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Dex By Stephanie Witter,

  • Title: Dex
  • Author: Stephanie Witter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She succeeded in making him feel like a man A normal functioning man when he hadn t felt that way in years Who re you f cking When my father, manager of the worldwide phenomenon Kinky Shine, asked me to come and help the band members appear approachable I never thought my first meeting with Dex Bowers would start with such a question Immediately, I wanted to strShe succeeded in making him feel like a man A normal functioning man when he hadn t felt that way in years Who re you f cking When my father, manager of the worldwide phenomenon Kinky Shine, asked me to come and help the band members appear approachable I never thought my first meeting with Dex Bowers would start with such a question Immediately, I wanted to strangle him, wipe the smirk off his face and force him to mutter than three words But there s something mysterious about him that was electrifying and the he pushed me away and angered me, the I wanted to know him and push through his hangups Trust That f cking trust thing didn t come easily to me In the five years since my band became famous, not once had I been photographed with a woman I knew it fed the supposed mystery surrounding me, but the real truth was far humiliating than I was comfortable with That was until Harley Floyd walked in and I was left with a mind numbing lust for her that scared me shitless It should be easy to let go and trust her just enough to have fun, to be happy I could finally come up with new material for our next album But nothing was easy and with a life made of sex, drugs, and rock n roll I wasn t sure if anything could last Not even my band What twenty five year old was f cking lost when his cock was rock hard when close to a gorgeous woman One answer to that a man who hadn t had sex in a really long time For readers over 18 only.
    Dex She succeeded in making him feel like a man A normal functioning man when he hadn t felt that way in years Who re you f cking When my father manager of the worldwide phenomenon Kinky Shine asked me

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    1. 4 I m with the band Stars Mild Spoilers Dex the first book in the Kinky Shine series was a really good read I don t read many Rockstar romances because a ton of them have cheating and that is a huge pet peeve of mine But when I saw Dex I was drawn to the cover I liked the blurb and decided to give it a try I am glad I did I really enjoyed this book I was also really surprised and happy to see there was not other woman drama or cheating in this book I really liked everyone in this book I liked th [...]

    2. This one was an ok read for me that passed the time nicely Although I liked the writing style and the promise of the premise, I missed something there I didn t really feel connected to Dex and that prevented me to fully get into the story and enjoy the book I was looking for emotion, depth and overall background for these characters Honestly it was all me and my preferences at fault here Anyway I would read the next book in the series just to see what happens to Maxen that I found really intrig [...]

    3. Contain Spoilers 3.5stars I enjoyed most of this The hero at first was a bit of an ass But I grew to love him.Herione was great She didn t let anyone push her around Yes I wanted her to make hero grovel just a bit at times but I liked her There were times that both hero and heroine didn t make the best decisions especially hero and it frustrated me The sexual buildup was HOT Their chemistry was yummy I thought together they were great I loved the band guys Their banter was funny and I liked how [...]

    4. Rocker books scare the shit out of me So much opportunity for drama and angst Thank goodness this book stayed away from much of it Dex had something bad happen to him in the past I know I cannot relate, but his issues seem out of proportion to what happened It was strange his mother issues were never discussed with the heroine I felt that was a plot hole Otherwise, I thought his issues were handled well and not so fast that it was unbelievable Anyway, Dex is a grumpy sexy ass He has major head i [...]

    5. 1 Shit Happens Star.DNF 31%This may be a case of me not getting on with an author s writing style, and being written in 1st person didn t help, but this book just got so repetitive, I found myself skimming without even realizing I was doing it Paragraphs like the below I walked to the table and took the chair opposite her at the round table I took off my sunglasses and put them on the tableWhere the table is the focal point and then descriptive as follows, where the same sentence starter is used [...]

    6. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.Title DexAuthor Stephanie WitterCategory Contemporary RomancePOV DualCharacters 4Plot 4Scorching Level 4.5HEA Not tellingI love rockers and this book was such a pleasant surprise Harley is a blogger with a large following and she is about to interview Dex, the frontman of Kinky Shine, a famous band She is excited because she is a huge fanbut what happens when the interview goes horribly wrong Harley s opinion of the famous rocker is shattered [...]

    7. Harley Floyd, 23, is a communications graduate and blogger working on an assignment for her father, a musician manager Rock band, Kinky Shine has made it to the top, but they won t stay there if frontman and songwriter, Dex Bowers, 25, can t get past his writer s block Dex is carrying the weight of the band on his shoulders and some hang ups from his past A rock star who doesn t fuck is an anomaly This I loved how Dex broke the typical rock star manwhore mold I simply adored this premise It was [...]

    8. I think I just found my new rock book boyfriend When first meeting him you may not think he would be worthy of that title but once you know how everything in Dex s life made him you may change your mind too Dex is the front man for killer rock band Kinky Shine He gives you that dark and brooding character that you aren t too sure you want to approach but his stage presence and sexy swagger makes you want to have your way with him.Harley comes into Kinky Shine s existence because she is a popular [...]

    9. 3 starsI am little disappointed with this one.I liked it at first, Dex and Harley seemed liked great characters and I really like that Dex wasn t your typical rock God But the book carried on, it was just too much about sex for my taste It missed something, that feeling when you read a book and you are so absorbed into characters, to me here it was just too much about physical plus the thing that bothered me the most was that Dex wasn t too much protective of Harley, I am not saying he wasn t t [...]

    10. Harley is given the opportunity of the lifetime when she is asked by her father to look after the band, Kinky Shine s social media But the band isn t all too happy about her presence there And throw in Dex Bowers, lead of the band, who instantly comes off as an asshole to her, maybe Harley s dream job is turning into a nightmare But sparks fly between the two and sometimes there is a very fine line between hate and love, a line these two may be crossing Do you feel that need right here, right n [...]

    11. Hero rating 5 starsHeroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 4 starsOther woman men drama NoStorytelling rating 4.5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsCliffhanger view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Overall rating 5 starsBrilliant.Brilliant.Brilliant.BrilliantILLIANT When you finish a book and actually have to email the author personally to THANK HER for creating such an aweso [...]

    12. ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.Another one of those rock star romances I love so much I loved Dex and liked his story it s new, it s original and a bit funny What I appreciated most about Harley is her being a blogger I don t remember ever reading about a character with that kind of career, and because I m a blogger myself, it offered me an opportunity to, in a way, understand her feeling and fears.The only thing a had a difficulty with were the main conflict an [...]

    13. DEX is live D US Dex Kinky Shine UK Dex Kinky Shi CA Dex Kinky Shine AU Dex Kinky Sh iBooks itunesle us book id11 Kobo store.kobobooks en us ebo BN barnesandnoble w dex s.

    14. I really loved both MCs by the end and the secondary characters I thought Dex s reaction to Harley keeping something from him for one day was a bit OTT All in all this was a good read and I look forward to Kinky Shine books.

    15. I saw this book on my feeds a while back and I was intrigued Then I saw a heap of my GR friends raving about it and it made my must read list so as soon as I had a few hours to myself I sat down and dove in.Now I know a lot of people will see 3.5 stars and think that I didn t like this book so first I need you to know that I did like this book I just didn t love it and there were a few things that pissed me off Now honestly I don t normally read a lot of rock star books, which isn t to say I am [...]

    16. DexStephanie Witter4.5 starsThis was a totally different read for me I am usually the MC, Mafia, Murder girl so when this turned up on my Kindle I didn t know what to think as I hate when I don t care for a book and have to write a review HOW WRONG WAS I This was so good I loved the characters and loved the fact that the story wasn t focused on the rock star tours, screaming women, etc This was so much and what a story it is Dex Bowers is the lead singer of Kinky Shine The man is a beautiful cr [...]

    17. This was such a breathe of fresh air You get so used to rock stars being a certain way or at least acting like idiots Believe me Dex s bandmates make up for the dumb stuff he s not doing You still have the sex, drugs and rock n roll in this book Dex is a different kind of rock star He s kinda a mystery He keeps to himself but still hangs with the guys A mix up in the past, has destroyed him from being intimate or from having a relationship with a woman This all changes when he meets Harley Harle [...]

    18. There are some things Dex is not bashful about when he s pushed, I ve been abstinent for the last two years and I haven t had real sex for the last seven effing years, I growled out I haven t been able to come with a woman in seven years I m going to enjoy this series, Dex, Otis, Beckett and Maxen are such humble men and I m so excited for Maxen s book, he kept me hooked and I kept looking for him in every scene, not that I didn t love Dex, but Maxen is going to be my favorite in the series I kn [...]

    19. My Review ARC provided triciaciak 4.5 Stars This is not your same old rock star romance, not at all, it isn t the man whore clich , and our hero has some deep rooted issues Yes he s broody and hot but he is also so much .Stephanie wrote a pretty complex character in Dex H , he has many layers and Harley h seems to be able to peel them away slowly piece by piece.Harley was a very likable character she was able to stand her ground but showed vulnerability too She definitely didn t let people walk [...]

    20. That wasn t at all what I expected Or should I say that Dex wasn t at all what I expected, this moody front man seems to live with the weight of expectation on his shoulders and neither he nor it are a bundle of laughs Life really is a pain in the a if you are in Dex s periphery.Harley is a media guru, a super blogger that is hired to help Dex and the band interact with the public in a direct and hands on way But is twitter actually something this aloof rock god is willing to embrace yeh what d [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.I am a sucker for rocker romances I love them They seem to bring stardom to a manageable level in books Dex by Stephanie Witter is no different These Rock Stars are bigger than life, top of the charts, but they re missing something This is where Harley comes into play She and Dex don t start off on the right foot but that footing grows into something they both weren t looking for So Dex is the front man for the band Kinky Shine [...]

    22. ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Fresh witty and engaging You will not be able to put down this book until the very end Stephanie Witter has a way with words that pulls the reader right in Her characters are always well developed and story line enticing Dex is no exception.The first in a series, Dex is about the troubled front man Dex Bowers Each subsequent book will feature each member of the Rock Band Kinky Shine and I can t wait Blogger Harley Floyd is on assignment and Dex won [...]

    23. This is my first time reading anything by this author and I absolutely loved this book Once I started it was really hard for me to put down I am the biggest fan of the whole rockstar romance genre but Dex was different than any other book I ve read in this genre It is filled with secrets, mystery, hunky rockstars, and, of course, sex, drugs, and rock n roll Harley Floyd s father, the manager of the band Kinky Shine, asked her to come make the band approachable seeing as how they avoid social me [...]

    24. Dex and harley n amazing couple.Dex he s moody as hell very rarely speaking than one word, but on stage he is everything a gorgeous rock star should d be, but he has a secret past that effects his every day life until Harley came into his world Harley she s a self employed blogger who accepts a job from her father to help his band kinky shine become one with social media, she knows all about the band and its members she knows all about dex, or so she thought Their first meeting couldn t of gone [...]

    25. Dex is a good read When Dex is a rockstar He s int he band Kinky Shine Harley is a blogger and her dad managers Kinky Shine She is brought on to help with reaching fans on social media When Dex meets Harley, he s cocky and rude but the reading the scene was kind of funny In the beginning Dex and hot then cold then hot again where Harley is involved He s a little frustrating to understand at first but when his past comes out it all makes sense We get the story in both POVs which is helpful in und [...]

    26. I really love a rockstar book I think it might be my fave genre.In this book we see a blogger meet a sexy lead singer for a popular band If you think you have read this kind of story before you are wrong Usually the lead singer is overly confident and he is all about how many girls he has been with However Dex has his own issues and I find it refreshing that he isn t like that Yes he can still be a douche at times but it comes from a darker place not because he is used to being a man whore I als [...]

    27. 4 stars ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this book It was a good read Dex is the leader of a rock band called Kinky Shine Harley is a blogger and is newly in charge of the bands social media outlet Neither one of them are really looking for anything, but the attraction between the two of them is than either one is prepared for I loved the chemistry between the two and also loved the natural banter between the band mates Looking forward to [...]

    28. arc received for reviewGreat start to this series A strong heroine who s not afraid to say no, but when she said yess Dex has a secret that I never saw coming I m glad that Harley was the one to help him with his problem Loved all the banter with the band and all the tweets Can t wait to read Maxen s HEA My only complaintwith a name like Kinky ShineI was expecting just a little kink, just a little.

    29. 3 1 2stars I love this rockstar romance The story was great however, the grammatical errors were distracting My suggestion Better editing next time.

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