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Lowcountry Stranger By Ashley Farley,

  • Title: Lowcountry Stranger
  • Author: Ashley Farley
  • ISBN: 9780986167263
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • Family Drama, Southern Style There s a stranger in town And it s no coincidence when she shows up uninvited at a Sweeney family wedding All eyes are drawn to this urchin who seems to have washed in with the tide Before the night is over, the doe eyed waif charms young and old with her street smarts and spunky personality For better or worse, Annie Dawn is here to stayFamily Drama, Southern Style There s a stranger in town And it s no coincidence when she shows up uninvited at a Sweeney family wedding All eyes are drawn to this urchin who seems to have washed in with the tide Before the night is over, the doe eyed waif charms young and old with her street smarts and spunky personality For better or worse, Annie Dawn is here to stay The memorable Sweeney sisters from Her Sister s Shoes have returned with suspense and family drama to hold you spellbound until the dramatic conclusion As she approaches the next stage of her life as an empty nester, Jackie is torn between expanding her fledgling design business and spending these last precious months with her boys before they fly the coop Her own worst enemy, Sam is terrified of making a commitment to Eli Marshall, handsome police officer, true love of her life Her resolve is tested when a ghost from her past shows up after nearly two decades Faith nurtures her seven year old daughter who is recovering from the trauma of her abusive father Is the threat in the past, or is there danger on the horizon The sisters seek guidance from their mother, Lovie, a true Southern matriarch who shows them how to respond to adversity with grace and dignity Things are heating up in the Lowcountry The Sweeney sisters remind us, once again, that being a part of a family is about than sharing the same DNA.
    Lowcountry Stranger Family Drama Southern Style There s a stranger in town And it s no coincidence when she shows up uninvited at a Sweeney family wedding All eyes are drawn to this urchin who seems to have washed in wi

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    1. Strong family, small town idioms, faith, trust, love, recovery and commitment are all weaved into a tale that offered a nice dose of suspense Farley shares the perspectives of the three sisters as they go through their daily struggles and become involved with a young stranger who shows up uninvited to a Sweeney Wedding.The story opens with one of the sister s getting married and I was delighted Farley updates us on goings on since we last visited in Her Sister s Shoes About a year has passed and [...]

    2. This is book number two of the Sweeney sisters, and I received a copy from Kimberly the Caffeinated Book Reviewer in exchange for my honest review I was a little hesitant to read the second book in a series when I still had book one, Her Sister s Shoes, on my TBR list I m glad I did This is my first book by Ashley Farley, and I really loved the way she writes It seems to me that there s a strong family element of love, bonding, and loyalty between the sisters that truly fascinated me I m an only [...]

    3. Favorite Quotes Whatever you do, don t suggest he give up the bourbon and cigars unless you want it to be his first and last visit to the doctor.I m a fifty one year old woman, not a disobedient child caught with her hand in the cookie jar five minutes before dinner Why is it my mother can zap my self confidence with one cock of her penciled on eyebrow My Review I adored this book start to finish and find myself with an unabiding yen for , as well a strong appetite for shrimp My Sister s Shoes w [...]

    4. I liked this book a lot I found it to be entertaining and a very enjoyable, fun read You would think that with all the issues these sisters have that you would be thinking come on, no one family has that much trauma However, the author has little clues throughout that kind of prepare you for it As least it did for me And, when you really think about it, it could happen Anyways, I was pretty engrossed into the story early, was on the verge of slapping Sam a couple of times, but I liked it Thanks [...]

    5. Lowcountry Stranger is the first book I ve read by Ashley Farley but it s not going to be my last Her writing immediately engages you and makes you feel a part of the family, and even though I haven t read the first book in the series I still felt a connection with the characters and the setting Though on that note what I did learn about Her Sister s Shoes book one makes me want to go back and read it The third person narrative switches between the sisters, allowing readers to really get inside [...]

    6. I can t believe I missed book one of the Sweeney Sisters series Her Sister s shoes and I sincerely hope that there are several books to come This family has a lot of drama in their lives but they all handle it well with the help of their friends and relatives I had no problems with background because the author gave plenty of background for new readers I adored little Bitsy and Annie and the relationship they form is a blessing Sam needs someone to give her a kick in the behind but I think her [...]

    7. Based on the first Sweeney Sisters book, I expected better I am probably one of the very few who find this book disappointing, especially as the transition between book one and two isn t detailed and it should have been It would have given this book depth.I didn t find the characters compelling I didn t find the plot worth mentioning It was a below average read and, in this genre, there are so much better books out there Believe me.What disappointed me, were the sisters, Sam, Faith and Jackie, [...]

    8. Lowcountry Stranger is Ashley Farley s second novel in her Sweeney Sister series, first introduced in Her Sister s Shoes I didn t read the first novel, and when I started Lowcountry Stranger I feared that I would be lost I admit it took me a few pages to get adjusted, but once I did, I was hooked by this intriguing family s story.As the book opens, Faith is celebrating her marriage to Dr Mike in her hometown of Prospect, South Carolina This is Faith s second marriage, her first was to an abusive [...]

    9. Review I was so happy to get back to the Sweeney sisters in the second book of the series Jackie, Sam and Faith are back with even family drama than before But now there is new, young stranger who shows up in their lives But how much of a stranger is she really The Lowcountry HighsSweeney Family I love this family so much The three sisters, their children and significant others and of course their mother Lovie are all relatable on some level and have gone through so much that I wanted everyone [...]

    10. In August of 2015, I read Her Sister s Shoes and made the acquaintance of three sisters Faith, Sam and Jackie and found them to be appealingly normal with their individual stories adding up overall to a strong tale of what family can and should be At the time, I hoped to see of these ladies and others in their wider circle and, lo and behold, here they are again.The lush lowcountry marshland of South Carolina is the setting for the wedding of Faith and Mike, much anticipated by all including Fa [...]

    11. Good readAs with the first book, this one was well written One BIG problem is the portrail of Bitsy She is six, seven or eight, depending on where you are in the book but the description of how she is treated and acts is like a three or four year old It detracted greatly from the rest of the story.

    12. What a lovely journey back to the town of Prospect close to Charleston and a look into what is happening with the Sweeney family This is the second book, so make sure you read Her Sister s Shoes first.All of the sisters have come a long ways from the first book They had worked through issues but don t think that everything is dandy There are still some problems that need to be addressed for each sister, but it makes them better women for it by the end of the book.All three sisters have their str [...]

    13. Lowcountry Stranger is the first book that I have read by Ashley Farley Although it is book two in The Sweeney Sisters, it can easily be read as a stand alone Samantha Sam , Jackie, Faith and their mother, Lovie are a close knit family Eli Sam s boyfriend , Mike Faith s new husband and Bill Jackie s husband and the four children all get along well, care for and look out for each other Annie Dawn, a stranger, crashes Faith and Mike s wedding setting the drama, surprises, suspense and action in mo [...]

    14. Drama can be anticipated when three sisters get together But when that gathering is an outdoor family wedding and a young, uninvited stranger appears, expect emotions to escalate Samantha, Jackie, and Faith are back at it in this second installment of the Sweeney Sisters series I would encourage reading Her Sister s Shoes, but it is not necessary to have read it before this one Pertinent details are explained to give new readers a general background, without over explaining for returning fans of [...]

    15. The Sweeney Sisters are back, and Ashley Farley seamlessly catches us up on the last year and fills in any one new to the characters It looks in the beginning as if all of the sister s lives have fallen into place, and then Annie Dawn arrives at a family wedding, and the drama and intrigue begin Who is this stranger, and why has she arrived in Prospect The unfolding story is fast paced and kept me riveted Each of the sisters, their mother, and their loved ones deal with love, loss, fear of commi [...]

    16. Lowcountry Stranger continues the story of the Sweeney sisters, who we first met in the book Her Sister s Shoes This book is a strong, heartfelt family drama about Sam, Jackie, and Faith, and their loved ones At the beginning of this book we are introduced to Annie Dawn, a young girl who charms them all, despite the fact that she s a stranger and seems not entirely trustworthy At the heart of this book are the sisters, who are all once again facing turmoil and changes in their lives, but they co [...]

    17. Bravoother great book in the series and understand 3 is coming soon I want the Sweeney family to adopt me This is a family with three sisters Faith, Jackie and Sam who involve themselves in each others lives they take care of each other and their families and are always there no matter what the situation And there is plenty of drama in this family From dying friends, to long lost husbands, to abducted children, to love lost but found again If you read the first book in this series, you know what [...]

    18. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review I really loved this book There was no shortage of drama within this family and it kept my interest throughout I was truly disappointed to see the story come to an end I highly recommend this book ahd look forward to reading by this author

    19. Once I started this book I hated to put it down I would always rush back to see what happened next The Sweeney sisters have a lot of drama just like real families This book will keep your attention and make you not want to put it down An excellent story of the low country Loved it.

    20. Loved this book First I read In Her Shoes and this is the sequel about the Sweeney Sisters and their families and problems Could not put it down Can t wait for the next book.

    21. Lowcountry Stranger is book two in the Sweeney Sisters series by Ashley Farley This is the continuing story of three sisters and their mother who run a seafood grocery store and restaurant in South Carolina Would Samantha ever find love like her sisters Faith was getting married to a doctor When Faith s first husband beat her up, Mark was the doctor who tended her Faith had the resolve to leave her abusive situation and Mark became than her doctor Now they were getting married The only flaw was [...]

    22. Not my kind of romance fictionCouldn t finish it Barely got started I could not be interested in these beautiful people or relate to their issues or problems It seemed superficial to me Like a Danielle Steele novel I know they were best sellers, but not my cup of coffee I realize there is a market for this type of fiction I count on honest reviews to make reading decisions, so I leave reviews to let people know the kind of book they are considering This is sparkly romance fiction.

    23. Second novel by Ashley Farley that I have read and loved The sisters adventures continue with the the addition of Annie Dawn, new to town and a mystery Who is she What is she up too Why is she in town There are also strange happenings in Faith s household Is Annie a thief Could be, but all these questions should make you anxious to read the series yourself It is a must read for those who love learning about the lives and loves of women in a Southern family.

    24. Just OKI like the characters in this series but there were things that got on my nerves The unrealistic temperament of Sam toward Eli It was taken to far Then there is the geographical faux pas When discussing colleges, Tulane and SMU, they were referred to as being in NOLA Houston SMU is in Dallas How did that get past everyone involved in publishing a book Not sure if I will read the next in series.

    25. And the adventure continues The Sweeney sisters provide never ending surprises for the reader I ve enjoyed the first two books and am eager to open the third Ashley Farley packs so much action in a week that it s almost exhausting Family issues, squabbles and love boil to the surface, one problem solved and another pops up Somehow it all works out in the end but getting there is the fun part You ll love the myriad characters, they grow on you Me, I I love Annie.

    26. Attention KeeperThis book kept me turning pages for 3 hours straight I took a moment away here and there but the writing kept me on the proverbial edge of my seat It was so easy to become a vested part of the Sweeney family I became addicted to discovering the outcome of each and every twist and turn I can t wait to start the next book in the series.

    27. Suspense, compassion, and just the right amount tenderness combined to make this one to never put downke this truly abookyou makeOne of the best books Could not put it down The characterization of each family member is so wonderful I especially enjoyed reading of the love of each couple without smut Keep up the great writing, am a fan forever.

    28. Definitely a good readReally feel like you know the characters Just a great carry over from the first in the series Ashley keeps your interest Didn t want to put it down Looking forward to the third book in the Sweeney Sisters Series Ashley is a new author for me and I already know I will be reading of her books.

    29. This is the second book in the Sweeney Sisters saga and I must say that it suffered from the sopho slump I felt there was no character development of the three sisters, especially Sam, and there was just a bit too much whining from them I did like Bitsy and I hope to see of her in the next books.Go Cards L1C4

    30. Oh be still my heart.If this book was any More exciting my heart wouldn t be able to stand it Great love stories, heart stopping intrigue, tear raising happiness Couldn t put it down.

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