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Reckoning Infinity By John E. Stith,

  • Title: Reckoning Infinity
  • Author: John E. Stith
  • ISBN: 9780312862985
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The arrival of a moon sized triggers an exploratory mission led by Alis, a cybernetically enhanced woman The journey into the object allows Alis to explore herself as well as the new arrival.
    Reckoning Infinity The arrival of a moon sized triggers an exploratory mission led by Alis a cybernetically enhanced woman The journey into the object allows Alis to explore herself as well as the new arrival

    One thought on “Reckoning Infinity”

    1. That can t be I wish it weren t, but we re out of our environment here Big dumb object time Again I am such a sucker for sense of wonder stories Someone who commented on my review of Eon was kind enough to bring under my attention the term Awe Fi thanks Dmitry And that s exactly what this is Awe Fi Will you look at that, she said, apparently to no one in particular.That said, Reckoning Infinity doesn t aspire to the same ambitious mind obliterating heights as Eon It s readily comparable to some [...]

    2. This was a fun, addictive book I had a hard time putting it down The characters were well developed and the main plot as well as the sub plot were interesting This author is very talented and I want to read of his work.

    3. This is a fair if slightly flawed sense of wonder tale in the sub genre or science fiction trope I ve recently learned is labeled BDO or big dumb object, but that s a misnomer Larry Niven s Ringworld and Clarke s Rendezvous with Rama are classic examples and they re anything but dumb Neither is this effort s central object setting dumb The story and setting hold my interest and I enjoy the characters, caring about them, but let me warn of some slight flaws.The action becomes a bit repetitive Our [...]

    4. I ve read this before but was bored at home without any library books I liked the characters, though there wasn t enough development The enigma of the moon sized space ship wasn t really answered but I suppose that is realistic I doubt we would totally ever understand alien technology without an alien explaining it I was still happy with the ending, at least when it came to the characters themselves.

    5. This is a good old fashioned first contact big dumb object story, which I quite enjoyed The two main characters are introduced to the reader during a crisis that shows what kind of people they are, but also sets them at odds with each other then pure chance requires that they work closely together in very challenging circumstances I enjoyed this story quite a bit, even though the character arcs are somewhat predictable.

    6. Alis Mary Nussem works on a space station Tokyan There s a bad accident when a shuttle accidently hits the station, and her body is damaged so badly that she is replaced in large part by machine parts She holds a major grudge against the person who caused the accident and never really gets back to a normal life Eventually she is forced to confront him and they work together when they encounter an alien space ship Good sci fi.

    7. I kept searching for this book under Alien Vessel title, as it was sold here I m so glad I finally found it and can add it to my read shelf It was my first sci fi book, I was 12, and ever since I m very fond of it It s a great story too, the exploration of an alien alien what that was their question ,is it a ship why is it empty, with only some specific mean worms trying to deal with them And then it all comes to light

    8. sigh this is not worth the read it s poorly written, the dialogue is stiff and artificial, the descriptions are boring, and the character s voices sound fake because they don t fit their profiles what is amiss with TOR that it is publishing books of this calibre it s a fair enough premise, and a good title now somebody needs to write a decent book around it.

    9. In one word wonder This is what space exploration is about, the awe, the very strange and confounding otherness It is not hard science fiction, but it is the epitome of why we boldly go The characters are a little flat, some drama a little forced, and a few tactical missteps that were heavy handed plot devices This was my second time reading this book Great stuff.

    10. It took an exciting idea and managed to make it rather boring If I never read the work meter again in my life it will be ok Everything in the book is measured The ending was obscure and there were a lot of questions unanswered, not even attempted.

    11. Reckoning Infinity is an easy read for a summer weekend I found the characters to be somewhat bland, but the setting and the alien they encounter are well imagined and protrayed.OK for teens No harsh language, sexual situations, and so forth.

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