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Under Her Skin By Adriana Anders,

  • Title: Under Her Skin
  • Author: Adriana Anders
  • ISBN: 9781492633846
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Her Body is His Canvas A darkly possessive relationship has left Uma alone and on the run Beneath her drab clothing, she hides a terrible secret proof of her abuse, tattooed onto her skin in a lurid reminder of everything she s survived.Caught between a brutal past and an uncertain future, Uma s reluctant to bare herself to anyone much less a rough ex con whose rage drivHer Body is His CanvasA darkly possessive relationship has left Uma alone and on the run Beneath her drab clothing, she hides a terrible secret proof of her abuse, tattooed onto her skin in a lurid reminder of everything she s survived.Caught between a brutal past and an uncertain future, Uma s reluctant to bare herself to anyone much less a rough ex con whose rage drives him in ways she will never understand But beneath his frightening exterior, Ivan is gentle Warm Compassionate And just as determined to heal Uma s broken heart as he is to destroy the monster who left his mark scrawled across the delicate tapestry of her skin.
    Under Her Skin Her Body is His Canvas A darkly possessive relationship has left Uma alone and on the run Beneath her drab clothing she hides a terrible secret proof of her abuse tattooed onto her skin in a lurid r

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    1. 4 Self Healing and Discovery Stars Spoiler FreeMy 2017 has stared out with a bangI have been reading a diverse group of books and every one of them brought something interesting to my reading table With Under Her Skin, I was taken on a journey which surprised me The author was new, the blurb intriguing and my involvement complete It was an experience which left me thinking of a number of thingsOf how evil people can be in this worldd how easy it is to wish for something, become isolated and mani [...]

    2. Under Her Skin is the story of a damaged woman on the run from her past, and the man that wants nothing than to discover the secrets she hides It s full of intrigue, steamy scenes, and a romance that will make you swoon For me I really liked the story, but it was the characters that I had a hard time with I just didn t connect to them for some reason so it brought my rating down some I would still recommend this book though because it was a very captivating story.

    3. Like Megan Hart You ll love this book UNDER HER SKIN has a literary feel at times, especially in the beginning Yet make no mistake UNDER HER SKIN is clearly a steamy romance, with some great sex It delivers all the feels we romance readers are addicted to There s a deeply detailed gritty feel to Anders book and the trauma the heroine has suffered.Having gone through some serious abusive sh in my own life at a young age, I can say with absolute authority that one thing you get really good at is a [...]

    4. Arc received from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review 2.5 StarsWell it started off promising, but went downhill somewhere along the line Uma is on the run and takes a job with an evil old lady Now this old lady ended up having a very sad back story, that s revealed towards the end of the book, but to me that didn t excuse the way she treated Uma most of the story The next door neighbor is Ivan He was a genuinely nice and considerate guy, even if he had a bit of a temper He was the highli [...]

    5. Six months ago Uma ran away from her controlling and abusive boyfriend Now she s hiding from him, knowing he s looking for her and that he has contacts in law enforcement This all means Uma s old life is something she has to stay away from Uma started out as a photographer but that s a far cry from what she s doing now, working as a live in help for a truly cantankerous older lady but some things are worth putting up with because Uma has plans Her plans don t include a man because what hides ben [...]

    6. I really struggled with this book and as it started off really well and I was enjoying it I don t know where it went wrong Uma left an abusive relationship six months ago and what a horrible, abusive, disgusting relationship it was She landed in Blackwood to get a treatment so that she could get rid of the marks of her past I felt for Uma but I didn t like her Yes what she went through was awful but I could connect to her as much as I wanted to It wasn t her fault and these things usually happen [...]

    7. A brilliant debut novel from a terrific new voice in romance I don t write spoilery reviews, so look for the plot elsewhere I m only going to talk about what I particulary enjoyed about the book.Everything I loved the story the abused woman who takes her agency back with the help of a giant of a man, who is gentle with the lost and damaged but has a hard time controlling his anger at injustice I loved the subplots, all of which showed Uma the heroine growing stronger and reclaiming her self resp [...]

    8. This book was weird, yet good Messy, not perfect kind of good When I started it, the characters were very different and not what I was expecting This story follows Uma who has been abused by her ex You don t learn right away exactly what he did, but you start to put the pieces together It s not what you normally read about in abuse victims It s no less horrific, but it sure made me think about what I would do if it happened to me I think that s what the author did really well in this story When [...]

    9. Everything about Under Her Skin Blank Canvas 1 by Adriana Anders made me want to throw it against the wall Writing a romance with a hero or heroine who has been through unspeakable abuse at the hands of someone they loved takes extreme care In this case, Under Her Skin fails in so many ways, especially to those readers who have been in the heroine s shoes in some way or another As soon as the first chapter ended, I had a bad feeling Under Her Skin was going to make me rage because of the actions [...]

    10. On the run, Uma settles in a small town because of two reasons an unusual help wanted ad which would let her work out of sight, out of mind and completely under the table and, a tattoo removal clinic that advertised doing free work for those who suffered abuse When she shows up at the house where she is supposed to work, she runs into ex convict Ivan Shifflett Ivan has a bad habit of bringing home stray animals With Uma he sees in her the same fear that his abused dog had before he rescued her a [...]

    11. Uma s life is in shambles, now she s on the run, hiding from her ex, when an opportunity she can t refuse has her in close proximity to him again When her new neighbor shows a talent for making her trust again, Uma will have to make a choice Ivan put his life on hold when tragedy struck, but his content Until Uma comes along and shows him a promise for Can he persuade her to stay Contemporary romance, feelings, and two broken people finding happiness again 3 Loved it Disclaimer I was given a fr [...]

    12. Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders is a great debut novel in her Blank Canvas series Reasons to read Under Her SkinIvan bearded, blacksmith neighbor who looks dangerous but has a heart of goldUma on the run from abusive ex but stays strong through her road to recoveryMs Loyd old hag that needs love and friendshipRomance novel wrapped in mystery, suspense and the dark and light sides of loveUma s past wouldn t have allowed for an instant hook up and I m really like how the romance element was the m [...]

    13. I really loved Ivan, I thought he was sweet, I shouldn t have pushed you His next words brought another wave of heat to her face You re so fuckin hot, Uma Got kinda carried away Ivan does not hesitate when his woman tells him to do something, take off your pants, Ivan Uma had never seen ivan do anything as quickly as he whipped off those jeans I liked this book, I loved the patience Ivan had.

    14. April 2017 4 StarsSo, this will sound silly, but something I find terribly annoying I hate when a book includes so much of another book at the end My Kindle tracks my progress, and so I think the book is so much longer and then, done Over And, my progress is at 66% Ugh.Okay, over that little miff d point I enjoyed this one I guess what happened to Uma could happen Seems a bit farfetched, but there are some real assholes in the world, so anything is possible I really, really liked Ive His anger, [...]

    15. Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders is an engaging and heart pinching erotic romance with two very interesting and damaged protagonists Heavily character driven, I loved the bold sexuality that emerged from within the slow burning romance The abuse storyline is handled well and I liked how Anders focused on Uma and her journey I am looking forward to book two in the series which involves the Doctor who helps Uma.

    16. 4 Stars 3 FlamesDISCLAIMER If you have ever been in an abusive relationship and HAVE NOT healed, there may be some triggers in this one So proceed with caution.Review Wow This was completely unexpected In fact, as a reviewer, I didn t even ask to read this sorry, just being honest But it fell in to my lap and I have to honestly say that I m very pleased that it did I ve never read this author before And from the looks of it, this could be her first one If that s the case, then bravo Very well do [...]

    17. This author put up a pretty good story for her debut work The characters are interesting There is some mystery and suspense And of course some romance Uma is a woman on the run from an abusive ex She has been at a woman s shelter for 6 months when she hears about a Dr who can help with the damage he caused her body Uma is a woman still coming to terms with what happened to her yet is so desperate to erase the past, she will do just about anything to make that happen She takes a job after a crypt [...]

    18. Very emotional read Lots of pain for almost all of the characters Each one had their own demons and they banded together to help each other This is a story of healing and loving It is a journey and it takes time.Uma was an interesting character and throughout the story she grew and found herself again I detest men that hurt woman and manipulate those around them to justify themselves I want to do what Ivan wants to do to those men Ivan is so wonderful I can t find the words to say about him and [...]

    19. Under Her Skin is a great story of life moving on Despite our heroine, Uma s, abusive past, she shows how to persevere Being on the run, no money and desperate to remove the obvious damage of her abuse, she takes on a job that definitely makes me wonder about her mental stability The cantankerous old woman that has hired her seems to be as scary as the past Uma is running from But, as any good story will show you, there is than meets the eye When she meets the giant of a man next door, she is [...]

    20. The emotional pull between Ive and Uma was portrayed so beautifully, and the romantic scenes were so sexy they were borderline erotic Anders has a way of building intensity and passion without being extremely explicit or crude Even though Ive and Uma s romance happened quickly, the pacing of the book was perfect Ive is a protector by nature and Uma showing up in his life gives him someone to focus on and care for Uma needs a calm port in her storm, and she finds that with Ivan While the subject [...]

    21. The blurb for this book does not do the book justice The cover of this book is pretty fantastic and captures the essence of this book perfectly New to me author, Ms Anders wows me and breaks my heart a little She is like Megan Hart for me I can only handle her books once in a while If I was on steady diet of Ms Anders and Ms Hart, I d probably slit my wrists and end it I loved this book.The characters are so well written Uma is a woman who is frightened and obviously abused by her husband The am [...]

    22. Leigh s review 3.5 starsFor me this story started off as intriguing, right from the start A woman on the run with a secret to hide A man with a past that continues to haunt him A quirky and nasty old woman who you know has a backstory just waiting to be discovered I was pulled in to the lives of all these people and anxious to see where the story went next Until it just started to linger.Under Her Skin was a mix of emotions for me I was filled compassion for Uma who experienced abuse that was be [...]

    23. Uma is on the run from her abusive boyfriend Joey when she finds herself applying for a job as a companion to an elderly shut in She chose this tiny out of the way town because there is a clinic that removes tattoos free of charge for abuse victims Uma never would have chosen to have the horrible words and scribblings that mar her body He chose them during a drunken rage filled night Now she is choosing to remove them and to remove him Uma falls for her moody next door neighbor, Ivan Ivan has hi [...]

    24. Uma has been on the run from her ex boyfriend for the last six months after he held her at gunpoint and tattooed nasty things all over her body She ends up in a small town with a clinic that has advertised tattoo removal for free She finds a job as a live in helper for a mean old lady and meets her giant of a neighbor Ivan.I liked this one a lot I like that Ivan lets Uma set the pace in their relationship I like that Uma puts herself out there even though she is scared And I wasn t expecting the [...]

    25. A very unique and extraordinary story by a new to me author, Adriana Anders Under Her Skin was a book that will stick with me for a while Other reviewers were spot on with the Hero of this story, Ivan He was the type of guy you can drool over I m looking forward to reading the upcoming books in the series, Blank Canvas Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for a honest review.

    26. 3.5 Me parece que el tema esta bien tratado y el libro esta bien escrito pero el final es tan precipitado y la autora intenta abarcar tantas cosas que termina siendo todo muy superficial, no le da el tiempo para profundizar en nada Como dice el dicho el que mucho abarca poco aprieta.Igual se la banca, las escenas de sexo est n muy bien escritas, me encant la din mica de pareja, Ivan es adorable y no podes m s que admirar a Uma.

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