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Dirty Plaything By Marci Fawn,

  • Title: Dirty Plaything
  • Author: Marci Fawn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I ll make you beg for , dirty girl I have to get an interview with the elusive billionaire Damien Pierce my career depends on it But Damien doesn t give interviews, and especially not to a shy, clumsy girl like me Until he spots me in the mass of journalists at one of his lavish parties Damien decides I m worthy of his attention, and I promise to let him do an I ll make you beg for , dirty girl I have to get an interview with the elusive billionaire Damien Pierce my career depends on it But Damien doesn t give interviews, and especially not to a shy, clumsy girl like me Until he spots me in the mass of journalists at one of his lavish parties Damien decides I m worthy of his attention, and I promise to let him do anything if he answers my questions I m only a step away from falling for him, and he wants to make me his dirty plaything at any cost I know I ve signed a deal with the devil And Mr Pierce sure likes his whips and chains.99c for a limited time Includes FREE bonus book Outlaw s Baby Dirty Plaything is a full length bad boy billionaire novel with light BDSM No cliffhanger, no cheating and a happy ending.
    Dirty Plaything I ll make you beg for dirty girl I have to get an interview with the elusive billionaire Damien Pierce my career depends on it But Damien doesn t give interviews and especially not to a shy clumsy

    One thought on “Dirty Plaything”

    1. Very good book but could go a little bit longer just a tad could do without the bonus books too but otherwise it was a fabulous book

    2. Marci Fawn is a very good author and I have read several of her books Dirty Plaything is one for the books so to speak It is very good and has all you need to keep you wanting The story line is truly awesome and the characters just roll right into place Your attention is grabbed at the beginning of the book and you just do not want to put it down This book is recommended for mature readers 18 and older because of the BDSM and the explicit but AWESOME sex scenes A must read, and I promise you wi [...]

    3. I received this for a honest review This is the first book I have read of Marci Fawn She is a great job at writing the story.Dahlia is a woman that you would not think a billionaire would be interested in She is not your supermodel type She is a journalist and thinks getting the story is what she wants to do with her life She learns a lot in this story and ends up finding who she really is Damien Pierce is a billionaire playboy He has these outstanding parties where anyone that is anyone attend [...]

    4. Sex, secrets and twistsDamien is a hot billionaire with secrets and Dahlia is desperate to uncover them There s a lot of high drama, steamy sex and twists in this book The story has some plot holes and irrational behavior even for manwhore billionaires and curvy wallflowers , but NA fans probably won t mind.Damien can be pretty awful to women and doesn t have a very good opinion of them However, considering the women he s usually around, it s understandable He plays WAY too many games even for a [...]

    5. This is my first book by this author, and I really enjoyed it It follows the characters of Dahlia Garcia, a reporter looking for her big break by getting the interview no one else can, and Damien Pierce, the millionaire playboy that will go through any lengths to stay away from the is, until he sees Dahlia at one of his events As sparks begin to fly between the two, Damien tries to keep things from getting too deep, but will he be able to guard his heart from the fiery latina Lots of tw [...]

    6. This is one hot love story that had one fantastic MC Damien and Dahlia Damien is the mysterious billionaire, Dahlia is the Latina journalist trying to keep her job Well, her job is Damiem and trying to figure out who he is He sees her standing at his gates and decides to take her into his hallowed halls and from there this story really gets going Dahlia chemistry with Damien is so hot, my kindle left burn marks Thrown in a kidnapping, the burning heat of Damien and Dahlia s chemistry and the res [...]

    7. Damien was a smooth talking playboy the ladies couldn t resist Dahlia was the beautiful woman who didn t truly realize her strength She was definitely a challenge compared to the women Damien s use to The way Damien wanted to make things perfect and romantic and all the effort he put forth was the sweetest He was the perfect combination of dirty and romantic One life changing incident has Damien questioning whether Dahlia is the person she said she was From there, things take a crazy twist I did [...]

    8. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is Dahlia and Damien s story I enjoyed it, especially Dahlia I liked that she was spunky and sweet Damien was a good guy too, underneath his arrogant, playboy facade Dahlia is a journalist that Damien is attracted to, and he decides he ll have her once then dump her, as is his usual way with women Only after their first encounter, he can t get her out of his mind any than she can get him out of her mind Add in some drama with Dahlia s immor [...]

    9. Received this complimentary arc copy from the author for an honest review Damien and Dahlia.well sounds like opposites attract right Games, life is a game, love is a game and this game that Damien is playing is a dangerous one To try and win over Dahlia, who after all is only wanting to write an article about him so she won t lose her job From start to finish, this story had me intrigued as to what Damien was playing at Lots of secrets, lies, deception but Damien never realised he is playing wit [...]

    10. So promising to start withThe first couple of chapters were so promising minus the typo errors throughout , but it soon went completely off track, Damien seemed so fierce and dominant to begin with then became gullible and soft it all felt rushed and really disappointing finishing at 50% the second story again started out promising then completely went off on another tangent really disappointing and can t say I d begin a hurry to read another story from this author.

    11. I have read all three of Marci fawn books I ve been totally impressed with her writting skills and how the stories have awesme twist and supsenses In this story you have Damien and Dahlia, which don t seem like they belong together but their chemistry is hot She is motivated by needing a story to keep her job and he just wants her There are secrets and bad guys but can they overcome all these to be together Love this book I am definitly looking for of Marci stories

    12. A journalist out to get a story and a reclusive millionaire is the story Dahlia is the journalists who need a story for the magazine she work for Damien want to play games with her The story is base on the two checking things out Who would know she could impress someone like Damien The story will carry you through the life s of both people and see how they come out.

    13. Pretty good story Dahlia is trying to keep her job and while camping out at the billionaire s gate with other reporters, Damien spots her is instantly drawn to her physically Dahlia is very insecure seems to come across as a doormat Damien is a bad boy but at times he was just mean There s a lot going on in this one.

    14. Dirty PlaythingA arrogant bad boy with a need to manipulate and aggravate his women He does have his reasons It is interesting to see how the lovely reporter enders herself to this playboy There is lots of drama in this story, and some heart stopping suspense I loved this story It is a great read.

    15. This was an interesting read I thought it was going to be another rich playboy alpha male taking advantage of the naive girl for his personal gain, but I was wrong Yes he s still rich, playboy and an alpha male but he s not taking advantage of anyone he s just protecting himself She s strong in her own right but goes about it meekly They have an interesting story together.

    16. Damien and Dahlia are complete opposites, but complete each other in ways neither ever imagined Damien is the mysterious billionaire, Dalhia the journalist who wants to get the scoop on the real Damien What starts as a game ends up as the perfect partnership This story has hot scenes between the two, a kidnapping and a dramatic rescue I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    17. Got this as an arc for an honest review And loved it I could relate so much with Dahlia her chemistry with Damien was scorching hot I couldn t get enough of these two Highly recommend this one

    18. Really enjoyed this book, Marci s writing is getting better with each book she publishes Copy received for honest review

    19. Arc reviewFor honest review This was cute.I love how they meet and they work through every problem Even when communication is difficult they respect each other to fight for each other.

    20. Received ARC for an honest review I enjoyed the lust love at first sight story Dahlia completes Damien in a way that even he wasn t ready for.

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