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The Royal Family By William T. Vollmann,

  • Title: The Royal Family
  • Author: William T. Vollmann
  • ISBN: 9780141002002
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since the publication of his first book in 1987, William T Vollmann has established himself as one of the most fascinating and unconventional literary figures on the scene today Named one of the twenty best writers under forty by the New Yorker in 1999, Vollmann received the best reviews of his career for The Royal Family, a searing fictional trip through a San FranciscoSince the publication of his first book in 1987, William T Vollmann has established himself as one of the most fascinating and unconventional literary figures on the scene today Named one of the twenty best writers under forty by the New Yorker in 1999, Vollmann received the best reviews of his career for The Royal Family, a searing fictional trip through a San Francisco underworld populated by prostitutes, drug addicts, and urban spiritual seekers Part biblical allegory and part skewed postmodern crime novel, The Royal Family is a vivid and unforgettable work of fiction by one of today s most daring writers.
    The Royal Family Since the publication of his first book in William T Vollmann has established himself as one of the most fascinating and unconventional literary figures on the scene today Named one of the twent

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    3. I had done some selective rereading OK, pretty much the whole thing over the past few days, and I think I m ready to offer a substantive review, in comparison to the exuberant gushing I wrote last year see below Truth be told, I m rather embarrassed about it, but I ll leave it up anyway.So I will ask the big question Why would anyone really read a 774 page book about whores doing fucked up things Even if it is written by a Famous Cult Author or has a Good Prose Style The subject matter seems st [...]

    4. The book is riveting At times I wished I could leave its world I was unable, a captive in the dense bleak circularity of emptiness seeking a fullness always out of reach Yet, when I neared the end I grew sad of ever leaving these haunted beings trying to survive within the web of fear The narrator is a private detective hired to find the Queen of Whores He enters the Tenderloin riddled with prostitution and drug addicts At first they seem to fit easily within these labels Our detective is emptie [...]

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    6. And yet Tyler said to himself Someday I want to show backbone I want to do something daring, good and important, even if it destroys me And he waited to be called to that worthwhile thing The Royal Family is an achingly sad tale of love loss, of Henry Tyler s search for meaning in life Its world, peopled by whores, addicts, pimps, panhandlers, tramps, hobos, the homeless, is Vollmann s tribute to the voiceless, the dregs of society, for Tyler s story is inextricably mixed with theirs.In a broade [...]

    7. This book was a huge disappointment to me I read the early whore stories and Rainbow Stories and didn t much like them They seemed purile and immature Well ok Vollman, who s unquestionably a genius of sorts, was only about 30 or so when he wrote these.Turning to this after the first 150 pages, I was prepared to see this as the great american novel of his generation my thought was that Vollman at 32 wanted to be a writer but that Vollman at 42 WAS a writer The opening of this book John, Henry was [...]

    8. This is a piece of grade A shite I am ditching after 300 pages although I have skimmed the rest for good measure Not because I have anything against whores, retarded sex or urinating in someone s mouth, but because I have a whole lot of something against laborious prose and two dimensional characters and frankly, utter lack of grit, rawness, or essence The 300 pages I worked through read like a mobius strip of endless encounters in monotone and black and white but not noir Look, I don t need a d [...]

    9. I wish I knew my Bible better for The Royal Family as I m positive that all of the allegory and parable within would dazzle me even Alas, I don t read non fiction.I m not going to attempt to tear this sucker apart Significant English Thinker SET Jonathan did just that very thing yesterday, and he done did a much finer job than I ever could To be honest, my interaction with philosophy is relegated to work I have a weird job and I prefer to keep the already overlapping spheres of my personal and [...]

    10. PREFACE EMBRACE, DEBASE, DISGRACE, ERASE From Queen of the Desert to Queen of the WhoresHey, Werner, man, Nic here We ve absolutely gotta film this book I have to play Henry I can t think about him, without seeing myself in the role We re peas in a pod Brothers Twins even Sup Sup Sup youtube watch v uu6DR Til the break of dawn, baby There s Such a Thing as the Bliss of Evil Werner Herzog responds youtube watch v iFDbvA Man with Limitless Backbone This sounds crazed and immodest, but I actually b [...]

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    12. This detective novel set in San Francisco at the end of the last century provides a glimpse of the fear and madness the early christians must have lived from the bottom of their underground chapels The Royal Family could be the moral code of whoever lives outside morality And, in that regard, it s an heterodox christian novel, close to the sadian moral that teaches devotion in damnation The epigraphs, often taken from the apocryphal gospels, settles a subversive and non canonical ethics by which [...]

    13. The Royal Family is so richly enigmatic, one thinks they re unraveling the mysteries of the universe when they read it This is a book of immense sadness, where loneliness knows no bounds One can imagine its author, possibly the greatest writer alive, William T Vollmann, sitting at his desk skimming over his first draft of The Royal Family and then saying to himself with a mischievous grin, Okay, now how do I make this even sadder For one, what s sadder than the tale of Cain And because Vollmann [...]

    14. Friend William1 recently suggested that among his gr Friends, The Royal Family is either single star d or five star d And thus the book is one which does not tend toward an ambiguous reception Which got me thinking let s take a look at the Rezeptiongeschichte of TRF on gr admitted that it will be light on the geschichte I m not out to get William1 on this question, just want to look at the numbers Disclosure William1 and I differ somewhat regarding fiction and its evaluations We ve had many a re [...]

    15. Sometimes I hate William T Vollmann I have been reading at least one of his books since I first picked up Europe Central last October on a chance find at my local second hand bookstore, and I now find it hard to read anyone else I just find him and his books so very interesting, and in this world, that means to me than any form of perfection The first line of this book could be read as a warning The blonde on the bed said I charge the same for spectators as for participants, cause that s all it [...]

    16. One could, on a superficial level, with a twitchy upper lip, condescend the conventionally unpleasant subjects and characters of Mr Vollmann s book But then one would be wrong in doing so The book is harrowing indeed Vollmann takes you to places where you d never in your over privileged life ever think of going He shows you how acts that to you may seem hideous and just disgusting, can be are acts that to someone on the darker side of the world just routine things of daily life, that to someone [...]

    17. Utterly devastating A phenomenal work bursting with heart and insight for the people often forgotten A terrific ode to the profession of prostitution and the broken hearted men who frequent their lives Detailed with an eye for the absurd, a remarkable ear for all strands of slang and speech, and a plot that thrusts forward not by any convention other than emotional logic The character of Dan Smooth is worth the price of this book alone and the many hours you will spend reading this, wondering wh [...]

    18. It has now been five days since I finished this monster of a novel, and I still find myself thinking about it on a regular basis Scenes will creep into my head as I am showering, lying in bed, or during slow times at work and I am almost tempted to pick it up and start right over again By the end of the book, I really felt as if I knew the characters, as if I had been right there with them through all of their struggles, their mistakes Some I liked, some I pitied, most I detested, but they all f [...]

    19. Deeply spiritual literature I cannot imagine anyone journeying the entire way not emerging a sympathetic, thoughtful, and better person.

    20. Just a brief note before I begin Among my friends The Royal Family is either five stars or one star So I take it this is not the kind of book one feels ambivalent about Well, I loved his Europe Central and have high hopes for this one I understand he s particularly good at writing about sex, which is very hard to do We ll see.Quickly fell off the go cart Will give it another try Enjoyed what I read but was distracted by other books.

    21. Man, Vollman s a challenge Logorrheic, obsessive, exasperating, sometimes appalling, frequently depressing, Vollman soldiers through a world that s mostly brutal and ugly He s a writer I don t ever recommend to anyone.Still, I ll admit I m hooked I wouldn t want to mainline him that d be almost masochistic but he, better than most, recharges my fiction reading batteries When novels start to feel tepid and predictable, and boy do I hate when I see a book s ending coming a mile away, Vollman wakes [...]

    22. I finished the book last Sunday It is substantial and I m not sure how to talk about it without either narrowing its scope and scale or overreaching At its end I found myself asking this question How can a man who is cursed, a Canaanite, find salvation without losing himself Does true salvation demand that he turn his back on everything that ever gave him pleasure and meaning just so he can find peace What kind of saviour or god would demand this Many think that to understand life, to be in and [...]

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    26. William T Vollmann is one of those writers with the kind of pedigree most wanna be writers go ga ga over he dropped out of the doctoral writing program at Berkley and went to fight with Mujahedeen He feels he was responsible for his sister drowning when she was a child He s a luddite who eschews credit cards and cell phones At one point the FBI thought he might have been the UNABOMBER Some might even call him a misanthrope Why its enough to make some scream MODERN HEMMINGWAY until they are red i [...]

    27. This is kind of I don t know Almost an Illuminatus vibe But it s VERY decadent and VERY druggy and VERY down But the writing is painfully beautiful.And there s a delightful little essay about the bail system smack dab in the middle of the book.No, I m not kidding.

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