Start Again By J. Saman,

  • Title: Start Again
  • Author: J. Saman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One night One accident And everything I loved was gone.After two years of barely getting by, I need to get away from here.My plan Drive across the country until I find a new place to live There is just one problem with that I have to take an old family friend along for the ride At first, I don t know what to make of Ryan Grant or the way it feels like he can see throOne night One accident And everything I loved was gone.After two years of barely getting by, I need to get away from here.My plan Drive across the country until I find a new place to live There is just one problem with that I have to take an old family friend along for the ride At first, I don t know what to make of Ryan Grant or the way it feels like he can see through me with those gorgeous green eyes of his He s got secrets And he s definitely holding a lot back But wow, there s so much to him than I expected Not that it matters really, my heart and mind are trapped in the past I ve never had the perfect life And lately work seems to be my only focus Probably because I ve been betrayed a time or two by people I thought I could trust By people who were only after me for one thing So I m moving west from Philly to Seattle There is just one problem with that I don t fly Ever So when Katie Taylor offers to drive me across the country, how can I say no She is my dream girl after all Always has been But is her tragic past too much for her to overcome Warning Strong language and moderate sexual content
    Start Again One night One accident And everything I loved was gone After two years of barely getting by I need to get away from here My plan Drive across the country until I find a new place to live There is jus

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    1. Incredible Heart Hugs Beautiful story that just tore up my heart Katie and Ryan s connection and passion is fantastic Jeesh, I can t stop crying It s so moving, so heart breaking, and so beautifully tender Totally puts me into sobbing fits, makes me laugh, and then plunks me right in the middle of a fun and romantic road trip I loved the super hot, funny, and oddly endearing RyanHe s such a cool dude and Beardy Yum Kate is so authentic strong and sweet, but coping with so much emotional turmoil, [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is pretty classy stuff As someone who doesn t normally read romances, I was interested to see if the author could hold my attention throughout when I pretty much know how the plot was going to play out I ve got to say she could and did.The first thing I liked about this novel is that it is really easy to read The second thing is that it is really easy to read No big words, no complexity, just 100% focus on the characters which [...]

    3. Wow What an overwhelming rollercoaster ride of a read I couldn t put this down The first part startles you and takes you straight to tears The journey Kate Katie goes on is wonderful and enlightening Ryan was her Prince once upon a time and she discovers that he still may very well be She loved Eric and Maggie, and she knows she always will There is no question that if they were alive, they would still be together Beautiful description of love and family together since age 12, sigh What she real [...]

    4. She was living her dream life, married to her best friend, a beautiful daughter, and life couldn t get any better But it could get worse and for Kate, the night she was called to the emergency room would be the night her life became a living hell on earth For two years she existed, barely and now it was time to change up her world, to try to start over, anywhere far away from the memories.Ryan needs room to breathe, he also needs a ride across the country where his work is taking him The son of [...]

    5. Reviewed by Annie ArcaneActual Rating 4.5 starsA free copy was provided by the author.Initial thoughts Incredible characters Fantastic dialogue Heartwrenching story Amazing read What I loved I have a confession to make This was number 5 on my TBR list I had and still have 4 others to read and review first Then I made the mistake of opening it The feels OMG, the feels This story pulled at my heartstrings from page one and simply refused to let go I wanted nothing than to reach into my iPad and g [...]

    6. WARNING There is a high chance this book will shatter your heart into tiny little pieces You ve been warned so read at your own risk What can I say about this book Absolutely beautiful This is a story about loss and love and pain and happiness this is a story about life This book has a bit of everything and it will get you hooked from the very first page and will not let you go till the very last sentence The author has a knack for writing beautiful and engaging stories that are bound to make th [...]

    7. Start AgainJ SamanI received a copy from the author for an honest review.Holy cow START AGAIN just shredded my heart from the very first page My heart broke for Katie and what she went through Her husband Eric and her daughter Maggie are tragically killed by a drunk driver and obviously, Katie s life is destroyed When a story has me in tears in the first chapter, I just know it is going to be like being on an emotional roller coaster and START AGAIN is just that.J Saman does a beautiful job with [...]

    8. Start Again drew me in from the very beginning The prologue was really hard for me, as I had been in those exact same shoes My then three year old son flatlined at the ER with me in the room However, my experience had a much better ending, and I thank God every day that my son is still with me But nonetheless, it brought back those lost forgotten feelings and memories The writing is true in its detail at every level It was extremely realistic and very hard to read But that s life Life IS hard Th [...]

    9. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Shut Up and Read group Wow this book was awesome I enjoyed the hell out of it It made me smile, made me cry, made me snort a laugh, made me hot, made me go Awww sweet all over it it was packed with feeling and emotion Kate was a total mess And depressed to a point of no return She was strong for keeping the promise not to kill herself while she clearly didn t know how to live without her baby girl and husband It must be really awful She was [...]

    10. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review This was very easy read which I liked I usually do not like second chance romance or romance with diseased spouse and or children.The author made me want to give in this section a chance.Kate the main character was easy to connect with and like I usually have a hard time relating to most main female characters of romance novels but not this one I hate perfect characters and both Kate and Ryan had just enough flaws The only thing I really [...]

    11. J Saman has done it again Wow This the second book I ve read by this fantastic contemporary romance author, and I have to say, she just sweeps me away From the very beginning, I get completely lost in the lives of her characters and forget that I m reading And I mean from the very beginning I was crying by the end of the freakin prologue.Not a good start to a romance, you say Well the prologue really did just about kill me Kate, a wonderfully happy and in love mother of a 2 year old, is an ER nu [...]

    12. I received free copy of this book for an honest review.I don t normally read romance I am a hardcore fantasy, hack and slash, fast paced magic reader But reading Start Again was a very nice experience, and I will actually start reading this genre Start Again tells love story of Kate and Ryan It started out with a tragedy that happened to Kate, which has put her in a traumatized condition She was trying to leave everything behind, start by driving around the country, In hope to find a new place [...]

    13. Kate Taylor s husband, Eric, and her two year old daughter, Maggie, are both killed in a car crash Two years later Kate is surviving day to day and decides to take off on a road trip in an effort to escape her demons Her mother suggests taking along her friend s son, Ryan, who s moving to Seattle Apparantely, Ryan and Kate have met before as children but Kate has no recollection of this So begins a month long trip from Boston Ryan and Kate are both well developed characters Whilst the chemistry [...]

    14. First let me say I loved every minute of reading this book Ms Saman filled it with so many emotions love, loss, grief, happiness, lust, fear, humor A drunk driver sends Kate s husband and child to the emergency room where she works as a nurse Her husband is pronounced dead at the scene and her two year old daughter dies in her arms I thank my lucky stars that I ve never experienced the loss of a child, but the chapter is written so powerfully, I sobbed for the character s loss Understandably, Ka [...]

    15. Let me start by saying J Saman is a new to me author Start Again had me gripped from the first page It reeled me in and wouldn t let go The emotion portrayed by the author is beautiful and heartbreaking Katie is an extremely lovable character and at times broke my heart Ryan is a strong handsome bear of a man who is not afraid to show his feelings You will smile, you will cry and you will fall in love with these two Start again is story of recovery from heartbreak of the worst kind and finding t [...]

    16. Kate has gone through a big struggle after a tragic accident and is still quite scattered after a couple of years May be a cross country road trip will help But do things ever turn out the way we want May be so in this case May be not Will she find her dream boy in Ryan, or will he turn into someone she would never like to meet J Saman has nailed it A beautiful story that I couldn t just put down until I was done.

    17. Damn you, J.SamanYou made me cry within 2 minutes of reading your book, I think that was a record This book just had every emotion and had my feelings going in every direction but have no fear y all, I loved the bejesus out of this book Never mind me in the corner trying to hide my tears from my son who is staring at me like I ve lost my mind.Starting Again is about just that, starting again when you ve lost everything familiar to you Is there happiness or even love after devastation These are q [...]

    18. Start Again is novel about the romance of two characters forced to confront tragedy and attempt to take stock of things and find comfort in each other Kate is a nurse who suffered a terrible loss while Ryan was involved in a plane accident that makes him weary of flying Together they take a road trip to explore the United States, from Boston to New Orleans to Vegas and finally Seattle.I thought Start Again was an interesting and light hearted story with generally positive characters that struggl [...]

    19. Let me start by admitting that I m not normally a fan of romance, but the touch of depth and emotion in this story kept me engaged and turning the pages First of all, from a technical perspective, this is a very clean piece something hard to find among indy work I did notice a couple typos, but overall sentence structure, pacing, grammar etc were nearly perfect But all that just makes the story readable, what made it good was the real, deep characters, their highly believable interactions, their [...]

    20. Start Again is a phenomenal romance story that also deals heavily with trauma, mental illness, and phobias The two main characters, Kate and Ryan, are well written and fleshed out They re both believable as are their motivations, hangups, and desires I really loved how J Saman dealt with mental illness Without spoiling too much, the characters MI s and phobias are never easily fixed Even when things seem to be normal, it s implied that there is ongoing treatment and that the issues are still the [...]

    21. This was such a fast paced, GREAT, unique, romantic and hot story and I m so glad I read this book I read it straight through except for sleep and actually panicked at 75 percent because I didn t want to lose these two at the end when the book finished and wanted to savor each part Start Again really fed my sense of adventure with the road trip between two strangers theme I also loved the slow build of relationship between these two hotties, Kate and Ryan Their back story was adorable and so was [...]

    22. Beautiful romance story and wonderfully paced I loved Katie and Ryan gorgeous couple This story packs a punch right from the beginning consuming you with the pain and bereavement Kate has to go through Totally absorbing.I felt i needed to know Eric He was the total contrast to Ryan and respectfully very important to kate and the love of her life.I could picture Maggie and the pain was unbearable If you have children, nieces, nephews, even grandchildren This very part will touch a nerve.The Auth [...]

    23. What a rideHere I am, at two in the morning, trying to forget this story, so I can sleep What drew me in from page one was the incredible emotion and polished writing Katies heartache is palpable, and as her relationship with Ryan develops, her grief starts to wane and she lets herself love again The romance was sweet and sexy as hell I loved the conversations between all characters the banter was hilarious at times This is an emotional story I sobbed, but also laughed a lot with this read Saman [...]

    24. Once I started reading this emotional roller coaster of a story, I couldn t stop From the very first chapter, I was captivated by the empathy I felt for the characters, drawn in by the realistic portrayal of grief and devastation The romance was hard won, and I was so happy to see these two characters find happiness with each other after all they had been through Absolutely fantastic book, in every way.

    25. This is my first book by J Saman and boy What a book I loved the twists and uncommunicated, mixed up emotions The story just flowed along smoothly I felt a part of their lives I couldn t put this book down, it was very addictive.I love their relationship between Abby and Aubrey They have the twin thing and can communicate with just a look Xander, Aubrey s best friend, is a complicated creature so hot and cold does he love or hate Abby It s difficult to tell Men are so hard to read sometimes The [...]

    26. The group Read It Reap provided a copy of the eBook in exchange for an honest review.J Saman s Contemporary Romance Start Again introduces the reader to Kate s world Kate has become paralysed with grief after the loss of her daughter and husband She somehow wants to escape the pain and decides to take a cross country road trip Her mother insists that she travel with a companion Kate does not remember Ryan as they met as children but agrees to travel with him The reader will feel the instant conn [...]

    27. I knew going into this book that there was a chance my heartstrings would be tugged but they were pretty close to ripped out.The other reviews gave me a heads up, but can you ever really be prepared for a truly talented author Sometimes I get so used to good writing and good stories that when a great one comes along it s a shock to the system Refreshing, sure, but my feels have yet to recover lolThere are close to a hundred other reviews to tell what the book is about along with the author s blu [...]

    28. Start Again is a FANTASTIC story J.Saman is a new author to me I devoured this book, I couldn t put it down You know the book is going to be good if your crying during the prologue Katie and Ryan s story is an emotional story, have some tissues nearby I loved the chemistry between Katie and Ryan I didn t want it their story to end I can t wait to read of the Start Again series You ll want to grab a copy of Start Again.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC for this book.

    29. Rating 4.5 5Recommendation If you love a good story with friendship, love, hurt, loss and angst, this is most definitely for you I received an e ARC in exchange for an honest review Possible Spoilers It had been quite sometime since I read a heterosexual romance book with this much love and intensity I started this book two nights ago, and practically flew through it It was just one of those well written books, with a good plot and some unforgettable characters.Let s talk about the cover How bea [...]

    30. Start Again is the story of a woman dealing with the loss of her family and trying to get her life back on track It s about how life keeps on moving and one should carry on with it.I loved it from the very beginning and glued it till the end It kept my attention intact throughout the read.The characters are well developed and rounded I loved Kate or Katie as Ryan would call her She s beautiful, young, strong, and courageous And, what should I say about Ryan His character is sketched out in such [...]

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