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The Flame Bearer By Bernard Cornwell,

  • Title: The Flame Bearer
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9780007504220
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • The brand new novel in Bernard Cornwell s number one bestselling series on the making of England and the fate of his great hero, Uhtred of BebbanburgC2 s major TV show THE LAST KINGDOM is based on the first two books in the series.Britain is at an uneasy peace After their bloody defeat of Danish held East Anglia, the West Saxons stand victorious while the Mercians haveThe brand new novel in Bernard Cornwell s number one bestselling series on the making of England and the fate of his great hero, Uhtred of BebbanburgC2 s major TV show THE LAST KINGDOM is based on the first two books in the series.Britain is at an uneasy peace After their bloody defeat of Danish held East Anglia, the West Saxons stand victorious while the Mercians have taken back their land on the border of Northumbria, the last kingdom of Britain still ruled by the pagan northmen A precarious truce exists between thelfl d s Mercia and Northumbria, now ruled by Uhtred of Bebbanburg s son in law, Sigtryggr.Under the cover of this fragile calm, Uhtred must begin his campaign that will end with the assault on Bebbanburg, the great fortress that is rightly his and was stolen from him in childhood But his plans are shattered when the Scots surge down and lay claim to the north of England, as the West Saxons, under Uhtred s old enemy, thelhelm, invade Northumbria from the south If Uhtred is to succeed in recapturing Bebbanburg he must both defeat thelhelm s forces and drive the Scots away before he can attack the formidable fortress by the sea He has a small army and many enemies, but Uhtred is not the supreme warlord of Britain for nothing .
    The Flame Bearer The brand new novel in Bernard Cornwell s number one bestselling series on the making of England and the fate of his great hero Uhtred of BebbanburgC s major TV show THE LAST KINGDOM is based on the

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    1. Although I enjoyed this book it didn t really live up to all my expectations It felt very different from most of the other books So you might be wondering why I gave it 5 stars First and foremost, the ending There were two glorious moments that I absolutely loved, and they were worth every star And, although it s sad to know my beloved characters are starting to age, and that this series is beginning to wind down, I love seeing how far they have come view spoiler I can t believe Uhtred won t bei [...]

    2. Onto book 10 with a series which must be coming to its conclusion I say that before I started reading this book as some of the later books have been shorter perhaps not so colourful as the opening half dozen of the series perhaps I m willing it to a conclusion before it goes stale flatPut that thought back into it s scabbard this tale adventure ranks amongst the best, yes its a short read BUT it had me gripped right the way through with it s absorbing storyline, old characters, as well as new en [...]

    3. 3.5 s This would have been a good place to end the story but I doubt Mr Cornwell is putting his cash cow to bed That said another enjoyable story in the Uhtred saga.

    4. By the time you get to number 10 in a series, it can feel like a chore Like you re just reading it because the characters have become family, so yeah, I guess I ll help my cousin move, or go bail my half sister out of jail Ho hum.But thisIS This is by far my favorite book of the series Everything has been heading to THIS All the bloodshed, the trickery, the pain The lost comrades and loves, the sword wounds and broken oaths This has everything you ve grown to love from the Uhtred books His perfe [...]

    5. Best not be reading The Flame Bearer Saxon tales 10 without having read Warriors of the Storm 9 and the whole previous saga Because, if you do, you will be denying yourself the pleasure that only comes from the intimate knowledge gained in understanding the arc of life of Britain s greatest fictional warrior, Uhtred of Bebbanburg.A fragile peace governs the kingdoms of Wessex, East Anglia, under the rule of the late King Alfred s son, King Edward, and Mercia, under his daughter Aethelflaed Utred [...]

    6. Spectacular addition to series I hope Mr Cornwell writes about Uhtred of Bebbanburg Wyrd bi ful r d Fate is inexorable I had a super long review written for this series but I deleted the document accidentally so let me share with you at least some major points to explain my reasons for loving this series so much Astonishing storytelling skills Bernard Cornwell brought 9th and 10th century England alive for me Unforgettable narrator Uhtred of Bebbanburg is unapologetic and ruthless yet lovable a [...]

    7. 4.5 starsI was a little disappointed in this one It just seemed flatter than usual Still it s Uhtred so you can t go wrong.

    8. Easily the best in the series since No 5, The Burning Land Cornwell has really delivered this time It was made enjoyable for me because there was much less graphic violence than usual and because the suspense didn t let up until the final page Cornwell s novels can only loosely be termed historical fiction because there are only slender slivers of historical fact scattered throughout, so his are not books to read if you want to learn about actual history but they are cracking good reads And the [...]

    9. Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros Essa resenha cont m spoilers dos livros anteriores.Enfim chega ao Brasil o D CIMO livro das Cr nicas Sax nicas Parece at que foi ontem 2012 que comecei a s rie acompanhando a vida de um pirralho e literalmente devorando os livros seguintes.Ap s os acontecimentos do 9 volume, quando Uhtred, Finan e seus guerreiros derrotam o ex rcito do irm o de Sigtryggr, Ragnall, al m das mortes de Brida e Haesten, agora as aten es do nosso protagonista voltam se tot [...]

    10. I wish every day was an Uhtred day When I am reading a new book in the series, this character just brings so much enjoyment to my week There is something about the books that makes them so stress free to read too They are written well and yet you don t have to work hard Plenty of lovely prose in them if you want to notice it Heaps of outstanding dialogue, which is hard not to notice The laughs are plenty The characters are rich in personality It all blends so perfectly in these books and you can [...]

    11. I don t usually write a review for Bernard Cornwell s novels, especially when the book is part of a series and it happens quite often, doesn t it I would be boring, I would end up by saying I loved it , as I am loving his novels since I was a teenager and found Derfel in the local library, many years ago.This book is different I loved it, as usual, even though I was slightly disappointed by the absence of some of the characters I was fond of view spoiler Osferth lost his wife and stepson and we [...]

    12. I have been following the story of Uhtred of Babbenberg since the first book in the Saxon Stories In this book Uhtred achieves his goal he has had since book one.The Saxon Chronicles has been a historical fiction series following the story of King Aaelfred the Great of Wessex and his offspring Unlike the other books in the series, Cornwell does not have to worry about historical accuracy in this book In this book, he can allow his imagination to run free Of course, he still stays within the hist [...]

    13. All hail Bernard Cornwell, the king of historical fiction, lord of battle scenes and one of my favorite authors.This book dragged me out of a terrible reading slump, and is my joint favorite in this series along with the third book, Lord s of the North.Why The characters, the emotions, the sublime storytelling, the plot twists and the overflow of badassery Uhtred is simply a great protagonist, and after 10 books, everything Uhtred wantsI want I feel for him in his sorrows and rejoice with him in [...]

    14. Yay I m happily reunited with Serpent Breath and Wasp Sting And with Uhtred too, of course.Uhtred as a young man was desirous of battle glories, daring and impetuous as any youthful warrior, often corrupted by his vices and lust for gold, and always going to wherever his fate led him Now, as a man hardened by experience and old age, and having outlasted many of his contemporaries both friends and foes, Uhtred wants nothing than to live the rest of his days in a place that is his by birthright, [...]

    15. Vai ter spoiler aqui.Tirei uma estrela porque eu queria que a s rie tivesse terminado nesse livro em um mundo perfeito, teria terminado at antes A hist ria est perdendo f lego, os personagens est o envelhecendo ou morrendo e o Cornwell ainda insiste em manter o Uhtred como protagonista de toda a hist ria da forma o da Inglaterra.Especificamente sobre O Portador do Fogo, foi um incr vel retorno Bebbanburg Algo que Uhtred e seus leitores esperavam desde o primeiro livro Os conflitos desse 10 volum [...]

    16. The once great Saxon Stories limps to a supposed end as a nearly decrepit Uhtred strives to finally reclaim his ancestral lands I think I can speak for most Uhtred fans when I say that this series should have ended at least four books ago That s about the time that the soul went out of this series that is now but a shadow of its former greatness.The first six installments were compelling They demanded to be read and took the reader on a voyage of adventure, war and espionage Saxon style The last [...]

    17. Gonna give this one four stars, but that s mostly due to a bit of rounding up and also I really hate to break with tradition when it comes to this series This entry certainly had of the usual good stuff in the form of intrigue and plotting leading to wonderful climactic stab a thons, but it kinda seemed like Cornwell was adding a bit of filler here and there There was a lot show and tell than usual and at this point the only characters I really enjoyed were Uhtred of course and his Irish buddy [...]

    18. The tenth book in Bernard Cornwell s Last Kingdom series sees Uhtred attempting to reclaim Bebbanburg There is the usual blend of epic battles, great characters wry humour Cornwell s stories are always entertaining this time he even shows how a single line can perhaps be the most poignant part of the story.

    19. After the depressing and tragic story of Edgar Sawtelle, I needed something that I knew would lift my spirits Uhtred did the trick, as he always does This is very bittersweet for me because I ve ripped through all the last 9 books in a little less than a year Now I think I have to wait until October for another, which makes me very sad But also happy because it looks like there will definitely be another On to the book itself, I suppose some could detract points for the formula the Saxon Stories [...]

    20. The Flame Bearer seems to be the epic end of the Saxon Tales Uthred must band together with Sigtriggyr, his son in law, to fend off the Mercians and the West Saxons This was a great story and very exciting I always wanted Uthred to question his loyalty to the Christians and Alfred But through his service it seems he has finally managed to gather a band of his own with which to attack Bebbanburgh, his home that has been stolen from him by his uncle and now ruled by his cousin.There are quite a fe [...]

    21. Bernard CornwellThe Saxon Stories ten books 11th planned for Sept Oct 2018 series 43581bernardcornwell series the last kOnline map google maps d u 0 viewer hl en_USGreat historical novels The story of the making of England, behind the human story of individual people fictional and historical King Alfred The Great, 866 CE and later Many times it seems that England should have been Daneland Saxons eke out one unlikely victory after another Cornwell writes as though he s stood in a shield wall and [...]

    22. The Flame Bearer O Portador da Chama Cr nicas Sax nicas Vol 10 Bernard Cornwell NITROLEITURAS resenhaE vamos que vamos para mais um Cr nicas Sax nicas, a saga mais testosterona medieval doidimais que t tendo, v io The Flame Bearer O Portador da Chama Bernard Cornwell Cr nicas Sax nicas Vol 10 Harper Collins, 2016, 304 p ginas Lido de 28.10.16 a 30.10.16SINOPSEA Bretanha est presa em uma paz ind cil Depois da derrota sangrenta dos Dinamarqueses que dominavam a Anglia do Leste, os Sax es do Oeste [...]

    23. FAN FREAKN TASTIC Uhtred finally gets to reclaim Bebbanburg Woot What a fast paced novel The ravaging battles, the masterful planning, and all the painful struggles finally come to a head I have to say that Uhtred has got to be the most baddddassss warrior ever to exist I m excited for him and feeling bitter sweet because though I have enjoyed Uhtreds journey, I really didn t want his journey to end No, now that he has reclaimed his heritage, what will he do with it now So many unanswered questi [...]

    24. Quando somos jovens, ansiamos pela batalha Nos sal es iluminados pelo fogo, ouvimos can es sobre her is como eles mataram na guerra, romperam a parede de escudos e encharcaram a espada com o sangue dos inimigos Quando jovens, ouvimos os guerreiros se vangloriando, ouvimos suas risadas enquanto se lembram das batalhas e seus gritos de orgulho quando seu senhor os faz recordar alguma vit ria dif cil E os jovens que n o lutaram, que ainda n o seguraram os escudos ao lado de outro homem na parede, s [...]

    25. I had this on the shelf so long before I read it, just putting it off Then it seemed to take forever to finish once again putting it off, because I didn t want to finish There is little to say without giving something anything away Suffice it to say it didn t disappoint It had everything I always want great characters that I love, dry sense of humour, all that wilful paganism and great bloody battles Loved it.

    26. When we are young we yearn for battle As Book 10 of The Last Kingdom series opens, Uhtred has still not returned to Bebbanburg But under cover of an uneasy peace between thelfl d s Mercia and Northumbria, now ruled by Uhtred s son in law Sigtryggr, Uhtred has a plan We make plans, but the gods and the three Norns at the foot of Yggdrasil decide our fate Uhtred s plan looks doomed, when the Scots lay claim to the north of England, and the West Saxons, led by thelhelm invade Northumbria from the s [...]

    27. The tenth novel narrated by Uhtred of Bebbanburg Uhtred s story, which began at the age of ten in 866, is tied up with the drive of King Alfred the Great and his children to create a single English kingdom out of four warring principalities three of them, at the beginning of the series, under the control of Danish invaders Uhtred descendant of kings, Saxon ealdorman by birth, Dane by adoption, and warrior by both temperament and training becomes Alfred s secret weapon A pagan lord never quite ac [...]

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