife of a Ranger were depicted accurately, as I myself am married to a former Army Ranger Not being a [...]

    5. This author is new to me and I came across this novel while browsing through random books for inspiration This is a surprisingly good book, well written with excellent dialogue After ten years of managing to avoid each other s spheres, Bree Dunbar bumped into her childhood friend and first love, Staff Sergeant Danny MacGregor of the Rangers She is recovering from her second bout of chemotherapy following her recurrence of ovarian cancer He is back home from leave After the initial awkwardness, t [...]

    6. This love story touched my heart for obvious reasons This couple staff sergeant Danny MacGregor and his friend and first and only love Bree Dunbar they had both been on a rollercoaster of a ride there feelings for each other has strong has ever Loved there chemistry and the history they had together and a love worth fighting for I m so glad that I picked this book to read , I can t wait to read the next book

    7. 3.5 stars rounded high It s a sweet second chance story between childhood sweethearts with a marriage of convenience storyline thrown in Overall, a good book with some nice heart tugging scenes I especially liked the parts particular to military procedures like those a single soldier has to put together when he recently got married Been there, done that If I have a criticism, it s that everything is even keeled, not much highs and lows.

    8. Took me a little while to get into this book but once I got past the first few chapters I couldn t put it down I loved the marriage of convenience angle of this second chance romance Such a romantic and full on emotional read Danny and Bree certainly captured my heart, I m looking forward to reading in this series.

    9. New author for me and I was not disappointed This military romance has it all marriage of convenience, second chance romance, suspense, humor, and heart I can t wait to read the next one.

    10. Very much enjoyed this RITA Award winner for Best First Book A charming and touching contemporary romance with believable characters.

    11. Winner of the 2017 RITA Award for Best First Novel, this is an absolutely brave and stunning first novel Bree, who has survived two bouts of cancer just wants to get back on her feet and out from under her very protective mother Staff Sergeant Danny, who walked out on Bree ten years ago, bumps into her in a grocery store and can t believe how much of her life he s missed Then he does something even he almost can t believe, he offers her marriage as a means to an end She ll have insurance, a new [...]

    12. Good debut novel I liked the writing and the voice Sweet love story Bree has battled and survived cancer twice but it has done a number on her life No job, no hope of one as long as any perspective employer thinks it will increase the company s insurance premiums, she has no choice but to live with her folks and not have a life of her own Not only that, but she feels like everyone thinks of her as being sick rather than being a survivor Her greatest wish is just to be able to live her life, get [...]

    13. I got to meet Cheryl at a KissCon on my birthday this year I picked this up then and came home and immediately read it I have a love of military stories and this one caught my attention and didn t let go.Danny seemed brusque and rude at first But you could tell from the beginning that these two were meant for each other This was an emotional journey.

    14. I read this book in one sitting I m a sucker for second chance friends to lovers stories The couple on this book was so cute together I loved what Danny did to help Bree out I was rooting for them the whole time Definitely a book to check out

    15. There s just something about a second chance love story that I find myself unable to resist Maybe it s the scene where the man finally says I messed up, but I ve never stopped loving you Maybe it s the moment when the woman decides to forgive the man and love him again despite how badly she was hurt before Either way, I just can t get enough of these stories, and Once and For All satisfied me on so many levels.Aubrey and Danny grew up together, even lived across the street from each other In sev [...]

    16. Questo libro ha vinto i Rita 2017 per il migliore romanzo contemporaneo d esordio E l inizio di una serie che ha come eroi alcuni soldati Ranger commilitoni, fra cui i due fratelli MacGregor Qui il protagonista Danny MacGregor che dieci anni fa ha lasciato la sua sonnacchiosa cittadina del sud per unirsi all esercito dopo una debacle il primo anno di universit Negli anni l esercito si rivelato la giusta scelta per lui, ma parte del passato che si lasciato alle spalle c anche Bree, la bella vicin [...]

    17. 3.5 StarsI can see why this was RITA nominated, marriage of convenience, second change romance, military, oh and cancer I am just waiting for it to be announced as the winner, but only based on these points because even though I enjoyed the story something was lacking.Is it possible for the pacing to move along well but the plot to drag If so that is how I would describe this book, fast paced but no story I really wanted to enjoy this story but it just lacked something, I think mostly I didn t b [...]

    18. 3.5 stars I wanted to give a higher rating but I had a few problems with this book I found the premise that Danny and Bree would go 10 years without any contact and still pine for each other unbelievable I found his marriage of convenience idea so soon after seeing each other again unbelievable And while I really liked Danny, I couldn t see what he saw in Bree her character didn t really stand out for me With that said, however, I did enjoy their second chance romance and was rooting for them fr [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this story There were some gaps but I think they were all justified I like that we didn t spend half of the book waiting on them to get together I thought both Bree and Danny were well enough developed and both were fairly quick to get to the truth I liked the love scenes and that they didn t try to sugar coat some of the aftereffects of cancer.I was pleasantly surprised by this novel

    20. I enjoyed reading this book It was a quick, easy read for February Bookclub Having prior military service and being a Georgia native, I am than familiar with many of the locations, with military ranks and deployments Even though I enjoyed the book, I did find the story somewhat predictable.

    21. Excellent second chance love story The characterization was great the characters felt so real and the portrayal of the hero s military life was very realistic, as was the heroine s recovery from cancer Loved the interaction between them, and the ending was emotional and satisfying I look forward to reading the other books in the series

    22. Second chance relationship rekindles after marriage of convenience so that old high school flame can get medical coverage and a fresh start in a new town savannah after two bouts with cancer Would read in series.

    23. A second chance romance that was so damn good Equal parts sexy and emotional with a good sprinkling of humor, it was everything I needed it to be You will root for Bree Danny with your whole heart My eyes are red and puffy now but I regret nothing Already purchased the second book.

    24. Pure romanceI can t believe this is Ms Etchison s first book I can believe she s earned two RITA nominations for it, though Fantastic story, well rounded characters, great sex scenes, heartfelt emotions Loved it

    25. GreatThis is the first book I ve read by this arthur and I was not disappointed It s a sweet romantic story with lots of laughs I will definitely be reading of her books

    26. I NEED MORE STARS Seriously, one of the best books I ve read in 2017 If there weren t two in the series waiting for me, I d immediately read this one again.

    27. My Synopsis review follows Once upon a time Bree and Daniel were high school sweethearts Everyone thought the two would eventually marry, but their Freshman year of college he disappeared with no explanation or a heads up She went to his apartment at the end of a seemingly normal day day to find out from his room mate he d moved out, and she hadn t seen him since until now.A two time cancer survivor, Bree feels trapped and stifled by her circumstances Living with her parents the past several yea [...]

    28. Meh I actually appreciated how consistently Danny s character, with all its sometimes damaging impulsiveness, was written I liked him, both because of and in spite of his faults Bree was of a cipher, a sad and bland woman dropped into a new environment and slowly beginning to grow.

    29. Find this review and at Ramblings From This ChickI couldn t wait to read Once and For All by Cheryl Etchison when I first read the blurb This book pretty much checked all the boxes when it came to some of my favorite things in romance novels I just can t say no to second chance love, friends to lovers, and a military hero But while I was excited to read this story, I was a little nervous because this is Cheryl Etchison s debut novel I shouldn t have worried at all though because this book was g [...]

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